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Movement of water, sodium, chloride and hydrogen ions across the resting stomach

, : Movement of water, sodium, chloride and hydrogen ions across the resting stomach. American Journal of Physiology 197: 332-336

Since during secretion chloride ion is transported against its electrochemical potential gradient, the potential difference (P.D.) across the mucosa probably results from the Cl- transporting mechanism. Using the chambered gastric segment preparation, NaCl and HCl solutions were placed on the mucosal surface. P.D., net volume changes and ionic composition changes were measured. With 0.05 [image] solutions Cl- moved against its electrochemical potential gradient and against a water movement. With 0.05 [image] NaCl, the Na+ ion moved from interstitial fluid (ISF) to lumen. With 0.15 [image] NaCl the Na+ and Cl- moved lumen to ISF (Na+ with and Cl- against their electrochemical potential gradient). H+ ions are absorbed from both 0.05 and 0.10 [image] HCl. Water moved ISF to lumen with 0.20 [image] NaCl. NaCl and water apparently move in the direction of their chemical potential gradients in the resting stomach.


PMID: 13802903

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