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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25242

Chapter 25242 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Physiological effects of an 18-hour flight in F-4c aircraft. Aerospace Medicine 37(11): 1095-1098

Physiological effects of bilateral adrenalectomy in man. Cancer 5(5): 1019-1024

Physiological effects of brief periods of exposure to low temperatures. Journal of Aviation Medicine 20(3): 179-185

Physiological effects of carbon black. IV. Inhalation. Archives of Environmental Health 4: 415-431

Physiological effects of carbon dioxide gas introduced into coronary arteries. American Journal of Physiology 196(6): 1308-1311

Physiological effects of certain allyl compounds and their propyl analogs. Proc West Virginia Acad Sci 14: 68-72

Physiological effects of certain fungitoxic compounds on fungus cells. Jour Washington Acad Sci 47(10): 321-329

Physiological effects of chlorpromazine. Anaesthesia 9(3): 157-174

Physiological effects of chronic exposure to carbon monoxide. Journal of Applied Physiology 14(3): 305-310

Physiological effects of condenser discharges with application to tissue stimulation and ventricular defibrillation. Ire Trans Med Electronics 7(2): 104-110

Physiological effects of continued cold on animals and man. British Medical Bulletin 17: 19-24

Physiological effects of continuous or intermittent work in the heat. Journal of Applied Physiology 18: 57-60

Physiological effects of coumarin on Cuscuta seedlings. Bull Soc Hist Natur Doubs 64(3/4): 65-67

Physiological effects of deuterium on dogs. American Journal of Physiology 201: 357-362

Physiological effects of dimetridazole in the chick. FED PROC 22(2 Pt 1): 482

Physiological effects of ethylene chlorohydrin on germination of potato tubers. Amer Jour Bot 28(8): 728

Physiological effects of extracts of a diarrhea-producing nonbeta islet cell tumor of the pancreas. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics 115: 490-493

Physiological effects of extremely high x-ray intensities and dosages on mice. American Journal of Physiology 199: 1101-1104

Physiological effects of fasting in hibernating animals. Cah Nutr Diet 1(4): 7-17

Physiological effects of fighting in mice. Proc Internatl Congr Zool 16(2): 27

Physiological effects of fluometuron herbic on some unicellular algae chorella pyrenoidosa euglena gracilis. Weed Science 16(3): 296-299

Physiological effects of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the central nervous system of vertebrates A review with 108 references. Usp Sovrem Biol 59(1): 128-144

Physiological effects of garlic and derived substances. Amer Jour Hyg Sect B 29(1): 32-35

Physiological Effects of Gibberellic Acid. II. On Starch Hydrolyzing Enzymes of Barley Endosperm. Plant Physiology 35(6): 902-906

Physiological effects of gibberellic acid. III. Observations on its mode of action on barley endosperm. Plant Physiology 36(6): 829-837

Physiological Effects of Gibberellic Acid. IX. Recovery of Gibberellic Acid Following Incubation with Endosperm. Plant Physiology 42(3): 445-449

Physiological Effects of Gibberellic Acid. VI. Other Gibberellins in Three Test Systems. Plant Physiology 39(2): 286-290

Physiological Effects of Gibberellic Acid. VII. Electron Microscopy of Barley Aleurone Cells. Plant Physiology 39(4): 673-680

Physiological effects of gibberellic acid VTH Growth retardants on barley endosperm.

Physiological Effects of Gibberellic Acid: I. On Carbohydrate Metabolism and Amylase Activity of Barley Endosperm. Plant Physiology 35(3): 293-299

Physiological effects of gibberellins. Annu Rev Plant Physiol 16: 291-322

Physiological effects of glbberelllc acid X The release of glbberellln-llke substances by germinating barley embryos.

