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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25205

Chapter 25205 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Paratyphoid B infection The ineffectiveness of sulphaguanidine. The Lancet 241(6242): 487-490

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Paraziticheskie chervi bolshoi peschanki. Vestnik Mikrobiologii Epi Demiologii I Parazitologii : 305-315

Paraziticheskie pereponchatokrylye sem Ichneumonidae SSSR i sopredelnykh stran de 1URSS et des pays limitrophes Vols I-VI I.

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Pardalotus substriatus, Aves. Emu 62(3): 206

Pares collected works Apology; journeys; cures; animals.

Pares collected works II Tumors; Wounds; Surgery.

Pares collected works III Generation of man; monsters and prodigies.

Paredrine hydrobromide-sulfa-thiazole therapy of infections of upper respiratory tract. Arch Otolaryngol 37: 712

Pareiasaurian studies 5 On the Pareiasaurian mandible.

Pareiasaurian studies 6 The osteology and myology of the locomotor apparatus A Hind limb.

Pareiasaurian studies Part 1 An attempt at a classification of the Pareiasauria based on skull features.

Pareiasaurian studies Part 2 Notes on some pareiasaurian brain-cases.

Pareiasaurian studies Part 3 On the pareiasaurian manus.

Pareiasaurian studies Part 4 On the pareiasaurian pes.

Pareiasaurian studies Pts 7-11.

Pareiasaurian studies XII The reconstruction of B seeleyi.

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Parenchvmal alkaline phosphatase reactions in livers of mice receiving sodium barbital, trional or urethane.

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Parenchymatous and interstitital hepatitis, and its relation to epithelial tumors of the liver. Parenchymatous and interstitital hepatitis, and its relation to epithelial tumors of the liver Epatiti parenchimatose, epatiti interstiziali croniche e tumsri epiteliali del fegato 332 p 15 pl

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Parenchymatous steatosis caused by colchicine. Experientia 6(8): 306-307

Parencoelia n gen, eine neue Gattung der Encoelioideen.

Parent attitudes toward participation of their children in polio vaccine trials. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 44(12): 1526-1536

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Parent treatment and outcome of childs therapy.

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