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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24932

Chapter 24932 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Laboratory diagnosis of hemorrhagic diathesis. Aerztliche Laboratorium 14(9): 355-366

Laboratory diagnosis of hepato biliary disease. Jour Formosan Med Assoc 59(11/12): 1338

Laboratory diagnosis of infective hepatitis. Jour New Zealand Assoc Bacteriol: 49-57

Laboratory diagnosis of influenza by viroscopy of conjunctival discharge. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol I Immunobiol [Transl] 30(12): 26-28

Laboratory diagnosis of influenza by virus isolation. American Review of Respiratory Disease 83(2)pt 2: 116-119

Laboratory diagnosis of japanese encephalitis comparison of the fluorescent antibody technique with virus isolation and serologic tests human. Biken Journal 11(3): 157-168

Laboratory diagnosis of leptospiral infections. Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine 29(8): 648-649

Laboratory diagnosis of leptospiroses and Leptospirae. Zentralbl Bakt Parasitenk Infektionskrankh Hyg 192(3): 385-399

Laboratory diagnosis of leptospirosis In Animal disease and human health.

Laboratory diagnosis of listeria infections in native Filipinos. J Philippine Med Ass 40(3): 169-176

Laboratory diagnosis of liver diseases book human. Laboratory Diagnosis Of Liver Diseases Book Human

Laboratory diagnosis of measles and rubella infection. Vaccine 27(24): 3228-3229

Laboratory diagnosis of microbial diseases New York City January 1962.

Laboratory diagnosis of mild hemophilia. New Istanbul Contribution to Clinical Science 9(4): 246-247

Laboratory diagnosis of parasitic skin lesions. Pharmacien Biolo Gilte 3(24): 19-28

Laboratory diagnosis of platyhelminthiasis. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 22(4): 396-402

Laboratory diagnosis of poisoning of bees. Medycyna Weterynaryjna 23(11): 664-667

Laboratory diagnosis of poliomyelitis in Peichin. Zhonghua Yixue Zazhi 51(11): 709-712

Laboratory diagnosis of prethromboid states in the internal-disease clinic. J Lab Delo 12: 699-704

Laboratory diagnosis of protozoan diseases. Laboratory diagnosis of protozoan diseases 2nd ed 384 p 7 col pl , 56 fig

Laboratory diagnosis of rabies by means of fluorescent antibodies. ARCH EXPER VETERINARMED 2l(Spec no ): 121-128

Laboratory diagnosis of rabies under special consideration of coons fluorescence method mouse human. Wiener Tieraerztliche Monatsschrift 55(3): 133-148

Laboratory diagnosis of renal disease in infancy. The clinical pathology of infancy 420-424

Laboratory diagnosis of respiratory diseases in infancy. In: The clinical pathology of infancy 425-432

Laboratory diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infection and its serological epidemiology. Akita Central Hospital Medical Journal 3(1): 1-12

Laboratory diagnosis of schistosomiasis by puncture-biopsy of the liver. Rev Brasil Malariol E Doecas Trop 11(2/3): 553-560

Laboratory diagnosis of scrub typhus. Indian Medical Gazette 85(7): 297-298

Laboratory diagnosis of smallpox. Monthly Bulletin of the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Laboratory Service 26: 189-191

Laboratory diagnosis of smallpox and similar viral diseases by means of tissue culture methods I Sensitivity of tissue culture methods in the detection of variola virus.

Laboratory diagnosis of smallpox and similar viral diseases by means of tissue culture methods III Additional modes of differentiating viruses of the pox group in tissue culture.

