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Rachitis bei Kindern auf der Insel Kolgujew

, : Rachitis bei Kindern auf der Insel Kolgujew. Jahrb Kinderheilk 140(5/6): 314-326

The island Kolguev in the Barents sea has a population of 250 nomadic "Njenzer" of whom 117 are children up to 14 yrs. of age. All children had rickets, 41.5% of the infants and 70% of the 3-5 yr. old children suffering severely. Climatic factors including a 4 mo. night and predominantly misty summer days and a diet which includes neither fish nor cod liver oil are largely responsible. It is possible that deer meat, of which the food largely consists, may, like horse meat, contain little antirachitic vitamin. Constant confinement to peculiar cradles narrowing toward the feet contributes to deformity. Continuous nursing until 2 yrs. or more offers some protection. Scurvy, tuberculosis, children's diseases, and acute nutritive disturbances almost never occur. The birth rate is about 40 per 1000, infant mortality in last 3 yrs. only 4.9%. S.-P. conclude that the hypothesis of the rarity of rickets in Arctic regions requires further investigation.


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