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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24711

Chapter 24711 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Formaldehyde fumigation in hatcheries. World S Poultry Sci Jour 10(3): 272-276

Formaldehyde fumigation of incubating eggs. Agric News Letter 10(1): 10-12

Formaldehyde glutaraldehyde fixatives containing tri nitro compounds abstract inst electron microscopy. Journal of Cell Biology 39(2 PT 2): 168A-169A

Formaldehyde hypersensitiveness An experimental study.

Formaldehyde in maple syrup An adaptation of the Nash method.

Formaldehyde in the treatment of warts. A.M.A. Archives of Dermatology and Syphilology 62(6): 803-813

Formaldehyde Inactivation Of Foot-And-Mouth Disease Virus As Applied To Vaccine Preparation. American Journal of Veterinary Research 24: 1131-1136

Formaldehyde inhibition of tryptic and peptic digestion of egg white. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 30(8): 1067-1068

Formaldehyde metabolism in propionic acid fermentation. Fed Proc 11(1): 246

Formaldehyde-pyruvic acid carboligase. Fed Proc 11(1): 230

Formaldehyde-urea as an urinary antiseptic. Dansk Tidsskr Farm 21(3): 73-74

Formalin anti infect inactivation of nuclear polyhedrosis virus trichoplusia ni heliothis zea. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 10(2): 430-432

Formalin fixation for the preservation of both intracellular ultrastructure and enzymatic activity for electron microscopic studies. Jour Histochem And Cytochem 7(5): 291

Formalin fixation in the cytochemical demonstration of succinic dehydrogenase of mitochondria. Journal of Biophysical and Biochemical Cytology 9: 415-427

Formalin fixation of cultured cells in their growth medium; giemsa staining. Stain Technology 43(5): 288-290

Formalin fixation of the mitral valve open and closed compared to similar positions of a woven teflon valvular prosthesis. Quarterly Bulletin. Northwestern University . Medical School 34: 138-141

Formalin fixed erythrocytes for standardization of the electronic cell counter. Bulletin of the Institute of Public Health (Tokyo) 17(3): 257-262

Formalin in the hatchery. Progr Fish Cult 25(4): 203-207

Formalin induced sex chromosome breakage in spermatocyte cells of the grasshopper tirstria pulvinata abstract. Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings 53(3): 321

Formalin penetration of extracted teeth. Journal of Dental Research 45(5): 1413-1418

Formalin pigment Experimental studies.

Formalin treated chicken erythrocytes as indicators of influenza A virus and its antibody. Proc Soc Exptl Biol And Med 101(2): 241-247

Formalin treatment of a transplantable rat carcinoma. Amer Jour Hyg 15(2): 509-512

Formalin-chloride fixation to improve silver impregnation of the Golgi apparatus. Stain Technology 32(5): 203-208

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Formalin-pyrogallol as a fixative for plant cytoplasm. Stain Technology 27(4): 209-211

Formalinized erythrocytes and their use in microbiology. Arch Hyg U Bakteriol 147(7): 524-531

Formalinized tanned cell hemagglutination test for demonstration of autoantibodies in myasthenla gravls. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med 123(1): 80-83

Formalising property relations in the developing world The wrong prescription for the wrong malady. Land Use Policy 26(1): 0-27

Formalized neuron: probabilistic description and asymptotic theorems. Journal of Theoretical Biology 14(2): 206-217

Formamidase in guinea pig liver I Purification and characterization. Hoppe Seyler S Z Physiol Chem: 753-766

Formamide as an organic modifier in MEKC with SDS. Electrophoresis 30(2): 357-364

Formamide determination in the air technique. Gigiena i Sanitariya 33(12): 58-60

Formamidine Sulfinic Acid As A Biochemical Reducing Agent. Biochemistry 3: 1719-1720

Formanderungen des Bauchraumes unter dem Einfluss verschiedenster Stell-ungen des Korpers III Bauchraum und Baucheingeweide der Primaten. Jahrb Morph U Mikrosk Anat Abt I Gegenbaurs Morph Jahrb: 469-532

Formant frequency difference limens as a function of fundamental frequency for selected single formant tones. Asha J Amer Speech Hearing Ass 5(10): 776

Formas clinicas de la lepra. Rev Med Trop Y Parasitol Bact Clin Y Lab [Havana] 8(3): 40-42

Formas nuevas de plantas. Mem R Soc Espan Hist Nat 15(1): 169-172

Formas recientes del carate Observaciones clfnicas e histopathologicas. Arch Venezolanos Patol Trop Y Parasitol Me D 2(1): 235-247

