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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25102

Chapter 25102 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Notes on new zealand prosobranchs with descriptions of new species and subspecies 7 new species 2 new subspecies. Records of the Dominion Museum (Wellington) 6(8): 113-124

Notes on newer serologic surveys for the detection of plague in rodents. Ann Mus Roy Afr Cent Ser in 8[Degree] Sci Zool 144: 159-167

Notes on nighthawks of the genus Chordeiles in southern Middle America, with a description of a new race of Chordeiles minor breeding in Panama. Amer Mus Novitates 2094: 1-21

Notes on nitrogen fertilization of medicinal plant cultures in temperate climate. Plant Med Phytother 1(4): 171-181

Notes on nocturnal stomatic aperture in plants of the Cerrado. Anais Acad Brasil Cienc 36(4): 465-477

Notes on nomenclature. Proc Malac Soc London 17(2/3): 103-106

Notes on nomenclature. Ent Rec 39(2): 26-27

Notes on nomenclature. Proc Malac Soc London 21(5): 321-324

Notes on nomenclature and bibliography 1 4. Candollea 23(1): 81-99

Notes on nomenclature and bibliography parts 5 6. Candollea: 257-265

Notes on nomenclature and relationships of some palearctic and nearctic lepturinae. Pan Pacific Ent 29(4): 207

Notes on nomenclature in Lightfootia. Jour S African Bot 19(4): 157-159

Notes on nomenclature of trees. Phytologia 2(11): 457-463

Notes on nomenclature 5 Some new names for British marine bivalves. Proc Malac Soc London: 14-15

Notes on nomenclature 6 Lima and allied genera.

Notes on nomenclature II Priority of Druce in some genera of Ctenuchidae attributed to Hampson.

Notes on non-marine molluscs from Moxambique and Bechuanaland, with a checklist of Bechuanaland species. Ann Transvaal Mus 25(6): 99-111

Notes on normal and pathological histology of silk worm 2 Changes of hypodermis during metamorphosis in Lepidoptera.

Notes on normal and pathological histology of silk worm 3 Size of nuclei of different tissues and their changeability.

Notes on normal and pathological histology of the silk worm 1 Picture of blood in pebrine.

Notes on north Texas grasses. Rhodora 56(662): 25-38

Notes on northern Arizona plants. Plateau Quart Mus Northern Ariz 37(3): 106-108

Notes on northwestern amphibians. Copeia (3): 140-141

Notes on northwestern ferns. Amer Fern Jour 19(1): 11-16

Notes on norwegian marine amphipoda iv bifurcation of the gnathopod dactylus in a specimen of parajassa pelagica ischyroceridae. Sarsia (33): 109-112

Notes on nucleolar conditions in Ceiba pentandra. Hereditas 34(1/2): 204-208

Notes on numerical analysis as applied to vegetation classification. J S Afr Bot 33(4): 241-246

Notes on nutrient treatments, chemical composition and growth responses of carnations with particular reference to sleepiness. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 25: 376-377

Notes on nymphs of the dragonfly genus Helocordulia Needham. Ohio Jour Sci 46(6): 337-339

Notes on nystagmography. Arch Otolaryngol 85(3): 265-268

Notes on occurrence of P lunaris.

Notes on occurrence of young and spawning of Scombero-morus sierra in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Pacific Sci 20(4): 445-451

Notes on oceanic Pouteriae. Adansonia 3(3): 327-335

Notes on octaploid Solanum punae plant. Hereditas 29: 193-195

Notes on oil development in the seed of a growing plant. Biochemical Journal 25(6): 1902-1908

Notes on oil emulsions with special reference to aphis on apple. Jour Econ Ent 21(3): 504-506

Notes on oleaginous seeds, balsams, and resins of the Amazon forest. Notes on oleaginous seeds, balsams, and resins of the Amazon forest Apontamentos sobre as sementes oleaginosas, os balsamos e as resinas da floresta amazonica 46 p

Notes on olive diseases for 1943. Bol Patol Veg Y Ent Agric 12: 237-248

Notes on olive-sided flycatcher feeding habits. Cassinia 48: 37

Notes on ophidian hemoparasites. Rev Biol E Hyg [Sao Paulo] 1(3): 51-62

Notes on orchids cultivated in Ceylon Dendrobium farmeri var albiflorum Hort Renanthera storiei Rchb F.

