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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24819

Chapter 24819 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Identification of some prairie grasses by their vegetative characters. Rev Argentina Agron 25(3): 81-84

Identification of some soluble enz esterases of the carrot d daucus carota d. Phytochemistry (Oxford) 7(9): 1483-1490

Identification of some soluble sugars of maritime pine g roots variations of their concentration in xylem and phloem in the course of the year. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L'Academie Des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles: 1194

Identification of some species of Geotrichum. Acta Microbiol Sinica 12(1): 64-73

Identification of some subfossll timbers found in remains of Roman houses at Ghirza. Nuovo Glorn Bot Ital 63(1): 112-116

Identification of some timber trees of the Gold Coast. Tropical Woods 20: 17-19

Identification of some trace liplds in honey. J Food Sci 31(6): 902-905

Identification of some trees and shrubs in winter conditions. Uchenye Zapiski Khabarovskogo Gosudarstvennogo Pedagogicheskogo Instituta Biologii i Khimicheskikh Nauk 13: TRANS 61-75

Identification of some viruses in calves by the examination of the serologic and cyto pathogenic characters. Archiva Veterinaria (Bucharest) 4(1/2): 43-51

Identification of some viruses of lettuce in Belgium. Mendel Landbouwhogesch Opzoekingssta Staat Gent 30(3): 1728-1742

Identification of some volatile compounds related to the flavor of milk and cream. Jour Dairy Sci 45(6): 724-728

Identification of some water soluble vitamins by thin layer chromatography. Farmatsiya 17(2): 51-54

Identification of some willow cultivars from Japan. Baileya 10(1): 19-20

Identification of sorbitol in mammalian nerve. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 22(5): 492-497

Identification of sorghums. Proc Assoc Offic Seed Analysts N Amer 34: 151-155, 1942( )

Identification of sound level and matching from sample. Jour Acoustical Soc Amer 28(3): 412-415

Identification of sources affecting fog formation using receptor modeling approaches and inventory estimates of sectoral emissions. Atmospheric Environment 43(6): 1288-1295

Identification of sources and inheritance of resistance of Chinese Brassica vegetables to white blister. Plant Breeding 128(6): 640-644

Identification of sources of elevated concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in an industrial area in Tianjin, China. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 158(1-4): 581-592

Identification of soybean mosaic virus in Venezuela. Agron Trop [venezuela] 17(2): 75-86

Identification of species belonging to lactobacilli according to physiological properties and biochemical activity. Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya 4(1): 76-81

Identification of species composition of parasites of Diaspididae and Lecaniidae of the Stavropolskii krai.

Identification of species in raw processed fishery products by means of cellulose polyacetate strip electrophoresis. Com Fish Rev 28(3): 10-14

Identification of species of cormophyte mosses new for Belomssia. Vyestsi Akad Navuk Bssr Syeryya Bialahichnykh Navuk 4: 134-136

Identification of species of the genus bacillus. Institute of Microbiology Rutgers University Annual Report :

Identification Of Species-Specific And Organ-Specific Antigens In Lens Proteins. Experimental Eye Research 3: 192-197

Identification of spermatozoa. Deutsche Zeitschr Ges Gerichtl Med 6(4): 384-391

Identification of spermatozoa in criminological investigations. Stain Technol 16(4): 175-176

Identification of standard and fairway strains of crested wheatgrass. Jour Amer Soc Agron 31(7): 620-624

Identification of staphylo-cocci in nonfat dry milk by the fluorescent antibody technic. Jour Dairy Sci 45(6): 729-734

Identification of staphylococcal hemolysins by an electrophoretic localization technique. Journal of Bacteriology 93(2): 525-530

Identification of starch by the method of coloration and by the temperatures of swelling Study of a new wheat-rye hybrid. Identification Of Starch By The Method Of Coloration And By The Temperatures Of Swelling): Of A New Wheat-Rye Hybrid. L'Identification De L'Amidon Par La Methode De Coloration Et Par Les Temperatures De Gonflement. Etude D'Une(uvelle Hybride Bl6-Seigle. 85illus

Identification of statoliths by X-ray diffraction. Asb Bull 10(2): 35-36

Identification of steroid di sulfates in male urine inst electrophoresis inst thin layer chromatography inst gas liquid chromatography inst gas chromatography inst mass spectrometry. Annales Medicinae Experimentalis et Biologiae Fenniae 46(3 PART 1): 301-305

