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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25429

Chapter 25429 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Seasonal and year-to-year changes in the fatness and fulness. Zool Zh 43(2): 220-231

Seasonal and zonal distribution of Ichneumonidae on a subarctic fell during a calamity of the geometrid moth Oporinia autumnata on birches. Ann Entomol Fenn 33(3): 155-163

Seasonal antler cycle in a herd of pampas deer Ozotoceros bezoarticus in Uruguay. Mammalian Biology - Zeitschrift für Säugetierkunde 73(5): 388-391

Seasonal aspect of the marine algal flora of St Lucie Inlet and adjacent Indian River, Florida.

Seasonal aspect of weed communities on the land under cultivation. Hikobio [Hiroshima] 1(3/4): 163-174

Seasonal aspects of Berchtolds pondweed.

Seasonal aspects of bird life from coastline and deserts of the Caspian region Ornithology. Seasonal aspects of bird life from coastline and deserts of the Caspian region (Mangyshlak and Buzachi) Ornithology [5] Sezonnye aspekty v zhizni ptits prikaspiiskikh pustyn' i poberezh'ya (Mangyshlak i Buzachi) In: Ornitologiya Ornithology [5] 168-174

Seasonal aspects of semi-savannah vegetation of the Belesnyk range On the characteristics of the semi-savannah as a vegetation type.

Seasonal aspects of the Bermuda algal flora. Papers Michigan Acad Sci Arts And Letters 36: 3-28

Seasonal aspects of the distribution of marine birds in the open waters of the Sea of Japan. Zool Zh 44(3): 411-422

Seasonal aspects of the wall vegetation of varanasi india grasses m forbs d mosses. Tropical Ecology 8(1/2): 22-29

Seasonal aspects of wall vegetation of varanasi india abstract moisture conditions grasses m forbs. Indian Science Congress Association Proceedings 53(3): 293

Seasonal assemblages of perch in Lake Balkhash. Voprosy Ikhtiologii 1: 104-108

Seasonal Augmentation Of Myoglobin In The Snowshoe Hare. Journal of Biological Chemistry 240: 3353-3356

Seasonal availability of certain bush lespedeza and partridge pea seed as determined from ground samples. Jour Wildlife Management 19(2): 297-301

Seasonal behavior of alfalfa flowers as related to seed production. Jour Amer Soc Agron 20(6): 542-556

Seasonal behavior of larvae of Ctenicera spp and other wireworms , in relation to temperature, moisture, food, and gravity Canadian.

Seasonal behaviour of Lake Trasimeni BOD during years 1963-1964. Riv Idrobiol 4(1/2): 85-104

Seasonal behaviour of some montane plant species. New Zealand Jour Sci 3(4): 694-699

Seasonal bias in the formation and stable isotopic composition of pedogenic carbonate in modern soils from central New Mexico, USA. Geological Society of America Bulletin 121.3-4

Seasonal bioconcentration of heavy metals in Onchidium struma (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from Chongming Island, the Yangtze Estuary, China. Journal of Environmental Sciences 21(2): 255-262

Seasonal biology of the common malarial mosquito in the Leningrad region. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal: 406-411

Seasonal biotic events in two Colorado alpine tundra ponds. Amer Midland Nat 61(2): 424-446

Seasonal birth frequencies in parameters. Acta Genetica et Statistica Medica 2(2): 177-192

Seasonal blood characteristics of fresh water fishes Report Summaries of the All-Union Conference on the Ecology and Physiology of Fishes, 1966. Moscow : 88-90

Seasonal body reduction of certain desert halfshrubs. Bull Res Counc Israel Sec D Bot 11d(1): 35-42

Seasonal breeding of the Senegal galago in the Nuba Mountains, Republic of the Sudan. Folia Primatol 5(3): 165-175

Seasonal broiler production. Pennsylvania Agric Exp Sta Bull 216: 3-19

Seasonal brood-rearing activity of the Cyprian honeybee. Jour Econ Ent 21(2): 392-403

Seasonal browsing of woody plants by white-tailed deer in the ridge and valley section of central Pennsylvania. Jour Forest 51(11): 815-819

Seasonal change in sexual maturity and sexuality of Mytilus edulis L. Bull Japanese Soc Sci Fish 25(1): 1-6

Seasonal change in soil properties of coniferous and deciduous forests. Pochvovedeniye (12): 1-16