Notes on orchids cultivated in Ceylon Renanthera lowii. Trop Agric : 157-158

Notes on orchids found at Wavreille, Belgium. Bull Soc Roy Bot Belgique 58: 224-225

Notes on orchids m of bhutan india ii some new or imperfectly known species bulbophyllum amplifolium m new combination bulbophyllum leopardinum var tuberculatum m new variety. Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India 9(1/4): 88-94

Notes on orchids of Bhutan I Epifeneium Gagnep and Katherinea Hawkes.

Notes on orchids of the American tropics. Bot Mus Leafl Harvard Univ 13(6): 133-152

Notes on oreopolus d rubiaceae d. Revista De La Facultad De Ciencias Agrarias Universidad Nacional De Cuyo2: 3-7,

Notes on organisms sero-logically related to S enteriditis Gartner I The Dublin and Tokyo types of Salmonella.

Notes on organisms serologically related to S enteritidis Gartner II Observations on S paratyphus N 2 an organism complicating relapsing fever.

Notes on oriental and australasian mosquitoes of the Malay Archipelago. Documenta Neerland Et Indones Morbis Trop 3(1): 67-74

Notes on oriental fresh- water sponges, I. Lingnan Sci Jour 5(4): 349-350

Notes on oriental fresh-water sponges . Lingnan Sci Jour 10(2/3): 269-272

Notes on oriental freshwater sponges, II Some historical notes on Japanese fresh-water sponges. Lingnan Sci Jour 6(3): 221-225

Notes on oriental sponges III Three Chinese fresh-water sponges.

Notes on orientation. Bee World 25(11): 83

Notes on ornamental and forest Chilean plants II. Rev Argentina Agron: 98-103

Notes on ornamental horticulture in western Turkey. Morris Arboretum Bull 12(2): 20-23

Notes on ornamental trees and shrubs at the department of horticulature. Acta Forest Fennica: 1-44

Notes on osmotic experiments with algae. Bull Japanese Soc Scient Fisheries 1(5): 241-243

Notes on osteosynthesis, on domestic carnivores. Rev Med Vet [toulouse] 110(N S 22): 201-211

Notes on ostracoda iii general description of the carapace. Bulletin de l'Academie Polonaise des Sciences Serie des Sciences Biologiques 15(10): 639-644

Notes on ostracoda part 2 on some bulgarian species. Bulletin de la Societe des Amis des Sciences et des Lettres de Poznan Serie D Sciences Biologiques 8: 11-42

Notes on other pests. Cheshunt Exp And Res Sta Ann Rept 27: 61-62, 1941( )

Notes on otoliths of present-day fishes 2 Otoliths of the Pleuronectiformes.

Notes on our eagle-fish. Rev Biol Marina 2(1): 69-72

Notes on our forest ants. Schweiz Zeits Forstw 114(11): 646-653

Notes on our thick-knees. Bokmakierie 13(1): 2-3

Notes on oviposition and early stages of S tabaniformis.

Notes on oviposition behavior responses of the codling moth, Carpocapsa pomonella L, to air movement, temperature, and light.

Notes on ovulation and fertilisation in the ferret. Jour Exp Biol 11(3): 307-319

Notes on oxygen consumption in seawater. Limnol Oceanogr: 144-146

Notes on oxygen consumption in turtles Chrysemys marginata and Chelydra serpentina Linn.

Notes on oxygen sampling on the Fladen Ground. Jour Marine Biol Assoc United Kingdom 36(2): 227-231

Notes on p-amino-benzenesulpha-nilamide and its sterilization. Australasian Jour Pharm 26(303): 153-155

Notes on p-aminobenzoic acid and substrate requirements of marine isolates of Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Bact Proc 61: 46

Notes on palaearctic Blattodea I-IV.