Identification of steroid induced ulcers in rats, using the Prussian blue reaction. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 182

Identification of steroid isoxazole isomers marketed as designer supplement. Steroids 74(3): 322-328

Identification of steroids in bovine tissue using thin-layer and gas chromatographic techniques. Journal of Dairy Science 49(1): 100-102

Identification of sterols of filter paper and their separation by paper chromatography. Proc Soc Exptl Biol And Med 75(3): 799-801

Identification of sterols of neutral fats of Clostridium tetanl and its fixed L-forms. Microbiol Espan 19(2): 87-91

Identification of stimulants for Lactobacillus bulgaricus in tomato juice. Applied Microbiology 16(8): 1215-1219

Identification of stimulatory factors in citrus molasses for carotenogenesis Blakeslea trispora. Nature 210(5043): 1367-1368

Identification of strains of Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae isolated in Tunis. Arch Inst Pasteur Tunis 42(1): 59-66

Identification of strains of Staphylococcus by bacteriophage in outbreaks of food poisoning. Canadian Jour Publ Health 38(2): 88

Identification of strains of Streptococcus pyogenes of Types 5, 11, 12, 27 and 44 by the precipitin test for the T antigen. Journal of General Microbiology 9(1): 110-118

Identification of strains of watermelon d mosaic virus by serology and other characteristics abstract chenopodium amaranticolor d host variability. Phytopathology: 1060

Identification of street rabies virus strains. Veterinariya 41(1): 14-16

Identification of streptococcal culture supernates of an enzymatically inactive factor which binds with antibody to streptococcal DPNase. Fed Proc 21(2): 231

Identification of streptococci in bacterial mixtures and clinical specimens with fluorescent antibody. Journal of Bacteriology 76(2): 223-224

Identification of structure activity relationships for adverse effects of pharmaceuticals in humans A Use of FDA post-market reports to create a database of hepatobiliary and urinary tract toxicities.

Identification of structure activity relationships for adverse effects of pharmaceuticals in humans C Use of QSAR and an expert system for the estimation of the mechanism of action of drug-induced hepatobiliary and urinary tract toxicities.

Identification of structure-activity relationships for adverse effects of pharmaceuticals in humans B Use of QSAR systems for early detection of drug-induced hepatobiliary and urinary tract toxicities.

Identification of strychnos wallichiana d. Adansonia 8(2): 249-254

Identification of subgroups A1 and A2 in liquid blood by means of phytohemagglutinins. Vop Antropol 22: 120-122

Identification of substance No 763 from S speciosus and S boivinii as strospeside Glycosides and aglycones 93.

Identification of substance S in human adrenal venous blood. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 19(7): 812-818

Identification of substances in toxicological analysis with the inst extraction system of feldstein inst thin layer chromatography and inst uv spectrophotometry isoprenaline di ethylamino sulfate morphine quinine atropine procaine strychnine nicotine antazoline tripelennamine cocaine ephedrine aconitine i basic substances. Pharmaceutisch Weekblad1-52: 1379-1387

Identification of substances interfering with the fluorometric determination of brain histamine. Biochemical Pharmacology 15(2): 197-200

Identification of substrate free radical intermediates of peroxidase Substrate oxidations by EPR.

Identification of succinic acid as a constituent of the perienteric fluid of Ascaris lumbricoides. Experimental Parasitology 5(4): 345-349

Identification of suicidal behavior by means of the MMPI. Psychological Reports 19(2): 415-419

Identification of sulfate of 3g-allotetrahydro-corticosterone after administration of 1,23H-corticoBterone. Bull Soc Chim Biol 50(1): 119-127

Identification of sulfate-reducing bacteria in methylmercury-contaminated mine tailings by analysis of SSU rRNA genes. Fems Microbiology Ecology 68(1): 94-107

Identification of sulfonamides by X-ray powder photographs. Analyt Chim Acta 5(5): 513-517

Identification of sulfonamides in urine by paper chromatography. Acta Pharm Jugoslavica 8(4): 177-181

Identification of sulfur as component of the EPR signal at g 194 by isotopic substitution. Biochem Biophys Res Commun: 569-576

