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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25072

Chapter 25072 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

New chytriaceous fungi from Cambridge. Trans Brit Mycol Soc 29(3): 135-140

New cicad species from the subfamily euscelinae homoptera cicadinea found in southeastern kazakhstan ussr 10 new species. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 46(8): 1203-1208

New cicada genera and species from Central Asia. Dokl Akad Nauk Tadzh Ssr 7(2): 52-56

New cicada species from the Maritime Territory. Izv Akad Nauk Est Ssr Ser Biol Nauk 1: 61-71

New cicadas from California and Arizona with notes on several other species. Jour New York Ent Soc 34: 177-196

New cicadas from Kazakhstan. Tr Zool Inst Akad Nauk Sssr 34: 3-51

New cicadas from North America. Jour New York Ent Soc 42(1): 37-62

New cicadas from the western United States with notes on several other species. Jour New York Ent Soc 35(4): 373-388

New cicadas with notes on North American and West Indian species. Jour New York Ent Soc 43(2): 173-199

New cicads from the vicinity of Astrakhan. Izvest Akad Nauk Eston Ssr Ser Biol 10(4): 315-331

New cichlid fishes from Lake Nyassa. Amer Mus Novitates 451: 1-4

New cichlid fishes from lakes Victoria, Kioga, and Albert. Ann & Mag Nat Hist 3(16): 388-392

New cissus d from west africa. Annales de la Faculte des Sciences Universite de Dakar 19(3): 173-184

New citrus dusting equipment. Pacific Rural Press 135(7): 174

New citrus hybrids. Citrus Leaves 31(8): 9, 10, 11

New cladocerans for argentine waters part 2. Acta Zoologica Lilloana 23: 325-330

New clarifier removes metals from wines. Food Engineering 24(10): 112-113

New class of antihypertensive agents. Science 133(3470): 2067-2067

New class of selective stimulants of beta adrenergic receptors letter isoprenaline autonomic guinea pig metabolism enz catechol o methyl transferase. Nature (London) 219(5156): 861-862

New classes of orally active hormonal derivatives I Alkyl androstan-17 -yl and alkyl 19-norandrostan-17 -yl mixed acetate. Steroids: 527-536

New classification of diffuse glomerulonephritis based on prognosis, especially new proposal of subchronic glomerulonephritis. Acta Medica et Biologica 14(1): 35-49

New classification of lymphedema based on recent findings of the physio-pathology of lymphatic circulation.

New classification of the clinical forms of leprosy. Arquivos Mineiros de Leprologia 20: 13-21

New classification tables of the genera Pseudechiniscus and Echiniscus. Mem Ist Ital Idrobiol Pott Marco De Marchi 8: 177-204

New cleidogonid millipeds . Jour Washington Acad Sci 41(2): 78-83

New Clinic Design For Mental Health Needs Beyond The Metropolis. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 54: 239-243

New clinical and experimental data on procaine. New clinical and experimental data on procaine 62p

New clinical and experimental tests with irradian. Acta Oncologica (madrid): 91-92

New clinical and radiological aspects of intestinal tuberculosis. Archives des Maladies de L'appareil Digestif et des Maladies de la Nutrition 48: 1200-1202

New clinical pictures of disbaric osteo articular disease the disbarics paraosteo articular disease. Med Sport (Rome) 21(7): 283-291

New clinical products of blood fractionation: their therapeutic implications and use. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 5(2): 130-140

New clones and varieties of citrus fruits in Morocco. Fruits [Paris] 18(5): 263-264

New clones of Mentha spicata and their ethereal oils International Symposium on medicinal plants, Budapest, 20-25 November, 1965. Herba Hung 5(1): 89-93

New closure for sterilized milk and milk products. Milchwissenschaft 7(8): 262-263

New coagulant fractions in therapeutic use Fractions containing the plasma or serum factors adsorbable by tricalcium phosphate.