Physiological effects of glutamate and some related compounds. Roberts, et al Eds Inhibition in the nervous system and gamma -aminobutyric acid p 454-459

Physiological effects of herbaceous pruning on grapevine. Rev Invest Agric 13(2): 183-206

Physiological Effects Of Heterozygous Recessive Mutants In Drosophila Melanogaster. Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology. Journal Canadien de Genetique et de Cytologie 6: 516-521

Physiological effects of high altitude flying. U S Armed Forces Med Jour 1(3): 317-320

Physiological effects of high frequency current. Amer Jour Physiol 107(1): 170-177

Physiological effects of high frequency current I Respiratory metabolism and certain changes in the blood of anesthetized dogs.

Physiological effects of high frequency current IV An estimate of the energy requirement of pulmonary hyperventilation.

Physiological effects of high level concentrate feeding. J Dairy Sci 47(10): 1122-1128

Physiological effects of high pressures of nitrogen and oxygen In The plasma membrane, 1961.

Physiological effects of hyperventilation. Physiological Reviews 33(4): 445-471

Physiological Effects Of Induced Hypoxia During Instrument Flying. Aerospace Medicine 35: 550-553

Physiological effects of injections of diethylstilbestrol and testosterone propionate in the fowl and their responses to dietary vitamin B12. Piss Abstr: 458

Physiological effects of intense ultrasound on the visual pathway. Diss Abstr 25(11): 6723-6724

Physiological effects of kinetin Effect of kinetin on the elongation, water uptake of etiolated pea stem sections.

Physiological effects of light. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 30(6): 718-721

Physiological effects of long term repetitive exposure to mechanical vibration. Journal of Aviation Medicine 24(3): 208-221

Physiological effects of lung resection in puppies. Fed Proc 21(2): 447

Physiological effects of manganese deficiency related to age in soybeans. Amer Jour Bot 50(2): 105-110

Physiological effects of moderate elevation. Bull Schweiz Akad Med Wiss 6(1): 34-41

Physiological effects of n di methylamino succinamic acid on the seedling growth of maize m zea mays m abstract. Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings 53(3): 424-425

Physiological effects of natural olive oil antioxidants utilization in rainbow trout Onchorynchus mykiss feeding. Aquaculture International 18(3): 415-431

Physiological effects of nitrate and interrelationships with iodine and vitamin A. Jour Animal Sci 22(4): 1112

Physiological effects of nitro- and halo-substituted phenols in relation to extracellular and intracellular hydrogen ion con centration I Dissociation constants and theory.

Physiological effects of nitro- and halo-substituted phenols in relation to extracellular and intracellular hydrogen ion concentration II Experiments with Arbacia eggs.

Physiological effects of nitro- and halo-substituted phenols on Arbacia eggs in the presence of ammonia. Jour Cell And Comp Physiol 14(3): 313-325

Physiological effects of oxygen. Natl Acad Sci Natl Res Counc Publ 1181: 171-187

Physiological effects of oxygen atmospheres diluted by nitrogen. Trans Kansas Acad Sci 32: 51-52

Physiological effects of penta chlorobenzyl alcohol on rice m plants. Annals of the Phytopathological Society of Japan 33(3): 150-155

Physiological effects of petroleum oil sprays on citrus. Jour Econ Ent 34(6): 812-815

Physiological effects of physical therapy. Ann Internal Med 30(1): 69-79

Physiological effects of postural disorientation by tilting during weightlessness. Aerospace Medicine 32: 137-140

Physiological effects of rII mutations in bacteriophage T4. Virology 14: 151-163

Physiological effects of radiation I A study of the in vitro effect of high fever temperatures upon certain animal tumors.

Physiological effects of radiation III The lethal effect of roentgen radiation produced by various kilovoltages upon the Brown-Pearce rabbit epithelioma.

Physiological effects of radiation II The in vitro lethal single massive roentgen-ray dose for the Brown-Pearce rabbit epithelioma.

Physiological effects of scopoletin I Influence of scopoletin on seed germination.

Physiological effects of selected herbicides on corn, cotton, soybean and certain noxious weeds. Proc Southern Weed Conf : 58-60

Physiological effects of sericea d tannin in rats phlobatannin grape d pomace. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology & Medicine 128(3): 800-803

Physiological effects of social stress in wild rats 3 Thyroid.

