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On the nematode genus Aphelenchus

, : On the nematode genus Aphelenchus. Jour Helminthol 5(4): 203-220

A. winchesi* (p. 204), from pig manure. Only the faintest suggestion of distinct lips is discernible, this being a point of difference from A. tenuicaudatus de Man (1895), which it resembles in general rather closely. A. avenae Bastian, 1865, was designated by Bastian in 1904 as the type species and accepted as such by Stiles and Hassall; it is not of common occurrence and 9 only are known. The writer has seen it in rotting roots of a pea seedling, in a diseased potato tuber, and in decaying bulbs of Narcissus moschatus. A description of the species is given. The [male] of A. parietinus is described in detail. Micoletzky (1921) described and figured a species closely related to A. avenae under the name of A. (Paraphelenchus) pseudoparietinus; it differs in the arrangement of the parts discussed, so the writer raises Par aphelenchus to the rank of genus (p. 218). He also considers that de Man's A. agricola o" rightfully belong in this new genus. Attention is also called to the close similarity of Isonchus radicicolus Cobb, 1913, and A. avenae; the [male] tail of Cobb's Isonchus bears a close resemblance, in spicules, to de Man's A. agricola, but Isonchus has caudal alae with supporting papillae. The writer considers Isonchus as being very closely related to Paraphelenchus.


DOI: 10.1017/s0022149x00002273

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