New coating process traps full flavor. Food Engineering 25(8): 94, 136

New cocci-dia in frogs of north Caucasus. [Trop Med And Vet] 8(3): 58-60

New coccid-in-habiting chalcidoid parasites from Africa and California. Univ California Publ Ent 4(8): 209-230

New coccidia species belonging to the genus Eimeria from the jerboa Allactaga elater Lichtenstein, 1825. Zool Zhur 42(1): 126-128

New coccoidea isospora ashkhabadensis new species from vipera lebetina. Parazitologiya (St Petersburg) 2(4): 375-376

New coelolepids from the Upper Silurian on Oesel Eesti Loodusteaduse Arhiiv. Ser 1 Geol Chem Et Phys 10(3): 167-176

New coenzymes of cell-free fermentation. Fed Proc 9(1): 210

New coleoptera catopidae species from the ussr insecta eocatops tenuicornis new species narqus gracilis new species catops schwarzi new species choleva matthiesseni new species. Doklady Akademii Nauk Armyanskoi SSR 44(5): 225-229

New coleoptera cerambycidae lamiinae from the collections of the paris museum. Bulletin du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle 40(4): 692-709

New coleoptera from North Africa. Bull Soc Ent France (16): 237-240

New coleoptera records for lancashire and cheshire england united kingdom 1967 32 new records. Entomologist 101(1261): 124-126

New collecting devices 2 A new mechanical exhaustor.

New collection of Chiroptera in the west of Venezuela. Mammalia 31(2): 260-274

New collection of chiroptera from western venezuela micronycteris megalotis new species choeronycteris mexicana new species. Revista de la Universidad del Zulia Maracaibo 10(38): 79-97

New collections and systematics of Syncarides. Ann Speleol 16(2): 217-222

New collections of Coleoptera from Bas Dra. Bull Soc Sci Natur Phys Maroc 43(1/2): 35-37

New collections of Nycteribiidae in France. Ann Parasitol Humaine Comp 37(3): 366-373

New collections of Protura from Morocco. Bull Mus Natl Hist Nat 33(5): 495-499

New collections of chironomids in the camargue france and in the marismas of the guadalquivir spain diptera tanytarsus nigrocinctus new record. Annales de Limnologie 4(1): 73-80

New collections of pseudoscorpions carried by insects. Bull Mus Natl Hist Nat 26(5): 590-592

New colloidal chromic radiophosphate for local irradiation of the central nervous system. Int J Appl Radiat Isotop 18(2): 97-100

New colloidal reaction of cerebrospinal fluid. Compt Rend Soc Biol 96(3): 230-231

New colon cleansing agent in the inst roentgenologic investigation of the colon human di octyl sulfo succinate diagnos. Radiology 90(1): 153-154

New color form in South Dakota aster. Amer Midland Nat 22(1): 212-213

New color reaction for certain urinary 17-ketosteroids. Endocrinology 32(2): 176-184

New color reaction for nicotine. An Farm Y Bioquim [Buenos Aires] 12(4): 117-125

New color reaction for the estimation of steroid ketones having the , -unsaturated ketone grouping in ring A. Fed Proc 9(1): 322

New color reaction of hexosamines. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 16(1): 184-186

New color reactions for Cannabis sative resin. Indust And Engineer Chem Analyt Ed 13(2): 96-97

New color reactions for the analytical investigation of carbonyl combinations of biochemical interest. Rev Espanola Fisiol 3: 1-21

New color reactions for the quantitative detection of lecithin cephalin ans sphingomyelin in food products. Voprosy Pitaniya 27(4): 64-68

New color reactions of sedoheptulosan and its determination in mixtures of ribose and fructose. Canadian Jour Chem 32(1): 14-18

New color test for thiols and thiolesters. Science 123(3205): 981-982

New colorimetric method for determination of bile acids in blood. Proc Soc Exper Biol & Med 24(3): 233-234

New colorimetric method for determining protein content in food. Gigiena I Sanitariia: 39

New colorimetric method for estimating minute quantities of iron in bronchitic sputa. Compt Rend Soc Biol 99(35): 1749-1750

New colorimetric method for the estimation of contents of steroidal alkaloids in Solan urn species. Arch Pharm U Ber Deutsch Pharmazeut Gesell 295(11): 859-860

New colorimetric method of determining mesidine in air. Gigi Sanit 32(4): 63-64

New colorimetric methods for determining toxic Al in soil. Doklady Akademii Nauk Sssr Novaia Seriia [compt Rend Acad Sci Urss Nouv Ser] 1(9): 589-592

New colorimetric methods for halogen residuals disinfection power of chlorine. Water & Sewage Works 114(REF NO): R-232-R-237

New colorimetric methods for the estimation of cytochrome c oxidase and of cytochrome c - cytochrome oxidase system. Acta Med Okayama 12(4): 293-301

New combina-tions 1-10. Preslia 36(3): 251-255

New combination for Automolis cruenta. Rev Brasil Biol 17(2): 169-172

New combination in mosses VII.