Physiological effects of sodium and guanidinium ions in the light of their electronic structure. David Nachmansohn, Ed Molecular Biology p 173-177

Physiological effects of sodium chloride upon brook trout. Trans Amer Fish Soc 74: 297-309

Physiological effects of soil acidity. Agronomy 12: 43-124

Physiological effects of some thio-esters of choline. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 38(4): 566-568

Physiological effects of some xeric factors on a typical xerophyte. Arid Zone Research Vol XVL Plant -water Relationships in Arid and Semi-arid Conditions A Symposium p 241-247

Physiological effects of the ethyl ethers of the fatty acids of C brasiliensis.

Physiological effects of the non-essential amino acid, serine. Anatomical Record 99(4): 602-602

Physiological effects of thermode and microwave stimulation of peri -pheral nerves. Amer Jour Physiol 203(2): 374-378

Physiological effects of thiouracil and similar drugs on sheep. Journal of Animal Science 9(3): 387-403

Physiological effects of tombozine alkaloid of Diplorrhyncus mossambicensis - Benth Apocynacea Abstract. Jour Physiol [Paris] 54(2): 403-404

Physiological effects of toxic vapors and gases human waste water industry. Water & Sewage Works 15(RM): R-28-R-30

Physiological effects of tricuspid insufficiency. Dissertation Absts 21(9): 2681-2682

Physiological effects of tricyclazole on zebrafish (Danio rerio) and post-exposure recovery. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Toxicology & Pharmacology 150(1): 25-32

Physiological effects of tritiated water on Rhodotorula gracilis as influenced by cystamine. International Journal of Radiation Biology and Related Studies in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine 5: 485-491

Physiological effects of tropical sunlight. Univ Philippines Nat And Appl Sci Bull 3(3): 295-303

Physiological effects of vagotomy; a study of three hundred and thirty-one patients. Journal of the American Medical Association 145(9): 607-613

Physiological effects of vibration in anesthetized dogs. FED PROC 23(2 Pt 1): 464

Physiological effects of warming, cooling, and exercising the feet during prolonged radial accele-ration. Fed Proc 9(1): 91

Physiological effects of wind exposure in plants water relations morphology growth. Forestry (Oxford) SUPPL: 38-42

Physiological effects of winter treatments of chemicals upon grape-vine. Riv Frutticolt 15(1): 2-25

Physiological effects on diets unusually high in protein or inorganic salts. Jour Biol Chem 71(2): 317-350

Physiological effects resulting from different types of fluid replacement during water immersion. Aerospace Med 34(3): 264

Physiological efficiency of the crystallized female sex hormone in the Allen-Doisy test. Hoppe Seyler S Zeitschr Physiol Chem 188(1/2): 1-10

Physiological embryology of the embryo of Tubifex and the problem of the biological organization levels. Folia Biotheoretica 3: 7-24

Physiological equilibria of gas cavities in the body. Handbook Physiol 2(3): 1205-1218

Physiological equivalence of negative dynamic work in man. Journal de Physiologie (Paris) 60(2 SUPPL): 502-503

Physiological erythrocyte breakdown. Acta Haematol 22(3): 129-139

Physiological evaluation of patients subjected to hyperbaric radiation therapy. Frontiers Radiat Therap Oncol 1: 110-118

Physiological evaluation of sealab ii human hematology respiration urinalysis saliva body temperature inst electro cardiogram blood pressure. Medical Annals of the District of Columbia 37(6): 313-315

Physiological evaluation of silage prepared above ground. Zhivotnovodstvo 13(8): 21-25

Physiological evaluation of the averaging method of bioelectrical potential derivation. Fiziolzh Sssr Im I M Sechenova 51(8): 943-951

Physiological evaluation of the inst british mark vii submarine escape immersion suit during immersion human. U S Naval Submarine Medical Center Report (514): 1-21

Physiological evaluation of the long-term expanded collateral circulation to the heart and lungs. Annals of Surgery 166(3): 479-484

Physiological evaluation of the results of mitral valve surgery. Jour Lab And Clin Med 40(5): 808-809

Physiological evaluation of the strain of the work at control desks. Gigiena Truda i Professional'nye Zabolevaniya 12(10): 3-7

Physiological evaluation of the times for irrigation of corn. Visnyk Sil S Kohospod Nauki 5: 27-30

Physiological evaluation of veratrum viride and Veratrum album I Toxicity.