Notes on palaeopedology of red soils in Japan. Quaternary Res 2(4/5): 161-179

Notes on palaeozoic botany. REC TRAV BOT NEERL 25a: 346-385

Notes on palau west pacific fruit bats pteropus pelewensis pteropus mariannus measurements biology. Journal of Mammalogy 49(4): 758

Notes on palearctic Histeridae.

Notes on palearctic Zonitidae, Gastropoda III - IV.

Notes on palmaean leaf from the 6arai flora , Oarai Machi, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Trans Proc Palaeontol Soc Jap New Ser 55: 241-246

Notes on pandanus m in the line islands. Micronesica 4(1): 85-93

Notes on para-sitology and parasitological technique. Centralbl Bakt I Abt Orig 103(4/5): 177-182

Notes on paracholera in Sulawesi. Amer Jour Trop Med And Hyg 8(1): 72-78

Notes on paradichlorobenzene and naphthalene as repellents against clothes moth larvae. Jour Econ Ent 22(3): 570-573

Notes on paradisaeidae with a list of the species, subspecies, and hybrids exhibited at the Seventh International Ornithol Congress.

Notes on parasites and predators of the onion fly hylemia antiqua abstract quebec canada organic soils. Phytoprotection 48(3): 131

Notes on parasites at Saticoy, California, during the year 1925. Pan Pacific Ent 2(3): 157-158

Notes on parasites in 1929. Vet Rec 10(21): 448-450

Notes on parasites of 2 cotton insects, A argillacea and P gossypiella.

Notes on parasites of Oriental fruit moth cocoons. Jour Econ Ent 50(3): 374

Notes on parasites of immature tabanidae diptera and descriptions of the larva and puparium of carinosillus pravus diptera tachinidae new host record phasiops flavus trichopria tabanivora. Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 43(4): 107-109

Notes on parasites of ptycholomoides aeriferana larix leptolepis g abies sachalinensis g cehaloglypta laricis phaeogenes yezoensis ephialtes sp itoplectis alternans spectabilis nemorilla floralis choristoneura diversana choristoneura coniferana. Hokkaido National Agricultural Experiment Station Report (5): 25-32

Notes on parasitic fungi in Wisconsin XVIII.

Notes on parasitic plants from India and Pakistan. J Indian Bot Soc: 624-627

Notes on parasitism in butterflies. Rev Mus Paulista [sao Paulo] 19: 443-445

Notes on parasitism of ground beetles in Ontario. Can J Zool 42(5): 919-920

Notes on parasitization of grasshoppers by nemestrinids. Jour Econ Ent 48(3): 328

Notes on participation in the 13th Congress of International Union of Forest Research Organizations in Vienna from 9th to 16th September, 1961. Malayan Forester: 155-162

Notes on pathology in the Sahara The oasis of El Golea, 1957-59.

Notes on pediculate fishes. Proc New England Zool Club 19: 7-14

Notes on pelagic Copepoda of the Madras Coast. Jour Madras Univ 26b(3): 451-463

Notes on pelicans and musk ducks. S Austral Ornithol 16(2): 17

Notes on penguins. Bull British Ornith Club 55(383): 101-102

Notes on penguins of the genera Megadyptes and Eudyptes in Southern New Zealand. Rec Auckland Inst And Mus 1(6): 319-326

Notes on pentobarbital-metrazol antagonism. Michigan State Coll Vet 1(3): 82-86

Notes on peptic digestion. Guy S Hosp Rep 79(1): 86-91

Notes on persons whose names appear in the nomenclature of California birds. Condor 30(5): 261-307

Notes on phalcoboenus megalopterus aves falconidae and the eagle geranoaftus melanoleucus australis accipitridae. Anales de la Academia Chilena de Ciencias Naturales (30): 105-112

Notes on phallostethid fishes. Proc U S Nat Mus 84(3007): 137-143

Notes on pharmaceutical technic. Rend Ist Superiore Sanita [Rome] 10(5): 824-839

Notes on phenotypy, distribution, and systematics of Aphyosemion bivittatum , with remarks on the chromosome number in the Rivulinae. Ichthyol Aquarium J 38(3): 261-278

Notes on phlebotomus LII The ratio A III/E.

