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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25066

Chapter 25066 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Neurologic development of the infant. World Neurol 1(1): 71-81

Neurologic diagnosis of pancreatic islet cell adenoma with hyperinsulinism. Neurology 7(11): 793-797

Neurologic disease as a social disease Its epidemiologic economic and social assistence problems.

Neurologic disease following infections of throat and skin and incidence of diphtheritic infections. Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry 56(5): 558-566

Neurologic disease in elderly psycho neurotics organic brain disease. Southern Medical Journal 61(10): 1042-1044

Neurologic disorders. Neurologic Disorders 276-304

Neurologic disorders associated with increased dna synthesis in peripheral blood human auto immunity guillain barre syndrome encephalo myelitis neopl carcinomatous neuropathy. Archives of Neurology 19(6): 583-590

Neurologic disorders in a psychiatric hospital. International Journal of Neuropsychiatry 1(5): 473-480

Neurologic disorders in a state mental hospital A basis for program planning. Psychiat Quart: 65-69

Neurologic disorders in psychiatric institutions. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 128(2): 148-159

Neurologic disorders in the Amish. Transactions of the American Neurological Association 90: 235-236

Neurologic disturbances from isoniazid used in the treatment of tubercular meningitis. Giorn Mal Infett E Parassit 9(11): 1022-1024

Neurologic dysfunctions and their relation to congenital abnormalities of the central nervous system in cats. Journal of Comparative Neurology 104(3): 403-471

Neurologic education and training in West Germany. World Neurology 1: 286-293

Neurologic effects of tryptophan in patients receiving a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Neurology 10: 1076-1078

Neurologic effects of water and sodium disturbances. 2. Hyponatremic syndromes and changes in blood volume. Postgraduate Medicine 40(5): 621-629

Neurologic effects of waterandsodiumdisturbances I General mechanism; hypernatremicsyndromesdl. Postgrad Med: 408-417

Neurologic examination of the dog With clinicopathologic observation.

Neurologic examination of the new born and the breast fed infant. Revista Mexicana de Pediatria 35(2): 59-64

Neurologic findings in chronic bromisovalum cent depress poisoning human. Annales Medicinae Internae Fenniae 56(4): 181-188

Neurologic form of a neopl parathyroid adenoma abstract human. Presse Medicale 76(18): 876

Neurologic guides to prognosis in asphyxia and anoxia. Neurology 7(2): 75-85

Neurologic lesions in relation to the sequelae of birth injury. Neurology 3(2): 139-147

Neurologic lesions in the newly born infant. I. Preliminary study; II. Role of prolonged labor, asphyxia and delayed respiration. Pediatrics 6(2): 229-243

Neurologic lesions of erythroblastosis fetalis in relation to nuclear deafness. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 21(10): 935-939

Neurologic manifestations and complications of neopl lymphoma human. Radiologic Clinics Of North America: 97-106

Neurologic manifestations in 2 cases of ankylosing spondylitis. Journal-Lancet 81: 448-450

Neurologic manifestations in disease of the kidneys. Rev Neuro Psiquiat 28(1): 93-108

Neurologic manifestations in drepanocytic anemia A review.

Neurologic manifestations in endogenous hyper-insulinism A review.

Neurologic manifestations in hemorrhagic diseases A Review.

Neurologic manifestations in idiopathic orthostatic hypotension. Archives of Neurology 8: 204-208

Neurologic manifestations in induced hyperinsulinism in diabetics. Revista de Neuro-Psiquiatria 28(2): 188-192

Neurologic manifestations in macroglobulinemia and cryoglobulinemia A review.

Neurologic manifestations in patients with Reiters syndrome.

Neurologic manifestations in polycytemia A review with study of 62 cases. Rev Neuro Psiquiat: 135-146

Neurologic manifestations of Hodgkin's disease. Intracerebral Hodgkin's granuloma. Archives of Neurology 17(4): 429-436

Neurologic manifestations of chromosome disorders. Transactions of the American Neurological Association 89: 226-228

Neurologic manifestations of diseases of the reticulo-endothelial system. Rev Neuro Psiquiat 28(1): 1-9

Neurologic manifestations of hydantoinic intoxication. Presse Med 67(54): 2010-2012

Neurologic manifestations of incontentia pigmenti. Neurology 13(4): 350

Neurologic manifestations of infectious mononucleosis in childhood. Pediatrics 10(3): 265-271

Neurologic manifestations of internal disease in the reticuloendothelial system I Plasma cell myloma II Infectious mononucleosis.