Laboratory diagnosis of the atypical virus pneumonia syndrome. Srpski Arhiv 50(4): 241-249

Laboratory diagnosis of the cutaneous form of anthrax Information on the Concluding Conference of theKigriz Research Institute of Epidemiology, Microbiology, and Hygiene. Kyrgyzstan Frunze 68

Laboratory diagnosis of thyroid disfunctions. Trab Pesquisas Inst Nutr Univ Brasil 6: 319-330

Laboratory diagnosis of tick encephalitis in HeLa cellcultures. Acta Microbiol Acad Sci Hungaricae 7(2): 174-175

Laboratory diagnosis of trachoma and adenovirus diseases of the conjunctiva and cornea. Lab Delo 7: 396-398

Laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis. Minnesota Med 36(11): 1167-1168

Laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis in the present antibiotic era. Current Med Practice 6(5): 239-245

Laboratory diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis. Amer Jour Clin Path 3(1): 45-54

Laboratory diagnosis of variola. Ann Soc Sci Bruxelles Ser C Sci Med 47(2): 113-138

Laboratory diagnosis of variola II-Inoculation into chick embryo chorio-allantoic membrane.

LABORATORY diagnosis of virus infections in the Public Health Laboratory Service. Monthly Bulletin of the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Laboratory Service 16: 61-64

Laboratory diagnosis of whooping cough Yearbook of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, 1957. Laboratory diagnosis of whooping cough Yearbook of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, 1957 K laboratornoi diagnostike koklyusha Ezhegodnik Institut experimental'noi meditsiny Akademii Meditsinskii Nauk SSSR, 1957 Yearbook of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, 1957 271-275

Laboratory diagnosis with clinical interpretations. Laboratory diagnosis with clinical interpretations 3d ed 676p 10 col pl , 27 fig

Laboratory diagnostic index. Amer Jour Clin Path Tech Suppl 3(4): 179-180

Laboratory diagnostic tests for cancer; a panel discussion. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 21(8): 764-768

Laboratory diagnostics and vaccination of rabies in animals. TIJDSCHR DIERGENEESK 80(Suppl ): 961-977

Laboratory diagnostics of skin diseases in dogs. Wien Tierarztl Monatsschr 54(11): 738-753

Laboratory differences between the ws strain of influenza a virus and its neurotropic variants mouse. British Journal of Experimental Pathology 49(5): 516-524

Laboratory Differentiation Of Smallpox And Chickenpox. American Journal of Public Health 16(2): 101-106

Laboratory directions for comparative vertebrate anatom. Laboratory directions for comparative vertebrate anatom 80p

Laboratory directions for general biology. Laboratory directions for general biology ix+270p Illus

Laboratory directions for histological technique. Laboratory directions for histological technique ii + 43p

Laboratory directions for invertebrate zoology. Laboratory directions for invertebrate zoology iv+140p Illus

Laboratory directions for morphological zoology. Laboratory directions for morphological zoology Anleitung zu zoologisch-morphologischen Ubungen {2nd ed ) 207 p 76 fig

Laboratory directions in biochemistry. Laboratory directions in biochemistry 288p 17 fig

Laboratory directions in college zoolog. Laboratory Directions In College Zoolog: Ed. Xiv 163p

Laboratory directions in college zoology. Laboratory directions in college zoology 3d ed xvi-173p

Laboratory directions in general zoology. Laboratory directions in general zoology 3rd rev ed xxxiv + 195p 78 fig

Laboratory directions in general zoology. Laboratory directions in general zoology viii+233p Illus

Laboratory directions in principles of animal biology. Laboratory directions in principles of animal biology 4th ed 100p

Laboratory distillation of municipal waste effluents. J WATER POL LUT CONTR FED 39(10 Part 2): r25-r31

Laboratory dough mixer with an air-tight bowl. Cereal Chem 32(1): 83-87

Laboratory ecology and mutual predation of tribolium species tribolium castaneum tribolium confusum corn m yeast wheat m. American Naturalist19: 261-276

Laboratory efforts to eliminate contamination problems in the real-time RT-PCR detection of noroviruses. Journal of Microbiological Methods 77(1): 72-76

Laboratory electrodialyzer constructed from standard Pyrex pipeline units. Chem And Indust [london] (32): 298

Laboratory ensilage of Setaria sphacelata and Chloris gayana. Australian J Agr Res 16(3): 391-403

Laboratory equipment for a course in electronics. Amer Jour Physics 15: 161-163

Laboratory equipment for discontinuous and continuous-flow cultivation of microorganisms. Kvansny Prumysl 6: 175-177

