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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25350

Chapter 25350 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Recent advances in treatment Medicine.

Recent advances in tropical bryology. Bryologist 66(4): 239

Recent advances in tuberculosis control. Canadian Jour Publ Health 35(3): 109-112

Recent advances in tuberculosis control Technical discussion at the Fourteenth World Health Assembly.

Recent advances in understanding the molecular basis of group B Streptococcus virulence. Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine 10: E27-E27

Recent advances in understanding the structure and function of general transcription factor TFIID. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 66(13): 2123-2134

Recent advances in using Drosophila to model neurodegenerative diseases. Apoptosis 14(8): 1008-1020

Recent advances in vaccine therapy. Brit Med Jour (4097): 99-104

Recent advances in vacuum fumigation. World Rev Pest Contr 3(1): 53-56

Recent advances in venereal disease treatment. Amer Prof Pharmacist 13(7): 647-648, 669

Recent advances in venereology vii+496p. Recent advances in venereology vii+496p

Recent advances in veterinary chemotherapy. Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science 15(3): 54-61

Recent advances in viral infections of childhood. Medical Journal of Australia 46(5): 137-140

Recent advances in viruses. Science 98(2550): 415-423

Recent advances in vitamin knowledge Vitamins and microorganisms.

Recent advances in water quality monitoring. Water Treatment & Examination 17(2): 107-120

Recent advances in watermelon disease control. Proc Florida State Hort Soc 62: 146-149

Recent advances in woody brush control on rights-of-way. Natl Shade Tree Conf Proc 34: 180-186

Recent advances in yellow fever research. Proc Sixth Pacific Sci Congr 5: 97-107

Recent advances made possible by the use of tracer techniques in radiation chemistry. Proc Second Internatl Conf Peaceful Uses Atomic Energy: 7-197

Recent Advances Of Fluorescence Cytodiagnosis Of Cancer. Acta - Unio Internationalis Contra Cancrum 20: 1329-1330

Recent advances of plant breeding through autopolyploidy in Japan. Japanese Jour Breeding 11(2): 106-110

Recent advances of plant pharmacology disease control of di thio carbamates fungicide. Botyu-Kagaku 32(1): 11-19

Recent advances of tissue culture in cancer research. Experientia 15: 289-294

Recent advances of whooping cough vaccination in Hungary. Acta Microbiol Acad Sci Hungaricae 9(3): 227-236

Recent advances on influenza immunisation. Ann Sclavo 1(3): 277-286

Recent advances on the biology of land leeches and protection against their ravages haemadipsa n n diethyltoluamide pestic dimethyl phthalate pestic. Laboratornoe Delo 6B(3): 125-137

Recent advances on the morphology, functions, survival, metabolism, life duration and fate of the mammalian red corpuscles. Riv Biol : 9-290

Recent advances on the physiopathology of platelets. PROC CONGR EUROPEAN SOC HAEMATOL 8-No 359(Pt II): 6p

Recent advances on the study of pulmonary atelectasis. Rass Fisiopatol Clin Terapeut 35(6): 729-744

Recent advances on the thyroid and parathyroid regulation of calcium metabolism of the societe d endocrinologie society of endocrinology february 1 1968. Annales d'Endocrinologie 29(5): 563-645

Recent advances on the weed-killing front. Plants And Gardens 2(2): 117-118

Recent advances on thyrocalcitonin. Annales d'Endocrinologie 29(5): 563-575

Recent Advances Relative To Diabetes Mellitus. Annals of Internal Medicine 63: 512-529

Recent advances, in China, in the field of pathological physiology. Patol Fiziol I Eksptl Terap 3(5): 3-8

Recent and certain Holocene Foraminifera of the Southern Baltic Sea. Acta Paleontol Pol 10(2): 131-236

Recent and current research in water resources and water pollution control in the department of environmental sciences and engineering. Okun, Daniel A Proceedings Of The Fifteenth Southern Water Resources And Pollution Control Conference V + 188p Illus North Carolina State University: Raleigh, N C , U S A 156-168

Recent and former distribution of malaria and the distribution of Anopleles mosquitoes in the German Empire. Recent and former distribution of malaria and the distribution of Anopleles mosquitoes in the German Empire Das gegenwartige und fruhere Vorkommen der Malaria und die Verbreitung der Anophelesmucken im Gebiete des Deutschen Reiches 427 pp 1 map