Notes on photographing insects in the field. Entomol Gaz 17(1): 43-48

Notes on phyllodytes auratus amphibia hylidae. Revista Brasileira de Biologia 28(2): 157-160

Notes on physiologic forms of wheat stem rust in Kenya and their bearing on wheat breeding. UNION SO AFRICA DEPT AGRIC PAN AFRICAN AGRIC & VET CONF PRETORIA PAPERS AGRIC SECT : p 242-244

Notes on physiologic specialization in leaf rust of wheat in China. Phytopath 37(9): 680-682

Notes on physiology and pathology of puberty. Zeitschr Ges Anat 2 Abt 12(2): 119-157

Notes on phyto compatibility trials of diverse pesticides in vineyards. Boletin De Patologia Vegetal Y Entomologia Agricola: 1-315

Notes on phytoplankton from the Tsugaru twelve lakes. Acta Phytotax Et Geobot 15(6): 161-164

Notes on phytoplanktons from the lakes of Hokkaido. Acta Phytotax Et Geobot 16(6): 170-173

Notes on phytoplanktons from the lakes of Hokkaido 2.

Notes on phytoseiid mites acarina phytoseidae of israel with a description of 1 new species typhlodromus sternlichti oak d pest. Israel Journal of Entomology 3(2): 95-108

Notes on pigeon hawk herring gull encounter falco columbarius larus argentatus behavior. Passenger Pigeon 30(3): 113-114

Notes on pine resins and pest resistance. Morris Arboretum Bull 18(4): 82-86

Notes on pisciculture in the Romanian Peoples Republic.

Notes on plague at Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, 1924-1926. Bull Soc Path Exotique 20(2): 106-113

Notes on plant disease incidence in the Matanuska and Tanana Valleys, Alaska, 1953, 1954. Plant Dis Reporter 39(3): 274

Notes on plant diseases in Connecticut during 1953. Plant Dis Reporter 37(12): 636-637

Notes on plant diseases in North Carolina in 1941. U S Dept Agric Plant Dis Reporter 26(5): 104-113

Notes on plant diseases in North Carolina in 1942. Plant Dis Reporter 27(19): 486-496

Notes on plant diseases of Nepal. Sci And Culture 8(10): 424

Notes on plant distribution in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. Canadian Jour Bot 40(8): 1091-1094

Notes on plant ecology of northern Ontario. Papers Michigan Acad Sci Arts And Lett 25: 67-74, 1939( )

Notes on plant indicators of mull forest soil in northwestern Pennsylvania. Proc Pennsylvania Acad Sci 6: 125-127

Notes on plant lice of Israel. Israel Jour Agric Res 13(1): 9-23

Notes on plant nutrients in soils. Agric Jour [Fiji] 24(3/4): 68-81

Notes on plant parasitic fungi 1.

Notes on plant pathology. Ann Epiphyties Et Phytogenetique 9: 207-214

Notes on plant virus diseases in South Africa II Die-back of tomatoes.

Notes on plant virus diseases with particular reference to tobacco. Nyasaland Agric Quart Jour 5(4): 73-89

Notes on plants and plant habitats observed in the Abydos-Woodstock area, Pilbara district, Western Australia. Australia Commonwealth Sci And Indust Res Organ Div Plant Indust Tech Paper 12: 3-16

Notes on plants in vicinity of Falling River north of Brookneal, Campbell County, Virginia. Claytonia 5(2): 14-15

Notes on plants of New Mexico I.

Notes on plants of the Pacific Islands II.

Notes on plants of the Pacific Islands III.