Laboratory equipment for low raw operations. Proc Amer Soc Sugar Beet Technol 1946: 532-535

Laboratory equipment for temperature and humidity control. Agric News Letter 8(4): 50-52

Laboratory equipment for testing filtering materials for sterilization of air. Appl Microbiol 2(4): 240-242

Laboratory essays of controlling the Colorado beetle by means of Gusation A. Biul Inst Ochrony Roslin 10: 43-49

Laboratory estimation of the biological value of soybean meal as related to method of preparation. Poultry Sci 30(6): 906

Laboratory estimation of the biological value of soybean oil meal as related to method of preparation. Iowa State Coll Jour Sci 28(3): 278

Laboratory evaluation of DDT and phos-phamidon on the western hemlock looper, Lambdina fiseellaria lugubrosa. Canadian Entomol 95(4): 365-371

Laboratory evaluation of Indoklon. Journal of Neuropsychiatry 4: 164-173

Laboratory evaluation of a new antibiotic cephaloridine. Brit Medj 5419: 1234-1237

Laboratory evaluation of a new nitrogen mustard, 2-fDi- amino-methylibenzimidazole, and of other 2-chloroethyl compounds. Cancer Res 17(9): 904-910

Laboratory evaluation of a novel capillary blood sampling device for measuring eight clinical chemistry parameters and HbA1c. Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 401(1-2): 152-157

Laboratory evaluation of alpha-ethylthio-isonicotinamide. Hindustan Antibiot Bull 4(3): 130-137

Laboratory evaluation of alpha-phenoxypropyl penicillin. M Finland, and G M Savage, Editors Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy[Long dash]1961 Proceedings of a Conference p 713-726

Laboratory evaluation of analgetic effectiveness in human subjects. Experimental Neurology 7: 435-456

Laboratory evaluation of anti-inflammatory steroids. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 82: 829-835

Laboratory evaluation of antianginal drug action In Cardiovascular drug therapy.

Laboratory evaluation of aromatic essential oils from thirteen plant species as candidate repellents against Leptotrombidium chiggers (Acari: Trombiculidae), the vector of scrub typhus. Experimental & Applied Acarology 47(3): 257-262

Laboratory evaluation of bating materials. Jour Amer Leather Chem Assoc 41(4): 155-157

Laboratory evaluation of bovine respiratory disease vaccines for safety bovine rhino tracheitis virus parainfluenza 3 virus bovine viral diarrhea mucosal disease. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 152(6 PART 2): 847-850

Laboratory evaluation of certain chemosterilants against the gypsy moth. J Econ Entomol 58(4): 649-651

Laboratory evaluation of certain larvicides against Culex pipiens, Linn, Anopheles albimanus, Wied and Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say. Mosquito News 25(4): 415-419

Laboratory evaluation of certain larvicides against Culex quinquefasctatus in Puerto Rico. Mosquito News 23(3): 252-253

Laboratory evaluation of certain organo phosphorus insecticides against trogoderma granarium methyl parathion malathion bayer 41831 guthion fenthion parathion dicapthon ethyl guthion ethyl p nitrophenyl benzene thio phosphonate insectic. Indian Journal of Entomology 29(4): 346-348

Laboratory evaluation of chemicals for rendering fabric repellent to mosquitoes. Proceedings, Annual Meeting - New Jersey Mosquito Extermination Association 32: 82-87

Laboratory evaluation of cleaner Sanitizers for use on dairy farms. Jour Milk And Food Technol 12(5): 257-266

Laboratory evaluation of contact insecticides on three species of stored-product insects. Jour Econ Ent 50(3): 372-373

Laboratory evaluation of diazinon as a wheat protectant. Jour Econ Entomol 57(2): 272-275

Laboratory evaluation of dual-frequency multisensor capacitance probes to monitor soil water and salinity. Irrigation Science 27(5): 393-400

Laboratory evaluation of fungicides for control of some fungi found on peanuts. Plant Dis Rep 49(11): 928-931

Laboratory evaluation of fungicides for the control of 2 fungi associated with spear rot in oil palms m fusarium oxysporum fusarium solani thibenzole fungic thiram fungic. Malaysian Agricultural Journal 46(4): 451-457

Laboratory evaluation of hemostasis Medical Technology.

