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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24906

Chapter 24906 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Ion exchange properties of Sephadex G-100 Their application in the purification of plasminogen activator from pig heart.

Ion exchange properties of nerve membrane loligo pealii loligo vulgaris. Federation Proceedings 27(6): 1252-1262

Ion exchange properties of pulps 1 Changes in acidic groups during sulphite cooking.

Ion exchange purification of ribose-5-phosphate. Journal of Biological Chemistry 199(1): 389-391

Ion exchange radiochemical experiments. Jour Chem Educ 38(7): 349

Ion exchange resin artificial kidney I Results of experiments.

Ion exchange resin artificial kidney II Selection of ion exchange resins.

Ion exchange resin dye compounds for use in indirect determination of gastric acidity. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. American Pharmaceutical Association 45(5): 287-290

Ion exchange resin separation and flame photometric determination of sodium, potassium, magnesium calcium and strontium. J Ass Offic Agr Chem 48(4): 719-728

Ion exchange resin separation of metals occurring in plant material. J Ass Offic Anal Chem 49(2): 298-305

Ion exchange resin turbidity of normal and abnormal sera abstract human. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 50(5): 604

Ion exchange resins aid analyses of Arctic water. N Jersey Agric 44(3): 13-14

Ion exchange resins and sustained release of drugs. Il Farmaco; Edizione Pratica 23(3): 144-154

Ion exchange resins and their use in pharmacy and medicine. Fortschr Arzneimittelforsch Progr Drug Res 1: 11-125

Ion exchange resins as a diagnostic tool. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 57(3): 308-323

Ion exchange resins in drug poisoning. Australasian Journal of Pharmacy Science Supplement (58): S118

Ion exchange resins in edema. Medicine 30(2): 183-195

Ion exchange resins in pre-eclampsia. Proc Royal Soc Med 46(5): 396-401

Ion exchange resins in the treatment and prophylaxis of pre-eclampsia. Obstetrics and Gynecology 1(2): 177-182

Ion exchange separation of fructose-1-phosphate by using borate as the eluant. Jour Biochem [Tokyo] 46(5): 571-573

Ion exchange separation of iodinated peptides. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 201

Ion exchanger properties of a phospholipid-cholesterol membrane model. FED PROC 22(2 Pt 1): 333

Ion exchangers in food processes. Food Technol 3(2): 43-47

Ion exchanges. Pharmaceut Weekblad 88(35/36): 597-605

Ion exchanges in accumulation and loss of certain ions by the living protoplasm of Nitella . Jour Cell And Comp Physiol 14(3): 383-401

Ion exclusion purification of molasses. J Amer Soc Sugar Beet Technol 13(6): 492-502

Ion exclusion purification of sugar juices. J Amer Soc Sugar Beet Technol 12(5): 363-370

Ion fixation, ion exchange and other colloidal properties of connective tissue. Exposes Annuels de Biochimie medicale: 24 Colloque sur la biochimie du tissu conjonctif, juin, 1962, Paris [Annual reports of medical biochemistry: 24 Colloquim on the biochemistry of conjunctive tissue, June, 1962, Paris] Masson Et Cie, Editeurs 181-201

Ion flux in cardiac arrhythmias. FED PROC 19(1 Pt 1): 112

Ion fluxes across normal and diamox treated brook trout swimbladder abstract inst electron microscope. American Zoologist 8(4): 781

Ion fluxes and short-circuit current in internally perfused cells of Valonia ventricosa. Journal of General Physiology 50(7): 1821-1834

Ion fluxes during the action potential in Chara. Journal of Physiology 144(3): 505-524

Ion fluxes in cardiac excitation and contraction and their relation to myo cardial contractility dog rabbit frog cat guinea pig. Physiological Reviews 48(4): 708-757

Ion Fluxes In The Central Nervous System. International Review of Neurobiology 5: 183-242

Ion fluxes in vascular smooth muscle. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 118

Ion focusing Part 9 The preparation of the short lived carrier frequency activity of Sr90, La140, and Pr144 from salt products of higher radio-chemical purities.

Ion holes in dusty pair plasmas. Journal of Plasma Physics 74(6): 725

Ion incorporation and activation energies of conduction in ice. Ann Ny Acad Sci 125(2): 380-389

Ion induced coil to helix transition of dialyzed poly d from Cancer borealis. Eur J Biochem 4(3): 345-353

Ion metabolism in a potassium accumulation mutant of Escherichia coli B. I. Potassium metabolism. Journal of Bacteriology 95(1): 113-122

Ion microprobe Ua“Pb dating of zircon with a 15 micrometer spatial resolution using NanoSIMS.