Identification of supplemental eland dl- -tocopheryl acetate in premixes, feed concentrates, and feeds. J Ass Offic Anal Chem 49(5): 1060-1066

Identification of suspected beaver blood stains. Cornell Vet 28(3): 257-260

Identification of sympathetic cholinergic nerve terminals in arterioles of skeletal muscle abstract dog enz acetyl cholin esterase. Acta Pharmacologica et Toxicologica 25(4): 79

Identification Of Sympathomimetic Amines As Tetraphenylborates. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 52: 1080-1085

Identification of synapses formed in the cerebellar cortex by Purkinje axon collaterals: an electron microscope study. Experimental Brain Research 5(2): 118-128

Identification of target antigens of self-reactive IgG in intravenous immunoglobulin preparations. Proteomics 9(8): 2253-2262

Identification of tartaric acid and oxalic acid in lemon juice by paper chromatography. Atti Soc Peloritan 6(3/4): 471-476

Identification of testosterone in human spermatic vein blood. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 17(4): 465-472

Identification of testosterone sulfate in urine of normal adult subjects. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 121(4): 1128-1130

Identification of tetraploids in cucumber according to the number of chloroplasts in stomatal guard cells. Tsitologiya 3(1): 121-122

Identification of the het-r vegetative incompatibility gene of Podospora anserina as a member of the fast evolving HNWD gene family. Current Genetics 55(1): 93-102

Identification of the A protein as a structural component of bacteriophage R17. Journal of Molecular Biology 33(3): 923-936

Identification of the A-1 agent as Mycoplasma gallisepticum. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 56(3): 895-901

Identification of the Arabidopsis dry2/sqe1-5 mutant reveals a central role for sterols in drought tolerance and regulation of reactive oxygen species. Plant Journal 59(1): 63-76

Identification of the Br abortus strain by thionine and penicillin sensitivity.

Identification of the Corypha palms which flowered in the Hortus Bogoriensis during 1953 to 1955. Ann Bogorienses 2(2): 137-148

Identification of the D-glucosides of stigmasterol, sitosterol and campesterol in tobacco and cigarette smoke. Biochemical Journal 87: 596-600

Identification of the Drosophila Mes4 gene as a novel target of the transcription factor DREF. Experimental Cell Research 315(8): 1403-1414

Identification of the F component of ox spleen. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 22(3): 590-590

Identification of the Fc/¼R isoform specifically expressed in the kidney tubules. Molecular Immunology 46(4): 0-753

Identification of the First Fluorescent -Amidoboronic Acids that Change Fluorescent Properties upon Sugar Binding. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 19(6): 1596-1599

Identification of the Hostas introduced and cultivated by von Siebold. Mededel Landbouwho Geschool Wageningen 63(6): 1-22

Identification of the Koch-Weeks bacillus. Jour Bact 60(3): 413-426

Identification of the N-termini of NADPH : protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase A and B from barley etioplasts (Hordeum vulgare L.). Febs Journal 276(4): 1074-1081

Identification of the Na+/H+ exchanger 1 NHE1 in dorsal root ganglion and spinal cord Its possible role in inflammatory nociception.

Identification of the novel TRAPP associated protein Tca17. Traffic 10(6): 713-723

Identification of the P-TEFb complex-interacting domain of Brd4 as an inhibitor of HIV-1 replication by functional cDNA library screening in MT-4 cells. Febs Letters 582(29): 4053-4058

Identification of the porcine C-type lectin dectin-1. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 130(1-2): 131-134

Identification of the potent phytoestrogen glycinol in elicited soybean (Glycine max). Endocrinology 150(5): 2446-2453

Identification of the SP22 Sperm Protein in Santa In s and Dorper Rams.

Identification of the Sonne dysentery bacillus in England. Jour Path & Bact 29(4): 496-497

Identification of the Spoor and Dung of East African Mammals. African Wild Life 12(1): 58-63

Identification of the Streptococcaceae. Can J Med Technol 28(2): 66-73

Identification of the acetylcholine-like substance obtained from sympathetic ganglia by physical and chemical methods. Diss Abstr 25(6): 3615

Identification Of The Active Fraction Of Carrageenan In Stimulation Of Connective Tissue Growth. Growth 28: 143-156

Identification of the acyclic intermediate product of the nicotinic acid biosynthesis II Synthesis of the diastereomers of e -hydroxy- -carboxy-norleucine.