Physiological evaluation on heart surgery - an experiment on 10 patients suffering from heart disease. Zhonghua Waike Zazhi 1(6): 389

Physiological evidence concerning importance of the amygdaloid nuclear region in the integration of circulatory function and emotion in man. Science 120(3127): 949-950

Physiological evidence for a cochleo-cochlear pathway in the cat. Experientia 6(11): 438-440

Physiological Evidence For Multiple Calcium Sites In Smooth Muscle. Journal of General Physiology 47: 173-187

Physiological evidence for natural hybridization of Bufo ameri-canus and Bufo fowleri. Evolution [New York] 6(4): 393-406

Physiological evidence for naturally occurring inhibitory substances. Roberts, et al Eds Inhibition in the nervous system and gamma-aminobutyric acid p 72-84

Physiological evidence for the masking of low frequencies by high. Jour Acoustical Soc Amer 29(1): 132-137

Physiological evidence for the presence of vasoconstrictor fibers in the dental pulp. J DENT RES 45(3 Pt 2): 980

Physiological evidence of localized cerebellar projections to bulbar reticular formation. Journal of Neurophysiology 19(5): 468-483

Physiological Evidence On The Nature Of The Repressor Of Alkaline Phosphatase Synthesis In Escherichia Coli. Journal of Molecular Biology 8: 431-441

Physiological evidences of evolution and animal relationship. Sci Monthly 27(6): 506-521

Physiological examinations on the innervated smooth musculature of the feather . Experientia (Basel) 24(11): 1137-1138

Physiological experiments on the desiccation rate of detached leaves. Ann Inst Biol [Tihany] Hungaricae Acad Sci 23: 111-154

Physiological explanation of intersignal movements. Zhur Vyssh Nerv Deiatel Nosti [Transl] 9(4): 520-527

Physiological factors affecting airway resistance in normal subjects and in patients with obstructive respiratory disease. Journal of Clinical Investigation 39: 584-591

Physiological factors affecting compensatory renal hyperplasia in the rat. Journal of Experimental Zoology 145: 209-216

Physiological factors affecting composition of soybeans II Response of oil and other constituents of soybeans to temperature under controlled conditions. Agron Jour: 664-667

Physiological factors affecting growth and sporulation of Chalara quercina in culture. Phytopath 42: 2

Physiological factors affecting lung scan interpretations. Radiology 89(4): 661-666

Physiological factors affecting milk flavor, with a consideration of the validity of flavor score. Oklahoma Agric Exp Sta Tech Bull 6: 1-56

Physiological factors affecting the interpretation of phytoplankton production measurements. Pacific Sci Congr Abstr Symp Pap 10: 128-129

Physiological factors affecting the onset of susceptibility of apple fruit to rotting by Botryosphaeria ribis G and P, Glomerella cingulata S and VS, Physalospora obtusa Cooke, and Neofabrea malicorticis Jackson.