Ion microscope. Bull Microscopie Appliquee 3(5/6): 57-69

Ion movement in heart muscle Tissue compartments and the experimental definition of driving forces. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 127(1): 34-48

Ion movement in normal and EMC-infected L-cells. FED PROC 22(2 Pt 1): 614

Ion movement in the eye. Circulation 21: 968-987

Ion Movements And Oxygen Consumption In Kidney Cortex Slices. Journal of Physiology 168: 158-177

Ion movements during nerve activity. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 81: 221-246

Ion movements during vagus inhibition of the heart. Ernst Florey, Editor Nervous Inhibition Proceedings of a Symposium Pergamon Press p 114-123

Ion movements in cell injury. Effects of inhibition of respiration and glycolysis on the ultrastructure and function of the epithelial cells of the toad bladder. American Journal of Pathology 52(4): 737-776

Ion movements in isolated rabbit aortic strips. Amer Jour Physiol 201(2): 365-368

Ion movements in junctional transmission. Pharmacological Reviews 19(3): 289-316

Ion movements studied with single isolated electroplax. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 81: 285-306

Ion movements underlying the cardiac action potential. American Heart Journal 61: 298-302

Ion pairing of magnesium sulfate in seawater: determined by ultrasonic absorption. Science 157(3790): 823-823

Ion permeation of cell membranes and its models. Federation Proceedings 27(6): 1249-1251

Ion products in urine abstract calcium inst spectrophotometer inst computer. Calcified Tissue Research 2(2): 192-193

Ion regulation in two species of intertidal crabs fHemigrapsus nudus, H oregonenis. Comp Biochem Physiol: 377-397

Ion requirements for gastric acid secretion. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 95(3): 562-564

Ion requirements for obtaining and stabilizing isocitric dehydrogenase from a marine bacterium. FED PROC 19(1 Pt 1): 35

Ion shift in experimental hypertension. Endocrinologia Japonica 9: 90-92

Ion shifts during Leaps spreading cortical depression.

Ion sorption by isolated chloroplasts. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 40(2): 295-305

Ion sources and their biological effect on ionotropic gels. Biorheology 3(2): 63-75

Ion transfer of penicillin; efficacy of penicillin iontophoresis in treatment of chancroidal ulcers. United States Naval Medical Bulletin 48(1): 40-51

Ion translocation in isolated chloroplasts potassium ion and hydrogen ion movements induced by nigericin and their relation to photo phosphorylation gramicidin valinomycin antibiotics adp atp. Ion Translocation in Isolated Chloroplasts Potassium Ion And Hydrogen Ion Movements Induced By Nigericin And Their Relation to Photo Phosphorylation Gramicidin Valinomycin Antibiotics Adp Atp 253-265

Ion translocation in isolated chloroplasts uncoupling of photo phosphorylation and translocation of potassium and hydrogen ions induced by nigericin spinach d atp antibiotics. Biochemistry 7(6): 2356-2363

Ion transport across membrane Incorporating papers presented at a symposium held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University October 1953.

Ion transport across the isolated rabbit cornea. Experimental Eye Research 5(1): 106-110

Ion transport and bacterial toxins fAnimalia. Anonym Ann Intern Med 67(1): 216-217

Ion transport and electrical potentials in plant cells. Ann Rev Plant Physiol 13: 379-402

Ion transport and energy transduction of P-type ATPases: implications from electrostatic calculations. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1787(6): 721-729

Ion transport and metabolism in slices of guinea pig seminal-vesicle mucosa. Brochem Jour 72(4): 638-646

Ion transport and osmoregulation in bacteria. Microbial protoplasts, spheroplasts and L-forms (Proceedings of an international meeting 10-11 November, 1966 Kalamazoo, Mich ) 186-193

Ion transport and oxygen uptake in sartorius muscle, with particular reference to the effect of DNP. Japanese Journal of Physiology 12: 561-572

Ion transport and phospholipid labelling in rat-liver mitochondria. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 153(1): 88-97

Ion transport and respiration of isolated frog skin. Biochemical Journal 65(1): 82-90

Ion transport and reversible volume changes of isolated mitochondria. Bba Libr 7 : 293-316

Ion transport by beef heart mitochondria the spontaneous and induced permeability of heart mitochondria to cations gramicidin cardio vasc. Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics 126(1): 276-288

Ion transport by frog gastric mucosa. Dissertation Absts 22(4): 1228-1229

Ion transport by heart and skeletal muscle mitochondria. American Journal of Physiology 197: 997-1004