Recent and forthcoming publications of the Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. Proc Zool Soc London 113b(3): 176-177

Recent and fossil coral reefs. Bulletin de la Societe des Naturalistes Luxembourgeois 71-75: (1973)

Recent and fossil gymnosperms genus cathaya g recent forms key. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 629-636

Recent and fossil gymnosperms genus keteleeria g recent forms key. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 487-502

Recent and fossil gymnosperms genus larix g recent forms key. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 503-534

Recent and fossil gymnosperms genus picea g recent forms key. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 563-628

Recent and fossil gymnosperms genus pseudolarix g recent forms key. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 481-486

Recent and fossil gymnosperms genus pseudotsuga g recent forms key. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 535-560

Recent and fossil gymnosperms genus tsuga g recent forms. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 637-662

Recent and fossil gymnosperms ix additions and corrections to the abietaceae g the taxodiaceae g tables of the 2nd part i keys. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 673-715, 1-63

Recent and fossil gymnosperms natural classification of the abietaceae g. Travaux Laboratoire Forestier Universite Toulouse 1(2): 663-672

Recent and fossil gymnosperms Genus Abies Recent forms.

Recent and fossil gymnosperms Genus Cedrus Recent forms.

Recent and fossil marine Mollusca of Tongatabu. Bernice P Bishop Mus Bull 131: 1-59

Recent and fossil pedicellariae. Jour Paleontol 10(6): 427-448

Recent and fossil shells from the Philippine Islands, I. Philippine Jour Sci 49(4): 543-549

Recent and fossil tracks, their inter-pretation and geological use. Experientia 11(10): 373-382

Recent and future mortality trends. STATIST BULL METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO 4l(6): 1-3

Recent and past distribution of Najas species in the USSR and their importance for the paleogeography of the Quarter-nary period7. Bot Zh 50(2): 182-190

Recent and pertinent references to analytical lipid methods published in other journals. Jour Lipid Res 1(4): 354-358

Recent and summarized interspecific hybridizations within the Pelobatidae. Tex J Sci 16(3): 334-341

Recent antarctic discoveries. Quart Jour Roy Meteorol Soc [London] 72(4): 307-317

Recent antibiotic drugs. Presse Med 69(24): 1079-1081

Recent antibiotics abstract rabbit human pyo derma spiramycin anti infect acetylspiramycin anti infect dicloxacillin anti infect hetacillin anti infect blood levels. Japanese Journal of Dermatology 76(2): 234

Recent antibiotics in dermatology. Japanese Journal of Dermatology 78(1): 210-211

Recent applications of absorption spectrophotometry. Recent applications of absorption spectrophotometry 7-44p

Recent applications of inst electron spin resonance in biochemistry. Biochemical Society Symposia : 41-51

Recent applications of nonenzymatic methods for the selective cleavage of peptide bonds. Int Congr Biochem 6(2): 154

Recent applications of the inst scintillation camera. Nuclear Medizin 5(3): 310-311

Recent applications of x ray diagnosis of neopl bronchial tumors neopl pulmonary tumors and neopl mediastinal tumors book. Recent Applications Of X-Ray Diagnosis Of Neopl Bronchial Tumors Neopl Pulmonary Tumors And Neopl Mediastinal Tumors Book 16-20

Recent archeological discoveries in the Soviet Union. Southwestern Jour Anthropol 5(1): 17-27

Recent aspect of bacterial infection. I. The survey from statistics of clinical investigation. Nihon Saikingaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Bacteriology 20(8): 506-512

Recent aspects and presumed developments in the technology of complex fertilizers title. Rivista Italiana delle Essenze e Profumi 48(11): 748

Recent aspects in the development of a closed ecologic system. Aerospace Medicine 32: 12-24

Recent aspects of anti homo toxic therapy in cellular phases. Medizinische Klinik 63(1): 33

Recent aspects of cholesterol biosynthesis and catabolism In The influence of hormones on lipid metabolism in relation to arteriosclerosis.

Recent aspects of control measures against R acerinum.

