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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 24958

Chapter 24958 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Lithology and biostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous marine deposits from the Haţeg region Romania Palaeoenvironmental implications.

Lithology and microfaunas of the Lower Cretaceous beds of Central and North Dagestan. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr 94(6): 1163-1165

Litholysis and prevention of lithogenesis in the bladder by extracts derived from Quercus stenophylla Makino in rats. SHIKOKU ACTA MED 16(Suppl ): 287-300

Litholytic solutions their antiseptic action and their influence on the in-vitro activity of antibiotics.

Lithopedion from the case of Dr William H H Parkhurst, 1853.

Lithopedion. Report of 2 unusual cases. Obstetrics and Gynecology 26(6): 884-886

Lithopedion. Report of a case with psychiatric implications. Obstetrics and Gynecology 19: 401-404

Lithophane leautieri Boisduval in Dorset. Ent Gaz: 15-17

Lithophytes in soil formation on Taipaishan Mountain, Shensi province.

Lithoplane lapidea Huebner in Britain. Entomologist 85(1069): 123-124

Lithops. Natl Cactus And Succulent Jour 13(2): 36-37

Lithops de boerii Schwantes spec nov.

Lithops dinteri Schwan-tes sp nov. Zeitschr Sukkulentenk 3(5/6): 97-99

Lithops optica var rubra Tisch und Lithops lericheana Dtr et Schwantes.

Lithosiidae from New Guinea. Deutsch Ent Zeitschr (4): 335-338

Lithosolic solodized-solonetz soils in southwestern South Dakota. Soil Sci Soc Amer Proc 25(6): 504-506

Lithosols their characteristics and probable genesis. Anais da Escola Superior de Agricultura "Luiz De Queiroz" Universidade de Sao Paulo 24: 343-352

Lithospermic acid derivatives from Lithospermum erythrorhizon increased expression of serine palmitoyltransferase in human HaCaT cells. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 19(6): 1815-1817

Lithospermum ruderale and the incidence of mammary tumors in mice. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 75(3): 779-781

Lithosperum ruderale Partial characterization of the principal polyphenol isolated from the roots.

Lithospheric Deformation in the equatorial Indian Ocean Timing and Tibet. Geology (Boulder) 37.3

Lithospheric composition and structure beneath the northern margin of the Qinling orogenic belt. SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences 47(1): 13-22

Lithostegia, a new genus of Poly-podiaceous fern from Sikkim-Yunnan. Sinensia 4(1): 1-9

Lithostratigraphy and age estimations of the Pleistocene erosional remnants near the centre of the Scandinavian glaciations in western Finland. Quaternary Science Reviews 28(1-2): 0-180

Lithostrotinella from the Pennsylvanian of Oklahoma. Okla Geol Notes 26(7): 178

Lithotanytarsus emarginatus. Zeitschr Wiss Biol Abt A Zeitschr Morph U Okol Tiere 28(4): 480-496

Lithothamnia in the Maestrichtian Chalk. Leidsche Geol Mededeel 2(2): 89-98

Lithothamnion calcareum at the west coast of Sweden. Bot Notiser 111(1): 195-199

Lithotomy position for forceps letter woman obstetrics anesthesia inhalation asphyxia. British Medical Journal 5569: 862

Lithuanian antineoplastic home remedies Problems of cancer control. Lithuanian antineoplastic home remedies Problems of cancer control Protivoopukholevye sredstva litovskoi narodnoi meditsiny In: Voprosy protivorakovoi bor'by Problems of cancer control 52-53

Lithuanian coniferous woods rich in species of Pyrola and Linnaea. ARCH SOC ZOOL BOT FENNICAE VANAMO" 9(Suppl ): 282-288

Lithyronine as a substitute for dessiccated thyroid. Quart Bull Northwestern Univ Med Sch 31(2): 97-98

Litigant behavior culminating in the homicide of a hierarchial superior. Neurobiologia (Recife) 31(4): 113-138

Litigants Characteristics and Outcomes in US Forest Service Land-Management Cases 1989 to 2005.