Laboratory evaluation of insecticides against the cigarette beetle ii lasioderma serricorne tobacco d american cyanamid 47300 insectic dursban insectic geigy 12968 insectic shell sd 8211 insectic. Journal of Economic Entomology 61(4): 981-983

Laboratory evaluation of insecticides against white fringed weevil graphognathus leucoloma coleoptera curculionidae larvae dieldrin dyfonate heptachlor lindane sandoz 6538 thionazin insectic. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 11(4): 903-910

Laboratory evaluation of insulin production in spontaneous hypo glycemia. Acta Isotopica 7(1-2): 49-74

Laboratory evaluation of materials as larvi-cides against mosquitoes in Nevada. Mosquito News 22(1): 24-26

Laboratory evaluation of partially-acetylated esters of oleandomycin. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 100(4): 880-884

Laboratory evaluation of plictran miticide against 2 spotted spider mites tetranychus urticae bean d cotton d malathion pestic resistance. Journal of Economic Entomology 61(5): 1254-1257

Laboratory Evaluation Of Promising Systemic Insecticides In Guinea Pigs Against Oriental Rat Fleas. Journal of Economic Entomology 58: 83-86

Laboratory evaluation of red-tide control agents. Us Fish Wildlife Serv Fish Bull 66(1): 163-164

Laboratory evaluation of resistance in corn to the European corn borer. Dissertation Absts 18(3): 1157-1158

Laboratory evaluation of soft wheat flours for cookie and cake quality. Baker S Digest 33(4): 42, 44, 45

Laboratory evaluation of soil poisons used in termite control. Jour Econ Ent 32(1): 147-149

Laboratory evaluation of surfactant-enhanced air sparging for perchloroethene source mass depletion from sand. Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A, Toxic/Hazardous Substances & Environmental Engineering 44(4): 406-413

Laboratory evaluation of the efficiency of wetters in distilled and tap water using the tape sinking test pesticide formulations. Long Ashton Research Station Report: 17

Laboratory evaluation of the l-on-10 slope ice harbor fishway design. Us Fish Wildlife Serv Spec Sci Rep Fish 509: 1-20

Laboratory evaluation of the malting quality of Montcalm, a new smooth awned variety. Proc Amer Soc Brewing Chemists 11: 1-9

Laboratory evaluation of the molluscicide yurmin 99 3 5 di bromo 4 hydroxy 4 nitroazo benzene. Revista Brasileira de Malariologia e Doencas Tropicais 20(1-2): 147-154

Laboratory evaluation of the properties of various bcg substrains used for vaccine production. Experimental Medicine & Microbiology (English Translation of Medycyna Doswiadczalna i Mikrobiologia) TT68(500044): 362-371

Laboratory evaluation of the specific serum antimycobacterial activity test. M: Nd, And G. M. Savage, Editors. Antimicrobial Agents And Chemotherapy 1961. Proceedings Of A Conference. 20-29

Laboratory evaluation of the toxicity of pesticides to palm mite Raoviella indica Hirst,.

Laboratory evaluation of three new penicillins against Staphylococcus aureus. J C Sylvester, Editor Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy- -1962 Proceedings Second Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy p 334-338

Laboratory evaluation of two aleocharine parasites of the face fly. Journal of Economic Entomology 60(6): 1514-1516

Laboratory evaluation of various residual sprays for the control of dermestids infesting milk-drying plants. Jour Econ Ent 52(2): 234-236

Laboratory evaulation of fungicides for the control of stem rot of paddy. Indian Phytopathol 20(1): 36-41

Laboratory evidence of influenza in England and Wales during the winter of 1952-3. Brit Med Jour (4847): 1178-1180

Laboratory Evidence Of Spontaneous Evacuation Of The Contents Of Cysts In Polycystic Kidneys. Investigative Urology 1: 367-369