Recent aspects of dental caries epidemiology and prophylaxis. Revista de Sanidad e Higiene Publica 42(7-8): 347-374

Recent aspects of sleep-awake cycle. Harokeach Hairi 10(5/6): 338-348

Recent aspects of the chemical toxicology of the phenols rat mouse. Bollettino Chimico Farmaceutico 107(5): 269-286

Recent aspects of the chemical toxicology of the phenols rev. Bollettino Chimico Farmaceutico 107(6): 333-352

Recent aspects of the chemistry of muscular contraction. Boll Soc Ital Biol Sperim 23(3): 168-205

Recent aspects of the neurophyslology of sleep. Rev Neurol [Paris] 110(3): 301-302

Recent aspects of the physiology and biochemistry of the pineal gland biological characteristics of the pineal gland chicken rat guinea pig rabbit dog cat. Pathologie et Biologie 16(3-4): 209-225

Recent aspects of the study of sleep in man 141st Assembly of the Swiss Society of Psychiatry, Geneva, Switz, 31 October -1 November, 1964.

Recent aspects on rehabilitation of tumor patients. Medizinische Klinik 63(1): 36

Recent aspects on the prevention of schistosomiasis. Anais da Escola Nacional de Saude Publica e de Medicina Tropical 2(1-4): 69-76

Recent attainments in virus science. Ciencia [Mexico] 6(7/9): 243-253

Recent attainments on the pseudo-plague of fowls. Rend Ist Superiore Sanita [Rome] 13(1): 73-84

Recent attempt at colonization of the shelduck tadorna tadorna in eastern emilia geographic subdivision in north central italy. Ricerche di Zoologia Applicata alla Caccia Supplemento 5(2): 31-37

Recent attempts to establish sugarcane borer parasites in Louisiana. Jour Econ Ent 51(2): 163-164

Recent bacteriological and epidemiological aspects of salmonellosis 536 salmonella isolated in lorraine france title. Semaine des Hopitaux 43(19): 1283

Recent bibliographies on the Netherlands East Indies. Science and Scientists in the Netherlands Indies 465-467

Recent bio engineering techniques in inst multiphasic screening for early detection of disease. Recent Bio Engineering Techniques in Inst Multiphasic Screening For Early Detection Of Disease

Recent Biochemical Advances In Muscular Disorders. Revista de Neuro-Psiquiatria 27: 147-157

Recent biochemical and biophysical studies of the structure and constitution of casein. Lait I 33-Ii(328-329/330): 481-494, 594-610

Recent biochemical studies of the blood alcohol test in man. Arztl Forsch 14(1): i/45-52

Recent biochemical studies on conjugation of bromsulphalein and their consequences for biliary excretion. Rev Internatl Hepatol 12(4): 377-406

Recent biologic and chemical studies of cyclophosphamide. Cancer Chemother Repsymposium on Cyclophosphamide in Pediatric Neoplasia 51(6): 327-333

Recent biological and chemical applications of tetrazole. Ciencia E Invest [buenos Aires] 7: 35-39

Recent biological control projects and the further application of biological control. S Africa Dep Agric Tech Serv Tech Commun: 8-195

Recent biological observations on Brenthids. Ent Blatter [Berlin] 23(3): 123-126

Recent biological research in Greenland. Arctic 7(3/4): 284-295

Recent biological studies with radioactive isotopes. Sci And Culture 7(5): 253-254

Recent biomedical applications of four-electrode impedance measuring techniques. Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation 3: 309-327

Recent biometrical observations on flowers of A hortensis.

Recent bird observations in the Calgary district. Canadian Field Nat 71(1): 34-35

Recent bird records for the Otawa District. Canadian Field Nat 64(5): 186-187

Recent botanical discoveries in western Pennsylvania. Castanea 25(4): 126

Recent botanical work in the Pacific. Queensland Nat 6(6): 85-88

Recent breeding of common raven in west central texas usa corvus corax sinuatus. Condor 70(3): 280-281

Recent breeding records of birds in Maryland. Atlantic Nat 13(4): 246-247

Recent brood records for the white winged scoter in North Dakota. Wilson Bull 73(2): 209-210

Recent bryological research in Madeira VII.

Recent capture of the Esquimo Curlew. Hornero 3(4): 420

Recent captures of Raphidioptera in France. Bull Soc Ent France 64(9/10): 191-193

Recent captures of the California pompano and the sandfish in Puget Sound. Fish Res Pap 2(4): 53-54

Recent carbonate sedimentation on Alacran Reef, Yucatan, Mexico. Dissert Absts 23(5): 1659

Recent case of poisoning with Equisetum palustre L, marshshave grass.