New combination of anti helminth agents fenasal anti parasit niclosamide anti parasit and bithionol anti parasit for treating cestodoses i a study of the effectiveness of bithionol anti parasit and its combinations with fenasal anti parasit in experimentally induced hymenolepiasis mouse human domestic animals. Meditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitarnye Bolezni 37(6): 672-675

New combination sprays for codling moth control. Jour Econ Ent 23(1): 53-61

New combinations amongst Bolivian Compositae. Kew Bulletin 63(3): 515-516

New combinations and names of cultivated plants. Gentes Herbarum 8(1): 77-82

New combinations and new names in the Umbel liferae. Bull Torrey Bot Club 68(2): 121-124

New combinations and new names in the Umbelliferae II. Bull Torrey Bot Club 69(3): 244-248

New combinations and new species of Ctenopteris, Xiphopteris, and Microsorium from Madagascar and the Mascarenes. Mus Natl Hist Nat Notulae Syst 15(4): 443-447

New combinations and notes on Engelhardia of the Old World. Bull Torrey Bot Club 93(1): 34-52

New combinations and notes under Echinofossulocactus Lawrence. Cactus And Succulent Jour 14(8): 111-112

New combinations and taxa in the revision of Characeae. Taxon 11(1): 7-25

New combinations in Aster. MADROnO 15(4): 128

New combinations in Carpogymnia. Taxon 16(3): 191-192

New combinations in Cornus. Bull Torrey Bot Club 72(2): 223

New combinations in Drechslera. Trans Brit Mycol Soc 51(1): 147-148

New combinations in Equisetum and Pellaea. Leaflets West Bot 6(7): 156

New combinations in Gramineae. Leaflets West Bot 6(8): 162

New combinations in Hymenoxys. Madrono 10(5): 159

New combinations in Lycopodium. Amer Fern J 54(2): 71-73

New combinations in North American Calystegia. Ann Missouri Bot Gard 52(2): 214-216

New combinations in Salix. Amer Midland Nat 45(3): 740-749

New combinations in Silphium perfoliatum L.

New combinations in Texas euphorbias of subgenus Chamaesyce. Southwestern Nat: 170

New combinations in Thelypteris. Rhodora 61(732): 305-306

New combinations in Trachymene. Jour Bot 79(939): 44-46

New combinations in cultivated Aglaonema. Baileya Quart J Hort Taxom: 124-126

New combinations in grasses. Rhodora 63(745): 24-26

New combinations in mosses II. Taxon 8(2): 70-75

New combinations in mosses VI. Taxon 10(1): 24-26

New combinations in mosses VIII. Taxon 14(6): 196-198

New combinations in some Australian ferns. Victorian Nat 66(3): 59

New combinations in southwestern Salix. Jour Washington Acad Sci 40(10): 324-335

New combinations in the British flora. Watsonia 2(5): 297-299

New combinations in the Gleicheniaceae and in Styphelia Pacific plant studies I.

New combinations in the Polypodiaceae. Curr Sci 34(4): 127-128

New combinations in the family Acanthaceae. Phytologia 12(7): 427-428

New combinations in the family Polypodiaceae II.

New combinations in the genus Agoseris. Publ Puget Sound Biol Sta 6: 253-254

New combinations in the genus Dirinaria. Bryologist 67(3): 369-372

New combinations in the genus Hebe. Trans & Proc New Zealand Inst 60(3): 465-472

New combinations in the genus arrhenatherum m gramineae m. Willdenowia 4(3): 399-400

New combinations in western North American violets. Madrono 17(8): 295

New combinations of Asiatic subspecies of Acer. Morris Arboretum Bull: 51

New combinations of Phaeosphaerella P banksiae and P verrucispora.

