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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25065

Chapter 25065 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Neuro fibromatosis part 1 clinical anatomical and pathological aspects. Cancro 21(2): 100-148

Neuro fibromatosis recklinghausen. Zeitschrift fuer Haut- und Geschlechtskrankheiten 43(11): 77

Neuro glial alterations in the brains of thyroidectomized and thyroxin treated anuran larvae abstract inst light microscope. American Zoologist 8(4): 789-790

Neuro histologic studies of the carotid sinus baro receptors in hypertension human. Neuro Histologic Studies Of The Carotid Sinus Baro Receptors in Hypertension Human 293-297

Neuro histological alterations in diabetes. Medicina Espanola 60(354): 141-143

Neuro histological aspects of the ganglionary plexi in chagas megacolon i histo pathological study trypanosoma cruzi human. Biologica Trabajos del Instituto de Biologia 'Juan Noe' de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Chile 38: 46-57

Neuro histological characteristics and histochemical properties of neurons of buccal ganglia in mollusk planorbis corneus. Vestnik Zoologii 2(4): 59-62

Neuro humoral factors in experimental glaucoma rabbit. American Journal of Ophthalmology 65(5): 729-736

Neuro humoral mechanism of the phenotypic realization of breed differences in the final dimensions of fowl gonads duck chicken. Tsitologiya i Genetika 2(6): 522-525

Neuro humoral mechanisms of radiation injuries of the maxillo dental system. Stomatologiya (Moscow) 47(1): 7-11

Neuro humoral phenomena of the annelid polychetes. Journal de Microscopie (Paris) 7(4): 31A-32A

Neuro humoral regulation of anaerobic production of energy in ischemic myo cardium. Kardiologiya: 5-15

Neuro humoral regulation of phagocytosis. Sb Nauch Tr Bashkirsk Med Inst 17: 402-408

Neuro humoral regulation of reflex activity conducted during development. Neuro Humoral Regulation Of Reflex Activity Conducted During Development 1-167

Neuro humoral regulation under normal and pathological conditions. Nauchnye Trudy Kazanskogo Meditsinskogo Institut 24: 1-299

Neuro hypophyseal hormone release in the human part 3 experimental study during labor. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology 101(4): 479-489

Neuro hypophyseal hormones and their evolution in the vertebrates. Przeglad Zoologiczny 10(1): 3-11

Neuro hypophysial hormone release and neuron activity in the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei abstract vasopressin calcium chloride injection central vagal stimulation rat. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci 7(24): 122

Neuro infections due to parasitic protozoa toxoplasma gondii nosema cuniculi nosema lophii thelohania apodemi hartmanella castellani. Schweizer Archiv fuer Tierheilkunde 9(109): 497-508

Neuro lipidosis human. Neurobiologia (Recife) 31(3): 75-88

Neuro meningeal listeriosis a report of 6 cases abstract human meningitis fetal death dog vector penicillin anti infect streptomycin anti infect. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 43(17): 1160-1161

Neuro morphological changes in the human skin towards pruritus stimulating substances compound 48 80. Japanese Journal of Dermatology 77(4): 399

Neuro morphological studies in myelo paralytic skin findings in a case associated with dermatitis herpetiformis duhring. Japanese Journal of Dermatology 77(4): 409

Neuro morphological study on the juxta glomerular apparatus of monkey kidneys. Acta Anatomica Nipponica 43(3): 181-206

Neuro muscular atrophy of the legs in connection with sacralagenesis. Annales de Medecine et de Pharmacie de Reims 5(3): 231-233

Neuro muscular block induced by the intra vascular injection of cobalt. Revista da Faculdade de Medicina Veterinaria Universidade de Sao Paulo 7(3): 1966-1967

Neuro muscular block with thiamine electro myographic study. Acta Anaesthesiologica (Padua) 19(SUPPL 1): 77-112

Neuro muscular disorders the problem of poly myositis. Japanese Journal of Medicine 7(3): 180-182

Neuro muscular effects of 6 local anesthetics on anesthetized subjects procaine lidocaine mepivacaine prilocaine tetracaine dibucaine anesthetic halothane cent depress nitrous oxide oxygen cent depress human. Canadian Anaesthetists' Society Journal 15(1): 56-62