Recent cases of smallpox in Marseilles. Presse Med 60(34): 744-745

Recent cases of undulant fever in New York State. Jour Infect Dis 43(4): 273-279

Recent cases of viral infection with coxsackie B 3 in Madagascar Epidemiological and clinical remarks.

Recent census and observations of the giant pied-billed grebe of Guatemala. Auk 79: 707-709

Recent Change in the Pattern of Tree Growth in Northern Arizona. Science 134(3488): 1417-1418

Recent changes in Aedes nigromaculis populations in the Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement District. Proc And Papers Ann Conf California Mosquito Control Assoc Incorporated 29: 155

Recent Changes In Cvr Disease Mortality In California. Public Health Reports 79: 147-160

Recent changes in French policy on venereal diseases and prostitution. British Journal of Venereal Diseases 30(2): 103-113

Recent changes in benthic macroinvertebrate populations in Lake Huron and impact on the diet of lake whitefish coregonus clupeaformis. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 12(1): 2-10

Recent changes in health legislation. World Health Organ 19(9): 377-380

Recent changes in nomenclature and subspecific status of Nebraska birds. Nebraska Bird Rev 13(2): 65-66

Recent changes in relative frequency of various histologic types of bronchogenic carcinoma. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 23: 427-434

Recent changes in sensitivity of Micrococcus pyogenes to various antibiotic agents. Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 41(1): 150-156

Recent changes in some Rhododendron colonies in Maine and New Hampshire. Rhodora 62(736): 87-93

Recent changes in the Michigan avifauna as reflected by the new state check-list. Jack Pine Warbler 37(4): 120-126

Recent changes in the North Atlantic circulation simulated with eddy-permitting and eddy-resolving ocean models. Ocean Modelling 28(4): 0-239

Recent changes in the bacterial meat poisoning theory. Berliner U Munchener Tierarztl Wochenschr (43/44): 367-372

Recent changes in the benthos of the West Spitsbergen fishing grounds. Int Comm Northwest Atlantic Fish Spec Publication 6: 791-794

Recent changes in the composition of a local flora. Bull Torrey Bot Club 62(8): 479-489

Recent Changes In The Concept Of Diabetes. Revista de Investigacion Clinica; Organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutricion 15: 345-357

Recent changes in the death rate from influenza. British Medical Journal 1(4648): 267-267

Recent changes in the deep-water fish populations of Lake Michigan. Trans Amer Fish Soc 86: 393-408

Recent changes in the economy of Belgian agriculture. Bull Inst Agron Sta Rech Gembloux 25(3/4): 387-403

Recent changes in the habits of the kittiwake. Brit Birds 55(5): 171-177

Recent changes in the landscape faunistical complexes on the shore of Caspian Sea, and the effect of these changes upon the move of the plague epizootics. Zool Zhur 41(2): 252-259

Recent changes in the marsh and aquatic plant status at Reelfoot Lake. Jour Tennessee Acad Sci 22(1): 22-27

Recent changes in the names of economic plants. Bot Mus Leafl Harvard Univ 10(6): 141-172

Recent changes in the organization of scientific and industrial research in the United Kingdom. Sci Cult 31(7): 325-331

Recent changes in the pattern of drug abuse in london and the united kingdom. Wilson, C W M (Edited By) The Pharmacological And Epidemiological Aspects Of Adolescent Drug Dependence Proceedings Of The Society For The Study Of Addiction, London, England A September 1966 Xviii + 515p Illus Pergamon Press: New York, N Y , U S A 197-220

Recent changes in the pattern of drug abuse in the United Kingdom. Bull Narcotics 18(4): 1-13

Recent changes in the populations of the eider, Somateria m mollisima, and the velvet scoter, Melanitta f fusca, in the Finnish Archipelago.

Recent changes in the sea-beach flora at Ainsdale, Lancashire. No Western Naturalist 7(2): 114-117

Recent changes in the secondary sex ratio of the upper social strata. Human Biol 20(4): 182-194

Recent changes in the spawning habits of sea trout in the Upper Vistula. Jour Conseil Perm Internatl Explor Mer 25(3): 326-331

Recent changes in the walleye fishery of northern Green Bay and history of the 1943 year class. Trans Amer Fish Soc 90(4): 475-488

Recent changes in varietal diversity of rice in Guinea. Plant Genetic Resources 7(1): 63

Recent changes of nomenclature on some species of Philippine dipterocarps. Philippine Jour Forest 2(4): 341-357