Ion transport by heart mitochondria. IX. Induction of the energy-linked uptake of K+ by zinc ion. Journal of Biological Chemistry 242(19): 4324-4328

Ion transport by heart mitochondria. VII. Activation of the energy-linked accumulation of Mg++ by Zn++ and other cations. Journal of Biological Chemistry 242(6): 1115-1122

Ion transport by heart mitochondria. X. The uptake and release of Zn2+ and its relation to the energy-linked accumulation of magnesium. Biochemistry 6(12): 3892-3901

Ion transport by the isolated frog cornea. Invest Ophthalmol 6(4): 340-347

Ion transport in Hydrodictyon africanum. Journal of General Physiology 50(6): 1607-1625

Ion transport in Nitellopsis obtusa. Journal of General Physiology 42(2): 335-353

Ion transport in P-deficient Scenedesmus upon readditions of phosphate in light and darkness I Uptake and loss of Cl- and measurments of oxygen consumption. Z Pflanzenphysiol: 70-80

Ion transport in P-deflcient Scenedesmus upon readditions of phosphate In light and darkness II Uptake of Rb+, Cs+, Ca+, and Sr2+.

Ion transport in beef heart mitochondria the effect of edta metab on mono valent ion uptake. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 162(4): 487-499

Ion transport in ethionine intoxication. Laboratory Investigation; A Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 15(1 Pt 1): 167-175

Ion transport in excitable cells nerve muscle membranes sodium potassium. Protoplasma 63(1-3): 13-16

Ion transport in intact and decorticated roots. Ber Deut Bot Ges 77(3): 63-70

Ion transport in intestine and its coupling to other transport processes. Federation Proceedings 24(5): 993-999

Ion transport in isolated rabbit ileum I Short-circuit and Na fluxes.

Ion Transport In Isolated Rabbit Ileum. Ii. The Interaction Between Active Sodium And Active Sugar Transport. Journal of General Physiology 47: 1043-1059

Ion transport in isolated rabbit ileum III Chloride fluxes. The Journal of General Physiology 48(2): 375-378

Ion transport in liver mitochondria. V. The effect of anions on the mechanism of aerobic K+ uptake. Biochemistry 6(12): 3902-3910

Ion transport in liver mitochondria. II. Metabolism-linked ion extrusion. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 135(3): 444-453

Ion transport in liver mitochondria. IV. The relationship between ion translocation and electron transport. Journal of Biological Chemistry 243(7): 1514-1522

Ion transport in rat-liver slices. Biochemical Journal 87: 161-163

Ion transport in single cell populations. Biophysical Journal 2(2 Pt 2): 79-95

Ion transport in the gut. Circulation 21: 948-954

Ion transport in the pitcher of Nepenthes henryana. Biochim Biophys Acta 126(1): 73-80

Ion transport induced by light and antibiotics in chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum valinomycin nigericin gramicidin membrane potential. European Journal of Biochemistry 6(1): 41-54

Ion transport mechanisms. R J C Harris, Editor Biological Approaches to Cancer Chemotherapy p 89-99

Ion transport through cell membrane. Journal of Theoretical Biology 6(2): 290-305

Ion transport through roots of intact seedlings of Zea mays. Ber Schweiz Bot Ges 75: 5-19

Ion Uptake and Phosphorylation in Mitochondria: Effect of Monovalent Ions. Plant Physiology 40(6): 1129-1135

Ion uptake and root age letter barley m phosphorus 32 strontium 85. Nature (London) 220(5169): 805-806

Ion uptake and translocation in different regions of the barley m root. Agricultural Research Council (Great Britain) Radiobiological Laboratory Arcrl 19: 28-29

Ion uptake by carrot tissue and mitochondria. Australian Journal of Biological Sciences 20(3): 553-564

Ion uptake by mitochondria isolated from cotyledons of Phaseolus vulgaris. Phytochemistry 6(3): 351-353

Ion Uptake By Plant Mitochondria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 52(4): 996-1004

Ion Uptake by Soybean Root Tissue Depleted of Calcium by Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid. Plant Physiology 39(3): 450-460

Ion uptake by young wheat plants I Time course of the absorption of potasium and chloride ions.