Neuro muscular effects of an alkaloid obtained from fritillaria imperialis m in iran. Acta Biochimica Iranica 4: 47

Neuro muscular effects of carbaryl insecticide in swine abstract oral dose. Toxicology & Applied Pharmacology 12(2): 323-324

Neuro muscular excitability and magnesemia in sportsmen. Internationale Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Physiologie Einschliesslich Arbeitsphysiologie 25(3): 181-190

Neuro muscular function after chronic synaptic disuse abstract rat. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci 7(24): 369

Neuro muscular integration film abstract human reflex structure function. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci 7(24): 486

Neuro muscular lesions of the colic artery wall in the course of simple or diverticulary sigmoiditis study of 100 excised samples and autopsies abstract. Semaine des Hopitaux 43(19): 1282

Neuro muscular mechanisms of sound production and pectoral spine locking in the banjo catfish bunocephalus species toadfish. Physiological Zoology 40(3): 296-306

Neuro muscular mechanisms of wing beat in hummingbirds taeniopygia castanotis calypte costae selasphorus sasin calypte anna. Zeitschrift Fuer Vergleichende Physiologie: 209-218

Neuro muscular paralyzing effect of saxi toxin saxidomus giganteus. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 174(2): 393-412

Neuro muscular syndromes associated with neopl carcinoma human. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 16(6): 666-672

Neuro myelitis optica vs subacute necrotic myelitis anatomical study of 2 cases human. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 31(1): 641-645

Neuro myositis or atypical poly myositis report of a case. Rivista di Patologia Nervosa e Mentale 89(1): 12-23

Neuro ophthalmic sequelae in users of oral contraceptives women. Journal of the American Medical Association 206(1): 85-91

Neuro paralytic keratitis in children abstract. American Journal of Ophthalmology 65(6): 933

Neuro pathologic changes in a case of enz sulfite oxidase deficiency child. Neurology 18(12): 1187-1196

Neuro pathologic findings in the case of oligophrenia human. Nordisk Medicin 77(22): 710-711

Neuro pathological findings in 3 cases of persistent dys kinesia following phenothiazine medication. Journal Of The Neurological Sciences: 263-273

Neuro pathological manifestations of cardiac surgery abstract human. Circulationsuppl 6: Vi-99

Neuro pathology of cerebral fat embolisms abstract human. Journal of the Neurological Sciences 4(1): 166

Neuro pathology of some acute poisonings abstract human. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 43(41): 2542

Neuro pediatric session. Pediatria Pratica 39(1): 27-30

Neuro pharmachological aspects of reticular activation abstract. Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings 53(3): 486-487

Neuro pharmacological effects of gamma hydroxy butyrate and gamma butyro lactone in the rat. Pharmacologist 7(2): 175

Neuro pharmacological screening of some n aryl 3 4 5 trimethoxy benzamidines rat n p bromophenyl 3 4 5 trimethoxy benzamidine relaxant n p tolyl 3m 4 5 trimethoxy benzamidine relaxant phenamine reserpine cent stim. Dokladi na B"lgarskata Akademiya na Naukite 20(12): 1365-1368

Neuro pharmacology of central mechanisms contributing to control of food and water intake rev rat human. Neuro Pharmacology Of Central Mechanisms Contributing to Control Of Food And Water Intake Rev Rat Human 287-302

Neuro pharmacology of earthworm giant fibers lumbricus terrestris chlordiazepoxide cent depress lysergic acid di ethylamine cent stim methamphetamine cent stim procaine anesthetic barbital cent depress trimethadione cent depress sodium bromide cent depress di phenyl hydantoin cent depress d tubocurarine relaxant frog inst external electrode enz cholin esterase. International Journal of Neuropharmacology 7(6): 543-556

Neuro pharmacology of hetero synaptic facilitation in aplysia californica. Mental Health Research Institute University of Michigan Annual Report : 19-20

Neuro pharmacology of quipazine maleate. Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Informe :

Neuro physiologic alterations with hypnosis human. Diseases of the Nervous System 29(9): 618-620