Seasonal change in the catalase content of conifer leaves. Ann Botany 44(176): 907-915

Seasonal change in the growth reaction of plants to the eye-stalk extract of the fresh water crab, Potamon dehaani. Annot Zool Japon 28(2): 86-91

Seasonal change in the number and the blomass of fishes from the surf at Mustang Island, Texas. Publ Inst Mar Sci 9: 91-105

Seasonal change in the occurrence of males and females of the frog Rana ridibunda. Nauch Doklady Vysshei Shkoly Biol Nauk 3: 48-50

Seasonal change of activity hours of the seven islands thrush. Tori Bulletin of the Ornithological Society of Japan 18(85): 348-350

Seasonal change of diel periodicity in the sound-producing activity of some Orthopterous insects. Insect Ecol: 55-63

Seasonal change of fishing efficiencies of longlines and gill nets for pink salmon found through experimental operations using both types of gear simultaneously. Bulletin of the Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute (33): 21-31

Seasonal change of plankton diatoms in Kagoshima Bay. Mem Fac Fish Kagoshima Univ 4: 113-118

Seasonal change of protein and in vitro digestibility of 4 timothy m varieties grown on dikeland canada. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 48(6): 626-628

Seasonal change of pulmonary vagotonia in asthmatics. Int J Biometeorol 8(1): 85

Seasonal change of reserved starch in the xylem parenchyma of Konara. Jour Japanese Forest Soc 35(6): 191-193

Seasonal change of resistance of rice plants against leaf-blight disease. Sci Bull Fac Agric Kyushu Univ 14(4): 475-477

Seasonal change of soil structure in herbicide treated vine d cultivated soils on devonian slate and shell lime grape d. Weinberg und Keller 14(6): 249-261

Seasonal change of the content of yellow pigments of the bark and xylem. Soobshch Akad Nauk Gruz Ssr 35(1): 179-186

Seasonal change of the honeybee worker longevity in Sapporo, North Japan, with notes on some factors affecting the life-span. Jap J Ecol 16(5): 206-212

Seasonal change of the pupal respiratory metabolism in the Chinese oak-silkworm, Antheraea pernyi Guerin, with special regards to its hibernation and diapause. Sci Repts Tohoku Univ Ser 4 Biol 23(2): 101-118

Seasonal change of thyroid activity in anurans bufo bufo japonicus rana catesbeiana rana ornativentris hyla arborea japonica rhacophorus arboreus rhacophorus buergeri. Science Reports of Niigata University Series D Biology (5): 19-23

Seasonal changes and availability of phosphorus in swamp-rice soils of North Trinidad. Trop Agr 44(1): 21-32

Seasonal changes and ecological peculiarities of the microflora of some podzol soils. Mikrobiologiia [transl] 27(3): 320-325

Seasonal changes ia the skin covering of mammals. Zoologicheskii Zhurnal [ussr] 31(3): 434-442

Seasonal changes in Bartlett pear leaves. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 32: 131-138, 1934 ( )

Seasonal changes in CO2 sensitivity and blood circulation in certain fresh-water fishes. Canadian Jour Zool 35(2): 195-200

Seasonal Changes in Citrus Auxin and 2 Auxin Antagonists as Related to Fruit Development. Plant Physiology 40(3): 500-505

Seasonal changes in Florida tangelo. U S Dept Agric Tech Bull 1205: 1-47

Seasonal changes in Hamlin and Valencia late oranges. Indian Jpur Agric Sci 32(2): 149-161

Seasonal changes in a community of pelagic Crustacae in the Zamkowe Lake on the background of thermo-oxygen conditions. Polskie Arch Hydrobiol 3: 203-251

Seasonal changes in a series of physiological functions in the human body in the conditions of kirgiz ussr. Sbornik Nauchnykh Trudov Kirgizskogo Meditsinskogo Instituta: 9-123

Seasonal changes in abundance and phosphorylation status of photosynthetic proteins in eastern white pine and balsam fir. Tree Physiology 29(3): 361-374

Seasonal changes in acidity of the rhubarb. New Phytol 34(2): 77-91

Seasonal changes in antioxidant defence system of liver and gills of Salmo trutta caspius, Salmo trutta labrax and Salmo trutta macrostigma. Journal of Fish Biology 74(4): 842-856

Seasonal changes in ascorbic acid in the leaves of the Ephemeroidea. Bot Zhur 44(5): 660-663

Seasonal changes in biological equilibria involving two chondriosomal systems in variegated Hosta. Phytopathology 36: 472-478

Seasonal changes in biomass of Calanus finmarchicus in the Plymouth area in 1930. Jour Marine Biol Assoc United Kingdom 19(2): 585-612

Seasonal changes in blood composition and blood pressure criteria in measuring certain reactions of reindeer Referat Zhur, Biol, 1960, No 36234.