Neurologic manifestations of lymphomas. Jbm J Brasil Med 9(3): 256-277

Neurologic manifestations of magnesium depletion states. Neurology 5(10): 691-699

Neurologic manifestations of postpartum pituitary insufficiency. Neurology 5(3): 212-214

Neurologic Manifestations Of Respiratory Failure. Archives of Internal Medicine 116: 409-415

Neurologic manifestations of sarcoidosis in man. Trans Amer Neurol Ass 89: 257-259

Neurologic manifestations of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. Neurology 8(1): 55-64

Neurologic Manifestations Of Von Recklinghausen's Disease Of The Nervous System. Confinia Neurologica 24: 359-403

Neurologic manifestations revealing myxedema Concerning eight cases with a film French Society of Neurology, 7 January, 1965. Rev Neurol : 63-66

Neurologic maturation. Strasbourg Med 12(2): 133-140

Neurologic maturation and auditory evoked responses in low birth weight infants. Pediatrics 41(2): 483-494

Neurologic organization in psychiatrically disturbed adolescents. A comparative consideration of sex differences. Archives of General Psychiatry 19(5): 528-537

Neurologic pathways involved in lactation. Dis Nerv Syst 28(2): 94-97

Neurologic problems encountered as a result of diving. Neurology 5(10): 723-727

Neurologic problems of the aged human. Wisconsin Medical Journal 67(2): 121-125

Neurologic reanimation in cardiac arrest. Ann Anesthesiol Fr 8(3): 757-759

Neurologic Sarcoidosis. Study Of 18 Cases. Archives of Neurology 12: 1-11

Neurologic sequelae of Japanese B encephalitis. Neurology 11: 553-559

Neurologic sequelae of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Arch Neurol And Psychiat 60(6): 574-583

Neurologic sequelae of paranatal asphyxia. Jour Pediatrics 16(3): 297-309

Neurologic sequelae of poisoning in children chlorinated hydro carbon insectic. Journal of Pediatrics 73(4): 531-539

Neurologic services in state hospitals in the United States. A report from the American Academy of Neurology. Neurology 16(2): Suppl:5-16

Neurologic significance of lateral conjugate deviation of the eyes on forced closure of the lids. Archives of Ophthalmology 39(1): 37-42

Neurologic signs and symptoms as early manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus. Neurology 5(2): 84-88

Neurologic signs in the Schonlein-Henoch syndrome. Pol Tyg Lek 19(32): 1240-1243

Neurologic status of newborn infants on first and third day of life. Evaluated by a simplified neurologic examination. Neurology 12: 72-77

Neurologic status of patients with hypsarhythmi. F A Gibbs, Ed , Molecules and mental health p 134-149

Neurologic status of patients with liver disease. Correlation with cerebrospinal fluid and blood ammonia content. Archives of Neurology 8: 257-263

Neurologic studies in Ethiopia. World Neurology 2: 731-739

Neurologic study of acute malaria of the African living in an hypoendemic zone with seasonal variation. Bull Mem Fac Mixte Med Pharm Dakar 10: 171-179

Neurologic symptoms following accidental intraspinal detergent injection. Neurology 2(4): 284-291

Neurologic symptoms following extensive occlusion of the common or internal carotid artery. Arch Neurol And Psychiat 46(5): 835-842

Neurologic symptoms in patients with trichinellosis. Wiad Parazytol 12(1): 67-76

Neurologic symptoms with osteoid osteoma. Neurology 5(11): 794-797

Neurologic syndrome during anti polio myelytic vaccination campaign with sabin vaccine investigation done in rome province italy from january 1966 to january 1967. Igiene e Sanita Pubblica 23(9-10): 417-444

Neurologic syndrome with Hodgkin's disease. Postgraduate Medicine 42(2): 129-133

Neurologic syndromes in chagas disease american trypanosomiasis human trypanosoma cruzi. Revista de la Asociacion Medica Argentina 81(7): 333-340

