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Relation of the understory to the upland forest in the prairie-forest border region of Wisconsin

, : Relation of the understory to the upland forest in the prairie-forest border region of Wisconsin. Trans Wisconsin Acad Sci Arts And Letters 42: 183-195

Presence surveys were made in 118 stands and frequency surveys in 20 1/4 milacre quadrats in each of 64 stands. There are no discrete groups of spp. in the understory. There is a continuously shifting complex of spp. along the environmental gradient. Indices based on presence and frequency of groups of shrubs and herbs were compared with the pattern of canopy change based on importance values. An index based on the response of shrubs and herbs to 2 dominant trees was also compared with the tree continuum index. Correlations of all these indices were significant beyond the 1% level. Cole's index of association was used to study the internal dynamics of the shrub-herb population. Spp. used both in deriving the presence index and in the test for association appear in the same relative position in both methods.


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