Recent Chemical Investigations Of Bacterial Toxins. Bacteriological Reviews 2(1): 3-45

Recent chemical patents. Jour Chem Educ 21(2): 67-69

Recent chemical studies concerning the origins of life. Proc Roy Soc Queensland 75: 1-11

Recent chemotherapeutic advances. Sci Educ 28(1): 10-15

Recent climate forcing and physical oceanographic changes in Northern Hemisphere regions A review and comparison of four marine ecosystems. Progress in Oceanography 81(1-4): 10-28

Recent climatic changes in the prairie peninsula. Amer Jour Bot 34(10): 608

Recent climatic fluctuations in maritime provinces. Trans N Amer Wildlife Conf 21: 436-452

Recent climatic forestal variations in the sediments of the lagaccia basin boccassuolo appennino modenese. Giornale Botanico Italiano 102(6): 566-567

Recent clinical and biological research on urogenital trichomonadosis. Wiad Parazytol 10(2/3): 105-112

Recent clinical and epidemiological studies of chronic bronchitis. Scand J Resp Dis 48(3/4): 285-293

Recent clinical and experimental experience on the existence of bovine virus enteritis in France. NORD VETERINAERMED 16(Suppl 1): 60-64

Recent Clinical And Immunological Aspects Of Penicillin Allergy. International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology 27: 221-256

Recent clinical development in the therapeutic application of radio-phosphorus and radio-iodine. Jour Clin Invest 21(5): 624

Recent clinicolaboratory observations in the treatment of acute gonococcal urethritis in men. JAMA 195(13): 1115-1119

Recent collections of Mallophaga and Anoplura from Southern California. Pan Pacific Ent 34(1): 35-40

Recent collections of the giant sucking louse, Pecaroecus javalli BaEcock and Ewlng, from the type locality- 1.

Recent community mental health act legislation A brief review.

Recent concepts concerning Meniere's syndrome. Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Monthly 35(12): 781-785

Recent concepts of cancer prevention. Progress in Experimental Tumor Research 133-162

Recent concepts of retinal color mechanism. II. Contributions from anatomy and physiology. Journal of the Optical Society of America 41(12): 918-941

Recent concepts of retinal color mechanism. I. Contributions from psychophysics. Journal of the Optical Society of America 41(12): 895-918

Recent concepts of the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 1(3): 151-156

Recent concepts of the performance of the heart. Circulation 28(1): 117-135

Recent Concepts Of The Physiology Of Mastication. Advances in Oral Biology 1: 77-109

Recent concepts of the reforestation in France. Jour Forest Suisse 103(4/5): 137-151

Recent conclusions on the pathology and clinical aspect of diabetes mellitus. Wiener Klin Wochenschr 74(25): 342-346

Recent considerations of the hemoglobinopathies. Med Trop 24(3): 243-249

Recent contribution of the Experimental Station of Curitiba to the agriculture of Parana. Circ Inst Agron Sul 9: 1-34

Recent contribution to the chemical control of leaf spot of the tomato. Boll Staz Patol Veg 20(1): 75-81

Recent contribution to the knowledge of the hosts of Braconidae. Beit Ent 9(1/2): 140-143

Recent contribution to the physiology and pathology of higher nervous activity. Zhur Vyssh Nerv Deiatel Nosti [Transl] 9(4): 557-558

Recent contribution to the study of dental decay and its etiology Occurrence of dental decay amongst the children of primary schools in Tripoli North Africa.

Recent contributions in the field of the functional organization of the cerebral cortex. Acta Physiol Polon 12(4): 611-629

Recent contributions of electrophoresis to clinical pathology. Amer Jour Clin Pathol 23(3): 246-262

Recent contributions on phosphorus metabolism. Arch Mal De L App Digest Et Mal De La Nutrition 21(2): 129-181

Recent contributions on the Agaricineae of Hungary German abst p 45.