Laboratory examination in the case of drug allergy. Japanese Journal of Dermatology 78(1): 209

Laboratory Examination of Eating and Drinking Utensils. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 33(9): 1054-1064

Laboratory examination of properties connected with the water economy of soils, in samples of original structure. Agrokemia Es Talajtan 1(3): 321-338

Laboratory examination of stable manures incubated with phosphorite and apatite. Agrokemia Es Talajtan 1(4): 471-478

Laboratory examination of wines and other fermented fruit products. Laboratory examination of wines and other fermented fruit products xiii + lllp 18 fig

Laboratory Examinations for Gonococcal Infection in the Female. British Journal of Venereal Diseases 26(1): 16-22

Laboratory examinations for tuberculosis. United States Naval Medical Bulletin 47(5): 835-849

Laboratory exercise grades a measure of teaching. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 73: 513-520

Laboratory exercise to demonstrate plant nutrient deficiencies and nitrogen fixation by legumes. Agron J 57(6): 642-643

Laboratory exercises In the principles of biology. Laboratory exercises In the principles of biology lv+124p Illus

Laboratory exercises in agricultural biochemistry I.

Laboratory exercises in animal biology. Laboratory exercises in animal biology 5th ed 255p

Laboratory exercises in biology. Laboratory exercises in biology vii+387p Illus

Laboratory exercises in general biology. Laboratory exercises in general biology 3d ed xiv+333p 3 pl

Laboratory exercises in general biology 4th ed.

Laboratory exercises in general zoology. Laboratory exercises in general zoology v+227p Illus

Laboratory exercises in zoology. Laboratory exercises in zoology xiv+388p Illus

Laboratory exercises to demonstrate the effects of certain hormones and hormone inhibitors on the development of the young chick. Diss Abstr 26(2): 1131-1132

Laboratory experience in drug abuse control human. Psychopharmacology Bulletin 3(4): 30-33

Laboratory experience in reiter protein complement fixation in latex rheumatoid arthritis anti strepto lysin o and latex thyroid antibody tests human. Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 67(4): 134-141

Laboratory Experience With 24 Hour Partial Heart-Lung Bypass. Journal of Surgical Research 5: 97-104

Laboratory experience with in situ detection of beryllium in biological specimens dog. Applied Spectroscopy 22(6): 758-760

Laboratory experiences in analysis of nitric oxide with dichromate paper. J Air Pollut Contr Ass 18(3): 160-161

Laboratory experiences with Asian influenza. Harefuah 54(11): 286-8; English & French Abstracts 288-9

Laboratory experiences with influenza in Boston during the winter 1949-50. Journal of Infectious Diseases 97(1): 48-56

Laboratory experiences with recent epidemics of salmonellosis in Ontario. Canadian Jour Publ Hlth 55(1): 36

Laboratory experiences with sulfamethoxypyridazine. Antibiotica et Chemotherapia. Fortschritte. Advances. Progres 8: 2-16

Laboratory experiences with the Skeggs-Leonards artificial kidney. Proceedings of the Staff Meetings. Mayo Clinic 31(12): 350-356

Laboratory experiment on drip emitter clogging with fresh water and treated sewage effluent. Agricultural Water Management 96(5): 0-756

Laboratory experiment to control the cockchafer by the sterile male techniques. Acta Phytopathol Acad Sci Hung 2(3): 211-217

Laboratory experiments and results of field trials on inoculation with Azotobacter. Landwirt Forsch 19(1): 18-28

Laboratory experiments and thermal calculations for the development of a next-generation glacier-ice exploration system Development of an electro-thermal drilling device. Polar Science 2(1): 15-26

Laboratory experiments concerning the immunization by a septicemia vaccine in buffaloes and pigs. Hemera Zoa 66(5/6): 110-122

Laboratory experiments in fish predation as examplified by Danio malabaricus. Dissertation Abst 21(12): 3898-3899

Laboratory experiments in physiology. Laboratory experiments in physiology 251 p 102 illus

Laboratory experiments in the germination of sugar beet seeds. Bull Res Counc Israel 1(3): 132-136