New combinations of bis ammonium quaternary derivatives of ortho phosphoric acid with curarizing properties. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 267(3): 373-375

New combinations of genes in wheat X wheatgrass hybrids. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 48(2): 151-159

New comments on Barenthoren. Montes [Madrid] 14(79-80): 19-22, 105-108

New comments on revesiculation of fucus vesiculosus var evesiculosus. Revue Algologique: 298-301

New common names for known botanical species hitherto without popular designation. Revista Florestal [Brazil] 1(7): 5

New common names for some Japanese lichens. Jour Japanese Bot 25(9/12): 200

New communities of tomillares in the arid southeast of spain. Anales del Instituto Botanico A J Cavinilles 23: 7-78

New comparative anatomy data on the musculus brachioradialis of mammals ondatra zibethica lutra lutra phoca spp desmana moschata castor fiber myopotamus coypus. Vestnik Zoologii 2(5): 75-76

New comparative results of induced hypoglycemia tests by the oral route, with and without cortisone and by the venous route. Diabete 13(2): 56-59

New compendium of bacterology. New compendium of bacterology Nouveau precis de bacteri-ologie 124 p

New complement fixing antigen for serodiagnosis of gonorrhoea. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 7: 715-723

New complexometric methods for the estimation of sulpha drugs I Semimicro determination of sulphacetamide.

New components of Yarrowia lipolytica Golgi multi-protein complexes containing the -1,6-mannosyltransferases YlMnn9p and YlAnl1p. Current Genetics 54(6): 313-323

New components of the ascidian eye revealed by metachromatic vital stains. Arch Biol 71(1): 93-139

New components of the mammalian receptor potential and their relation to visual photochemistry. Vision Research 6(7): 373-384

New compounds and improved procedures totally synthetic steroid hormones xviii dl 17beta hydroxy 18 methyl androsta 4 9 11 dien 3 one hormone and dl 18 methyl 5alpha androstan 3 17 dione hormone. Steroids 11(6): 935-943

New compounds for arthritis. Amer Prof Pharmacist 16(4): 351-353, 377

New compounds for extermination spraying. Byul Vses Nauchn Issled Inst Zashchita Rast 5: 39-41

New compounds for the control of Cylindrosporium infections and root rot of mulberry in nurseries. Shelk 3: 13-15

New compounds for the control of bacterial gill disease. Progr Fish Culturist 10(1): 19-22

New compounds for the oral treatment of diabetes A study with capsules of slowly disintegrating and combinations of sulfonylurea-phenformin.

New compounds possessing anti-fibrillary activity derived from phenyl- -amine and f -aminol-exo-2 bornane. Bull Soc Chim France (3): 444-455

New compounds with progestational activity: a review. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 30(6): 446-453

New compounds: nucleosides derived from D-glycero-D-gulo-heptose. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 57(7): 1263-1265

New compounds: synthesis of heterocyclic estrogens. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 57(7): 1265-1268

New compounds: synthesis of some phosphorus--nitrogen compounds for pharmacological study. I. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 56(10): 1357-1358

New compounds: Synthesis of some phosphorus-nitrogen compounds for pharmacological study II. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 57(3): 532-533

New compounds: synthesis of some sulfazopyridine derivatives for pharmacological study. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 56(10): 1358-1359

New compounds Synthesisof N-haloacyl analogs or l- 3-hydroxyethyl-4-piperidyl-3-.

New concept about butter revealed. Amer Butter Rev 7(10): 325

New concept in flower grading Proposed U S Grades.

New concept in phenothiazine therapy fluphenazine enanthate cent depress and fluphenazine decanoate cent depress abstract human psychotics. Agressologie 9(SUPPL): 309

New concept in the treatment of hypertension utilizing an implantable electronic device Baropacer.