Litigation neurosis. Medical Journal of Australia 2: 835-838

Litmomycin, a new antibiotic I Taxonomic studies on Streptomyces litmogenes, litmomycin producing culture.

Litobrochia in Florida. Amer Fern J 54(1): 38-39

Litomosoides caballeroi Rodrigo, 1960 a new synonym for Litomosoides brasiliensis Almeida, 1936. Atas Soc Biol Rio De Janeiro 7(1): 10-11

Litophasia hyalipennis Fallen , a tachinid new to Britain. Jour Soc Brit Ent 3(4): 201-203

Litorale Amphipoden des Tropischen Pazifiks. K Svenska Vetenskapsakad Handl: 1-105

Litorina littorea Linn. Nautilus 43(3): 105

Litracellular distribution of iron and iron enzymes in chlorotic and non-chlorotic tomato plants. Dbs Abstr 25(1): 581-582

Litrageneric groups and new species in Lepyrodia. Contr New South Wales Natl Herb 3(4): 223-227

Litt om Monima gracilis F i. Norge Norsk Ent Tidsskr 7(1/2): 85-86

Litt om fuglefaunaen i Finnmark og troms.

Litt om giftige trekkplante. Norsk Hagetid (17/18 ): 1-2

Litter and the public health. Public Health Reports 74(5): 387-391

Litter contribution to diurnal and annual soil respiration in a tropical montane cloud forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 41(6): 1338-1340

Litter decomposition in grasslands of Central North America US Great Plains. Global Change Biology 15(5): 1356-1363

Litter effects on the regulation of the estrus cycle in the rat relationships between type of cycle and uterine sensitivity to deciduogenic stimuli enz carbonic anhydrase. Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanita 3(2): 135-148

Litter fungi of the debina reserve poland. Acta Mycologica 2: 79-105

Litter in the nests of the kingfishers Alcedo atthis atthis and Alcedo atthis bengalensis. Tr Sikhote Alinskogo Gos Zapovednika 3: 318-319

Litter production and nutrient turnover in deciduous forests of varanasi india. Misra, R And B Gopal (Edited By) Proceedings Of The Symposium on Recent Advances in Tropical Ecology Part Ii Ii + 377-773p Illus Maps The International Society For Tropical Ecology: Varanasi-5, India : 655-669

Litter production as influenced by species of southern pine. Jour Forest 60(8): 565

Litter production in an area of amazonian terra firme forest part 1 litter fall organic carbon and total nitrogen contents of litter. Amazoniana 1(4): 287-302

Litter production in an area of amazonian terra firme forest part 2 mineral nutrient content of the litter. Amazoniana 1(4): 303-310

Litter production in our forests. Tidsskr Skogbruk 51: 73-81

Litter quality is in the eye of the beholder initial decomposition rates as a function of inoculum characteristics. Functional Ecology 23(3): 627-636

Litter records of some mammals of Meade County, Kansas. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 45: 376-378

Litter seriation phenomena in fibrosarcoma susceptibility; a contribution to the subject of cancer susceptibility in relation to age. Journal of Gerontology 6(4): 340-357

Litter size and brain development in the rat. Life Sciences 5(17): 1577-1582

Litter size and infant survivorship in wild groups of cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus) in Colombia. American Journal of Primatology 71(8): 707-711

Litter size and latitude. Arch Rass U Ges Biol 24: 97-99

Litter size and maternity sites in australian bats chiroptera eptesicus pumilus. Victorian Naturalist (Blackburn) 84(7): 203-206

Litter Size And Proportion Of Females In The Offspring Of Multiparous Rats With Varying Uterine Metabolic Levels. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 10: 145-147

Litter size in relation to latitude in two Murid rodents. Amer Midland Natur 73(1): 245-247

Litter size is it inherited?. Pig Breeders Ann 1930/1931: 46-52

Litter size, emotionality, and avoidance learning. PSYCHOL REPTS 12(1): 4l-42

Litter type, but not plant cover, regulates initial litter decomposition and fungal community structure in a recolonising cutover peatland. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 41(3): 651-655

