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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25249

Chapter 25249 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Placental weights in Down's syndrome. Annales Medicinae Experimentalis et Biologiae Fenniae 45(3): 320-322

Placentas syphi-litiques, formes minuscules du treponeme et ultravirus syphilitique. Compt Rend Acad Sci [Paris] 200(16): 1439-1441

Placentation among Tiliaceae. Candollea 10: 155-177

Placentation and fetal membranes of the Central American noctilionid bat, Noctilio labialis minor. American Journal of Anatomy 112: 181-201

Placentation and the relationships of vascular plants. Compt Rend Soc Physique Et Hist Nat Geneve 43(2): 82-86

Placentation in Angiosperms. Bot Rev 18(9): 603-654

Placentation in Melia azadirachta Linn.

Placentation in Ochotonidae. American Journal of Anatomy 104: 61-85

Placentation in Peperomia. Phytomorphology [Delhi] 2(2/3): 132-134

Placentation in domestic mammals II Placenta of the Suidae. Rec Med Vet Ecole D Alfort0: 437-455

Placentation in relation to anatomy burmannia pusilla m organism. Botaniska Notiser 121(2): 281-286

Placentation in the domestic mammals III Placenta of Bovidae.

Placentation in the spotted hyena , with particular reference to the circulation. Amer J Anat 115(2): 327-361

Placentation of the Chiroptera. Arch Zool Exp 66(5): 291-450

Placentation of the terrestrial trees shrew. Anat Rec 132(4): 541-553

Placentation studies Correlations between size of sac, area of placenta, weight of placenta, and weight of baby.

Placenticeratld ammonite from the Campanian phosphate limestone of Palestine. BULL RES COUNC ISRAEL SECT G GEO SCI 10G(l/4): 10-13

Placento fetal listeriosis human. Annales d'Anatomie Pathologique 12(4): 373-386

Placentography examinations. With particular reference to graduated intensifying screens. Radiography 28: 228-232

Placentography using radioactive iodinated serum albumin. Obstet And Gynecol 5(5): 643-645

Placentomes of the ruminants. Gegenbaurs Morphol Jahrb 57(3): 410-485

Placer mining silt and its relation to salmon and trout on the Pacific Coast. Trans Amer Fish Soc 69: 225-230

Places of inhabitation of larvae and succession of generations for seven species of Glyptotendipes Kieff and Endochironomus Kieff from the Ucha reservoir The Ucha and Mozhaisk reservoirs.

Places of sowing and timing of utilizing perennial grasses in field sowing rotation in non-chernozem strips. Izv Timiriazevskoi Sel Skokhoz Akad (3): 35-52

Places where practice in making laboratory examinations of dairy products has not caught up with research findings. Milk Indust Found Assoc Bull 39(15): 431-447

Placing and hopping reactions in relation to the electrically excitable motor areas of the cerebral cortex of the rabbit. Bull Johns Hopkins Hosp 67(1): 41-60

Placing barriers to industrial energy efficiency in a social context a discussion of lifestyle categorisation. Energy Efficiency 2(3): 263-270

Placing bees in apple orchards. Gleanings in Bee Culture 88: 230-233

Placing of the genus letestudoxa d annonaceae d of gabon. Adansonia 6(1): 143-146

Placing rotation crops with regard to relief. Sots S Kh Uzbekistana (7): 18-23

Placocephalus kewensis in Manitoba. Canadian Field Nat 54(5): 75

Placodes and neural crest in the duck embryo, a contribution to the head problem. Zeitschr Anat U Entwicklungsgesch 112: 537-587

Placodes of Cyclostomi, Ganofdei, and Teleostei with special reference to the fate of the first epibranchial placode. Atti R Accad Naz Lincei Rend Cl Sci Fis Mat E Nat 4(9): 394-398

Placoid scales of five species of selachians belonging to Carchariidae. Jour Imp Fish Inst [Japan] 25(3): 51-61

Placosphaera opaca its morphology and life history. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science (1903-) 55(1): 113-119

Placunopsis as an epizoan of ceratites. Lethaia 1(2): 156-174

Plaga de insectos que atacan el cafe en la America Latina. Cafe Salvador [Rev Asoc Cafe Salvador] 17(198): 949-956

Plagas y enfermedades del tabaco. Agric Venezolano 9(105/106): 4-9


Plagasforestales Algunas considera-ciones sobre coleopteros escolitidos. Montes : 463-468

Plagen en ziekten van het katoengewas op Java.

