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On the influence of desoxyribonuclease I on the speed of development in amphibian eggs

, : On the influence of desoxyribonuclease I on the speed of development in amphibian eggs. Exptl Cell Res 19(3): 460-466

It has been shown by Thomas, Rostand and Gregoire, (Compt. Rend. Acad. Sci. (Paris) 222, 1136 (1946) and by Chevremont, and Chevremont, (Compt. Rend. Soc. Biol. (Paris) 151, 1621 (1957) that DNases when added to tissue culture cells seriously impair cellular development. On the other hand DNase activity is increased in regenerating liver. Experiments were carried out with DNase concentrations (ccn) which might close the gap between extreme dilution without effect and high concentrations causing cellular impairment. In ccn of 1 - 10 [mu]g/cc DNase I diminishes the time between 2 division steps when added to a mixture of tap water and distilled water used as a suspension medium for the copulae of Rana temporaria (Grass frog). Ccn of 50 [mu]g/cc show a 2 phase action, with an initial decrease, followed by an increase in division times. Ccn. of 100 [mu]g/cc slow down development. Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions without effect on the controls further increase the DNase effects, while the DNase I inhibitor ethylene-dramine-tetraacidic- acid in concentration of 0.05% dose not abolish the effect of the enzyme. Significance could be secured by X-test on the 1% level in most cases.


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