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Psychological aspects of extended manned space flight

, : Psychological aspects of extended manned space flight. U S Air Force Tech Doc Rept Amrl Tdr 63 81 : 1-29

The Use of Man to Study Space: Even a cursory consideration of the Mars mission will convince most that man has certain qualities that will enhance both the chances of completing the mission and of obtaining useful information from the exploration. It is imperative, however, that an analysis, as detailed as possible, be made immediately of the exact nature and requirements of the mission so that representatives of the behavioral sciences can help systems planners estimate where and how man will be used and so the behavioral scientists can, if necessary, conduct additional research. While there is an enormous amount of applicable research, certain questions still cannot be answered. Particular emphasis is due the design of suitable controls and displays, design for ease of maintenance, the effects of long-term weightlessness and the effects of multiple stresses. The Use of Space to Study Man: Finally, it is confidently predicted that the research that space travel will inspire in the behavioral sciences will significantly broaden our understanding of the nature and meaning of human behavior. My bias compels me to suggest that these consitute the greatest mystery of all and their eventual solution will be more rewarding than any physical phenomena that may be uncovered on Mars or anywhere else in space.


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