Notes on plants of the eastern United States. Castanea 19(1): 25-37

Notes on platycerium p ii platycerium wilhelminae reginae p reduced to platycerium wandae p. Blumea 16(1): 109-114

Notes on plumage changes in the bald eagle. Zoologica [New York] 26(1): 7-8

Notes on pogonophoran terminology and phylogeny. Ann Mag Natur Hist 8(87/88): 145-150

Notes on poisonous snakes in Texas. Copeia (1): 37-38

Notes on pollen morphological variation in Gentianaceae-Gentianinae. Pollen Spores 9(1): 49-58

Notes on pollen-user wasp, Pseudomasaris edwardsii Cresson. Bull Southern California Acad Sci 30(1): 23-29

Notes on pollination with special reference to Delicious and Winesap. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 51: 54-60

Notes on pollution of ground-water supplies in Queensland, Australia. Proc Soc Water Treatment And Examination 11(2): 76-83

Notes on polychaeta from the east coast of Vancouver Island and from adjacent waters, with a description of a new species of Aricidea. Jour Fish Res Bd Canada 13(4): 541-546

Notes on polyembryony and multiple shoots from the seed in Mangifera indica. Amer Jour Bot 22(1): 26-30

Notes on polyploidy in human male germ cells. Proc Jap Acad 40(7): 553-557

Notes on pompilid wasps that do not dig burrows to bury their spider prey. Bull Brooklyn Ent Soc 54(4): 103-113

Notes on population densities of spiders in Nova Scotia apple orchards. Canadian Ent 90(2): 111-113

Notes on population dynamics of Microtus and Blarina with a record on albinism in Blarina. Jour Wildlife Management 14(3): 359-360

Notes on portuguese miocene ichthyology part 5 some batoidei. Revista Da Faculdade De Ciencias Universidade De Lisboa Serie C Ciencias Naturais: 233-257

Notes on potato diseases at Hastings, Florida, in 1947. Plant Dis Reporter 31(10): 375-376

Notes on potato insects in Iowa. Jour Econ Ent 26(6): 1173

Notes on poultry herbs. Bol Dir Estud Biol [Mexico] 3(3): 51-53

Notes on practical aerial chemical control of the nun moth. Lesn Khoz 5: 39-41

Notes on practical methods for the study of marine diatoms. Jour Marine Biol Assoc United Kingdom 36(3): 593-597

Notes on prairie-dogs. Jour Mammalogy 8(1): 58

Notes on pre-copulatory display in the starling. Wilson Bull 70(2): 199-201

Notes on predicting the probable future distribution of introduced insects. Ecology 12(2): 245-247

Notes on prehistoric skulls from Salzburg. Mitteil Anthropol Ges Wien 56(5/6): 255-270

Notes on prehistoric, protohistoric, and ancient, human remains of Spain. Act Y Mem Soc Espan Antrop Etnograjia Y Prehistoria 9: 35-64

Notes on preparation for a botanical field trip to Mexico. Asb Bull 14(3): 59-67

Notes On Preparation Of 6-Aminopenicillanic Acid By Bacterial Hydrolysis Of Benzylpenicillin. Folia Microbiologica 40: 301-303

Notes on procedure for handling the barren mare. North Amer Vet 30(7): 435-438

Notes on process evaluation. Food Res 19(1): 66-79

Notes on producing and keeping wines low in volatile acidity. Fruit Prod Jour And Amer Vinegar Indust 15(3-4): 76, 77, 108, 109, 119

Notes on programed instruction and its application in a natural science course for freshman students. Ohio J Sci 67(1): 1-8

Notes on progress of ring rot investigations of the potato. North Dakota Agric Exp Sta Bimonth Bull 3(5): 6-7

Notes on propagating lilies. Plants And Gardens 5(2): 93-96

Notes on protoconch and early conch stages of some marine gastropods of Japan. Venus [Japan] 5(5): 255-264

Notes on protoconchs and conchs of some marine gastropods. Mus Heude Notes Malacol Chinoise 1(1): 1-26

Notes on protozoological history II One hundred years of study of the parasitic amebae of man, 1849-1949.

Notes on psyllidae xii xiv homoptera new records trioza tatrensis new species. Annales Zoologici (warsaw): 209

Notes on pterasprids from Aretors and the Ardenne.

