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Production of cow milk without protein with urea and ammonium salts as nitrogen sources and purified carbohydrates as energy sources

, : Production of cow milk without protein with urea and ammonium salts as nitrogen sources and purified carbohydrates as energy sources. Biochem Zeit 338: 443-453

Results are presented of experiments, of one and a half years' duration, to produce milk feeding cows on purified energy nutrients (starch, cellulose, sucrose) without proteins and using mainly urea and to a smaller extent inorganic ammonium salts as the sole sources of nitrogen. Fat was supplied by daily doses of 4[long dash]45g of maize oil. The mineral mixture contained all the 16 elements known to be indispensable. Water-soluble vitamins were not given. An annual production of about 2000kg of milk with 5.4 and 6% fat was attained with the two first test cows on this protein-free feeding. The amino acid composition of the proteins in the test milk was the same as in milk produced on ordinary feeding. The vitamin content of the test milk was either on the same, or a considerably higher level (riboflavin, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid) than that of normal milk. The flavor of the test milk resembles closely that of normal milk, even though gas chromatographic determinations show definite differences. Estrus was normal in all 4 cows, and so was the fertility, as far as conclusions can be drawn from the scant material available.


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