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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24806

Chapter 24806 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Hungerosteopathy in the Netherlands. Acta Brevia Neerland 14(1/3): 26-28

Hungry for Life How the arcuate nucleus, neuropeptide Y may play a critical role in mediating the benefits of calorie restriction.

Hungry people and invertebrate pathology. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 10(1): 1-3

Hunt creek fisheries experiment station. Prog Fish Culturist 9(2): 65-70

Hunt for marble salamanders. Monatsschrift fuer Ornithologie und Vivarienkunde Ausgabe B Aquarien Terrarien 15(2): 66

Hunt of the Tinamou. Hornero 4(2): 207-208

Hunt the woodlands. Wisconsin Conserv Bull 27(5): 10-11

Hunter distribution studies and methods. Trans North Amer Wildlife Conf 8: 392-407

Hunter expenditures in Cheboygan County, Michigan, during the seasons of 1939-40, 1940-41, and 1941-42. Papers Michigan Acad Sci Arts And Lett (28): 241-247, 1942( )

Hunter management with multiflora rose. Jour Wildlife Management 12(3): 325-326

Hunters vision screening tests.

Hunterella nodulosa gen n, sp n from Catostomus commersoni in North America.

Hunterellus theileri Fiedler parasitizing an African Hyalomma tick on a migrant bird in Egypt. Jour Parasitol 44(4): 392

Hunteriamine, a new alkaloid with hypotensive action from Hunteria eburnea Pichon. Zeit Physiol Chem 331(1/6): 105-108

Hunterian lecture on abscess of the brain its pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. The Lancet 211(5454): 483-488

Hunterian lecture on the surgical significance of the ileo cecal junction. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 43(1): 19-38

Hunters dont get them all.

Hunting Aloes in Nyasaland. African Wild Life 7(2): 102-111

Hunting Horicon USA honkers. Wis Conserv Bull 29(5): 15-16

Hunting Loons with a camera. Bird Lore 30(3): 171-177

Hunting North American deer. Hunting North American deer 232p 16 pl , 4 fig

Hunting accidents and hunter training in New York Season of 1961. Conservationist 16(5): 28

Hunting activities and success of lynxes in alberta canada lynx canadensis lepus americanus bonasa umbellus pedioecetes phasianellus tamiasciurus hudsonicus parus spp. Journal of Wildlife Management 32(4): 718-722

Hunting aloes in Angola. African Wild Life 14(1): 13-25

Hunting aloes in East Africa. African Wild Life 6(4): 308-322

Hunting aloes in Eritrea and Ethiopia. African Wild Life 10(3): 204-213

Hunting aloes in Madagascar. African Wild Life 9(4): 299-319

Hunting aloes in Nyasaland and Tanganyika Territory. African Wild Life 13(1): 35-52

Hunting aloes in Somaliland Protectorate. African Wild Life 12(2): 101-113

Hunting and biology A sketch of game-knowledge.

Hunting and fishing on private land in oklahoma usa in 1964. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science (47): 385-393

Hunting and game management in Tervo commune in 1950. Suomen Riista 6: 7-31, 184-186

Hunting and herding behavior in dogs. Bull Ecol Soc America 30(4): 64

Hunting and human feeding in the banks of the Pachitea River, Peru. Turrialba 16(3): 271-277

Hunting and predation in a fiddler crab. Journal of Ethology 28(1): 171-173

Hunting and recognition of birds of prey in flight. Ornithol Monatsschr 54(10): 161-169

Hunting and spoor of African game. Hunting and spoor of African game

Hunting areas and the hunting of the water rat in Khanty-Mansiisk okrug Vodyanaya krysa i borba net v Zap Sibiri The water rat and its control in Western Siberia.