Physiological factors affecting the onset of susceptibility of apple fruit to rotting by fungus pathogens. Phytopathology 50(2): 91-93

Physiological factors affecting the production of gas bubbles in rabbits decompressed to altitude. Journal of Cellular Physiology 27: 15-26

Physiological factors and liver cell function. Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 7(4): 235-236

Physiological factors associated with sweating during exercise astronaut. Aerospace Medicine 39(10): 1101-1105

Physiological factors associated with the fruiting of the Bush Lima bean. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 34: 498-501, 1936( )

Physiological factors concerned with the removal of injected heparin from the circulating blood. American Journal of Physiology 178(2): 223-228

Physiological factors controlling the length of the vegetative period. [bull Appl Bot Gen And Plant Breed [leningrad Ussr]] 20: 169-212

Physiological factors determining work rate. Fiziol Zhur Sssr 49(2): 141-148

Physiological factors in hypophysial-gonadal interaction II Vitamins and the follicular mechanism of the rat. Anat Rec: 65-81

Physiological factors in lactation relating to milking and mastitis. Cornell Vet 34(1): 38-51

Physiological factors in the female sexual impulse. RASS STUDI SESSUALI 8(2/3): 89-111, Apr -Nov

Physiological factors in the immunity of some agricultural plants against infectious diseases. Voprosy Evolyut Bi-ogeogr , Genet i Selekt Moscow-Leningrad Akad Nauk SSSR 260-267

Physiological factors in the regulation of deoxycytidylate deaminase activity . J Cell Biol 23(2): 31a-32a

Physiological factors in the training of aircrew in the use of RAF partial pressure suits. Aero Space Med: 251

Physiological factors in the use of rockets as a means of transportation. Concours Med 80(3): 265-270

Physiological factors influencing coronary blood volume in isolated dog hearts. American Journal of Physiology 200: 633-636

Physiological factors influencing pulmonary artery pressure during separate perfusion of the systemic and pulmonary circulations in the dog. American Journal of Physiology 191(3): 453-460

Physiological factors influencing radio-rubidium flux across isolated rabbit mesentery. Amer Jour Physiol 200(3): 454-458

Physiological factors influencing spore germination of some food spoilage bacteria. Dissertation Absts 14(11): 1887-1888

Physiological factors influencing the energy metabolism of ruminants. Second International Symposium on the physiology of digestion in the ruminant, 21-23 August, 1964, Ames, Iowa 240-253

Physiological factors influencing work capacity at high altitude abstract human. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci: 396

Physiological factors involved in the electrical resistance of the skin. Amer Jour Physiol 88(4): 596-615

Physiological factors involved in tumor production by the oleander knot pathogen, Pseudomonas savastanoi. Phytopathology 53(10): 1140

Physiological factors necessary to alleviate genetic lethal anemia in mice. Amer Naturalist 66(705): 289-300

Physiological factors of hydration of the stratum corneum.

Physiological factors responsible for a specific form of resistance against plant virus infection. Arq Inst Biol [sao Paulo] 34(3): 127-133

Physiological factors that alter the concentrations of skin sterols 7-cholestenol as an indicator of sebaceous gland activity. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 75(1): 148-162

Physiological factors that regulate skin pigmentation. Biofactors 35(2): 193-199

Physiological factors underlying biological treatment of mental illness. Proceedings of the n International Conference on biological treatment of mental illness, 31 October - 3 November, 1962, New York 194-202

Physiological factors underlying transthoracic impedance variation in respiration. J Appl Physiol 21(5): 1491-1499

Physiological factors which influence the infection of Aedes aegypti with Plasmodium gallinaecum. Amer Jour Hyg 45(1): 67-81

Physiological features in the relationships between unconditioned reflexes at the level of the reticular formation in the brain stem. Fiziol Zhur Sssr [Transl] 45(10): 18-23

Physiological features of Para-maecium caudatum of different ages.

Physiological features of beet d varieties in the southern zone of kazakhstan alma ata oblast. Anon Mineral'nye Pitanie Rastenii (The Mineral Nutrition Of Plants ) Nauka: Alma Ata, Ussr, From Ref Zh No 9 55 75-86 From Ref Zh 9

Physiological features of descending effects from the reticular formation in the brain stem. Fiziol Zhur Sssr [Transl] 44(1/4): 255-258

Physiological features of fruit trees of various resistance to frost during the annual cycle The physiological foundations of methods for increasing the resistance and productivity of plants in Siberia. Sibirsk Otd Akad Nauk Sssr Novosibirsk : 5-21