Neuro physiological analysis of anom congenital brain lesions experimental models and pathogenesis of anom oligophrenia book. Neuro Physiological Analysis Of Anom Congenital Brain Lesions Experimental Models And Pathogenesis Of Anom Oligophrenia Book

Neuro physiological analysis of the effect of anti depressants on limbic reactions imipramine cent stim amitryptiline cent stim chlorpromazine cent depress chloracysine cent depress rabbit. Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal SSSR Imeni I M Sechenova 54(2): 145-151

Neuro physiological analysis of the structure of the pre senile delusions of persecution human. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S S Korsakova 68(8): 1196-1204

Neuro physiological basis of epileptic activity cessation abstract cat hyper polarizing inhibition de polarizing inactivation. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci 7(24): 328

Neuro physiological characteristics of narcoleptic symptoms abstract human sleep. Revue Neurologique (Paris) 116(6): 675-676

Neuro physiological correlates of a circadian rhythm in certain arthropods abstract scorpion cockroach. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci 7(24): 335

Neuro physiological mechanisms of increasingly activating effects of the hypothalamus on the cerebral cortex in starvation. Anon Fiziologiya I Patofiziologiya Gipotalamusaology And Pathophysiology Of The Hypothalamus Nauka: Moscow, Ussr, . From Ref Zh Biol No. 10p. 114-117

Neuro physiological mechanisms underlying neurological transfer functions abstract cat eye movement reflex to light. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci: 415

Neuro physiological methods in anesthesia research cat procaine anesthetic nembutal cent depress halothane cent depress. Canadian Anaesthetists' Society Journal 15(6): 528-538

Neuro physiological pharmacological immunological and clinical aspects of the disease. Opuscula Medica 12(3): 66-67

Neuro physiological research using a remote time shared computer. Enslein, Kurt (edited By)acquisition And Pressing In Biology And Medicine. Vol. 5. Ix: New York, N.y., U.s.a. . 117-135

Neuro physiological response strategies in the classification of mental illness human. U S Public Health Service Publication: 535-540

Neuro physiological study of the effect of small doses of ddt pestic on rats. Gigiena i Sanitariya 33(8): 83-88

Neuro physiology and electro encephalogram of epilepsy. Tchicaloff, Michel Et Al Fortbildungskurse Der Schweiserischen Gesellschaft Fur Psychiatrie Epilepsie: Diagnose Und Therapie (Advanced Studies Of The Swiss Association Of Psychiatry Epilepsy: Diagnosis And Therapy ) Vol 2 71p Illus S Karger: New York, N Y , U S A Paper 8-17

Neuro physiology motor mechanisms abstract cat. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci 6(24): 119-120

Neuro physiology of birds abstract chickens food intake. Poultry Science 47(5): 1729

Neuro physiology of the visual system frog cat rabbit mammal. Neuro Physiology Of The Visual System Frog Cat Rabbit Mammal 82-101

Neuro psychiatric and test psychological findings following operation of infratentorial tumors in adulthood. Psychiatria Clinica 1(5): 270-298

Neuro psychiatric aspects of spasmophilia in the young adult abstract endocrine metabolic cause. Medecine Tropicale 27(3): 321

Neuro psychiatric disorders due to alcoholism clinical and biological results of their treatment with pc 63 14 metab acetylaminobi potassium succinate metab human. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 44(10): 655-658

Neuro psychiatric disturbances due to colistin methane sulfonate anti infect abstract from sem hop paris 41 12 549 treatment of urinary tract infections. Drug Digests (6): 33

Neuro psychiatric manifestations during a inst lymphography abstract human. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 43(46): 2884

Neuro psychiatric manifestations in schistosoma patients treated with ambilhar. Hospital (Rio de Janeiro) 72(5): 1469-1478

Neuro psychiatric manifestations in wilsons disease attacks of disturbance of consciousness human psychoses. Birth Defects Original Article Series 4(2): 74-76

Neuro psychiatric syndromes associated with hypo parathyroidism clinical contribution discussion and critical review. Rivista Di Neurologia: 651-664

Neuro psychic changes in uremic poisoning problems facing the anesthesiologist in achieving sedation during extracorporeal dialysis. Acta Anaesthesiologica (Padua) 19(4): 533-555