Laboratory experiments on control of pear rust mite. Biul Inst Ochrony Roslin 14: 83-90

Laboratory experiments on gregarious oviposition in the desert locust . Animal Behaviour 11(2/3): 408-409

Laboratory experiments on some factors affecting the survival of marine teleost larvae. Jour Mar Biol Assoc India 1(1): 13-25

Laboratory experiments on the action of chlorated organic insecticides against D oleae. Redia: 1-215

Laboratory experiments on the formation of subaqueous depositional gullies by turbidity currents. Marine Geology 258.1-4

Laboratory experiments on the growth of Tilapia nilotica in various saline concentrations. Bamidgeh 13(1): 8-14

Laboratory experiments on the life cycle and ecologic controls of Rosalina globularis dOrbigny. Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 12(2): 210-215

Laboratory experiments on the possibilities of oral immunization with a sddium desoxycholate extract from dyspepsia coli strains V The group specificity of the protective effect and the protective effect of bivalent immunizations the active mouse protection test.

Laboratory experiments on the possibilities of oral immunization with a sodium desoxycholate extract from Dyspepsia coli strains III Communication The protective action of the extract tested by means of the mouse protection test.

Laboratory experiments on the possibilities of oral immunization with a sodiumdesoxycholate extract from Dyspepsia coli Escherichia coli strains I Communication Immuno-biological properties; antibody binding of the extract in latex test.

Laboratory experiments on the possibilities of oral immunization with sodium deoxy cholate extract from dyspepsia coli escherichia coli strains vi mouse. Zentralblatt fuer Bakteriologie Parasitenkunde Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene Abteilung I Originale 207(1): 27-34

Laboratory experiments on the question of soil phosphoric acid mobilization by lime on acid soils. Zeitschr Pflanzenernahr Dung U Bodenk 43(1): 37-55

Laboratory experiments on the resistance of various materials, especially textiles, to Kalotermes flavicollis Fabr. Ent Exptl E T Appl 2(4): 268-278

Laboratory experiments on the role of insects in sewage oxidation ponds. Jour Econ Ent 46(6): 1041-1048

Laboratory experiments on the toxicity of DDT to the Guaru. Arq Inst Biol [Sao Paulo] 18: 31-37

Laboratory experiments on the trail following of army ants of the genus Neivamyrmex. J Kans Entomol Soc 37(1): 22-28

Laboratory experiments on the treatment of the chemical trade wastes at Huddersfield. Jour And Proc Inst Sewage Purif [london] : 109-116

Laboratory experiments to determine the insecticidal action of several organic insecticides against boll weevil. Jour Econ Ent 43(6): 892-898

Laboratory experiments with arsenicals in the control of the codling moth. Jour Agric Res 33(4): 317-330

Laboratory experiments with liquid rosin soap as a planorbicide. Rev Brasil Malariol E Doencas Trop 4(4): 371-374

Laboratory experiments with new insecticides against the manihot leafworm Erinnys elo. Biologico 26(3): 47-51

Laboratory experiments with new organic insecticides. Farming in S Africa 23(266): 325-332

Laboratory experiments with non-arsenical insecticides for biting insects. Ann Appl Biol 15(4): 649-658

Laboratory experiments with plankton algae as a means to understand primary production. Helgoland Marine Research 15(1-4): 135-136

Laboratory experiments with residual sprays for control of confused flour beetles in the flour mill and warehouse. Assoc Operative Millers Bull : 1660-1665

Laboratory experiments with selection of oviposition site by Anopheles darlingi. American Journal of Hygiene 48(3): 350-360

Laboratory experiments with some organic phosphorus insecticides as wheat protectants. Dissertation Absts: 2417-2418

Laboratory exposures to exanthematic typhus in vaccinated persons. Bull Soc Path Exot 38(11/12): 320-323

Laboratory exps to determine the conditions for the commercial production of citric acid by the biochemical method.

Laboratory expts with the herring, Clupea harengus.

Laboratory extraction of cottonseed with various petroleum hydrocarbons. Jour Amer Oil Chem Soc 25(10): 372-379

Laboratory facilities for adaptation research High and low temperatures.

