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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25229

Chapter 25229 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Pharmacology of cobalt nitrosopenta cyano ferrate iii cardio vasc rat. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 172(2): 487-495

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Pharmacology of concentration changes Anion action.

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Pharmacology of diallyl nortoxiferine , Engl, Spanish, Ger and Ital summ.

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Pharmacology of digitalis-like compounds Study of the papillary muscle of mammal heart.

Pharmacology of dihydroxyaluminum and chlorohydroxyaluminum allantoinates I Toxicity.

Pharmacology of dihydroxyaluminum and chlorohydroxyaluminum allantoinates II Gastric activity.

Pharmacology of dihydroxyaluminum and chlorohydroxyaluminum allantoinates III Anti-ulcer effect.

Pharmacology of dihydroxyalumium and chlorhydroxyaluminum allantoinates IV Effect on experimental drug ulcers.

Pharmacology Of Dimethylaminoethanol P-Chlorophenoxyacetate Methiodide. Medicina Experimentalis 9: 79-83

Pharmacology of dimethylcarbamate of hvdroxy-phenyl-benzyl-trimethylammonium. Arch Internat Pharmacodyn Et Ther 79(4): 454-460

Pharmacology of diphenylalkyl derivatives, III Correlations between the effect and structure of diphenylpropionitrile derivatives.

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Pharmacology of heat regulation I The mechanism of action of narcotic, convulsant and antipyretic agents.

Pharmacology of heparin A review with 67 references.

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Pharmacology of hexanal IV The action of hexanal on a strip of vena portae.

Pharmacology of histamine Section E Action of histamine upon the circulatory apparatus.

Pharmacology of histamine Section D, II Action of histamine on the smooth muscle.

Pharmacology of histamine Section F Action of histamine upon salivary glands.

Pharmacology of histamine Section H Relationship between histamine and the autonomous nervous system.

Pharmacology of homoisomuscarine, its mono-pheno-ether and their acetyl derivatives. Arch Internatl Pharmacodyn Et Ther 81(4): 427-440

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Pharmacology Of Hypnotic Agents. Progress in Brain Research 18: 185-193

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Pharmacology of intracutaneous stimulation III Change in the threshold for parasympathetic and sympathetic poisons through intracutaneous stimulation.

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Pharmacology of lead II Distribution and state of extremely small amounts of lead in the blood.

Pharmacology of lead III The partition of Pb between blood and tissues after intravenous injection.

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Pharmacology of new anti malarial drugs rc 12 anti parasit sodium antimony salt of astiban anti parasit and kethoxal bis thio semi carbazone anti parasit epinephrine hormone 1 2 di methoxy 4 bis diethylaminoethylamino 5 bromo benzene anti parasit mouse plasmodium berghei. Chemotherapy 13(6): 339-355

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