Litter weight not reduced following clearcutting of poor-site oak stands. Jour Forest 57(3): 208-209

Littermate assays of pertussis vaccine. Journal of Hygiene 53(1): 106-111

Litterfall and nutrient return in five tree species in a common garden experiment. Forest Ecology and Management 257(10): 0-2144

Litters with monozygotic twins in pluriparous mammals. Atti Ponti Ficia Accad Sci Nuovi Lincei 85(4): 231-237

Little Blue Huron in the Chicago region. Auk 45(3): 369

Little Cherry, a virus disease. Sci Agric [ottawa] 27(1): 1-6

Little Rock welcomes AAI. Agric Chem 13(1): 41, 94-95

Little and palm swifts breeding on man-made structures in Rhodesia. Ostrich 34(1): 27-35

Little auk in early autumn. Scottish Nat (161): 161

Little auks in West Cork. Irish Nat Jour 10(2): 43

Little bay creatures. Little bay creatures 89p Frontispiece, 3 col pl , 45 fig Illus by M ERCKENBRACK HENNESSY

Little bittern ixobyrchus minutus recorded for the 2nd time in norway apodemus sylvaticus. Fauna (Oslo) 21(1): 37-39

Little black rail again in Illinois. Auk 43(1): 90

Little black rail in Illinois. The Auk 43(2): 233-234

Little black rail nesting in Illinois. The Auk 43(3): 367-368

Little blue heron at Santa Barbara, California. Condor 68(1): 103

Little bulbs. Garden Jour 2(1): 24-26

Little bunting on out skerries shetland scotland migrant. Scottish Birds 5(4): 226

Little cherry, a virus disease of sweet and sour cherries in Utah. Farm And Home Sci 9(4): 10-12

Little climates. Nat Hist 69(3): 33-39

Little contributions to the knowledge of Blattaria and their distribution VII.

Little egret banded in Spain taken in Trinidad. Auk 76(2): 241-242

Little egret in wigtownshire scotland record. Scottish Birds 5(4): 209-210

Little egret near Auckland and in far north. Notornis 6(3): 77

Little evidence for respiratory acclimation by microbial communities to short-term shifts in temperature in red pine Pinus resinosa litter. Global Change Biology 15(10): 2485-2492

Little evidence that hepatitis C virus leads to a higher risk of mortality in the absence of cirrhosis and excess alcohol intake: the Swiss Hepatitis C Cohort Study. Journal of Viral Hepatitis 16(9): 644-649

Little flora of the fungi of France. Little flora of the fungi of France [Vol I ] Petite flore des champignons de France Agarics, Bolets, Clavaires [Vol I ] 337p Illus

Little flycatcher breeding in the Palace Park at Charlottenlund. Dansk Omithol Foren Tidsskr 39(4): 233-237

Little geological studies in southern California. Little geological studies in southern California 24 p

Little grebes choking to death on fish podiceps ruficollis cottus gobio. British Birds 61(7): 307

Little gull feeding on earthworms. British Birds 23(10): 278-279

Little gull seen at Ostensjovann in Oslo. Fauna [Oslo] 20(3): 210

Little gull taken in Indiana. Wilson Bull 68(4): 321

Little known Amayonian rubber plants. Bol Tecn Inst Agron Norte 31: 301-309

Little known Colombian Morphos. Internal Ent Zeitschr 20(10): 83-84

Little known and new litter inhabiting laelapine mites acari mesostigmata from israel hypoaspis kargi new species hypoaspis minor new species hypoaspis obscurus new species hypoaspis obscuroides new species hypoaspis sclerotarsus new species androlaelaps shealsi new species pseudoparasitus tilli new species reticulolaelaps faini new genus new species. Israel Journal of Zoology 17(1): 1-30