Laboratory facilities for adaptation research Low pressures.

Laboratory facilities for small mammals. Turtox News 37(2-3): 50-53, 90-92

Laboratory feeding of Perlllus bioculatus Fabr with Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say larvae intoxicated by thermostable toxin of Bacillus thuriagiensis Berliner. Ento Mophaga: 279-284

Laboratory feeding preferences of the banded woollybear isia isabella equisetum arvense p petunia violacea d. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 61(5): 1221-1224

Laboratory fermentation of actinomycin B by actinomycete Streptomyces antibioticus. Ceskoslovenska Mikrobiol 3(3): 172-179

Laboratory fermentation of gibberellic acid. Folia Microbiol 5(3): 181-191

Laboratory fermentor for aerobic fermentation. Indust And Engineer Chem 42(1): 188-190

Laboratory fermentors for submerged fermentation by microorganisms. Biotechnology And Bioengineering 5(3): 231-242

Laboratory findings in Iranian tribal and village communities 1964. Amer J Clin Nutr 20(5): 410-414

Laboratory findings in children with rheumatic fever and in non-rheumatic children. Cor Vasa 8(4): 259-270

Laboratory findings in chole lithiasis human enz leucine amino peptidase enz alkaline phosphatase enz trans aminase. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 80(39): 730-733

Laboratory findings in enteric group fevers in the Middle East forces. Journal of Hygiene 44(6): 430-436

Laboratory findings in gall stone disease. Archiv fuer Geschwulstforschung 31(4): 401

Laboratory Findings In Massively Bleeding Gastroduodenal Ulcers. A Review Of 2,008 Cases. Archives of Surgery 87: 916-930

Laboratory findings in obstructing gastroduodenal ulcer. Arch Surg 91(2): 347-358

Laboratory findings in pernicious anemia. Zeitschr Klin Med 103(5/6): 646-693

Laboratory findings in two cases of frambeza Circular form of Treponema pertenue. Rev Inst Adolfo Lutz: 67-70

Laboratory for the automatic recording of photosynthesis under field conditions. Dokl Vses Akad Sel Skokhoz Nauk Im V I Lenina 6: 21-24

Laboratory for the preparation of culture mediums. Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Tunis 45(2-3): 250-252

Laboratory fumigations of the California red scale with methyl bromide, alone and with hydrocyanic acid. Jour Econ Ent 35(4): 521-524

Laboratory germination and vigor as compared to soil tests and field performance in flower seed. Proc Assoc Off Seed Anal 47: 126-135

Laboratory germination of Belladonna seed. Proc Assoc Offic Seed Analysts N Amer 33: 84-87

Laboratory germination of annual phlox seed. Proc Assoc Off Seed Anal 47: 154-157

Laboratory germination of seed of Delphinium species, types and varieties. Proc Assoc Offic Seed Analysts 41: 78-83

Laboratory germination of the poa m spp mainly kentucky blue grass m. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Luk a Pasienkov v Banskej Bystrici (4): 237-255

Laboratory germination results with herb and drug seed. Proc Assoc Offic Seed Analysts 38: 58-62

Laboratory glassware. Indust Equip News 17(6): 3

Laboratory glassworking for scientists. Laboratory glassworking for scientists xiv+184p Illus

Laboratory guide and review manual for general zoology. Laboratory guide and review manual for general zoology vii+87 pp

Laboratory guide for animal biology. outline and incomplete drawings 274p 45 pl 58

Laboratory guide for animal biology; the invertebrates. Laboratory Guide For Animal Biology; The Invertebrates:

Laboratory guide for topographic anatomy. Laboratory guide for topographic anatomy Guida pratica per gli esercizi di anatomia topografica 2d ed xvi + 308p 72 fig (some col )

Laboratory guide for zoology. Laboratory guide for zoology Rev 3rd ed vii+229p Illus

Laboratory guide for zoology 9th ed, revised by ERNST MATTHES.

