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Floristic notes from the vicinity of Drohiczyn and Mielnik on the Bug-River

, : Floristic notes from the vicinity of Drohiczyn and Mielnik on the Bug-River. Fragmenta Florist Et Geobot 7(1): 81-89

The author notes some rare spp. of xerothermic plants from this area. The flora of this region is barely known; the only paper concerning it is that published by the present author in 1954. The most interesting xerothermic plants he found were: Allium montanum Schmidt, Aster amellus L., Campanula bononiensis L., Cimicifuga europaea Spicz., Crepis roeadifolia M. B. var. glandulifera Madalski (this var. is reported for the 1st time from Poland), Draba nemorosa L. var. leiocarpa NeiL, Gentiana cruciata L., Libanotis sibirica (L.) Koch, L. montana Cr., and Oxytropts pilosa (L.) DC. A new locality of Galium saxatile L., a subatlantic sp., is mentioned; it is the most eastern locality known. In humid places the author found Gladiolus paluster Gaud., a sp. rare in Poland.


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