Little known and rarely met fungus diseases of safflower in Povolzhye. Trudy Sara Tovsk Sel Skokh Inst [Ann Saratov Agr Inst] 6: 186-190

Little known applications of the microscope in science and technology. Jour Biol Photogr Assoc 23(2/3): 105-109

Little known bacteria isolated from intestinal and skin conditions. Bact Proc:

Little known diseases in Esthonia. Zentralbl Bakt Ii Abt 106(5/7): 89-93

Little known diseases of cherry, prune and peach trees. Tijdschr Plantenziekten 36(11): 261-269

Little known diseases, their symptoms, characters, etc. Handb Tropenkrankh 5(1): 809-835

Little known exotic Diptera. Encyclop Ent Ser B Diptera 3(4): 192-196

Little known names of medical men in Vatican Palatine manuscripts. Ann Med Hist 8(2): 145-159

Little known or new Polish species of Homoptera III.

Little known or unknown details of morphology of Mexican Anopheles. Ciencia 2(2): 66-69

Little known properties of manihot d tuber of the tropics in its most elaborate form tapioca present data on the digestibility and nutritional properties of tapioca. Cahiers de Nutrition et de Dietetique 3(SUPPL 2): 1-32

Little leaf a transmissible disease of brinjal. Proc Indian Acad Sci Sect B 10(2): 201-212

Little leaf disease of citrus trees and its causes. Hadar 4(9): 193-194

Little leaf disease of pecans. Phytopathology 16(4): 277-283

Little leaf disease of shortleaf and loblolly pines. U S Dept Agric Circ 940: 1-41

Little lesson in humility regarding the first case of histoplasmosis observed in Cameroun. Bull Soc Pathol Exot 55(2): 229-232

Little lives A story of the world of insects.

Little mountain industries Distillation of Pinus pumilio Note on the local growing of P pumilio for its gums.

Little need to re-ice tomato cars. Western Grower And Shipper 24(10): 18-20, 22

Little noted analogies among the three natural kingdoms of J K Molina.

Little notes on Asilidae V On some Dasypogoninae of the collections of the British Museum and of the Instituto Miguel Lillo.

Little orphan ani. Audubon Mag 53(4): 224-231

Little owl preying on birds. British Birds 33(11): 312-313

Little people of the green things. Nature Mag 16(2): 109-112

Little plant sketches sassafras d habitat characteristics. Maine Field Naturalist 25(1): 34-35

Little population structuring and recent evolution of the Pacific saury Cololabis saira as indicated by mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequence data. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 369(1): 17-21

Little potato diseas. Gard Chron [London] 96(2486): 128

Little ringed plover breeding at levanger. Sterna (Stavanger) 8(2): 97-99

Little ringed plover in renfrewshire scotland 1st record. Scottish Birds 5(3): 174-175

Little ringed plovers in Britain during 1960-62. Brit Birds 57(5): 191-198

Little shearwaters in County Donegal. Irish Natur J 15(3): 76-77

Little snake with hands. Natur Hist 73(7): 16-25

Little stint in Middlesex. British Birds 23(7): 194-195

Little swift apus affinis breeding at stellenbosch south africa. Ostrich 39(1): 39

Little swift in County Cork A species new to Ireland and Britain.

Little swift or house swift letter apus affinis vernacular name critique. British Birds: 534

Little tuna, Euthynnus alletteratus, in northern Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, with an illustration of its skeleton. Chesapeake Sci 3(4): 257-263

Little whimbrel at Napier. Notornis 5(6): 181

Little whimbrel in Queensland. Emu 61(3): 170

Littles disease. Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease 60(3): 286

Littles disease Physiopathologic investigation on the excitability of motoneurones, preliminary results.