Laboratory guide in elementary bacteriology. Laboratory guide in elementary bacteriology 244p

Laboratory guide in general botany. Laboratory guide in general botany 2nd ed

Laboratory guide in pharmacology. Laboratory guide in pharmacology 3rd ed viii+163p Illus

Laboratory guide in soil science. Laboratory guide in soil science Boden-kundliches Praktikum vii+36 p 14 fig

Laboratory guide in virology. Laboratory guide in virology 5th ed x+177p Illus

Laboratory guide to vertebrate dissection for students of anatomy. Laboratory guide to vertebrate dissection for students of anatomy 152 p

Laboratory handbook of toxic agents. Laboratory handbook of toxic agents 2nd ed tx+190p

Laboratory hint. Jour New Zealand Assoc Bact 15(3): 72

Laboratory humidity cabinet. Indust & Eng Chem 20(11): 1239-1240

Laboratory identification and pathogenicity of streptococcus agalactiae lancefield group b abstract human immuno fluorescence bacitracin anti infect sensitivity growth studies. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 50(5): 598

Laboratory identification of cholera vibrios. SEATO BANGKOK THAILAND : p 170-171

Laboratory in the most frequently occurring mycoses. Revista Latinoamericana de Microbiologia y Parasitologia 10(3): 138-139

Laboratory indexes used to measure anti-coagulant drug therapy. Cardiovascular drug therapy 244-249

Laboratory indexes used to measure antilipemic drug effects. Cardiovascular drug therapy: The Eleventh Hahnemann symposium, Philadelphia, Penn , January 20-23, 1964 330-338

Laboratory indices in clofibrate therapy of juvenile-onset diabetes. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 8(6): 817-823

Laboratory infection of the snail Planorbis metidjensis from French Morocco with a Brazilian strain of Schistosoma mansoni. Ann Trop Med And Parasitol 53(3): 314-315

Laboratory infection of tick Argas reflexus Gabr with a virus of tick encephalitis In First International Acarological symposium, 1962.

Laboratory infection with St Louis encephalitis virus. APMIS 27(2): 276-282

Laboratory Infection With A Lactose-Fermenting Strain Of Salmonella Typhi. Journal of Bacteriology 89: 1629-1629

Laboratory infection with chikungunya virus: a case report. Indian Journal of Medical Research 53(7): 610-613

Laboratory Infection With Louping-Ill Virus: A Case Study. British Medical Journal 2(5425): 1627-1630

Laboratory infection with murine typhus. Lancet 244(6237): 328-332

Laboratory infection with the Lansing virus. Zentralbl Bakt I Orig Abt 153(8): 269-273

Laboratory Infections. Science 114(2950): 3-3

Laboratory infections due to Brucella. Jour Infect Dis 68(1): 24-32

Laboratory infections with Coxsackie viruses. Archiv für die Gesamte Virusforschung 5(3): 250-263

Laboratory infections with Shigella flexneri 3 and Shigella sonnei. Journal of the American Medical Association 154(17): 1420-1421

Laboratory infections with West-Nile encephalitis virus strain Egypt-101 The dynamics of antibody inhibitors and complement fixers 26th International Neurology Meeting, Paris, 1963.

Laboratory infections with louping ill virus with associated encephalitis human cortisone anti inflam. Lancet (7562): 255-258

Laboratory infections with the virus of Rift Valley Fever. Amer Jour Trop Med 14(6): 457-564

Laboratory insecticide tests against the bollworm. Jour Econ Entomol 51(1): 143-144

Laboratory instructions in animal biology. Laboratory instructions in animal biology 3d ed 108p

Laboratory instructions in biochemistry. Laboratory instructions in biochemistry 7th ed ix+196p Illus

Laboratory instrumentation in psychology. Laboratory instrumentation in psychology vi+282p Illus

Laboratory instruments for measuring the behavior of shy or nocturnal small mammals. Jour Mammal 42(2): 159-166

Laboratory Investigation Of Arctic Strains Of Rabies Virus. Acta Pathologica et Microbiologica Scandinavica 63: 587-596

Laboratory investigation of Escherichia coli. Rev Inst Adolfo Lutz 18: 45-81

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