Identification of the acyclic intermediate product of the nicotinic acid biosynthesis III Synthesis of the diastereomers of B-carboxy-lysine.

Identification of the acyclic intermediate product of the nicotinic acid biosynthesis IV On the transformation of the intermediate into e -hydroxy-g- carboxynorleucine and -carboxy-lysine.

Identification of the adipokinetic hormone of the large milkweed bug Oncopeltus fasciatus. Physiological Entomology 34(2)

Identification of the adrenocorticotrophin-producing cells by autoradiographic study of the rat hypophysis. Dissertation Absts 22(6): 1792

Identification of the adrenocorticotrophin-producing cells in the rat hypophysis by autoradiography. Journal of Cell Biology 17: 521-546

Identification of the agent of cucumber viral disease in the ukraine ussr cucurbitaceae d. Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal (Kiev) 30(6): 524-529

Identification of the agent responsible for the abnormal immunoelectrophoretic pattern of serum in Duchenne's progressive muscular dystrophy. Life Sciences 5(19): 1767-1773

Identification of the alkaloid containing galenical preparations of the netherlands pharmacopoeia 6th edition 2nd printing inst thin layer chromatography. Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 103(34): 929-953

Identification of the alkaloids in delphinium staphisagria d ranunculaceae d by thin layer chromatography and biological tests. Ankara Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi 12(4): 281-286

Identification of the allergen in ipecacuanha. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 63: 559-561

Identification Of The Altered Bases In Mutated Single-Stranded Dna. I. In Vitro Mutagenesis By Hydroxylamine, Ethyl Methanesulfonate And Nitrous Acid. Journal of Molecular Biology 9: 352-363

Identification of the amino acid sequence motif of -synuclein responsible for macrophage activation. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 381(1): 0-43

Identification Of The Aminoaldehydes Produced By The Oxidation Of Spermine And Spermidine With Purified Plasma Amine Oxidase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 239: 2194-2203

Identification of the anatomic defect in pseudoxanthoma elasticum. American Journal of Pathology 34(5): 977-991

Identification of the ancestry of an amphiploid Viola with the aid of paper chromatography. Amer Jour Bot 50(8): 830-839

Identification of the anthocyanin present in the acerola which produces color changes in the juice on pasteurization and canning. Jour Agric Univ Puerto Rico 40(3): 171-178

Identification of the antibiotic-producing bacteria 1. Trans Bos Res Inst [calcutta] 27(3): 63-67

Identification of the antidiuretic substance in human urine. Acta Endocrinologica 35: 568-574

Identification of the antigen and symptomatology of children with precipitins to milk In Transactions of the Society for Pediatric Research, Thirty-first Annual Meeting Atlantic City New Jersey, May 1961. Amer Jour Dis Children: 449-452

Identification Of The Antiviral Substances In Nasal Secretions. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 117: 558-564

Identification of the aphthous virus using the fluorescent antibody technique?. Rev Invest Ganaderas 15: 275-284

Identification of the avian encephalo myelitis virus in chickens of a farm of the socialist republic of romania. Lucrarile Institutului de Cercetari Veterinare si Biopreparate Pasteur 4(1/2): 95-105

Identification of the Ayres' syndromes in emotionally disturbed children: an exploratory study. American Journal of Occupational Therapy 22(4): 286-288

Identification of the bacterial wilt present in potato fields in Sao Paulo. BIOLoGICO [SAO PAULO] 10(7): 199-207

Identification of the black sub-unit of the crystallographic model of horse haemoglobin with the valyl-glutaminyl polypeptide chain. Nature 188(4748): 406-407

Identification of the blood meals of blood sucking insects. International Scientific Council for Trypanosomiasis Research Publication 100: 121-122

Identification of the blue fluorescent compounds in boron-deficient plants. Arch Biochem And Biophys 64(2): 506-507

Identification of the bones of Friedberg, and some observations on them. Verhandl Geol Bundesanstalt [Wien] (4): 103-106

Identification of the botulism pathogen with luminescent sera. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol I Immunobiol [Transl] 31(3): 403-408

Identification of the braconid parasites of rice m borers hymenoptera braconidae key chilo suppressalis chilotraea polychrysa tryporyza incertulas tryporyza innota sesamia inferens host. Mushi 41(14): 185-188