Ion uptake by young wheat plants II The apparent free space of wheat roots. Physiologia Plantarum 6(3): 617-635

Ion uptake by young wheat plants III Phosphate absorption by excised roots. Physiologia Plantarum 6(4): 637-661

Ion uptake mechanism of allophane. Soil And Plant Food [tokyo] 4: 12-18

Ion uptake of sweet potato roots infected by the black rot fungus. Plant Cell Physiol 8(4): 753-758

Ion- sieving phenomena in the soil. Transactions International Society Soil Science, Commissions IV and V 1962 94-97

Ion-Transfer Voltammetric Determination of the -Blocker Propranolol in a Physiological Matrix at Silicon Membrane-Based Liquid|Liquid Microinterface Arrays. Analytical Chemistry 81(6): 2344-2349

Ion-acoustic solitary waves in a multi-species magnetized plasma consisting of non-thermal and isothermal electrons. Journal of Plasma Physics 74(6): 765-0

Ion-binding measurement by isotopic exchange. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 9(5): 175-177

Ion-binding properties of cell-wall of Staphylococcus aureus. Riv Biol [perugia] 60(2): 285-305

Ion-binding properties of electrophoretically homogeneous mucoproteins of urine in normal subjects and in patients with renal calculus disease. Journal of Urology 72(6): 1019-1031

Ion-binding properties of the cell wall of Staphylococcus aureus. Journal of Bacteriology 93(6): 2022-2023

Ion-binding property of the gram-negative bacterial cell-wall. Ist Sierotherap Milan Boll 46(1/2): 41-45

Ion-binding studies of ribonucleic acid and Escherichia coli ribosomes. Journal of Molecular Biology 25(2): 331-345

Ion-competition and the formation of phosphatic uroliths. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 104: 612-620

Ion-deficient cultures of M polymorpha.

Ion-dependent activation of dihydrofolate reductase from L1210 cells. Biochemistry 6(11): 3519-3527

Ion-determined specificity of peptidase activity. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 19(1): 174-175

Ion-exchange chTomatography for the determination of tryptophan. Anal Biochem 18(3): 406-413

Ion-exchange chromato-graphic behavior of the high molecular weight protein properdin. Dissertation Absts 21(11): 3250-3251

Ion-exchange chromatographic investigation of the nucleotide content of liver and skeletal muscle of guinea pigs treated by fever-producing substances. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 44: 13-18

Ion-exchange chromatographic separation and determination of lactic, succinic and malic acids in wine. Ann Inst Natl Rech Agron Ser E Ann Tech Agric 9(4): 349-362

Ion-exchange chromatography and erythrocyte nucleotides. Dissertation Absts 20(7): 2535

Ion-exchange chromatography in study of complex systems of coordination complexes. Science 134(3488): 1430

Ion-exchange chromatography of amino acids and peptide I A new method for the determination of basic amino acids on a carboxylic acid resin. Jour Biochem : 531-537

Ion-exchange chromatography of amino acids in tomato juice. Food Res 23(4): 329-337

Ion-exchange chromatography of erythropoietically active plasma filtrates. Quart Bull Northwestern Univ Med Sch 36(4): 285-289

Ion-exchange chromatography of insulin and other proteins in buffers containing urea. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 88: 549-570

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Ion-exchange chromatography of oligonucleotides from the ribonuclease hydrolyzate of soluble ribonucleic acid. Biokhimiya 30(5): 999-1006

Ion-exchange chromatography of oxytocin, arginine-vasopressin, and lysine-vasopressin. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 85(2): 226-228

Ion-exchange chromatography of soluble RNA in a con-centration-tempirature gradient. Dokl Akad Nauk Sssr 169(5): 1199-1202

Ion-exchange chromatography of the classic fowl plague virus on cellulose columns. Vop Virusol 12(4): 439-445

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Ion-exchange equations based on double-layer theory. Soil Sci 99(6): 357-361

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Ion-exchange gel electrophoresis. Z Lebensmittel Unters Forsch 136(3): 175-176

Ion-exchange in honey processing. Amer Bee Jour 92(7): 296

Ion-exchange mechanisms in the membranous labyrinth: a suggested basis for the sudden attacks in Meniere's disease. Journal of Theoretical Biology 1: 529-534

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Ion-exchange on cellulose bases. Protides Biol Fluids Proc Colloquium 9: 106-108

Ion-exchange paper chromatography of nucleoside diphosphate sugars and related nucleotides. Analytical Biochemistry 11(3): 497-509

Ion-Exchange Paper Chromatography Of Thyroid Hormones. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 62: 831-834

Ion-exchange reactions between acid mucopolysaccharides and various cations. Biochemical Journal 85(2): 336-351

Ion-exchange reactions between cartilage and various cations. Biochemical Journal 77: 164-170

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Ion-exchange resins in the culture of Bordetella pertussis. Ann Immunol Hungaricae 3: 45-51

Ion-exchange separation and automated assay of complex mixtures of amino acids and some hexosamines II.