Format for description of the research project in biology. BioScience 17(8): 545-546

Formate activation and de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides in neopl leukemic cells effects of 6 mercapto purine anti neoplastic treatment human. Zeitschrift fuer die Gesamte Experimentelle Medizin 147(2): 154-172

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Formate contamination in borohydride reduction. Carbohyd Res 5(3): 349-350

Formate fixation in pyruvate by Escherichia coli. Journal of Biological Chemistry 189(2): 815-830

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Formate Metabolism. Ii. Enzymatic Synthesis Of Formyl Phosphate And Formyl Coenzyme A In Clostridium Cylindrosporum. Journal of Biological Chemistry 238: 2639-2647

Formate oxidation and catalase activity in rats with Walker sarcoma. Helvetica Physiol Et Pharmacol Acta 17(2): 189-201

Formate Oxidation By Phormia Regina Larvae. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 9: 153-161

Formate oxidation by an obligately parasitic fungus Tilletia contraversa. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 95: 63-65

Formate oxidation by erythrocytes. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 63(2): 343-351

Formate Oxidation by Particulate Preparations from Higher Plants. Plant Physiology 35(3): 386-391

Formate oxidation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Experientia 20(7): 370-371

Formate oxidation in rat liver. Enzymologia 30(2): 91-96

Formate production in the intact rat. Fed Proc 11(1): 216-217

Formate utilization by Nitrobacter winogradskyi. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 127(2): 295-301

Formate utilization in cell-free extracts of Ehrlich ascites cells. Biochim Biophys Acta 93(2): 251-263

Formate-controlled accumulation of inorganic and organic substances in Escherichia coli. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 13(6): 435-438

Formate-Pyruvate Exchange Reaction In Streptococcus Faecalis. I. Factor Requirement For Intact Cells. Journal of Bacteriology 87: 97-103

Formate--Pyruvate Exchange Reaction In Streptococcus Faecalis. Ii. Reaction Conditions For Cell Extracts. Journal of Bacteriology 87: 104-113

Formates et tables de valeur pour le calcul des besoins en vitamines des animaux. Compt Rend Soc Biol 132(24): 259-260

Formation of 3-phosphoglyceric acid by carbon dioxide fixation with spinach leaf enzymes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 218(2): 811-822

Formation Mechanism of Agglomeration Caused by Burning NSSC Black Liquor in a Fluidized Bed Incinerator. Energy & Fuels 23(2): 683-689

Formation Of lactic acid by fermentation of starch. Kem I Indust [Zagreb] 6: 361-365

Formation and Characterization of Melanoidin-like Polycondensation Products from Amino Acids and Lipid Oxidation Products.

Formation and Differential Repair of Covalent DNA Adducts Generated by Treatment of Human Cells with -anti-Dibenzo pyrene-11,12-diol-13,14-epoxide.

Formation and reactions of 2-formylcinnamaldehyde in the OH radical-initiated reaction of naphthalene. Environmental Science & Technology 43(5): 1349-1353

Formation and Taphonomy of Human Footprints in Microbial Mats of Present-Day Tidal-flat Environments Implications for the Study of Fossil Footprints. Ichnos 16(1): 127-142

Formation and accumulation of citric acid in Aspergillus niger. Current Sci 24(6): 114-115

Formation and accumulation of essential oils in irrigated plants. Acta Fac Pharm Bohemo Slov 12: 7-71

Formation and accumulation of phytin in seeds. Fiziol Rast 11(1): 106-111

Formation and action of a peptidase which hydrolyzes histidine peptides required in tetanus toxin synthesis. Journal of Bacteriology 79: 95-102

Formation and activation of neochymotrypsinogen B. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 124(2): 402-405

Formation and alteration of plagiogranites in an ultramafic-hosted detachment fault at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge ODP Leg 209. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 157(5): 625-639

Formation and analysis of concepts and hypotheses on a inst digital computer. Mathematical Biosciences 3(1/2): 91-113

Formation and ash content of tobacco leaves. Ann Univ Sofia Fac Sc 23(3): 69-93

Formation and auxin activity of indole-3-glycolic acid. Science 125(3255): 992-993

Formation and binding of histamine by free mast cells of rat peritoneal fluid. American Journal of Physiology 186(2): 199-202

Formation and binding of histamine by rat tissues in vitro. American Journal of Physiology 187(1): 63-65

Formation and biological activity of estriol in placenta. Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 75: 89-102