Identification of the canine inferior esophageal sphincter with implanted strain transducers abstract esophageal muscle. Clinical Research 16(3): 448

Identification of the carbohydrate group in the nicotin-amide nucleotides. Jour Biol Chem 146(2): 619-625

Identification of the Carbon Dioxide Burst in Chlorella Using the Recording Mass Spectrometer. Plant Physiology 30(3): 231-237

Identification of the carboxyl group of pepsin reacting with diazoacetamide derivatives. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 31(5): 825-830

Identification of the cells in the endocrine pancreatic tissue of the marine teleost Cottus scorpius by some silver impregnation procedures. Acta Morphologica Neerlando-Scandinavica 4: 145-152

Identification of the characteristic flora of supella supellectilium yeast molds escherichia pseudomonas klebsiella aerobacter erwinia bacillus staphylococcus sarcina salmonella shigella. Proceedings of the South Dakota Academy of Science (45): 255-259

Identification of the chemical difference between chromatographic components of ribonuclease. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 19(3): 535-539

Identification of the clonal complexes of Staphylococcus aureus strains by determination of the conservation patterns of small genomic islets. Journal of Applied Microbiology 107(4): 1367-1374

Identification of the coastal zone of the central and eastern Gulf of Finland by numerical modeling, measurements, and remote sensing of chlorophyll a. Hydrobiologia 629(1): 187-198

Identification of the commercial common shrimp species. Commercial Fish Rev 11(12): 1-4

Identification of the commercial timbers of the United States. Identification of the commercial timbers of the United States 223p 60 pl , 6 fig

Identification of the common antigens of nasal pharyngeal bacteria by indirect hemagglutination. Schweiz Zeitsch Fur Allg Path U Bakt 20(4): 488-499

Identification of the complementary DNA strands of the coliphage deletion mutant dgA-J by DNA-DNA hybridization. J Gen Appl Microbiol 14(1): 57-64

Identification Of The Components Of Complement Participating In The Antiglobulin Reaction. Immunology 6: 412-420

Identification of the compound in a potent cranberry juice extract that inhibits lipid oxidation in comminuted muscle. Food Chemistry 115(3): 924-932

Identification of the compound melting at 188 , obtained during isolation of the minor alkaloids from benzene extracts of sak. Acta Polon Pharmaceut 17: 253-256

Identification of the constituents of a muco-protein in the tubes of the polychetes Onuphis and Spirographis. Compt Rend Soc Biol 143(17/18): 1208-1210

Identification of the contractile elements in the cytoplasm of Amoeba proteus. Naturwlssenschaften 51(15): 368-369

Identification of the core ecosystem services and their spatial heterogeneity in Poyang Lake area. Frontiers of Earth Science in China 3(2): 214-220

Identification of the cultivated passionflowers. Baileya 8(4): 121-132

Identification of the defective sarcoma RVA-2 virus with the aid of mouse leukemia virus. Vestn Akad Med Nauk Sssr 22(7): 79-85

Identification of the delta cells in the pars distalis of Macacus sylvanus L. Compt Rend Seances Sci Biol [Paris] 155(5): 1043-1045

Identification of the diarrheogenic hormone associated with non beta islet cell tumors of the pancreas human. Annals of Surgery 168(3): 502-521

Identification of the diketopiperazine of histidylproline in human urine. Journal of Biological Chemistry 240(11): 4540-4542

Identification of the dipeptidyl aminopeptidase responsible for N-terminal clipping of recombinant Exendin-4 precursor expressed in Pichia pastoris. Protein Expression and Purification 64(2): 155-161

Identification of the direct antagonism between glucoagon and insulin in the glycolytic chain 4th Spring convention of the German Pharmacological Society, 1963 Abstract only.