Neuro psychic disorders during hemo chromatoses abstract human acute confusional syndrome extrapyramidal neurological manifestations epileptic crises. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 42(41): 2442

Neuro psychic disorders in some somatic diseases human. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 40(11): 92-96

Neuro psychic disturbances in children and adolescents suffering from anom congenital malformation of the upper jaw. Stomatologiya (Moscow) 47(3): 62-65

Neuro psychic disturbances in children going through asphyxia of different duration during birth. Anon: Ialy Vsesoyuznoi Konferentsii Akusherov Ginekologov Po Problemam "asfiksiya Ploda I Novorozhdennykh." 1 Marta . (information On The All Union Conference Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists On Problems Of Asphyxia Of The Fetus And Newborns, 19 21 March .) From Ref Zh Biol No.8. 149-152

Neuro psychic factors in the etiology of periodontopathies of children. Stomatologia (Bucharest) 15(2): 161-168

Neuro psychic factors in the pathogenesis of cardiac diseases. Zeitschrift fuer Praeventivmedizin 13(4): 165-180

Neuro psychic state of persons with deformations of the ears. Vestnik Otorinolaringologii 30(2): 46-48

Neuro psychic syndromes in chronic pulmonary failure human. Revista Clinica Espanola 109(3): 205-210

Neuro psycho social considerations in a case of inter sexuality hermaphroditism. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 44(3/1): 191-197

Neuro psychology a new field in the science of psychology. Voprosy Psikhologii: 103-113

Neuro psychology of pure alexia a case of pure alexia in a patient who had occipital lobectomy. Psychiatria et Neurologia Japonica 70(8): 689-700

Neuro reflex and neuro humoral interrelationships during vascular pathology of the nervous system. Neuro Reflex And Neuro Humoral Interrelationships During Vascular Pathology Of The Nervous System 1-213

Neuro secretion and sexual differentiation in higher crustacea. Compte Rendu des Seances de la Societe de Biologie Paris 161(1): 9-12

Neuro secretion from the heart rat. Biologicheskii Zhurnal Armenii 20(9): 3-7

Neuro secretion in adult female scorpion buthus tamulus abstract. Journal of Animal Morphology & Physiology 14(1): 146-147

Neuro secretion in the cavernous coleoptera imago. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 264(2): 392-394

Neuro secretion in the ventral nervous system of 2 insects leucophaea maderae and periplaneta americana. Bulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France 92(2): 73-86

Neuro secretion in the ventral nervous system of locusta migratoria migratorioides orthoptera acrididae. Bulletin de la Societe Zoologique de France 92(2): 87-108

Neuro secretion its production and endocrine realization. Uspekhi Sovremennoi Biologii 65(2): 285-309

Neuro secretion of the cells of the uterine cervix ganglion in guinea pig during pregnancy. Zoologica Poloniae 17(1/2): 15-43

Neuro secretory activity in chromis chromis. Atti dell'Accademia Gioenia di Scienze Naturali in Catania 18(6): 118-126

Neuro secretory activity of the hypothalamus of the pheasant. Acta Anatomica 69(1): 129

Neuro secretory cell in vertebrates. C R Assoc Anat (134): 3-75

Neuro secretory cells associated with senility in iphita limbata abstract subesophageal ganglion. Journal of Animal Morphology & Physiology 14(1): 153

Neuro secretory cells in the anterior hypothalamus during the development of the chick anti diuretic hormone. Doklady Biological Sciences 178(1-6): 13-16

Neuro secretory elements of the anterior hypothalamus in chick ontogeny. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 178(4): 979-982

Neuro secretory fibers of the hypothalamus and hypophysis of the cat. Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov Vladivostokskii Meditsinskii Institut 4: 3-4

Neuro secretory granules in the median eminence and adeno hypophyseal function rat horse. Neuro Secretory Granules in The Median Eminence And Adeno Hypophyseal Function Rat Horse 344-348

Neuro secretory innervation of hypothalamic origin at the level of the subfornical organ muscardinus avellanarius microtus orcadensis. C R Assoc Anat (139): 1254-1256

Neuro secretory phenomena in reptiles abstract turtles snakes lizards pituitary. Journal of Animal Morphology & Physiology 14(1): 150-151

