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Heating rates of fruit products in an agitated kettle

, : Heating rates of fruit products in an agitated kettle. FOOD TECHNOL 21(3 A Suppl ): 54-58

The heating characteristics of whole fruit, fruit pieces, and purees of apples, apricots, peaches, pears, and plums were studied in a 10-gallon steam-jacketed kettle equipped with an anchor scraper and a secondary turbine agitator. The fruit pieces and the whole fruit were heated by steam generated inside the kettle as well as by contact with the hot jacket. The heating rate of fruit surfaces increased with particle size, speed of agitation, and jacket steam pressure. The heating rates of purees were influenced mainly by their rheological properties. The purees were all pseudoplastic except applesauce, which was thixotropic. Their overall heat-transfer coefficients (U ) varied from 135 Btu/hr. sq.ft.[degree]F (apricot puree) to 250 (plum puree).


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