Recent contributions on the genetic concept for the origin of cancer Studies on the nature of adaptation of the transplantable tumor. Proc Canadian Cancer Res Conf: 134

Recent contributions on the pathogenesis of diabetes. Union Med Can 94(3): 292-297

Recent contributions on urinary bilharziasis. An Tost Med Trop 15(3): 647-677

Recent contributions to clinical cytogenetics in Brazil. Cienc Cult [Sao Paulo] 17(4): 521-523

Recent contributions to our knowledge of the aquatic Phycomycetes. Biological Reviews 10(2): 152-186

Recent contributions to the electrophysiology of learning. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 92: 818-829

Recent contributions to the experimental literature on native or congenital behavior. Psychol Bull 24(1): 36-61

Recent contributions to the flora of the Gyergyo Alps, especially to that of Vithavas . Borbasia 3(4/7): 104-112

Recent contributions to the immunology of helminthic infections I Experimental evidence on immunity II Conditions or agencies which affect resistance III Basis of immunity against parasites IV Applications of immunologic phenomena in helminthology V Other immunologic phenomena of significance in helminthology VI Summary.

Recent contributions to the localization of vision within the central nervous system. Arch Ophthalmol 28(5): 913-937

Recent contributions to the mechanism of the Schwartzman phenomena Congress of the Hungarian Microbiological Society, 1962 Title only. Acta Microbiol Acad Sci Hung 10(1): 96

Recent contributions to the study of the morphology and biology of tissues cultivated in vitro. Boll Soc Ital Biol Sperim 3(9): 1229-1250

Recent contributions to the study of the role of the central nervous system in aldosterone secretion. Aldosterone 243-249

Recent Contributions to the Theory of Protein Structure. Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine 4(4): 595-610

Recent Contributions to the Understanding and Treatment of Bladder Tumors. Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine 36(3): 164-173

Recent contributions to the understanding of experimental diabetes. Journal of the American Medical Association 150(10): 971-973

Recent control measures against Anomala orientalis Waterh in Hawaii.

Recent court decisions on municipal milk inspection. Public Health Reports 66(28): 898-902

Recent Criticisms Concerning Meiosis In Drosophila Melanogaster. Science 71(1835): 241-243

Recent cure results of cervical cancer in our clinic. Kyushu Jour Med Sci 11(6): 217-223

Recent cytological investigations in mosses. Res Bull Panjab Univ Sci 12(1/2): 1-29

Recent dairy research in scandinavia. Australian Society of Dairy Technology Technical Publication (19): 4-17

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Recent data on canine distemper. Rev Med Vet [Bogota] 4(29-30): 339-349

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Recent data on the functional exploration of the liver A review. Toulouse Med 49(10): 679-690

Recent data on the geology of the territory between Szilvasvarad and Csernelyl.

Recent data on the infrastructure of spermatozoids mammal invertebrate inst electron microscope. Annee Biologique 6(3/4): 113-190

Recent data on the origin of cultivated plants. Congr Internatl Bot 9th 2: 441

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Recent data on thyrocalcitonin. Presse Medicale 76(26): 1284

Recent data on thyrocalcitonin hormone abstract human parathyroid bone metabolism. Semaine des Hopitaux de Paris 44(24): 1678-1679

Recent data on treatment of senile osteoporosis Treatment of senescence, Lombardy, 1963. G Gerontol 11(9): 747-754

Recent data on uv irradiation on polyoma virus carcino homo graft rejection antigen. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de ses Filiales 162(12): 2171-2173

Recent data on vitamin E Structure and properties of tocopherols Role and mechanism of action Vitamin E selenium and ubiquinones In Recentsprogres en vitaminologie, Rennes, 11-14 mars, 1964.

Recent data to the knowledge of the mossflora of the Sator Mountains. Borbasia 9(1/2): 16-19

Recent de velopments in the field of peptide synthesis. Bull Soc Chim France 10: 2001-2016

Recent decline in the distribution and abundance of eurasian milfoil d in chesapeake bay usa myriophyllum spicatum d. Chesapeake Science 9(3): 173-181

Recent decline of the St Helena Wirebird Charadrius sanctaehelenae. Bird Conservation International 19(1): 33

Recent deep trawling in Cuban waters. Turtox News 18(1): 1-3

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Recent details on the conduction of material present in the fins of Tomopteris nationalis Apstein. Atti Soc Peloritana Sci Fish Mat Natur 11(3): 203-209

Recent develop-ments in the control of spray injury. Rept Maryland State Hort Soc Ann Meeting 32: 214-221

Recent development and present state of lakes in Switzerland. Verhandl Internatl Ver Theoret U Angew Limnol 10: 192-209

Recent development in derivative ultraviolet/visible absorption spectrophotometry: 2004-2008: a review. Analytica Chimica Acta 635(1): 22-44

Recent development in experimental design, Pres. Proc Indian Sci Congr (2): 28-59

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