Little-known South African aloes. African Wild Life 1(3): 57-61

Little-known and new Japanese Clausiliidae. Sitzungsber Naturforsch Ges Leipzig 1926/1928: 23-46

Little-known and new growth forms of Bacillus megatherium and its cytology. Bull Internal Acad Polonaise Sci Et Let Cl Sci Math Et Nat Sir B Sci Nat [I [Bot]] (2/7): 141-174

Little-known birds of Paraguay. Rev Soc Cient Paraguay 2(1): 68-70

Little-known blood parasites of reptiles Herpetology. Little-known blood parasites of reptiles Herpetology O maloizvestnykh parazitakh krovi presmykayushchikhsya In: Gerpetologiya Herpetology 72-78

Little-known enemies of Anopheles larvae. [russ Hydrobiol Zeitschr] 5(7/9): 194-195

Little-known fishes from the Philippines. Philippine Jour Sci 56(3): 319-325

Little-known fungi of the genus Polyporaceae in the Ukraine. Ukrain Bot Zhur 17(2): 107-108

Little-known larvae from the genus Contracecum found in fish in the Mediterranean basin Main features of the geological structure of the hydrological regime and the biology of the Mediterranean Sea. Little-known larvae from the genus Contracecum found in fish in the Mediterranean basin Main features of the geological structure of the hydrological regime and the biology of the Mediterranean Sea Maloizuchennye lichinki roda Contracaecum Railliet et Henry, 1912 ryb Sredizemnomorskogo basseina Osnovnye cherty geologicheskogo stroeniya gidro-logicheskogo rezhima i biologii Sredizemnogo morya Main features of the geological structure of the hydrological regime and the biology of the Medite

Little-known medicagos and their chromosome complements IV Some mountain species. Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 8(1): 8-13

Little-known tunnies of the Atlantic. Bull Soc Portuguesa Sci Nat 10(20): 227-243

Little-leaf disease in South Carolina as determined by the Forest Survey. Jour Forest 48(12): 837-839

Little-leaf or rosette fruit trees. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 28: 556-560, 1931 ( )

Little-leaf or rosette of fruit trees. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 33: 131-141, 1935( )

Little-leaf or rosette of fruit-trees. Farming in S Africa 9(101): 312-313, 315

Little-noticed habits of some birds of the District of 24-Parganas. Jour & Proc R Asiatic Soc Bengal 22(6): 411-420, 1926( )

Littlehampton foray October 1st to 6th, 1928.

Littleleaf disease of short-leaf pine. Present Status And Future Needs Congr Internatl Bot 9th: 59

Littoral Araneida of Port-Bouet Faunistic, ecological and biological observations.

Littoral Coccohthaphoridae of Banyuls. Vie Milieu 16(1-B): 251-270

Littoral Crustacea Decapoda from the Galapagos Islands ,. Nyt Mag Naturvidensk 74: 1-23

Littoral algae overgrowth on a pelagic substrate in lake constance germany switzerland. Beitraege zur Naturkundlichen Forschung in Suedwestdeutschland 27(2): 97-100

Littoral and shoreline wood in mid-continent great rivers USA. River Research and Applications 26(3): 0-0

Littoral associations of Lake Valdai. Mem Inst Hydrologique 1: 137-206

Littoral barnacles of the Hawaiian Islands and Japan. Proc Acad Nat Sci Philadelphia 79: 305-317, 1927 ( )

Littoral bottom fauna of Lewis and Clark reservoir In 47th Meeting of the South Dakota Academy of Science, 1962. Proc South Dakota Acad Sci: 1-112

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Littoral diatoms from the eastern Mediterranean. Meddeland Goteborgs Bot Tradgard 18: 309-325, 1948( )

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Littoral diatoms of Chichester harbour with special reference to fouling. Journal. Royal Microscopical Society 71(1): 1-86

Littoral fauna of Norway XXV XXVI Bryozoa 4, 5.

Littoral fauna of Norway XXVII Opisto-branchia.

Littoral fauna of Norway XXXV Prosobranchiata.