Ion-exchange separation and automated assay of some hexosamines I.

Ion-exchange separation of calcium and strontium and its application to strontium-90 determination in milk. Proceedings of the Symposium on radioisotope sample measurement techniques in medicine and biology, Vienna, Austria, 24-28 May, 385-392

Ion-exchange technique in detecting adulteration in citrus juices. Essenze Deriv Agrumari 9: 100-101

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Ion-exchange thin-layer chromatography XVII Resolution of oligonucleotides from a pancreatic ribonuclease digest of RNA on PEI-cellulose. J Chromatogr: 500-509

Ion-exchange thin-layer chromatography XVIII Detection of purine derivatives in the nanogram range by phosphorescence at 77 K. Analytical Biochemistry 21(3): 480-485

Ion-ion recombinations in laboratory air. Phys Med Biol 10(1): 25-40

Ion-molecule reactions of methyl and ethyl iodides. Radiation Research 10(6): 644-670

Ion-protein interactions in gluten-complex as affected by rehology and fermentation. Diss Abstr 25(5): 2788

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Ionemia in the guinea pig under the influence of fibromatogenic and antifibromatogenic esteroids. Rev Med Y Alimentacion 7(1/2/3): 42-43

Ionen-autausch-und Extraktionsmethoden zur Abtrennung von Uran.

Ionenantagonismus und Giftwirkungen an Spirogyra II Uber die Wirkung von Kaliumarsenit, Akonitin und Wasserstoffsuperoxyd.

Ionenauf-nahme aus Salzlosungen durch die hohere Pflanze. Jahrb Wiss Bot 74(3): 297-363

Ionenaufnahme aus Salzlosungen durch die hohere Pflanze II. BER DEUTSCH BOT GES 50a: 42-60

Ionenaustauscher in der Medizin. Pharmazie 14(9): 497-501

Ionene A thermal degradation product of fi-carotene.

Ionenkonzentration und Ionenaustausch in der Grenzflache Protoplasma Losung. Biochem Zeitschr 2: 51-73

Ionenreihen in der Kolloidchemie und Biologie. Kolloid Zeitschr 85(2/3): 158-161

Ionenstruktur, Loslich-keit und Flockung der Proteine.

Ionenwirkung und Leistung der Zelle. Biochem Zeitschr 215(4/6): 257-266

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Ionex chromatography isolation of globin chains in the rat. Physiologia Bohemoslovaca 17(1): 86-92

Ionexchange in rabbit ear shell. Sbornik Ved Praci 2(1/3): 294-297

Ionic Braces for allowing one to prepare dried fish with Kamaboko-forming potency I Presentation of the idea along with the test-results. Bull Japanese Soc Sci Fish 22(6): 354-357

Ionic current rectification, breakdown, and switching in heterogeneous oxide nanofluidic devices. Acs Nano 3(3): 575-584

Ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of large-scale TiO2 nanoparticles with controllable phase by hydrolysis of TiCl4. Acs Nano 3(1): 115-122

Ionic liquids extraction of Para Red and Sudan dyes from chilli powder, chilli oil and food additive combined with high performance liquid chromatography. Analytica Chimica Acta 650(1): 65-69

Ionic Liquids Promote Amyloid Formation from -Synuclein. Analytical Biochemistry 386(2): 293-295

Ionic Liquids as Dispersants of Petroleum Asphaltenes. Energy & Fuels 23(5): 2557-2564

Ionic accumulation by water flow through a membrane. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 64(4): 361-371

Ionic Accumulation in Citrus as Influenced by Rootstock and Scion and Concentration of Salts and Boron in the Substrate. Plant Physiology 27(1): 191-203

Ionic activities of sodium potassium and chloride in human serum abstract measurement instrumentation. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 49(2): 252-253

Ionic alkaline and respiration gradients of the isolated cerebral cor- tex of the mammal Role of glucose, effects of electrical stimulation and of various agents of metabolic stimulation.

Ionic alterations associated with resuscitation of the isolated rabbit heart. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 106: 196-199

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Ionic antagonism in the water permeability of sea urchin eggs. Jour Cell And Comp Physiol 7(2): 301-312

Ionic aspects of the nervous function in the cockroach abstract squid hemo lymph composition effect. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci: 347

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Ionic balance and correlated psycho-physiological measurements in premenstrual tensional states. Federation Proceedings 6(1 Pt 2): 174-174

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