Neurologic syndromes in malformations of the atlanto-occipital region 34th Clinical-scientific meeting of the Medical Faculty of the Martin Luther University, 1962 Abstract. Zeit Ges Inn Med U Grenzg 18(3): 138

Neurologic, neuropathologic, and neurochemical effects of prolonged administration of phenylisopropylhydrazine , phenylisobutylhydrazine , and other monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Jour Pharmacol And Exptl Therap 137(3): 334-343

Neurological abnormalities human dilantin cent depress inst dialysis. Neurological Abnormalities Human Dilantin Cent Depress Inst Dialysis 119-133

Neurological abnormalities in achondroplasia. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 10(1): 104-105

Neurological abnormalities in achondroplastic children. Journal of Pediatrics 71(3): 367-376

Neurological actions caused by the mutant gene, trembler in the house mouse An investigation. Jour Neuropathol And Exptl Neurol 12(1): 64-72

Neurological and angiological studies on the medulla of human thymus. Bull Tokyo Med And Dental Univ 1(1): 1-14

Neurological And Electroencephalographic Abnormalities In Rheumatic Fever. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 40: 76-88

Neurological and electroencephalographic studies in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Acta Medica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 21(3): 247-255

Neurological and electrolyte disturbances in a nephrotic after rapid diuresis induced by ACTH. Arq Neuro Psiquiat 18(1): 29-38

Neurological and inst electro encephalogram follow up in encephalitis due to west nile fever. Electroencephalography & Clinical Neurophysiology 23(2): 195-196

Neurological and Ophthalmic Disorders in Children of Very Low Birth Weight. British Medical Journal 1(5282): 895-900

Neurological and ophthalmological symptoms in tumors of the hypophysis and their significance in assessing the effectiveness of radio therapy. Zhurnal Nevropatologii I Psikhiatrii Imeni Srsakova. 68(4): 494-499

Neurological and oxytocic action of some nonapeptides related to bradykinin. BIOCHEM PHARMACOL 12(Suppl ): 179-180

Neurological and physiological responses of the primate to anthrax infection. Journal of Infectious Diseases 118(1): 97-103

Neurological and physiological responses of the primate to anthrax toxin. Journal of Infectious Diseases 118(1): 85-96

Neurological and psychiatric aspects of familial spastic sclerosis. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 20(29): 1091-1093

Neurological and psychiatric complications of Asiatic flu. Turk Ijiyen Ve Tecrubi Biyol Derg 20(1): 123-136

Neurological and psychiatric disorders in uremic syndrome. Vojnosanit Pregl 24(7/8): 399-402

Neurological and psychiatric examinations during military mobilization. War Med 1: 769-780

Neurological and psychiatrical side effects during treatment with modern psychotropic drugs. L Meyler and H M Peck, Editors Drug-induced Diseases A Symposium 211-228

Neurological and psychological aspects of rehabilitation of cerebral spastic paralyses in childhood. PROC SECOND INT CONGR MENT RETARDATION (2 Pt 2): 149-159

Neurological and psychological characteristics of 100 children with seizures. Richards, B W (Edited By) Comptes Rendus Du Premier Congres De L Association Internationale Pour L Etude Scientifique De L Arrieration Mentale Proceedings Of The First Congress Of The International Association For The Scientific Study Of Mental Deficiency 982p Illus Maps Michael Jackson Publishing Co : Surrey, England 351-356

Neurological and psychological deficits from asphyxia neonatorum. Public Health Reports 72(7): 646-650

Neurological and psychological factors in bronchial asthma. ACTA ALLERGOL 15(Suppl 7): 346-354

Neurological and psychological factors related to employability of persons with epilepsy. Epilepsia 7(4): 318-329

Neurological and radiological manifestations associated with spondylosis of the cervical and lumbar spine. Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine 35(6): 370-386

Neurological aspect of lupus erythematosus. Kieo J Med 15(3): 139-164

Neurological aspects of Chagas disease Central nervous system.