Notes on pteridophytes from Australasia and New Caledonia I. American Fern Journal 50(1): 117

Notes on pure strains of flax. Jour Min Agric Northern Ireland 2: 14-25

Notes on rabies. Archives de L'institut Pasteur D'algerie. Institut Pasteur D'algerie 37: 555-565

Notes on radiobiology of Xenopus laevis. Internatl Jour Radiation Biol 6(5): 485-486

Notes on radulae. Proc Malac Soc London 18(6): 268-269

Notes on raised beach Mollusca from the Isle of Portland. Proc Malacol Soc London 19(2): 67-76

Notes on raising sphaeriid clams in the laboratory. Turtox News 32(10): 190-191

Notes on raptors of the Boulder area, Colorado. Condor 47(1): 38-39

Notes on rare Agarics recently found in Denmark. Friesia 2(2/3): 156-160, - 194

Notes on rare Canadian plants II. Canadian Field Nat 55(2): 17-19

Notes on rare Hydnums. Jour Elisha Mitchell Sci Soc 58(1): 94-97

Notes on rare Iowa plants. Proc Iowa Acad Sci 60: 260-274

Notes on rare Iowa plants II.

Notes on rare and little known Neotropical pygmy owls. Proc New England Zool Club 12: 37-43

Notes on rare parrots of the genus Amazona. Avicult Mag 8(1): 2-12

Notes on rare plants of the province of Vicenza. Nuovo Gior Bot Ital 47(4): 662-674

Notes on rearing Eumichtis lichenea Hub. Ent Rec 68(12): 297-299

Notes on rearing Euplagia quadripunctaria Poda. Ent Rec 70(5): 124-127

Notes on rearing Melanoplus lakinus Scudder. Pan Pac Entomol 43(1): 23-28

Notes on rearing Perizoma sagittata F.

Notes on rearing of O moubata.

Notes on rearing the moths, Cisseps fulvicollis and Ctenucha virginica, , in the laboratory. Jour Econ Ent 52(1): 168-169

Notes on recent Atlantic salmon investigations in the USSR. Jour Cons Perm Internatl Expior Mer 23(3): 434-439

Notes on recent investigations at the nigerian institute for trypanosomiasis research rev glossina ecology insecticides chemo therapy immunology. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene 62(1): 140-147

Notes on recent papers dealing with the Mollusca of New Zealand. Trans & Proc New Zealand Inst 61(2): 248-258

Notes on recently transformed larvae of the salamander Eurycea longicauda guttolineata. Herpetologica 7(2): 68

Notes on red spruce. Forest Chron 15(4): 226-227

Notes on redwood cerambycids. Pan Pacific Ent 21(1): 30-31

Notes on refractoriness to the action of hormones, in connection with a few examples of gonadotropic effects. Acta Brevia Neerland 9(6): 161-163

Notes on regeneration in the Rhizocephala. Proc Helminthol Soc Washington 19(2): 105-108

Notes on regeneration of podo-carps under beech in sample plots in the Reefton district. New Zealand Jour Forest 4(4): 253-255

Notes on regulatory entomology in Indiana, 1959. Proc Indiana Acad Sci: 9-150

Notes on relapsing fever in Panama with special reference to animal hosts. Amer Jour Trop Med 13(2): 201-209

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Notes on relative abundance and variation in elytral patterns of some common coccinellids in the Belleville district. Ann Rept Ent Soc Ontario 88: 59-60

Notes on reliability of some fish tags used in Massachusetts. Jour Wildlife Management 17(3): 268-275

Notes on reproduction and rate of increase of raccoons in the Post Oak Region of Texas. Jour Wildlife Management 19(3): 409-410

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Notes on reptiles and amphibians of Okmulgee County, Oklahoma. Univ Oklahoma Bull [Proc Oklahoma Acad Sci] 5: 80-83, 1925( )

Notes on reptiles and amphibians of Somaliland Eritrea, and Abyssinia.

Notes on reptiles and amphibians of the Baruta-El Hatillo region Venezuela.