Identification of the effects of thyroxine mediated by the hypophysis. Endocrinology 54(3): 249-271

Identification of the endangered small red brocket deer (Mazama bororo) using noninvasive genetic techniques (Mammalia; Cervidae). Molecular Ecology Resources 9(3): 754-758

Identification of the enzyme cystinase in cultures of Coryne-bacterium diphtheriae. Lab Delo 7: 57-58

Identification of the excitation and reaction forces on offshore platforms using the random decrement technique. Ocean Engineering 36(6-7): 521-528

Identification of the farm origin of salmon by fatty acid and HR 13C NMR profiling. Food Chemistry 116(3): 766-773

Identification of the fecal metabolites of 17 -methyltestosterone in the dog. J Lipid Res 9(1): 93-97

Identification of the flavin-dependent monooxygenase-encoding YUCCA gene family in Populustrichocarpa and their expression in vegetative tissues and in response to hormone and environmental stresses. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 97(3): 271-283

Identification Of The Fluorescent Substance F. Science 99(2571): 284-285

Identification of the fungi of the delta of Parana. Rev Inst Bact Dept Nacion Hig [buenos Aires] 10(3): 334-342

Identification of the gamma excitability in muscle. Journal of Physiology 75(2): 161-189

Identification Of The Gastroesophageal Mucosal Junction By Transmucosal Potential In Healthy Subjects And Patients With Hiatal Hernia. Gastroenterology 48: 25-35

Identification of the gene transcription repressor domain of Gli3. Febs Letters 583(1): 224-228

Identification of the genetic alterations in nitrous acid-induced ad-3 mutants of Neurospora crassa. Mutation Research 2(4): 320-327

Identification of the glutamine synthetase adenylyltransferase of Azospirillum brasilense. Research in Microbiology 160(3): 205-212

Identification of the Gonococcus from Cultures and the Effect of Certain Animal Sera on the Fermentations of the Gonococcus. Journal of Bacteriology 43(6): 733-738

Identification of the growth inhibitor phloridzin connected with flower bud formation in apple. Bull Acad Pol Sci Ser Sci Biol 12(9): 379-383

Identification of the herpetic virus by the inst electron microscope in a curable neuro surgical form of acute necrosing encephalitis abstract human. Presse Medicale 76(8): 400

Identification of the hexosamine in a 7S protein of soybean globulins. Agr Biol Chem 31(7): 874-876

Identification of the high affinity binding site in the Streptococcus intermedius toxin intermedilysin for its membrane receptor, the human complement regulator CD59. Molecular Immunology 46(7): 1561-1567

Identification of the high risk fetus woman pregnancy. Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology 11(4): 1069-1080

Identification of the human X chromosome: a reconciliation between results obtained from morphological and from radioautographic studies. Annales de Genetique 10(1): 13-17

Identification of the human heteropyknotic chromosome x inst auto radiography. Sangre (Saragossa) 12(3): 309-312

Identification of the hydraulic conductivity using a global optimization method. Agricultural Water Management 96(3): 0-510

Identification of the hydrol-ases of the bovine pancreas by immunoelectrophoretic analysis. Protides Biol Fluids 12: 225-227

Identification of the hypertensive substance of the colostrum as nucleotides. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmakol Exp Pathol 259(1): 45-55

Identification of the ice-binding face of a plant antifreeze protein. Febs Letters 583(4): 815-819

Identification of the immediate-early genes of white spot syndrome virus. Virology 385(1): 267-274

Identification Of The Immune System Responsible For The Specificity Of Actively Acquired Tolerance In Mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 49(3): 281-286

Identification of the in-vitro anticholinesterase metabolite of methyl parathion. Jour Econ Entomol 57(1): 47-49

Identification of the inhibitory factor of reticulo-endothelial immune serum in a globulin fraction. Science 102(2649): 354

Identification of the intermediate product in the biosynthesis of nicotinilc acid from 3-hydroxy-anthranilic acid. Hoppe Seyler S Z Physiol Chem 345(2/3): 195-196

Identification of the ionising group controlling the active conformation of chymotrypsin in alkaline pH. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 29(1): 101-106

Identification of the juvenile Shrimp of Ecuadorian estuaries. Bol Cient Tec Inst Nac Pesca Ecuador 1(3): 1-24

Identification of the l gene for tobacco mosaic resistance in 3 pepper d species. Phytopathology 58(10): 1445

Identification of the lactic acid bacteria. Soc Appl Bacteriol Tech Ser 1: 65-79

Identification of the larvae of the more important insect pests of sour cherry in Wisconsin. Trans Wisconsin Acad Sci Arts And Letters 43: 83-88

Identification of the level of downdraft formation during severe thunderstorms a frequency domain analysis. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 102(1-2): 123-129

Identification of the limitations on recombinant gene expression in CHO cell lines with varying luciferase production rates. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 102(6): 1593-1602

Identification of the major carotenoids in several ascomycetous and basidiomycetous fungi, and neurosporene in Cantharellus infundibuliformis. Arch Mikrobiol 36(2): 139-146

Identification of the major circulating cortico steroid in the goldfish carassius auratus abstract. American Zoologist 8(4): 751-752

Identification of the major constituents of the crystalline powder covering the larval cuticle of Samia cynthla ricini. J Insect Physiol 11(7): 1003-1011

Identification of the major glycolipid from Mycoplasma sp, Strain J as 3,4,6-triacyl- -D-glucopyranose.

