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Influence of starvation on the rate of secretion of saliva elicited by pilocarpine, and its bearing on conditioned salivation

, : Influence of starvation on the rate of secretion of saliva elicited by pilocarpine, and its bearing on conditioned salivation. Amer Jour Physiol 82(3): 686-692

Dogs with salivary fistulae were given 0.5 mgm. pilocarpine sulphate per kgm. subcutaneously every day. No conditioned salivary reflex was established, although daily injections of morphine do result in the establishment of a conditioned reflex. In starvation the quantity of saliva secreted in response to an injection of a uniform dose of pilocarpine is less than normal, but the decrease is not great enough to explain the abolition of the conditioned secretion under similar conditions. This is interpreted as an indication of a physiological deficiency in the central nervous system during starvation.


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