Physiological features of potatoes infected with virus diseases Notes from the Scientific conference on problems of seed-raising and control measures for degenerative diseases of potatoes in the Far East. Physiological features of potatoes infected with virus diseases Notes from the Scientific conference on problems of seed-raising and control measures for degenerative diseases of potatoes in the Far East Fiziologicheskie osobennosti kartofelya, porazhennogo virusnymi boleznyami In: Materialy Nauchnoi konferentsii po problemam semenovodstvo i mery bor'by s boleznyami vyrozhdenii kartofelya na Dal'nom Vostoke Notes from the Scientific conference on problems of seed-raising and control measu

Physiological features of red clover and meadowtimothy in relation to the time of seeding. Trudy Bot Inst Akad Nauk Sssr Ser 4(13): 169-197

Physiological features of sections of the crown of apple and pear trees. Biull Nauch Tekhn Inform Tsentral Genet Lab Im I V Michurina 7/8: 121-141

Physiological features of the cultivation of hard summer wheat in the conditions of the Stalingrad region. Fiziol Rastenii [Transl] 6(4): 417-423

Physiological features of the development of winter, spring, and winter-and-spring wheat sown in spring and fall. Tr Inst Genet Akad Nauk Sssr 30: 119-128

Physiological features of the effect of growth regulators of different types on phosphorus metabolism in sunflower leaves. Uch Zap Mosk Obl Pedagoginst 169 : 148-158

Physiological features of the eye of man and animals. Proceedings of the Third Annual Symposium of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association of aspects of comparative ophthalmology, June, 1965, London 11-26

Physiological features of the root feeding of plants. Fiziol Biokhim Osn Pitan Rast Respub Mezhvedom Sb 2: 25-35

Physiological features of varieties of barley. Biul Inst Biol Akad Nauk Bssr 1956(2): 116-120

Physiological fibular sign. Sb Lek 69(3): 88-92

Physiological foundations for artificial insemination. Schweiz Arch Tierheilk 99(3): 113-120

Physiological foundations of the increase of productivity of farm animals. Izvest Akad Nauk Sssr Ser Biol 4: 552-557

Physiological fractionation of the effect of serotonin on evoked potentials. American Journal of Physiology 198: 205-212

Physiological function of alpha cells of the pancreas. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 101: 737-740

Physiological function of humic acid in the nutrition of higher plants. Nauchn Zap Khersonsk S Kh Inst (6): 47-60

Physiological function of silica in the rice plant. Bull Fac Agric Yamaguti Univ 9: 917-922

Physiological function of silica in the rice plant Report II.

Physiological function of silica in the rice plant Report III.

Physiological function of the silk glands of silk-worms. Jour Sci And Indust Res [india] 14c(11): 213-214

Physiological functions of the cecum, especially of birds . Sitzungsber Gesellsch Naturforsch Freunde Berlin 1928(8/10): 217-226, 1928( )

Physiological fusion of peritoneal areas. Zeitschr Anat Entwicklgesch 120: 29-38

Physiological genetic. Physiological genetic xi + 375p 54 fig

Physiological genetic studies of coat color pigmentation in the deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus. Genetics 48(7): 889-890

Physiological genetics of human blood factors. Ciba Found Biochem Human Genet : 242-263

Physiological genetics of melanotic tumors in Drosophila melanogaster II The genetic basis of response to tumorigenic treatments in the tuK and tu bw; st su-tu strains.

Physiological Genetics of Melanotic Tumors in Drosophila Melanogaster. III. Phenocritical Period in Relation to Tumor Formation in the tu bw ; st su-tu Strain. Genetics 49(4): 599-610

Physiological genetics of melanottc tumors in Drosophila melanogaster IV Gene-environment inter-actions of tu-bw with different third chromosome backgrounds.

Physiological genetics of the carotenoids in Bombyx mori with special reference to the pink cocoon. Bull Sericul Expt Sta [Japan] 14(3): 141-156

Physiological genetics, ecology of populations, and natural selection. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 3: 107-151

Physiological gradient II Reactive formation of buds in P oligactis and suppression of this reaction by influence of the head end of the body.