Plagiobothrys austinae Johnson A new addition to the Oregon flora. Madrono: 8 3

Plagiobryum demissum Lindb subsp hultenii Ochi et H Perss, a new Japanese moss endemic.

Plagiocephaly And Vomiting. Medical Journal of Australia 2: 661-663

Plagiocephaly in some 10-year-old children. Archives of Disease in Childhood 37: 500-504

Plagiochila dotensis; P standleyi; P tricarinata. Bryologist: 1-9

Plagiocystia ver-rucosa n g et sp, eine neue Angehorige der Para-synascoten Bakterien. Arkiv Bot: 1-51

Plagiogeotropism in petioles of Xanthium. PLANT PHYSIOL 36(SuppL): xxi

Plagiognathus raphani sp.

Plagiolepis pygmaea. Boll Ist Entomol Agraria E Osservatorio Fitopatol Palermo 5(29): 1-43

Plagiolepis pygmaea Latr French, Engl, and Ger summ.

Plagionema, a new genus of the Sphaeropsidales. Jour Indian Bot Soc 32(3): 131-136

Plagiophiale, a new genus of the Sphaeriales. Sydowia 9(1/6): 585-587

Plagiopyla minuta and Euplotes balteatus, ciliates of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus drobachiensis. Jour Protozool 1(1): 86-92

Plagiorchis didelphidis , urn parasito pouco conhecido de marsupiais. Arq Inst Benjamin Baptista 6(6): 131-135

Plagiorchis maculosus aus der japanischen Schwalbe, Hirundo rustica gutturalis. Zeitschr Parasitenk 7(4): 513-514

Plagiorchis nyrocae, a new trematode species from the marine scaup duck. Tr Gel Mintol Lab Akad Nauk Sssr 12: 109-111

Plagiorchis parumbursatus sp nov, trematode parasite of the bat.

Plagiostigmella nov gen, eine neue Gattung der Phomopsideen aus Ekuador.

Plagiothecium species in Friesland. Buxbaumia 19(3/4): 70-71

Plagiothecium undulatum in northeastern poland new record. Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 12(2): 179-184

Plagiotropic Habit Of Growth In Norway Spruce. Science 95(2464): 301-301

Plagiotropism and correlative inhibition. New Phytol 44(2): 110-117

Plagiotropism, inhibition and anisophylly. New Phytol 49(3): 350-352

Plagithmysus erythrocephalus F , mit einer Zusammenfassung des Prof Luigi Man-zoni.

Plagnolia vandeli n g, n sp, an obscure triclad turbellarian.

Plagsmalogen in experimental liver injury and jaundice, and various liver diseases. Nagasaki Med Jour 35(2): 313-332

Plague. T G Hull, Editor Diseases Transmitted from Animals to Man 5th ed 527-587

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Plague and anti-plague measures in Hyderabad State, with special reference to the use of DDT. Journal. Royal Sanitary Institute 73(5): 494-499

Plague and plague control in the Soviet Union. Plague and plague control in the Soviet Union

Plague and plague control in the Soviet Union History and bibliography through 1964.

Plague and streptomycin, tests of cure in Indochina. Med Tropicale 10(3): 537-548

Plague anti-serum associated with antibiotics, is still indicated in the hypertoxic forms of plague.

Plague as a disease and factor of cultural history. Therap Gegenwart 102(7): 806-808

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Plague epizootics among Ochotona pallasii Gray in the northwest of the Mongolian Peoples Republic.

Plague epizooties and the reactivity of great gerbils Data from the fourth scientific conference on the natural focality and prevention of the plague, 1965. Plague epizooties and the reactivity of great gerbils Data from the fourth scientific conference on the natural focality and prevention of the plague, Epizootii chumy i reaktivnost' bol' shikh peschanok In: Materialy IV Nauchnoi konferentsii po prirodnoi ochagovosti i profilaktiki chumy, Data from the fourth scientific conference on the natural focality and prevention of the plague, 105-107

Plague epldemic on the Island of Poros , 1837. Rev Pratique Maladies Pays Chauds: 60-62

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Plague fighters. Plague fighters ix+126p Illus

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Plague in British India 1 Results of research carried on in the United Provinces; 2 Study on the rat fleas of the Port of Rangoon region; 3 Epi-demiological notes on the plague in Burma.