Neurological aspects of chagas disease human mouse rat. Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria 25(3): 159-174

Neurological aspects of cryptococcosis. Jour Neurosurg 8(2): 143-156

Neurological aspects of evoked vocalizations. International symposium on communication and social interactions in primates, 27-31 December, 1964, Montreal, Que , Can 135-148

Neurological aspects of insulin coma An abstract,. Anais Paulistas Med E Cir: 132-135

Neurological Aspects of Internal Carotid Obstruction. Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine 37(3): 151-155

Neurological aspects of lupus erythematosus disseminatus. Wiener Klin Wochenschr 74(41/42): 709-715

Neurological aspects of metabolic defects of genetic origin. Trans All India Inst Ment Health 5: 109-124

Neurological aspects of pes cavus. Arch Uruguayos Med Cir Y Espec 28(2): 134-151

Neurological aspects of the aortic arch syndrome Diseases of the aorta and its branches. Bibl Gastroenterol 8: 51-61

Neurological aspects of the calcification of the falx cerebri. Rev Med Municipal [Rio De Janeiro] 4(3): 277-284

Neurological assessment of the deficits in Parkinson's disease before and after stereotactic surgery. Confinia Neurologica 27(1): 218-224

Neurological attacks during recent influenza epidemics 26th International Neurology Meeting, Paris, 1963. Rev Neurol [Paris] 108(6): 833-836

Neurological background. Medical Journal of Australia 55(12): 104

Neurological bladder dysfunction Cystometry in diagnosis and treatment InFirst Scandinavian symposium on multiple sclerosis, 1962.

Neurological catastrophe related to oral contraceptives women. Archives of Neurology 19(3): 264-273

Neurological changes in congenital heart defects of the cyanotic type in children. Peditariya 45(10): 52-56

Neurological Changes In Dogs Resulting From Injections Of Antiserum To Dog Brain. Diseases of the Nervous System 24: 472-475

Neurological changes in healthy men exposed to 2 month hypo kinesia. Kosmicheskaya Biologiya i Meditsina 2(3): 51-56

Neurological characteristics of premature old age. Soobshch Akad Nauk Gruz Ssr 41(1): 237-244

Neurological complications after anti-rabies vaccine. Arq Neuro Psiquiat 17(3): 235-250

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Neurological complications following arterial catheterization by the axillary approach. Brit J Radiol 39(458): 115-116

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Neurological complications in Malta fever. Riv Ist Sieroterap Ital Sez I 23(3): 197-203

Neurological complications in acute infectious hepatitis. Acta Medica Scandinavica 137(5): 322-334

Neurological complications in acute leukemia. Rev Med Chile 94(10): 636-640

Neurological complications in children having bile duct diseases with a latent course. Pediat Akushekstvo Ginekol 27(2): 16-17

Neurological complications in diabetes Connection between duration, therapy, and neurological complications of diabetes mellitus.

Neurological complications in diabetes Diagnostic problems on the basis of investigations of 500 diabetes patients.

Neurological complications in neopl lymphoma abstract human. Bulletin of the Los Angeles Neurological Societies 33(4): 227-228

Neurological complications in patients with lymphomas. Rev Neuro Psiquiat 28(1): 27-45

Neurological complications in rat bite fever Clinical observations. Giorn Clin Med 30(3): 171-182

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Neurological conception of neuroses human. Acta Universitatis Carolinae Medica 12(8): 521-532

Neurological consideration on the chronic subdural hematoma. Sapporo Igaku Zasshi. Sapporo Medical Journal 30(4): 223-237

Neurological control systems studies in bio engineering. Neurological Control Systems Studies in Bio Engineering 428

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Neurological deficiencies after ablation of the precentral motor area in Macaca mulatta. Brain 78(2): 155-173

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Neurological Disease In Boxers. Lancet 2(7312): 795-801

Neurological disorders and their compensation after stimulation and destruction of the hypothalamic region. Anon Fiziologiya I Patofiziologiya Gipotalamusa Physiology And Pathophysiology Of The Hypothalamus Nauka: Moscow, Ussr, From Ref Zh Biol No 10p 82-86

Neurological disorders associated with plantar ulceration in leprosy human. Revista Brasileira de Leprologia 34(1/4): 45-51

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Neurological Disruption Produced In Hens By Two Organophosphate Esters. British Journal of Pharmacology and ChemoTherapy 23: 295-304

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