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Hydrolysis of steroid acetates by bovine albumin

, : Hydrolysis of steroid acetates by bovine albumin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 225(2): 969-975

The C-21 acetates of cortisone, cortisol, deoxycorticosterone, 11-dehydrocorticosterone, and estrone-3-acetate were completely hydrolyzed by preparations of bovine blood albumin at pH 6.8 and 35[degree]. The identity of the isolated products from incubation mixtures was established by melting point, mixed melting point with authentic compounds, paper chromatography, and infrared spectroscopy. Testosterone acetate, epitestosterone acetate, pregnane-3[alpha],20[alpha]-diol diacetate, dehydroepiandrosterone acetate, dihydro-vitamin K1 diacetate and dihydrovitamin K2 diacetate were not hydrolyzed. The respective acetates and diacetates which were not hydrolyzed were recovered and identified by melting points, and mixed melting points with authentic compounds, or their UV spectra.


PMID: 13416298

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