Hunting areas of the long-eared owl. Wilson Bull 73(1): 79-82

Hunting as a limitation to Michigan pheasant populations. Jour Wildlife Management 11(3): 232-243

Hunting behavior of a pygmy owl. Murrelet 41(1): 12-13

Hunting behavior of the cheetah in the serengeti national park tanzania acinonyx jubatus diet mostly gazelle lion hyena. East African Wildlife Journal 6: 95-100

Hunting cinchona in the Peruvian Andes. Jour New York Bot Garden 45(530): 32-43

Hunting creek usa continued chip chip chip conservation landfill estuary. American Forests 74(9): 23

Hunting dinosaurs in the Bad Lands of the Red Deer River, Alberta, Canada. Hunting dinosaurs in the Bad Lands of the Red Deer River, Alberta, Canada xv+271p

Hunting falcons of Greenland. Vidensk Meddel Dansk Nayurhist For Kobenhayn 98: 49-109, -35( )

Hunting ferns in the barrancas of Chihuahua, Mexico. Amer Fern Jour 50(2): 161-168

Hunting for Grandpa bumps. Sci Month 57(1): 94-96

Hunting for plant nitric oxide synthase provides new evidence of a central role for plastids in nitric oxide metabolism. Plant Cell 21(1): 18-23

Hunting for sustainability in tropical secondary forests. Conservation Biology 23(5): 1270-1280

Hunting for a chromosome in the jungles of Guatemala. Animal Kingdom 66(4): 105-109

Hunting for hepatics and mosses in Yamaguchi- Pref. Hikobia [Hiroshima] 1(3/4): 175-177

Hunting for low abundant redox proteins in plant plasma membranes. Journal of Proteomics 72(3): 475-483

Hunting for the SNARK in metabolic disease. American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism 296(5): E969-E972

Hunting for the masses Can game departments supply it?. Proc Ann Conf Wild Ule Assoc State Game And Fish Comm 36-37: 59-64

Hunting fossil plants in Mexico. Discovery 2(1): 7-13

Hunting fossils in tar pits. North Western Nat 18(1/2): 32-43

Hunting from motorboats displaces Wadden Sea eiders Somateria mollissima from their favoured feeding distribution. Wildlife Biology 14(4): 423-433

Hunting furs and game. Hunting Furs And Game:

Hunting goshawks in the Far East of the USSR. Tr Spkhote Alinskogo Gos Zapovednika 3: 319-320

Hunting habitat selection by hen harriers on moorland Implications for conservation management. Biological Conservation 142(3): 0-596

Hunting habits of nightjar caprimulgus europaeus. Notatki Ornitologiczne 9(1-2): 41

Hunting in Archangel. Okhota I Okhotnichee Khoz 3: 5-6

Hunting in Estonia. Okhota I Okhotnich E Khoz 1: 4-5

Hunting in Sweden. Okhota I Okhotnoe Khoz 4: 55

Hunting in britany. Penn ar Bed (Brest) 6(53): 265-268

Hunting in national parks. Can Audubon: 92

Hunting in our national parks?. Audubon 65(1): 6-9

Hunting in the Komi ASSR and ways for developing it. Tr Komi Fil Akad Nauk Sssr 11: 130-140

Hunting in the Soviet Union. Svensk Jakt (10): 341-344

Hunting in the Turukhansk taiga REFERAT ZHUR BIOL, 1959, No 35287 Courtesy NSF 1963.

Hunting in the game reservation. Okhota I Okhotnich E Khoz 11: 60

Hunting in valais. Schweizerische Zeitschrift fuer Forstwesen 117(8-9): 637-647

Hunting large game in Canada. Okhota Okhotnich E Khoz 8: 54

Hunting lichens in the conifer forests of Halsingland and Harjedalen. Natur I Halsingland Och Harjedalen : 79-85

