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Immunochemical studies on cytochrome c

, : Immunochemical studies on cytochrome c. Journal of Biochemistry 62(2): 150-160

Rabbit antibodies against yeast cytochrome c could be detected by various immunological assays, such as active skin test, double diffusion test, quantitative precipitation test, P.C.A. [passive cutaneous anaphylaxis] test, passive hemagglutination and hemolysis, immune gel-filtration, and radioimmunoelectrophoresis. It was confirmed that the antibodies are directed to cytochrome c itself. Antibodies against equine heart cytochrome c could be produced in rabbits. Immunological cross reactions were observed between yeast cytochrome c and tuna heart cytochrome c and between equine and tuna heart cytochrome c but not between yeast and equine heart cytochrome c. Mouse antibodies against dimer form yeast cytochrome c could be demonstrated by P.C.A. test and radioimmunoelectrophoresis. The antibody activities were detected in [gamma]-1 and [gamma]-2 immunoglobulins. The homologous skin sensitizing activity was detected in [gamma]-1 immunoglobulin, while heterologous skin sensitizing activity was detected in [gamma]-2 immunoglobulin.


PMID: 4171996

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