Physiological gradients and protoplasmic hysteresis. Zeitschr Wiss Biol Abt D Wilh Roux Arch Ent Wicklungsmech Organ 112(2): 247-254

Physiological gradients in the infusorium Spirostomum ambiguum. Tsitologiya 4(5): 545-554

Physiological gradients in the potato tuber. Physiol Plant 20(2): 421-429

Physiological group differentiation in Lymnaea columella. AMER JOUR HYG MONOGR SER 14: x-133

Physiological growth of alfalfa d roots. Grassland Science 13(1): 1-6

Physiological growth of the proximal end of the femur experimental study puppy. Ortopediya Travmatologiya i Protezirovanie 29(12): 68-71

Physiological gustatory sweating in a warm climate. Journal of Physiology 124(3): 528-542

Physiological hazards of low pressure. Physiological Hazards Of Low Pressure 90-100

Physiological health. Physiological health 308p

Physiological hematopoiesis and hematolysis in new-born infants. Norsk Mag Laegevidensk 91(12): 1299-1316

Physiological heterosis and genetics. Voprosy Filosofii (3): 85-96

Physiological hormoneaction Abstract. Skand Arch Physiol 49: 249

Physiological hy-pertrichosis in man. Zeitschr Konstitutionsl 12(6): 740-757

Physiological hydrolysis of thyroglobulin in the thyroid gland. Acta Physiologica Latino Americana 4(2): 77-92

Physiological hygien. Physiological hygien xxvi + 493p 90 fig

Physiological hygiene. Physiological hygiene 3d ed xvi+557p Illus

Physiological hypertrophy of avian muscle. Anat Rec 139(2): 239

Physiological hypertrophy of myo cardium in new borns human cubs rat enz succinate dehydrase. Byulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 64(12): 5-7

Physiological hypoxia in fish. Voprosy obespecheniya kislorodnogo rezhima organizma [Problems of oxygen supply for organisms ] 51-52

Physiological Identification Of The Thalamic Nucleus. Archives of Neurology 11: 435-443

Physiological impact of a 10 day march in the winter arctic abstract man. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci: 371

Physiological implications as to survival during immersion in water at 75 F. Aerospace Med 37(11): 1136-1142

Physiological implications of laser beams The very high radiation flux densities of optical maser s point to important bio-medical applications. Science 134(3489): 1506-1508

Physiological implications of psychophysical data. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 89: 752-765

Physiological implications of the histochemical localization of monoamine oxidase. Journal of Physiology 126(3): 434-447

Physiological importance of Ni and Co. Compt Rend Acad Sci [paris] 185(5): 321-324

Physiological importance of calcium in legume inoculation. Bot Gaz 88: 310-321

Physiological importance of glutathion. Bull Soc Sci Hyg Alimentaire 15(5): 245-249

Physiological importance of pigments in insect eyes. Umsch Wiss Tech 67(4): 112-120

Physiological importance of quebrachitol. ARCH RUBBERCULT NEDER LANDSCH INDIe 13(2): 118-122

Physiological importance of seasoning. Qualitas Plantarum et Materiae Vegetabiles 15(4): 387-388

Physiological importance of vitamins in the feeding of farm animals Problems of physiology of farm animals Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 76216. Physiological Importance Of Vitamins In The Feeding Of Farm Animals (biosynthesis Of Vitamins By The Organisms Of Farm Animals) Problems Of Physiology Of Farm Animals: Logicheskoe Znachenie Vitaminov Pitanii Sel'Skokhozyaistvennykh Zhivotnykh(biosintez Vitaminov Organizmom Sel'Skokhozyaistvennykh Zhivotnykh) Voprosy Fiziologii Sel'Skokhozyaistvennykh Zhivotnykh Problems Of Physiology Of Farm Animals. 202

Physiological index of strain and body heat storage in hyperthermia. Journal of Applied Physiology 15: 1027-1030