Hunting mountain goats with a miniature camera. Nat Hist [New York] 52(1): 38-40

Hunting of the ermine. Okhota I Okhotnich Khoz, 2: 20-22

Hunting of the future. Wisconsin Conserv Bull 27(5): 19-20

Hunting predators from the air. Okhota I Okhotnoe Khoz 2: 9-10

Hunting pressure and its effect on bobwhite quail population in east-central Texas. Jour Wildlife Management 17(3): 341-345

Hunting proteas in Nyasaland. African Wild Life 13(2): 143-152

Hunting records, for the Prairie Farm, Saginaw County, Michigan, 1937-1939. Jour Wildlife Management 5(2): 159-167

Hunting regulations in the Moldavian SSR. Okhota I Okhotnich E Khoz 11(63)

Hunting returns on pen-reared bobwhites in Okfuskee County. Proc Oklahoma Acad Sci 30: 117-120

Hunting seals in Peru. Bol Comp Admin Guano 9(8): 223-245

Hunting season of the roe-deer in 1961. Quebec Serv Faune Rapp 1: 103-122

Hunting season statistics as an index to range conditions and deer population fluctuations in Minnesota. Jour Wildlife Management 16(2): 121-131

Hunting season weights of New Mexico wild turkeys. Jour Wildlife Management 25(4): 442-444

Hunting techniques of pelerine falcon falco peregrinus in the cou and bretolet passes switzerland. Nos Oiseaux 29(320): 305-306

Hunting the caesars mushrooms amanitas ecology habitat. Conservationist (Albany) 23(1): 6-9

Hunting the dawn apes of africa mammals primates fossils. Discovery (New Haven) 4(1): 19-32

Hunting the Vitamin. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 18(3): 313-325

Hunting tubercle bacilli fifty years ago. Jour Bact 38(2): 245-246

Hunting under the microscope.

Hunting wasp preying on butterflies. Jour Bombay Nat Hist Soc 44(3): 492

Hunting with birds used in falconry; keeping and training them. Okhota I Okhotnoe Khoz 1: 28-30

Huntingtin as an essential integrator of intracellular vesicular trafficking. Trends in Cell Biology 19(4): 147-155

Huntington Botanical Gardens. Principes Jour Palm Soc 5(1): 27-31

Huntington disease in subjects from an Israeli Karaite community carrying alleles of intermediate and expanded CAG repeats in the HTT gene: Huntington disease or phenocopy?. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 277(1-2): 143-146

Huntingtons Chorea, a hereditary disease of the adult.

Huntington's Chorea In French Canadians. Preliminary Study. L'union Medicale du Canada 93: 1178-1182

Huntingtons chorea in Michigan Clinical observations.

Huntington's chorea in Michigan. I. Demography and genetics. American Journal of Human Genetics 10(2): 201-225

Huntington's chorea in South Africa. A preliminary communication drawing attention to its frequent occurrence. South African Medical Journal 36: 896-898

Huntingtons chorea in Trinidad.

Huntington's chorea in Turkey. Psychiatric Quarterly 35: 258-260

Huntington's chorea in childhood. Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde 103(1): 45-51

Huntingtons chorea in relation to the heredity of personality disorders.

Huntington's chorea. A multidisciplinary study of affected parents and first generation offspring. Archives of Neurology 15(4): 345-355

Huntingtons chorea and pregnancy letter human genetic counseling. British Medical Journal (5596): 48

Huntingtons chorea and severe episodic hypersomnic initial syndrome of chronic liver encephalopathy. Rivista di Patologia Nervosa e Mentale 89(4): 373-387

Huntingtons chorea combined with alkaptonuria and enz glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency human. Ned Tijdschr Geneesk 111(26): 1152-1155

Huntingtons chorea human rev. Archives of Neurology 17(3): 331

Huntingtons chorea in switzerland. Archiv der Julius Klaus-Stiftung fuer Vererbungsforschung Sozialanthropologie und Rassenhygiene 42(3/4): 10-20

Huodendron, a new genus of Styracaceae. Jour Arnold Arboretum 16(3): 341-346

Hurain, a new plant protease from Hura crepitans. Jour Biol Chem 149(1): 1-7

Hurlers Disease. The Journal of Pediatrics 70(3-part-P2): 508

Hurler's syndrome: a genetic study of clones in cell culture with particular reference to the Lyon hypothesis. Journal of Experimental Medicine 126(3): 509-522

Hurlers disease Morquios disease, and related mucopolysaccharidoses. The Journal of Pediatrics 67(2): 312-323

Hurlers syndrome Investigation of five cases.

