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Immunization through genetic production of varieties resistant to plant diseases

, : Immunization through genetic production of varieties resistant to plant diseases. Bol Sanidad Veg [Chile] 3(1): 15-30

A general review of the subject of production of resistant vars. of plants through breeding and selection with extensive discussion of the different types of resistance. The presence of biol. races of pathogens, paucity of resistant types in some instances, necessity for combining resistance with other desirable characteristics, cross pollination, and other factors greatly increase the difficulties of the plant breeder in development and maintenance of resistant vars. Two main types of heritable resistance are recognized; (1) physiol. or active resistance in which resistance is inherent in the protoplasm, and (2) morphological, mechanical or passive resistance in which plants escape disease because of structural characteristics. Host hypersensitivity, klenducity or disease escape, tolerance to disease, and relationships between parasite and host are considered in relation to the general problem of resistance.


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