Physiological indexes for the necessity of irrigating wheat. Nauch Trudy Ukrain Nauch Issledovatel Inst Fiziol Rastenii 12: 125-138

Physiological indications of the mineral nutrition of plants The physiological basis of a system of plant nutrition. Physiological indications of the mineral nutrition of plants The physiological basis of a system of plant nutrition Fiziologicheskie pokazateli mineral'nogo pitaniya rastenii In: Fiziologicaheskoe obosnovanie sistemy pitaniya rastenii The physiological basis of a system of plant nutrition 6-15

Physiological indicators of changes in the functional condition of the nervous system at different stages of a progressing gas infection. Dokl Akad Nauk Sssr 115(5): 1037-1039

Physiological indicators of the biological condition and of intra-and interspecific differentiation of fish Report Summaries of the Ail-Union Conference on the Ecology and Physiology of Fishes, 1966. Physiological indicators of the biological condition and of intra-and interspecific differentiation of fish Report Summaries of the Ail-Union Conference on the Ecology and Physiology of Fishes, Problema fiziologicheskikh indikatorov biologicheskogo sostoyaniya, vnutri-i mezhvidovoi differentsiatsii u ryb In: Tezisy dokladov Vsesoyusnogo soveschaniya po ekologii fisiologii ryb, Report Summaries of the Ail-Union Conference on the Ecology and Physiology of Fishes, 13-16

Physiological indices in response to white sound with schizophrenics and normals. Amer Psychol 18(9): 606

Physiological indices of cerebral dominance human. Acta Universitatis Carolinae Medica 12(8): 515-520

Physiological indices of leaves of different ages in the grape. Nauch Tr Ukr Rauch Issled Inst Vinogradarstva Vinodeliya 4: 3-76

Physiological indices of similar fish species from different geographic areas Problems in ecology. Physiological indices of similar fish species from different geographic areas Problems in ecology [5] Fiziologicheskie pokazateli odinakovykh vidov ryb v razlichnykh geograficheskikh tochkak In: Voprosy ekoiogii Problems in ecology [5] 208-209

Physiological indices of water requirements of fodder and sugar beet plants under irrigation. Izv Akad Nauk Sssr Ser Biol 5: 744-755

Physiological individuality. Ann N Y Acad Sci 134(2): 696-720

Physiological individuality of the local sweat response in man. Rev Soc Biom Hum [biotvpol] 1(3/4): 97-137

Physiological induction in the human retina as the basis of color- and brightness contrast. Jour Neurophysiol 12(6): 465-474

Physiological influence of athletic games on champions. Japanese Jour Exp Med 10(5): 499-508

Physiological influence of unipolar electric discharges of high frequency in connection with radium radiation. Physiological influence of unipolar electric discharges of high frequency in connection with radium radiation Beobachtungen uber die physiologische Ein-wirkung unipolarer hochfrequenter elektrischer Entla-dungen in Verbindung mit Radiumstrahlung 27 p 2 fig

Physiological influence on the liberation of human plasma kinin at low temperatures. Proceedings of the international symposium on hypotensive peptides, 25-29 October, 1965, Florence, Italy 139-148

Physiological instability during adolescence. Child Development 29(2): 255-268

Physiological instrumentation for free ranging chimpanzees. U S Air Force Tech Doc Rep Arl Tr : 68-1, 1-84

Physiological instrumentation systems for measuring pilot response to stress at high G and zero G. Aerospace Med 32(3): 235

Physiological instrumentation systems for monitoring pilot response to stress at zero and high G. Aerospace Medicine 33: 420-427

Physiological insulinemia. Compt Rend Soc Biol 96(3): 196-198

Physiological inter-pretation of stages of floral organogenesis de novo of Nicotiana tabacum L. Bull Soc Franc Physiol Veg 11(3): 242-247

Physiological interaction of cortisone acetate and diethylstilbestrol; lack of androgenic or estrogenic effects of cortisone acetate. Endocrinology 50(5): 574-579

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