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On the variability in Koch bacilli

, : On the variability in Koch bacilli. Papers Sci Conf Kiev 1986 Acad Sci Ukrain Ssr Inst Micrbbiol And Epidemiol : 185-190

From the sputum of tubercular patients the author isolated a pigmented polymorphic organism which grew rapidly on glycerol, sugar and ordinary media, and induced specific tubercular lesions (though weakly virulent) in guinea pigs; and a non-pigmented polymorphic culture (typical Koch bacillus) which grew only on glycerine media, and was moderately virulent for guinea pigs. When the pigmented strain is propagated in guinea pigs for a short time and then inoculated, it loses its pigment but regains it on subsequent reinoculations. When the pigmented strain remains for 3 months in the guinea pig and is then inoculated, a non-pigmented strain of enhanced virulence for guinea pigs is obtained which does not regain its pigment in subsequent reinoculations. The 2 strains are apparently variants of the same white strain dissociating in the patient's organism.


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