New Concept In Therapy Of Cerebral Arterial Insufficiency: An Experimental And Clinical Report. New York State Journal of Medicine 64: 1077-1083

New concept of cardiac murmurs. Revista Brasileira de Medicina 25(8): 540-551

New Concept of Competitive Inhibition of the Renal Tubular Excretion of Penicillin. Science 105(2717): 94-95

New concept of critical steps in course of chronic debilitating neurologic disease in evaluation of therapeutic response. Arch Neurol And Psychiat 66(3): 253-271

New concept of evolution based upon researches on the Titanotheres and Proboscideans. Science 74(1927): 557-559

New concept of neuronal relations in the fovea. Compt Rend Soc Biol 143(11/12): 784-785

New concept of the small intestine vascular pattern. Revue Canadienne de Biologie 17(4): 460-482

New concept on cervix intraepithelial carcinoma. Prensa Med Mex4: 99

New conception of dioptric power. Arch Ophthalmol 9(2): 244-247

New conception of the connective tissue of the glomerulus, based on a study of several pathological states of the kidney. Rev Espan Biol 1(4): 119-198

New conception of the etiopathogenesis of essential trijeminal neuralgia application to the technique of retrogasserian radicotomy abstract human. Presse Medicale 76(16): 769

New conception of the mechanism of epinephrine glycosuria. Proc Soc Exp Biol & Med 25(1): 66-68

New conception of the synaptic relations in photoperception by retinal cones. Compt Rend Soc Biol 143(5/6): 338-341

New conceptions concerning lymphoid tissue. Zentralbl Veterinarmed Reihe A 12(5): 479-492

New conceptions concerning the heredity and pathogenesis of Niemann-Picks disease.

New conceptions in animal galvanotropism Experiments with Planarians.

New conceptions in biochemistry. New conceptions in biochemistry 168p

New conceptions in radiobiology and radio therapy neopl cancer therapy. Radiologia Clinica et Biologica 36(5): 308-322

New conceptions of etiopathogenesis and treatment of myasthenia. Acta Univ Palackianae Olomucensis 21: 247-270

New conceptions of gaseous equilibrium of natural waters and their significance for fisheries. Arch Hydrobiol U Hydrograph 17(2): 405-420

New conceptions of infection and immunity in diphtheria. Arch Med Et Pharm Milit 84(4): 410-428

New conceptions on the age of the fresh water deposits of ervenik and zegar fields in dalmatia. Bulletin Scientifique Conseil des Academies de la RSF de Yougoslavie 13(11-12): 370-371

New conceptions on the mechanism of blood coagulation. Experientia 10(7): 273-281

New concepts about the brain. Indian Jour Physiol And Pharmacol 7(1): 1-6

New concepts and methods for the planning of new medicaments. Scientia 97(7/8): 163-174

New concepts bearing on the genetic and cytological effects of radiation. Riv Biol [Perugia] 56(3): 269-307

New concepts concerning the metabolism of ammonia and its disturbances. Anesthesie Anal Reanimation 16: 379-390

New concepts concerning the pathogenesis of obesity and the problems of basal metabolism. Endocrinology 14(4): 209-235

New concepts for a theory of development.

New concepts for irrigation farmers soy bean d sorghum m maize m sunflower d wheat m. Journal of Agriculture (Victoria) 66(10): 356-357

New concepts in 1968 of limnigraphy presently used apparatus prototypes and projects. Cahiers Oo.m. (office De La Recherche Scientifique Et Technique Outre-Mer) Serie Hydrobiologie. 5(4): 3-5

New concepts in biological waste treatment process design. Sbornik Vysoke Skoly Chemicko-Technologicke v Praze Oddil Fakulty Technologie Paliv a Vody (9): 47-72

New concepts in biology derived from research on sulfonamide drugs. New England Jour Med 230(24): 734-739

New concepts in dextrocardia. Angiocardiographic considerations. American Journal of Roentgenology, Radium Therapy, and Nuclear Medicine 97(2): 295-313

New concepts in foodborne illness bacteria virus fungus parasites. Journal of Environmental Health 31(4): 327-337

New Concepts In Immunology. Experimental Medicine and Surgery 21: 251-277

New concepts in leprology. Dermatologia [Mexico] 8(3/4): 235-241

New concepts in pharmacodynamics. Exp Med Surg 22(2/3): 192-198

New concepts in serology of Listeria monocytogenes in serologic diagnosis of listeriosis. M L Gray, Editor Second Symposium on Listeric Infection p 235-236

New concepts in systematic biology Numerical taxonomy.

New concepts in the employment of soil insecticides. Virginia J Sci 14(4): 162-163

New concepts in the investigation of the visual field qualitative perimetry and check-up - physiologic basis and clinical interest.