Neuro secretory reaction of rat hypothalamus to anoxia. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de ses Filiales 161(3): 722-723

Neuro secretory system of different geographical races of agrotis c nigrum lepidoptera noctuidae during active development and diapause. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 47(10): 1489-1497

Neuro secretory system of portunid crab scylla serrata morphology histochemistry. Journal of the Anatomical Society of India 15(3): 138-144

Neuro surgery as a part of a comprehensive psychiatric program human neopl brain tumors mental health program. Southern Medical Journal 61(10): 1029-1033

Neuro surgical anesthesia comes of age. Indian Journal of Anaesthesia 16(3): 242-244

Neuro surgical implications of neck and shoulder pain human cervical disc disorder. Indian Journal of Medicine & Surgery 33(4): 97-101

Neuro surgical treatment in the case of neurogenic bladder defect. Nordisk Medicin 80(34): 1132

Neuro syphilis. British Medical Journal 5594: 765-766

Neuro toxic effects of large doses of penicillin administered intra venously human. Archives of Surgery 97(4): 662-665

Neuro toxicity of antibiotics human. Minnesota Medicine 51(11): 1629-1632

Neuro transmitter effects of biogenic amines in the regulation of pituitary acth secretion. Pharmacologist 10(2): 225

Neuro traumatic admissions to a teaching hospital a retrospective study 4 neuro trauma after road accidents human. Medical Journal of Australia 55-2(12): 490-493

Neuro vascular complications in widely displaced supracondylar fractures of the humerus abstract human median nerve dislocation brachial artery displacement. Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery British Volume 49(4): 806

Neuro vascular reaction in patients with parietal hyperplastic rhino sinusopathy and its dynamics as the result of treatment allergy anti histamine therapy. Vestnik Otorinolaringologii 29(2): 24-29

Neuro vascular relationships in the human peritoneum of the antero lateral abdominal wall. Trudy Tadzhikskogo Meditsinskogo Instituta 88: 11-14

Neuro vascular syndromes related to the clavicle anatomy physiology pathology supraclavicular subclavicular infraclavicular regions. Clinical Orthopaedics & Related Research (58): 75-82

Neuro visceral storage disease inst roentgenographic features and mode of inheritance human. American Journal of Roentgenology Radium Therapy & Nuclear Medicine 103(1): 149-153

Neuro- and psychopharmacologic studies on 10, 11-dmydro-5- dibenzo cyclo-heptene HC1. FED PROC 23(2 Pt 1): 198

Neuro- meningeal localizations of acute leukemias and their treatment by intrarachidian injections of amethopterine. Nouvelle Rev Franc Hematol 2(6): 812-852

Neuro-Anatomia Consideracoes finals Neu-roanatomy Final considerations.

Neuro-activation, a new method of cerebral stimulation. Confinia Neurologica 16(2-3): 125-131

Neuro-anatomical preparations. Anat Rec 36(3): 199-202

Neuro-anatomical study of obese and non-obese hypothalamic monkeys in relation to food intake, locomotor activity, and temperature regulation. Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology 40: 1185-1193

Neuro-and psychotropic activity of N -uronoylamino acids and N -uronoylpeptides. Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry 34(6): 655-659

Neuro-autonomic changes in children subjected to X-irradiation for epilation. Med Radiol 5(12): 10-12

Neuro-axonal degeneration in the child, Seitelbergers Disease Anatomical study of one case.

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Neuro-blastomatous transformation in a benign cystic teratoma. Obstet And Gynecol 21(2): 259-261

Neuro-chemical approaches to learning. Ucla [univ Calif Los Angeles] Forum Med Sci 6: 1-47

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Neuro-chemical differences between two strains of mice. Science 137(3530): 621-622

Neuro-chemical mechanisms of emotional reactions Proceedings of the Conference on the problems of experimental psychiatry in Memoriam Professor M A Goldenberg.