Formation and biological role of mixed disulfides. Proc Internatl Congr Biochem 13: 43-62

Formation and breakdown of C06O tagged water-stable soil aggregates in a Norton silt loam soil. Soil Sci 90(4): 232-238

Formation and breakdown of acyl lipoic acids. S P Colowick and N O Kaplan, Editors Methods in Enzymology Vol V p 651-656

Formation and breakdown of carbohydrate in the organism. Zeitschr Ges Exp Med 49(4/6): 688-702

Formation and breakdown of citric acid in Garcinia fruit. Jour Biol Chem 23(9): 2377-2380

Formation And Breakdown Of Collagen And Elastin In The Human Uterus During Pregnancy And Post-Partum Involution. Biochemical Journal 89: 75-82

Formation and breakdown of glycogen in the liver. Biochemical Journal 33(11): 1858-1878

Formation and breakdown of polyphosphates by Acetabularia as shown by autoradiographie studies of P32 metabolism. ZEITSCHR NATURFORSCH 10b(5): 281-284

Formation and breakdown of serpulid tubes. Nature [London] 161(4094): 610-611

Formation and catabolism of histamine in brain tissue in vitro. Journal of Physiology 149: 34-42

Formation and catabolism of histamine in cat brain in vivo. Journal of Physiology 152: 299-308

Formation and character of the Second Arctic Bed in the Scottish peat deposits. Svensk Bot Tidskr 21(2): 242-246

Formation and characterisation of salts of certain aromatic sulphonic acids with chrysoidine and quinine. J Pharm Sci United Arab Repub 2(1): 93-108

Formation and characterization of mint oil/S.

Formation and characterization of some new types of metalloporphyrin. FED PROC 19(1 Pt 1): 330

Formation and characterization of three types of yeast invertase. Plant Cell Physiot 5(4): 495-506

Formation and chemistry of the egg shell of Contracoecumosculatum Rudolphi. Zeit Parasitenk 22(6): 475-483

Formation and circulation of the amniotic fluid. Clin Obstet Gynecol 9(2): 427-439

Formation and colonisation of coral islands. Formation and colonisation of coral islands Die Entstehung und Besiedelung der Koralleninseln, nach neuen Gesichtspunkten auf Grund eigener Untersuchungen 53 p , 4 pl , 9 photos

Formation and complex properties of some phosphorus compounds with dna and histone. Biokhimiya 33(3): 465-470

Formation and composition of the alkaloids in varieties of Lupinus angustifolius. Vestnik Sel Skoknoz Nauki 1: 46-50

Formation and conservation of grasslands m. Sao Paulo Instituto Agronomico (Campinas) Boletim (183): 1-24

Formation and deamination of adenosine by cardiac muscle enzymes. Molecular Pharmacology 2(1): 67-76

Formation and decomposition of adenosine 3 5 cyclo phosphate in kidneys in the myometrium and in the milk gland abstract rat pigeon cellular metabolism enz adenyl cyclase. Ceskoslovenska Fysiologie 17(1): 33-34

Formation and decomposition of amino acids by intermolec-ular transfer of amino groups. Biokhimiia [Biochem] 3(1): 28-46

Formation and decomposition of fats by microorganisms. MONOGRAFII NAUCHNOGO INSTITUTA IMENI P F LESGAJTA [MONOGRAPHS LESSHAFT SCI INST] 1: 110p

Formation and decomposition of hexose diphosphoric acid in alcoholic fermentation. Hoppe Seyler S Zeitschr Physiol Chem 167(4/6): 236-244

Formation and decomposition of organic matter in the water of the cherepovets reservoir ussr in the 1st 2 years of its existence low productivity. Trudy Instituta Biologii Vnutrennikh Vod Akademii Nauk SSSR (15/18): 32-38

Formation and degradation of L-hydroxyproline. Biochem Zeitschr 324(3): 237-240

Formation And Degradation Of Cyclic Dextrins By Intracellular Enzymes Of Bacillus Macerans. Science 146(3647): 1064-1066

Formation and destruction of C14 histamine in human lung tissue in vitro. Journal of Allergy 31: 492-496

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Formation and development of Alpine brachycephaly. Homo 17(3/4): 147-160

Formation and development of adventitious roots in Olea europaea L Significance of the anatomical structure for the development of radicles.