New concepts in the mechanism of convulsive and anticonvulsive action. Neurology 13(4): 346

New concepts in the phylogeny of yeasts as revealed by a study of the genus Hansenula Hansen. Proc Soc Amer Bact : 36

New concepts in vector analysis of the frontal plane electrocardiogram. Vascular Diseases 4(5): 270-279

New concepts of anatomy of the lungs Advantages to surgeons, internists, bronchoscopists and radiologists.

New concepts of anom isolated ventricular septal defect children inst radiography inst cine angio cardiogram cardiac enlargement. Radiologic Clinics of North America 6(3): 327-342

New Concepts of Arthritis in Swine. Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science 24(12): 347-351

New concepts of filterable viruses. S African Med Jour 12(2): 45-48

New Concepts Of Human Lenticular Lipids And Their Possible Role In Cataracts. Investigative Ophthalmology 4: 162-166

New concepts of intra mural myo cardial conduction in hypertrophic obstructive cardio myopathy human inst electro cardiography inst vector cardiography. British Heart Journal 30(4): 546-555

New concepts of intra venous inst cholangiography human. New York State Journal of Medicine 68(23): 3027-3032

New concepts of regeneration of peripheral nerves. Quarterly Bulletin. Northwestern University . Medical School 23(1): 50-55

New concepts of rehabilitation as applied to hiring the "mentally restored". Community Mental Health Journal 2(3): 197-201

New concepts of residential care for the mentally retarded. New England Journal of Medicine 276(1): 31-34

New concepts of the biochemistry of the cell nucleus. Australian Jour Sci 24(6): 260-278

New concepts of the comparative anatomy of the eye. Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Monthly 41: 1015-1021

New concepts of the measurement of malaria endemicity. Rev Brasil Malariol E Doencas Trop 10(4): 397-404

New concepts of the relation of structure to function in the arterial wall abstract human athero sclerosis. Proceedings of the Institute of Medicine of Chicago 27(5): 106

New Concepts Of The Use Of Inhibitors In Chemotherapy. Advances in ChemoTherapy 13: 499-522

New concepts on the activity of Azoto-bacter in soil. Idia [argentina] 5(57): 12-16

New concepts on the age of the hitherto existing Burdigalian and Upper Oligocene deposits in the Zagrebacka Gora Mountain fera. Bull Sci Cons Acad Rsf Yougoslavie Sect A Sci Natur Tech Med 11(10/12): 246-247

New concepts on the epidemiological features of bovine besnoitiosis as determined by laboratory and field investigations besnoitia besnoiti rabbits tsetse fly hamster tabanid. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 35(1): 3-137

New concepts on the field of vitaminology and results of studies conducted by vitaminology laboratory of the Institute of Fermentation Industries. Prace Inst Lab Badawczych Przemyslu Spozywczego 15(2): 9-28

New concepts on the physiopathology of the bile pigments Pathogenesis of cases of anhemolytic icterus with free bilirubin.

New concepts on the role of phospho lipids in the precipitation of serum lipo proteins by sulfated poly saccharides. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 266(8): 842-844

New concepts on the significance of tuberculin sensitivity. Excerpta Med Internatl Congr Ser 41: 51-52

New Concepts Regarding Anterior Drainage of the Eye. British Journal of Ophthalmology 34(3): 161-168

New concepts relating to the preexcitation syndrome. JAMA 201(13): 1038-1039

New concholometric method and its application to the genus ampullaria gastropoda mesogastropoda architaenioglossa. Pesquisas Zoologia (Porto Alegre) (21): 1-30

New conchostraca from siberia i the new genus echinolimnadia from the korbountchana series in northern siberia ussr fossil echinolimnadia mattoxi new species echinolimnadiinae new subfamily. Annales de Paleontologie Invertebres 54(1): 107-116

New conchostraca from siberia ii the conchostraca from the lower mesozoic of the yenesei eastern siberia ussr fossil 11 new species. Annales de Paleontologie Invertebres 54(2): 117-134

New conclusions concerning the Piltdown man Abstract. Aiti Soc Ital Progr Sd 1926: 689-690

New conclusions from blood examinations before the courts made in the years 1945 to 1948. Deutsche Zeitschr Ges Gericht Med 40(4): 326-334