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Plague in Rumanian history. Plague in Rumanian history Ciuma Din epi-demiologia trecutului Romanesc 654p Portrait

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Plague in the western part of the United States. Infection in Rodents Experimental Transmission By Fleas And Inoculation Tests For Infection Publ Health Repts 54(32): 1467-1481

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Plague infection reported in the United States during 1942 in human beings. Publ Health Repts 58(16): 640-645

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Plague meningitis. A report of three cases in children and review of the problem. Pediatrics 40(4): 610-616

Plague microbe content of liver and spleen of experimentally infected midday gerblls and the suitability of the antibody neutralization reaction for the study of rodent corpses Epidemiology and epizootology of highly dangerous infections. Plague microbe content of liver and spleen of experimentally infected midday gerblls and the suitability of the antibody neutralization reaction for the study of rodent corpses Epidemiology and epizootology of highly dangerous infections Soderzhanle chumnykh mikrobov v pecheni i selezenke eksperimental'no zarazhennykh poludennykh peschanok i prigodnost' reaktsii neitralizatsii antitel pri issledovanll trupov gryzunov In: Epidemioiogiya i epizootologiya osoba opasnykh infektsii Epidemiolog

Plague occurrence in wild and domestic rodents and their fleas and susceptibility of fleas to insecticides. Annual Progress Report of the S E A T O (South East Asia Treaty Organization) Medical Research Laboratories : 1969

Plague of insects in wheat. Siembra 7(12): 15-19

Plague on the high seas. Public Health Reports 66(45): 1466-1472

Plague on u. Plague on u 365p Illus

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Plague toxin Its effect in vivo and in vitro.

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Plague work in Fukien IV On preventive measures adopted for the control of plague at Lungyen.

Plague work in Fukien V Rat and flea survey of Lungyen, Fukien.

Plague work in Fukien B Sanitary survey of North Fukien towns.

Plague work in Fukien IV On preventive measures adopted for the control of plague at Lungyen V Rat and flea survey of Lungyen, Fukien.

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Plah in see scomberomorus spp of thailand 1967 abstract fishery. FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) Fisheries Reports (63): 51

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Plaice investigations in Scottish waters 2 Age-somposition and growth.

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Plaies souillees et rayons ultraviolets . Helvetica Med Acta 11(3/4): 557-560

Plain and mountain pastures in the Central Region of France. Bull Tech Inform Ingenieurs Serv Agric 44: 623-637

Plain film diagnosis of anom congenital heart disease in the new born period inst chest roentgenogram human. American Journal of Roentgenology Radium Therapy & Nuclear Medicine 103(1): 66-77

Plain film findings in anom azygos continuation of the inferior vena cava human. American Journal of Roentgenology Radium Therapy & Nuclear Medicine 104(2): 452-457

Plain Film Findings In Intussusception. British Journal of Radiology 37: 678-681

Plain inst abdominal film roentgenographic diagnosis of ulcerative diseases of the colon human colitis. American Journal of Roentgenology Radium Therapy & Nuclear Medicine 104(3): 544-550

Plain water as a rinsing agent preferable to sulfurous acid after the Feulgen nucleal reaction. Stain Technology 42(3): 133-136

Plain-bodied versus developed merino sheep. Farming in S Africa 9(103): 391-392

Plain-muscle stimulants in extracts of menstrual fluid and of endometrial curettings. Journal of Physiology 144(1): 68-79

Plains prickly pear, weather, and grazing in the northern Great Plains. Ecology 44(3): 569-574

Plakoglobin has both structural and signalling roles in zebrafish development. Developmental Biology 327(1): 83-96

Plakopathia diabetica Abnormalities of the placenta by maternal diabetes mellitus.

Plakoridine C, a Novel Piperidine Alkaloid from an Okinawan Marine Sponge Plakortis sp. Tetrahedron Letters 50(26): 3202-3204

Plan ahead engineers do it with modular waste treatment plant albuquerque new mexico usa. Water & Sewage Works 115(6): 247-250

Plan and methods for a systematic study of the lakes of the northern slope of the northern Appennines. Boll Pesca Piscicolt E Idrobiol 14(1): 44-58

Plan and organization of a cross section study on chronic nonspecific respiratory diseases in the city of cracow. Epidemiological Review (English Translation of Przeglad Epidemiologiczny) TT68(50000-3-4): 236-239

Plan dapres-guerre de reconstitu-tion de la foret vaudoise.

Plan expanded research on soybean disease problems. New Jersey Agric: 3-5

Plan for W Europe fisheries community. Fish Newsletter: 25

Plan for a collectors guide to the marine gastropods and pelecypods of the Panamic Province.