Formation and development of brachycephalia in the near East. Homo 17(3/4): 160-172

Formation and development of external and some forms of Internal inhibition in early ontogenesis in prematurely born animals. Fiziol Zhur Akad Nauk Ukrain Rsr 9(1): 13-21

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Formation and development of ribosomes. Postepy Biochemii 12(3): 413-429

Formation and development of stems and roots on isolated cotyledons of Cucurbita, Cucumis and Lupinus Abstract. ACAD POLONAISE SCI ET LETT COMPT REND MENS CL SCI MATH ET NAT No 4 3

Formation and development of stream potholes in a gorge in Guangdong. Journal of Geographical Sciences 19(1): 118-128

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Formation and diffusion mechanism of histamine in the muscle of tuna fish. Food Control 20(10): 0-926

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Formation and distribution of Saperda carcharias L foci in the Savalsikii forestry. Tr Vses Inst Zashchity Rast: 84

Formation and distribution of amino acids with respect to phases of development in a culture of Actinomyces levoris 2789. Dokl Akad Nauk Sssr 157(3): 681-683

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Formation and division of bi-nucleate giant cells in Micrasterias americana Ralfs.

Formation and drainage of aqueous humour in cats. Exp Eye Res 5(3): 185-190

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Formation and embryonal histogenesis of rabbits spinal cord in relation to development of locomotor function.

Formation and enterohepatic circulation of metabolites of retinol and retinoic acid in bile duct-cannulated rats. Journal of Lipid Research 7(1): 3-9

Formation and entropy heat of unsaturated fatty acids. Izv Vyssh Ucheb Zaved Ser Pishch Tekhnol 1: 37-38

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Formation and evolution of paleo-valleys linked to a subsiding canyon, North Aquitaine shelf France. Comptes Rendus Geoscience 341(1): 0-48

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Formation and exchange of bile pigments I Studies on animals with bile stasis.

Formation and excretion of ADH in Indian subjects. Clinical Science 19: 641-644

Formation and excretion of phosphoric acid by the frog retina. Physiol And Ecol 5(1/2): 43-50

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Formation and fermentation of volatile fatty acids during thermophilic methane fermentation of alcoholic distillery grains. Priklad Naya Biokhim Mikrobiol 2(1): 74-82

Formation and final composition of the bacterial flora of a dairy waste activated sludge coryneform bacteria achromobacteraceae pseudomonadaceae flavobacteria. Water Research 2(9): 665-671

Formation and flow of the cochlear fluids II Studies with radioactive potassium.

Formation and fruiting prunings of the horizontal cordon. Institutul Agronomic "dr Groza" Cluj Lucrari Stiintifice Seria Agricultura. 23-24: 291-298,

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Formation and functional significance of a molecular complex derived from the second and the fourth component of human complement. Journal of Experimental Medicine 125(2): 359-380

Formation and gas-liquid chromatographic behavior of isometric steriod ketone methoxime derivatives. Anal Biochem 22(2): 284-294

Formation and genesis of the harmful insects found on the apple tree in the northern part of the Volga-Akhtubin food plain. Sb Tr Volgogradskoi Opytn Sta Vses Nauch Issled Inst Rastenievodstva 3: 328-334

Formation and germination of Azotobacter cysts. Bact Proc:

Formation and growth of adrenocortical-like tissue in the ovaries of the adrenalectomized ground squirrel. Anat Rec 89(1): 33-39

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Formation and growth of connective fibers in vitro. Archivio "de Vecchi" Per L'anatomia Patologica E la Medicina Clinica 31: 39-66

Formation and identification of aroma compounds, gas chro-matography, infrared spectrophotometry. Bibl Nutr Die Ta 9: 59-70

Formation and identification of thiaminic acids by oxidation of thiol-type thiamines. Journal of Vitaminology 11(3): 225-233

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Formation and maturation of the collagen fibers in tissue cultures Significance of the reticular or fascicular distribution of the collagenous stroma in the various organs.

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Formation and metabolism of 26-hydroxycholesterol Bile acids and steroids 112.

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Formation and migration of substances in flax in connection with conditions of phosphate and sulfate nutrition Engl summ. Tr Prikladnoi Bot Genet Selek: 39-49

Formation and mineralization of enamel and dentin in organ culture abstract embryonic rat calf serum ascorbic acid inst light microscopy amelogenisis. Journal of Dental Research 47(6 PART 1): 976-977

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Formation and Reduction of Indophenol Blue in Development of an Echinoderm. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 27(11): 523-528

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Formation and resorption in the bone by the time recording method using lead acetate on lead deposition according to the time lapse in the completed secondary osteons of the mandibula of normal goats. Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research 19(4): 228-239

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