New conclusions on the question of sex-determination. New conclusions on the question of sex-determination Neue Wege zur Frage der Geschlechtsbestimmung 24

New conditions and the agricultural industry. Farming in S Africa 18(202-203): 1-45, 56, 79-100

New condonts from Joins Formation of Oklahoma. Okla Geol Notes 22(8): 199-211

New cone type tie down rig for test loading piles. Wood Preserving 46(5): 18

New cone-dryers. Deutsch Forstztg 42(33): 906-908

New confirmation of the feminizing effect of gonadotropins on male embryo of viviparous lizard by administration of a highly purified luteotropic hormone sheep. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Serie D Sciences Naturelles 265(7): 544-547

New confirmation of the structure and biogenesis of a-avi-mycolic acids. C R Hebd Seances Acad Sci Ser C Sci Chim [Paris] 265(21): 1197-1200

New confirmations of some regularities of tree transpiration. Ukr Bot Zh 22(5): 31-37

New conformational flexible phosphane and phosphane oxide macrobicycles. Tetrahedron 65(15): 2995-3002

New conodonts from the Wood-ford formation of Oklahoma. Jour Paleontol 5(3): 230-243

New conotoxins define the novel I3-superfamily. Peptides 30(5): 861-865

New considera-tions on the use of saline water III The influence of the potassium-sodium relationship on a saline-sensitive culture.

New considerations about the genus Calothyriolum Speg An Soc Biol.

New considerations about the genus Riedlinia Oudemans, 1914 Reinstatement of the genus Trombigastia Vercammen-Gradjean and Brennan, 1957 Erection of a new genus, Bishoplinia.

New considerations concerning the evolution and the treatment of diabetic retinopathy human. Ophthalmologica 154(2): 151-160

New considerations in an old genus Datura. Botanical Museum Leaflets, Harvard University 18(6): 245-272

New considerations of the classification of bacterial flora of wheat and cereal products. Meun Franc 200: 22-33

New considerations on kwashiorkor. Folia Sci Africae Centralis 2(2): 17

New considerations on medical Sciatica Casuistics. Rev Asoc Med Argentina3: 464-472

New considerations on psychiatry servicing the underdeveloped countries. Revista de Ciencias Psicologicas y Neurologicas (Lima) 4(1): 1-19

New considerations on the development and treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 42(47): 2855

New considerations on the physiopathology of jaundice. Rass Fisiopatol Clin Terap 35(5): 497-505

New considerations on the relations between blood eosinophilia and parasitoses. Presse Med 71(4): 186-188

New considerations on the wing of L boulei Insecte paleodictyoptere. Bull Inst Roy Sci Nat Belgique: 1-5

New consistometer measures corn consistency. Food Indust 18(6): 844-846, 992-994

New constituents of Chamaecyparis formosensis Matsum. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 15(6): 903-905

New constraints on the age of the last ice sheet glaciation in NW England using optically stimulated luminescence dating. Journal of Quaternary Science 24(8): 906-915

New contact insecticides. Naturwiss Rundschau (1): 28-32

New contact insecticides efiran-79 and efiran-103 for pests of agricultural crops. Doklady Akad Nauk Azerb Ssr 17(10): 937-940

New contact plate method for study of morphological changes in bacteria dependent on time and concentration. Schweiz Zeitschr Allg Path U Bakt 20(1): 17-22

New continuous process for the simultaneous production of sebacic acid and sec octyl alcohol.

New contraceptive agents with high activity in rats. Steroids 4(6): 801-814

New contribution concerning the use of radio isotopes in plant physiology phaseolus vulgaris d avena sativa m inst auto radiography. Atompraxis 14(7): 294-296

New contribution for the study of the Collembola of continental Portugal. Mem E Estud Mus Zool Univ Coimbra 269: 1-43

New contribution on the distribution of Mutinus curtisii E Fisher in Piedmont.

New contribution on the presence of the Lower Triassic in the Gorski Kotar Region in Croatia. Bull Sci Cons Acad Rsf Yugoslavie Sect A Sci Natur Tech Med 11(7/9): 174

New contribution to control of Nosema disease with salt solution. Bienen Vater 59(2): 35-38

New contribution to flora in the vicinity of Zagreb. Acta Bot Croatica 17: 151-157

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