Seasonal changes in blood lipids in the 13-lined ground squirrel. Science in Alaska: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Alaskan Science Conference, College, Alaska,, 31 August - 4 September, 1964 39-40

Seasonal changes in blood picture of reindeer Referat Zhur, Biol, 1960, No 26660. Tr Vses Inst Eksptl Vet: 4-305

Seasonal changes in blood sugar, fat body, liver glycogen and gonads in the common frog, Rana temporaria. Jour Exptl Biol 26(4): 412-429

Seasonal changes in body and adrenal weights of chipmunks eutamias eutamias amoenus luteiventris eutamias minimus oreocetes. Journal of Mammalogy 49(3): 463-474

Seasonal changes in body component indices and chemical composition in the pismo clam Tivela stultorum. Comp Biochem Physiol 22(2): 549-561

Seasonal changes in carbohydrate composition in non bearing and bearing shoots of citrus reticulata d mandarin orange d. Indian Journal of Horticulture 25(3-4): 85-93

Seasonal changes in carbohydrate content in milk fat. Fette Seifen Anstrichmittel 69(11): 821

Seasonal changes in carbohydrate content of spruce and fir trunks. Ber Deutsch Bot Ges 45(9): 591-597

Seasonal changes in chemical composition, extraction, and properties of agar of some seaweeds of the genus Gelidium of the southern Atlantic Spanish coast. Invest Pesquera 26: 165-194

Seasonal changes in chemical thermo-regulation and the specific dynamic action of food in heterothermic animals Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 73628.

Seasonal changes in chemosynthesis in an excessively fertile aquatic ecosystem. Acta Soc Bot Pol 36(2): 337-346

Seasonal changes in climatic parameters and their relationship with the incidence of pneumococcal bacteraemia in Denmark. Clinical Microbiology and Infection 14(12): 1183-1186

Seasonal changes in cold hardiness of eastern white pine and the relation to physical and sugar changes. Congr Internatl Bot 9th 2: 295

Seasonal changes in cold-hardiness of Fucus vesiculosus. Biol Bull 119(3): 474-478

Seasonal changes in composition of organic matter in drained, cultivated bog soils. Pochvovedenie [Transl] (12): 1359-1368

Seasonal changes in concentrations of zinc, copper, boron, manganese, and iron in Fuerte avocado leaves. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 77: 173-179

Seasonal changes in conifer leaves, with special reference to enzymes and starch formation. Proc Roy Irish Acad Sect B 37(26): 373-414

Seasonal changes in contents of the reserve substances found in mulberry roots, with special reference to harvesting methods of the leave. Res Repts Fac Textile And Sericult Shinshu Univ 3: 1-6

Seasonal changes in density and number of individual Pterostichusniger Schall captured. Ekol Pol Ser B 12(2): 129-131

Seasonal changes in diatoms and dinoflagellates off the east coast of New Zealand during 1957 and 1958. New Zealand Jour Sci 3(1): 137-172

Seasonal changes in endemic goiter areas in new south wales australia human. Seasonal Changes in Endemic Goiter Areas in New-South-Wales Australia Human 600-604

Seasonal changes in epibiont rate of migration to sunken logs along the shore of the Rybinskoe reservoir. Tr Inst Biol Vnutr Vod Akad Nauk Sssr 8(11): 144-150

Seasonal changes in fat content and weight of large specimens of Black Sea horsemackerel Trachurus trachurus ponticus. Rybn Khoz 9: 66-70

Seasonal changes in feeding of coho and Chinook salmon in southern British Columbia waters. Jour Fish Res Bd Canada 19(5): 851-866

Seasonal changes in food reserves of Nebria brevicollis. Entomol Exp Appl 9(3): 314-322

Seasonal changes in gaseous metabolism in laboratory animals. Zh Obshch Biol 25(3): 234-236

Seasonal changes in gene arrangement frequencies and morphology of Drosophila robusta. Genetics 33(6): 629-629