Hurler's syndrome. A genetic study in cell culture. Journal of Experimental Medicine 123(1): 1-16

Hurlers syndrome Lack of acid mucopolysaccharides in the cerebrospinal fluid. Clinica Chimica Acta 15(2): 0-380

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Hurlers syndrome Effect of retinol on cellular mucopolysaccharides in cultured human skin fibroblasts.

Hurlers syndrome muco poly saccharidosis of sanfilippo poly dystrophic oligophrenia a report on 10 patients. Zeitschrift fuer Kinderheilkunde 101(1): 71-84

Huronian stromato-porid-like masses. Pan Amer Geol 47(4): 281-284

Hurricane Donna. Hospital Progress 41: 100-102

Hurricane Donna and its after effects to a Chatham, Massachusetts, garden. Arnoldia 21(11): 67-73

Hurricane birds in Pennsylvania. Atlantic Nat 11(2): 77-79

Hurricane damage related to thinning intensity in East Texas slash pine plantations. Jour Forest 57(1): 39

Hurricane damage surveyed by U S D A.

Hurricane mosquitoes. Pest Control 24(4): 9-12

Hurricane-injured apple trees and their response to different treatments. Proc Ann Meet Connecticut Pomol Soc 49: 181-182

Hurricanes as geological agents, South Texas coast. AMER ASS PETROL GEOL BULL 51(6 Part I): 937-956

Hursts acute hemorrhagic leucoencephalitis.

Hurthle cell tumor of thyroid gland. Journal of Karyopathology Especially Tumor & Tumorvirus 11(2): 115-120

Hurthle-cell carcinoma of the thyroid. British Journal of Surgery 48: 667-672

Husbandry and breeding of Somali wild ass Equus africanus somalicus at Basel Zoo, Switzerland1.

Husbandry practices for the quarantining and conditioning of sub-human primates. Proc Animal Care Panel 7(2): 83-88

Husbandry versus fluoride ingestion as factors in unsatisfactory dairy cow performance. Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association 18(4): 229-234

Husk characters of field corn in relation to feeding by birds on earworms. Jour Econ Ent 37(1): 119-120

Husk development of sweet corn as affected by moisture supply, an important factor in corn earworm control. Jour Agric Res 68(2): 73-77

Husking seed-pieces is profitable. Sugar News [Manila] 11(6): 307-311

Husnot. Bot Notiser (2): 157-158

Husnot, 1840-1929. Rev Gen Bot [Paris] 41(489): 529-535

Husson's theory. An experimental analysis of his research data and conclusions. Archives of Otolaryngology 85(3): 303-313

Hutchinson revisited: patterns of density regulation and the coexistence of strong competitors. Journal of Theoretical Biology 259(1): 109-117

Hutchinsons Agavaceae in the light of embryology, and structure of gynecium, stamens and leaves.

Hutchinsons angioma serpiginosum.

Huxley's criterion of malignancy. Medical Journal of Australia 49(2): 47-49

HvLsi1 is a silicon influx transporter in barley. Plant Journal 57(5): 810-818

HvPG1 and ECA1: two genes activated transcriptionally in the transition of barley microspores from the gametophytic to the embryogenic pathway. Plant Cell Reports 28(4): 551-559

Hvaluronidase in administration of fluids. Amer Jour Dis Children 79(1): 59-64

Hvdraena nouvelles. Bull Mus Roy Hist Nat Belgique 19(40): 1-8

Hvdration of native and denatured macromolecules. Biofizika 12(1): 22-29

Hvdrobiological observations in the cistern of the Ilha do Pinheiro, Brazil. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz 51: 377-416

Hvdrobiological studies on some Danish ponds and lakes 2 The quotient hypothesis and some new or little known phytoplankton organisms.

