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On the history of the moors and forests of northern Holstein

, : On the history of the moors and forests of northern Holstein. Nova Acta Leopoldina 21(139): 1-51

Late glacial and post-glacial sediments and moor formations were investigated stratigraphically and by pollen analyses in 3 localities of northern Holstein in the vicinity of Neumunster-Nortorf. The value of the traditional pollen-floristic horizon for separating the area into zones is discussed in comparison to an improved time-scheme obtained with the aid of radio-carbon methods; and an attempt has been made to test its usefulness as a regional-synchronous guiding level. It was demonstrated that irreversible changes of man on a landscape can be recognized by the comparison of a natural landscape map with one of the "original landscape" obtained from pollen diagrams. The usual description of late-glacial series of strata is supplemented by a quantitative determination of the CaCO3 content. Calcium Carbonate and NBP curves proceed more or less as mirror images from the older "Dryas period" into the preboreal. In Allerod in northern Holstein is situated the north-west limit of richer distribution of pines. Northwest of this limit the pollen values for Pinus hardly exceed those for Betula, even in the Boreal Period. The empirical and rational limit of Quercus, Ulmus, Tilia and Alnus is delayed in its situation to the phases of the Corylus climax C1 from Southern Germany to Nordschonen. In the Schleswig-Holstein diagrams the empirical Quercus and Ulmus climax coincides with the beginning of the great increase of hazel, the empirical Tilia and Alnus climax with the end of the sharp increase. It is possible that the decline in Ulmus in the Atlantic/Subboreal Period was not initiated in the whole region of its occurrence by feeding on Ulmus branches. The 1st decrease of the Ulmus pollen curve from its higher values does not set in everywhere at the same time. For the most part the rational Carpinus climax can be determined for northwest Germany as occurring about the time of Christ's birth. In the area investigated it occurred only in the 2d half of the 1st centruy A.D. The situation on the diagram for the contact of Schwarz-Weisstorf in Vierthmoor shows that it is considerably more recent than the diagram horizon of Schwarz-Weisstorf contact in the large moor at Datgen and in Doosenmoor at Einfeld.


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