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Notes on reptiles from the State of Washington. Copeia (3): 155-159

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Notes on resistance of daffodils to virus diseases. Herbertia 9: 147-149

Notes on resistance to inoculated tumors. Acta - Unio Internationalis Contra Cancrum 18: 89-90

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Notes on retouching color prints. Journal of the Biological Photographic Association 21(1): 29-29

Notes on reviewing. Trans Amer Assoc Cereal Chem 6(1): 23-26

Notes on rhescytinae lepidoptera. Atas da Sociedade de Biologia do Rio de Janeiro 12(2): 81-83

Notes on rhizocarpon in the arctic rittokense new section albothallus new section fuscothallus new section rhizocarpon alaxensis new species rhizocarpon cumulatum new species phaeothallus new sub genus 1 new combination key. Nova Hedwigia 14(4): 421-481

Notes on rhynchocephalus tauscheri diptera nemestrinidae. Journal of Natural History 1(2): 153-156

Notes on rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica Family Galleriidae Lepidopterax.

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Notes on rocky mountain usa carices m carex m 4 new combinations 4 new varieties. Rhodora 70(783): 419-421

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Notes on root behavior of certain trees and shrubs of the Illinoian till plain of southwestern Ohio. Ohio Jour Sci 36(3): 141-146

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Notes on rose cultivation in Mauritius. Rev Agric Sucriere Ile Maurice 41(3): 147-148

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Notes on rust fungi of Japan. Jour Japanese Bot 37(1): 1-2

Notes on ryukyu ferns p. American Fern Journal 58(4): 155-158

Notes on sable in Kazakhstan. Tr Inst Zool Akad Nauk Kazakhsk Ssr 17: 144-146

Notes on salamanders found in Formosa. Annot Zool Japonenses 11(2): 129-133

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Notes on salt-marsh plants II Plantago maritima Linn. Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh 30(4): 313-319

Notes on salt-marsh plants III Triglochin maritimum Linn. Transactions of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh 30(4): 320-325

Notes on sand fleas from the Roraima territory with a description of three new species. Rev Brasil Biol 23(4): 333-348

Notes on sand flies of Acre and a description of two new species. Rev Brasil Biol 24(2): 127-138

Notes on sand flies of Rondonia with descriptions of six new species. Rev Brasil Biol 25(1): 1-20

Notes on sand flies LXXIII The sand flies of Tassili des Ajjer.

Notes on sand-flies Part 5 Phlebotomus smithi N SP.

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Notes on sandflies Part IV Some important variations in the morphology of Phlebotomus argentipes found in Poona.

Notes on sapotaceae d part 4. Adansonia 6(3): 319-329

Notes on sarcosporidia of birds in Panama. Journal of Parasitology 43(2): 183-185

Notes on sarcoidosis in Puglia and Lucania, Italy, 1952-1961. Acta Medica Scandinavica. Supplementum 425: 136-136

Notes on sarracenia purpurea d. Irish Naturalists' Journal 16(4): 108

Notes on saw-flies I.

Notes on sawfish, Pristis perot-tetti Muller and Henle, not previously reported from the waters of the United States. Copeia (1): 43-48

Notes on saxifrages near Isfjorden, Spitsbergen. Blyttia 10(3): 69-72

Notes on schizophrenia in farmers. Union Med 89(8): 1028-1031

Notes on school feeding in South Africa. Manpower [Transvaal] 3(1): 142-180

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Notes on seasonal activity and life cycles of 2 olophrum species coleoptera staphylinidea. Zoologisk Revy 30(3-4): 96-104

Notes on secondary reinforcement using a discriminative stimulus from an aversive situation. PSYCHOL REP 16(3 Pt 2): 1242-1244

Notes on seed production in the smooth perennial sow thistle. Proc Iowa Acad Sci 44: 105, 1937( )

Notes on seed-borne fungi V Chaetomium species with dichotomously branched hairs. Canadian Journal of Research 26c(3): 269-280

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Notes on seeds and seedlings of Metasequoia glyptostroboides. New Zealand Jour Forest 6(2): 145-148

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Notes on seeds of vegetables Peas and beans.

Notes on selected species, spring 1949. Scottish Nat 62(1): 17-25

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