Hvdrochemical characteristics of pond waters in northern areas of Poltava Region. Dopov Akad Nauk Ukr Rsr 7: 924-926

Hvdrocortisone acetate applied intraperitoneally. Acta Endocrinol 16(2): 149-159

Hvdrodiethvlstilbestrol compounds IV The unsaturated ketones.

Hvdrogeologic and sanitary studies in France I Territory of Belfort.

Hvdrogeological and sanitary investigation in France. Bull Inst Natl Hyg [Paris] 8(4): 817-859

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Hvdrologic problems concerning the runoff in headwater regions. Trans Amer Geophys Union 31(3): 431-442

Hvdrological data from Lake Nvasa. Jour Ecol 41(2): 226-239

Hvdrological observations on the madrague Capo San Marco during the fishing season of 1953. Boll Pesca Piscicolt E Idrobiol 8(2): 241-251

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Hvdroxylamine in seawater. Limnol Oceanogr 12(3): 555-556

Hvmenomycetous species forming mycorrhizae with Pinus virginiana. Mycologia 47(1): 145-149

Hvmenopteres chalcidiens du Maroc II Pteromalidae.

Hvperbrachycephalv as influenced by cultural conditioning. Papers Peabody Mus Am Archae And Ethnol Harvard U 23(2): 1-99

Hvperketonemia induced in man by medium-chain triglycerlde. Diabetes 15(10): 723-725

Hvpochondriasis A survey of some historical, clinical and social aspects.

Hvpoxia and carbon dioxide retention following breathing-hold diving. J Appl Physiol 22(3): 436-440

Hy poglycaemia and mental retardation. Lancet 2(7507): 153-154

Hy-dremia following sugar administration. H M Ceqehoba [Russ Jour Physiol] 13(2): 193-197

Hy-lobius beetles. Skogsvdrdsfor Tidskr 25(3): 521-551

Hy-menopteran paratyphoid? The intestinal bacteria of bees, wasps and humblebees frequenting food. Centralbl Bakt [etc] I Abt Orig 97(2/3): 214-218

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Hy-menopteres tenthredoides. Faune De France 47: 1-496

Hy-pertrophic osteitis resembling goundou in a living Cercocebus aethiops. Bull Soc Path Exotique 22(10): 918-922

Hy-pervitaminose bei Huhnern. Biochem Zeitschr 229(4/6): 315-322

Hy-pocalcemia due to bacterial toxins in relative parathyroid insufficiency. Atti Accad Fisiocrit Siena 3(5/7): 589-591

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Hy-pophyse et ovulation chez les poissons. Compt Rend Soc Biol 116(11): 1133-1134

HyaUne arteriolosclerosis in hypertension secondary to endocrine disorder. Jour Path And Bact 74(2): 446-450

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Hyacinths for garden and home. New Jersey Agric Exp Sta Circ 203

Hyacinthus azureus - not a Muscari. Baileya 2(1): 23

Hyaenodon aimi, sp n, and a note on the occurrence of Anthracotherium minus from the Headon Beds at Hordle.

Hyaenodontidae of the Upper Eocene of California. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 19(4): 434-440

Hyaenognathus from the Late Pliocene of the Coso Mountains, California. Jour Mammalogy 13(3): 263-266

Hyalesthes obsoletus Sign, transmitting agent of big bud virus in Solanaceae.

Hyalin and fibrinoid Current status. Int Acad Pathol Monogr 7: 68-80

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Hyalopus spinosus e Hyalopus cordoniformis , duas es-pecies distintas.

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