Plan for a cooperative international organization for parasite introductions. Proc Conf Internal Soc Sugar Cane Technol 2: 76-78

Plan for a inst liquid dispensing pump for general laboratory use. Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanita 3(1): 67-68

Plan for a rational feeding. Arq Brasil Nutr 19(1): 85-115

Plan for an Institute of Experimental Method. Bull Inst Exptl Method 1(2): 1-13

Plan for an ecological classification of Italian vegetation. Nuovo Gior Bot Ital 45(2): 37-121

Plan for an evaporimetric map of chile on the basis of solar radiation. Anales de la Facultad de Quimica y Farmacia Universidad de Chile 18: 338-344

Plan for an international Latin-American oceanographic expedition. Mem Y Rev Soc Cient Antonio Alzate" 45(1/6): 165-188

Plan for breeding eels. Fette Seifen Anstrichm 69(12): 949-952

Plan for forest protection and the promotion of forestry in Ecuador. Plan for forest protection and the promotion of forestry in Ecuador Plan sobre la proteccion y fomento forestal del Ecuado 45p

Plan for malaria control in Yunnan. Chinese Med Jour 56(1): 63-68

Plan for management of Erythroblastosis Fetalis and Icterus Gravis Neonatorum. Northwest Med 46(8): 620-621

Plan for planting perennial border. Plants And Gardens 15(1): 18

Plan for revival of the Italian Phenological Study. Nuovo Giorn Bot Ital 58: 543-547

Plan for scientific research work of institutions of the Division of Biological Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic for 1956 Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 70718.

Plan for sight preservation in students in Vizcaya Preliminary report.

Plan for sterilization of Voyager capsule. Nasa [Nat Aeronaut Space Admin] Sp 108: 559-573

Plan for the evaluation of vaccination against influenza. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health 41(8 Pt 2): 62-68

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Plan management system for space science mission systems. Advances in Space Research 44(1): 1-22

Plan of a study of the epidemiology of tuberculosis in France and the shortcomings of the French campaign against tuberculosis in children. Bull Inst Natl Hyg : 809-814

Plan of action, administration, and evaluation of public health programs in Mexico. Salud Publica Mex 5(5): 765-775

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Plan of research on the phenomena of drought and ways of combating it in the drought regions of R S F S R.

Plan of the water quality protection in the watershed. Stud Protect Epurarea Apelor Inst Stud Cercet Hidroteh 8: 3-19

Plan of work and results achieved by the Dept of Child Hygiene of El Salvador.

Plan of work of the Botanical Survey of India III Address by the chief guest-H Santapau.

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Plan-view photos, benthic grabs, and sediment-profile images: Using complementary techniques to assess response to seafloor disturbance. Marine Pollution Bulletin 59(1-3): 26-37

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Planarians and memory I Transfer of learning by injection of ribo-nucleic acid II The influence of prior extinction on the ribonucleic acid transfer effect.

Planarity of triphenylamine moieties of a typical hole-transport material for OLEDs, N,Na-diphenyl-N,Na-dim-tolylbenzidine TPD, in the amorphous state.

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Planimetrische Untersuchung an Schilddrusen I.

Planing of cultivation today. Int Z Vitaminforsch 37(2): 143-155

Planktic foraminiferal production along an offshore-onshore transect in the south-eastern Bay of Biscay. Continental Shelf Research 29(8): 0-1135

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Planktological contributions HI Investigations on the phytoplankton and the primary production in an oyster culture in the Limfjord.

Planktological contributions I.

Planktological studies in Pojo Bay and adjacent waters III Phytoplankton.

Planktologische Un-tersuchungen in der Pojo-Bucht und angrenzenden Gewas-sern I Milieu und Gesamtplankton.

Planktologische Untersuchungen in der Pojo-Bucht und angrenzenden Gewassern II Uber die Strahlungsver-haltnisse im Wasser.

Plankton A Distant northern seas Icelandic zooplankton investigations.

Plankton A Distant northern seas Measurements of primary production in Icelandic waters.

Plankton A Distant northern seas Plankton investigations from Aberdeen in 1958 Phytoplankton.

Plankton A Distant northern seas Zooplankton.

Plankton B Near northern seas Plankton investigations from Aberdeen in 1958 Phytoplankton.

Plankton B Near northern seas Plankton investigations from Aberdeen in 1958 Zooplankton.

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