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Parasites of young cod in the Barents Sea

, : Parasites of young cod in the Barents Sea. Vest Leningradsk Univ Ser Biol 18(15: 3): 12-21

A parasitological study was carried out on the fry of the cod (Gadus morhua) (1 +of age) taken from different parts of the Barents Sea. Unlike the adult cod that does not reveal any local differences in its parasitic fauna in the Barents Sea (Poljansky, 1955), the young cod taken from different loci demonstrate some significant distinctions in the species of its parasites as well as in the extent and intensity of parasitic infection. The local distinctions in the parasitic fauns of the young cod are conditioned by the fact that the cod does not migrate very long distances at the age in question. Most remarkable are the differences in the parasitic fauna between the young cod living in the littoral zone and those living in the open sea. The cod from the northern parts of the sea appear to have the poorest fauna of parasites. The present study has shown that parasites can serve as a most keen "biological indicator" of their hosts' ecology.


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