Neuro-Cutaneous Melanosis. Archives of Disease in Childhood 39: 508-516

Neuro-dynamic changes in vascular and thermal reactions of the skin in patients with eczema and neurodermititis On Pathogenesis and Therapy of Eczemas and Pyodermas. Neuro-dynamic changes in vascular and thermal reactions of the skin in patients with eczema and neurodermititis On Pathogenesis and Therapy of Eczemas and Pyodermas Neirodinamicheskie izmeneniya sosudistykh i temperaturnykh reaktsii kozhi bol'nykh ekzemoi i nevrodermitom N S Smelov and N M Turanov Editors O Patogeneze i Terapii Ekzem i Piodermii On Pathogenesis and Therapy of Eczemas and Pyodermas p 38-52

Neuro-emotional stress of cosmonauts during cosmic flights. Izv Akad Nauk Sssr Ser Biol 2: 306-311

Neuro-endocrine and endocrine influences on the circulating blood elements. Endocrinology 49(1): 45-66

Neuro-endocrine changes in middle-aged persons during performance of various physical exer-cises Proceedings of the Concluding Scientific Session of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture for the year 1964, 1965. Neuro-endocrine changes in middle-aged persons during performance of various physical exer-cises Proceedings of the Concluding Scientific Session of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture for the year 1964, Neiro-endokrinnye sdvigi pri vypolnenii fizicheskikh uprazhnenii raznogo kharaktera u lits pozhilogo vozrasta In: Materialy k Itogovoi nauchnoi sessii Tsentral'nogo nauchno-issledovatel"skogo instituta fizicheskoi kul'tury za 1964g , Proceedings of the

Neuro-endocrine control of the hepatopancreas in the crayfish Procambarus clarki. Physiol Zool 40(1): 23-30

Neuro-endocrine correlations Electron microscopic and pharmacological studies on the median eminence and pars nervosa.

Neuro-endocrine distribution and conditioned reflexes Functional derangement from emotional trauma. Neuro-endocrine distribution and conditioned reflexes [Man] Functional derangement from emotional trauma Neuroendokrine Steverung und bedingte Reflexe In: Funktionsablaufe unter emotionellen Belastungen Functional derangement from emotional trauma 48-63

Neuro-endocrine factors and hormonal changes in hypertension. An introduction to clinical neuroendocrinology 403-413

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Neuro-endocrine factors of ovulation its biologic and pathologic interest.

Neuro-endocrine interrelations between maternal and fetal hypothalamo-hypophyseal thyroid systems in the rat. Curr Top Thyroid Res Int Thyroid Conf (5): 587-592

Neuro-endocrine reactions after introduction of mercamine or antipheine and irradiation. Radiobiologiya 3(5): 716-720

Neuro-endocrine relations during oocyte development in the desert locust 1.

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Neuro-fibromatosis and Osteitis fibrosa cystica localisataet disseminata. Medicine [Baltimore] 23(2): 105-148

Neuro-genic changes in the suprarenal cortex during insulin poisoning. Pfluger S Arch Physiol 217(3/4): 521-527

Neuro-genic tumors of the intrathoracic vagus nerve Report of 3 cases and review of the literature.

Neuro-histo-pathology of the cynomose. Rev Dept Nac Prod Animal [rio De Janeiro] 1(1): 23-25

Neurohistological basis for the functioning of paired half-centers. Journal of Comparative Neurology 101(2): 407-445

Neuro-histological studies in periodontosis. Fogorvosi Szamle 45(5): 142-146

Neuro-hormonal control of the metamorphosis and of pigmentation in Locusta migratoria cinerascens. T BULL BIOL FR BELG Cl(2): 79-114

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Neuro-meningeal cryptococcosis in Cambodia New observations Investigation of the natural source of infection.

Neuro-muscular accommodation mechanism in cephalopods. Arch Zool Exp Et Gen 66(3): 71-134

Neuromuscular And Electromyographic Studies In Man: Effects Of Hyperventilation, Carbon Dioxide Inhalation And D-Tubocurarine. Anesthesiology 25: 781-787

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Neuro-muscular excitable and ionic equilibrium-Practical use of surgery and hypothermic therapy. Neuro-muscular excitable and ionic equilibrium-Practical use of surgery and hypothermic therapy Excitabilite Neuro-Mus-culaire et Equilibre Ionique Interet pratique en chirurgie et en hibernotherapie 107p

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