Littoral interstital species from Anglesey representing three families new to Britain. Nature 191(4787): 512

Littoral marine algae from the State of Campeche. Ciencia [Mexico] 24(5/6): 193-200

Littoral marine algae of Agate Beach-Crescent Beach, Washington. Advancing Frontiers Plant Sci 13: 103-111

Littoral marine communities. Amer Midland Nat 21(1): 28-55

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Littoral nemerteans of Brazil. Univ Sao Paulo Fac Filos Cienc E Letras Bol Zool 19: 1-90

Littoral oxygen depletion produced by a cover of Elodea canadensis. Oikos 9(2): 239-245

Littoral plants and animals at Concepcion. BOL SOC BIOL CONCEPCIoN [CHILE] 18: 173-189

Littoral sedimentary environments in West Provence Relation between micro-fauna and granulometry of the sediment.

Littoral sponges collected on K islands by M A. Mem Inst Sci Madagascar Ser A: 34

Littoral vegetation of the lakes of the Huntington Forest. Roosevelt Wildlife Bull 8(1): 5-37

Littoral vegetation on a headland of Mt Desert Island, Maine I Submersible or strictly littoral vegetation II Tidepools and the environment and classification of submersible plant communities III Adlittoral or non-submersible region.

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Littoral-aquatic and aquatic vegetation of the Uglichsk reservoir. Tr Inst Biol Vnutr Vod Akad Nauk Sssr 6 9: 30-50

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Littorina littorea on the New Jersey coast. Nautilus 60(3): 73-76

Littorina mariae nov sp The ecological and morphological differences between dwarf and normal in the species L obtusata and their adaptive and evolutionary significance.

Littorina punctata and littorina neritoides mollusca gastropoda from israel ecology and annual cycle of genital system ulva enteromorpha. Israel Journal of Zoology 17(2/3): 145-160

Littorina ziczac and L lineolata Orbigny.

Littorinidae and Naticidae from north east Sumatra.

Lituolidae of the Mediterranean continental plateau between Saint-Raphael and Monaco. Bull Inst Oceanogr [Monaco] (549): 1-16

Liudas Vailionis. Ber Deutsch Bot Gesn.-Vers.-Heft 2: 235 - 238

Liutkecichs paper Stratigraphy of the Upper Permian of the Kama district Pre-Urals See also abstracts 3288, 3290, 3291, and 3292.

Livability and glycoly-sis of bovine spermatozoa in yolk-citrate, incubated eggs or chick-embryo diluters. Jour Animal Sci 4(3): 270-276

Livability and growth of chicks from the first through the 11th day of age when force fed a chemically synthetic, water soluble diet. Poultry Sci 44(3): 839-843

Livability and growth to 10 days of age of chicks fed a chemically characterized water soluble diet. Poultry Sci 43(5): 1323

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Livability of bovine spermatozoa at 5o, -25o, and -85oC in tris-buffered and citrate-buffered yolk-glycerol extenders. Jour Dairy Sci 46(4): 333-336

Livability of purebred vs crossbred dairy cattle. Jour Dairy Sci 44(5): 879-887

Live Buprestis aurulenta in boards of a house built in 1923. Pan Pacific Entomol 38(3): 159-161

Live HeLa cells preconcentrate and differentiate inorganic arsenic species. Analytical Chemistry 81(3): 1291-1296

Live Spirulina Arthrospira platensis as a growth and immunity promoter for Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus L, challenged with pathogenic Aeromonas hydrophila. Aquaculture Research 40(9): 1037-1046

Live and dead spirulina sp to remove arsenic v from water. International Journal of Phytoremediation 11(1): 53-64

Live and inactivated adenovirus vaccines for the prevention of acute respiratory illness in naval recruits. American Journal of Epidemiology 87(1): 237-246

Live and let live The moral of the Wolfenden Report. Live and let live The moral of the Wolfenden Report 125p

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Live foods for aquarium fishes. Live foods for aquarium fishes 31p 22 fig

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Live measles vaccine prepared in human diploid cells.

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Live oak and shin oak as desirable plants on Edwards Plateau ranges. Ecology 41(3): 545-548

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Live oak d cabbage palm m hammock. Audubon Field Notes 22(3): 488

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Live stock care in December Hydatid disease.

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