Identification of the major phosphorus 32 phospho histidine protein from escherichia coli as succinyl coa synthetase. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 77: 126

Identification of the major polyunsaturated Cl6 acids of marine oils by separation factors on normal and organosilicone polyesters. J Amer Oil Chem Soc 40(12): 744-745

Identification of the male oriental fruit fly attractant in the golden shower blossom d cassia fistula d dacus dorsalis inst gas chromatography inst ir spectrophotometry inst uv spectrophotometry methyl eugenol. Journal of Economic Entomology 61(4): 986-988

Identification of the maltase genes in some American haploid and European diploid yeasts. Comptes Rendus des Travaux du Laboratoire Carlsberg. Serie Chimique 25(12): 331-340

Identification of the metallic component of nitrate reductase from the leaves of cauliflower and horse beans. Dokl Moskov Sel Skokhoz Akad Im K A Timiryazeva 94: 307-310

Identification of the methionine involved in the active center of chymotrypsin. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 9: 132-137

Identification of the methyl esters of the stable Krebs cycle acids by gas liquid chromatography. Analyt Chem 35(12): 1916-1918

Identification of the microorganisms belonging to the azotobacter genus through the direct immuno fluorescence test rabbit azotobacter vinelandii azotobacter chroococcum azotobacter agilis. Analele Universitatii Bucuresti Seria Stiintele Naturii Chimie 15: 77-82

Identification Of The Mongolism Chromosome By Dna Replication Analysis. American Journal of Human Genetics 17: 191-201

Identification of the monohalogen substituted acetic acids as barium salts. Jour Assoc Offic Agric Chem 30(3): 563-567

Identification of the most important genera of firs based on xylotomy. Acta Bot [Szeged] : 1-64, 1944/

Identification of the most rapidly iodinating tyrosine in enz protease subtilisin bpn bacillus amyloliquefaciens bacillus subtilis. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications 33(2): 280-286

Identification of the most rapidly iodinating tyrosine residue in a-chymotrypsin. J Biol Chem 239(10): 3347-3349

Identification of the muscle relaxing factor. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 3: 233-238

Identification of the new polymorphisms in the promoter region of the CAST gene in cattle. Meat Science 82(2): 278-283

Identification of the nitrogen-containing fraction of the muscle extract of the Japanese snake Natrix tigrina tigrina. J Biochem [Tokyo] 57(1): 1-6

Identification of the nonstructural protein 4B of hepatitis C virus as a factor that inhibits the antiviral activity of interferon-alpha. Virus Research 141(1): 55-62

Identification of the novel protein QQS as a component of the starch metabolic network in Arabidopsis leaves. Plant Journal 58(3): 485-498

Identification of the nuclear localization and export signals of high risk HPV16 E7 oncoprotein. Virology 383(1): 60-68

Identification of the oncogenic substance in rhesus monkey kidney cell cultures as simian virus 40. Virology 17(1): 65-75

Identification of the peptide split from trypsinogen during autocatalytic activation. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 11(3): 442-442

Identification of the pigment in amniotic fluid of erythroblastosis as bilirubin. Journal of Pediatrics 69(3): 354-358

Identification of the pink pigment of canned tuna. Food Res 22(2): 214-221

Identification of the places of reduction in bacteria. ZEITSCHR NATURFORSCH 4b(2): 80-91

Identification of the plants of the Pamirs. Tr Pamirskot Biol Sta Bot Inst Akad Nauk Tadzh Ssr 2th : 1-282

Identification of the pokeweed d mitogen in africa phytolacca dodecandra d phytolacca americana d human. Nature (London) 216(5117): 795-796

Identification of the polar forest limit during the Alterod period. Veroeffentl Geobot Inst Ruebel Zuerich 37: 244-249

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