Seasonal changes in general condition and lipid content of cod from inshore waters. Fish Res Board Jan J 24(3): 607-612

Seasonal changes in growth, mortality, and condition of rainbow trout following planting. Trans Amer Fish Soc 73: 117-124

Seasonal changes in haemoglobin, serum iron and transferrin in school-children at puberty. Clin Chim Acta 8(1): 46-54

Seasonal changes in histology histochemistry and in vitro steroid biosynthesis in the testis of the masked civet title. Journal of Reproduction & Fertility 17(2): 409

Seasonal changes in host phenotype manipulation by an acanthocephalan: time to be transmitted?. Parasitology 136(2): 219-230

Seasonal changes in human body fluids. Japanese Journal of Physiology 8(2): 165-179

Seasonal changes in interior egg quality of Single Comb White Leghorn hens. Poultry Sci 15(2): 115-118

Seasonal changes in iodine metabolism 1 Iodine content of cows milk 2 Fluctuation in urinary iodine excretion.

Seasonal changes in ionic balance in Salicornia rubra. Proc Utah Acad Sci Arts Lett 42(1): 65-69

Seasonal changes in lipid composition and glycogen storage associated with freeze-tolerance of the earthworm, Dendrobaena octaedra. Journal of Comparative Physiology. B, Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology 179(5): 569-577

Seasonal changes in metabolism of alaskan willow ptarmigan abstract lagopus lagopus thermoregulation. Proceedings of the Alaska Science Conference 17: 65-66

Seasonal changes in metabolism of spruce leaves. Canadian Jour Bot 36(5): 649-662

Seasonal changes in mite populations in rural granaries in japan rice m wheat m barley m glycyphagus destructor cheyletus eruditus tyrophagus putrescentiae cheletomorpha lepidopterorum tarsonemus spp. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 61(4): 938-949

Seasonal changes in nauplii and adults of Calanus hyperboreus Copepoda captured in sediment traps, Amundsen Gulf, Canadian Arctic. Polar Science 2(3): 215-222

Seasonal changes in non-protein nitrogen fractions and sugars in western wheat grass. 5 Dakota Acad Sci 26: 18, /47

Seasonal changes in numbers of bacterial plankton in waters of Lake Baikal. Mikrobiologiia [transl] 30(1): 105-108

Seasonal changes in one seed juniper intake by sheep and goats in relation to dietary protein and plant secondary metabolites. Small Ruminant Research 81(2-3): 152-162

Seasonal changes in organic matter content of the water of the Bay of Vigo. Invest Pesquera 20: 65-71

Seasonal changes in particulate and dissolved organic matter in the Bay of Vigo Influence of light and temperature.

Seasonal changes in photosynthetic ability of some plants. Bull Inst Rech Biol Et Sta Biol Univ Perm 7(3): 133-146

Seasonal changes in phytoplankton of five lakes in Wegorzewo district. Acta Soc Bot Polon 31(4): 667-681

Seasonal changes in plankton and feeding migrations of herrin. U S FISH AND WILDLIFE SERV SPEC SCI REPT FISH 327: 104-139a

Seasonal changes in plant communities of the Arctic Problems of the North. Seasonal changes in plant communities of the Arctic Problems of the North [4] Sezonnaya dinamika rastitel'nykh soobshchestv v Arktike In: Problemy Severa Problems of the North [4] 59-74

Seasonal changes in plasma leptin concentration related to antler cycle in Iberian red deer stags. Journal of Comparative Physiology. B, Biochemical, Systemic, and Environmental Physiology 179(5): 617-622

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Seasonal changes in regeneration ability of frog lens epithelium. Tsitologiya 10(7): 896-899

Seasonal changes in roadside activity of cottontail rabbits. Anat Rec 137(3): 376

Seasonal changes in seed dormancy of Solanum nigrum and Solanum physalifolium. Weed Research 49(1): 90-97

Seasonal Changes In Size Structure Of Sargassum And Turbinaria Populations (Phaeophyceae) On Tropical Reef Flats In The Southern Red Sea(1). Journal of Phycology 45(1): 69-80

Seasonal changes in size weight and quality of le conte pear d fruits. Alexandria Journal of Agricultural Research 15(2): 263-275

Seasonal changes in skin color. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 12(4): 553-557

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Seasonal changes in sugar alcohols and sugars in peach d bark a possible relationship to cytospora leucostoma canker susceptibility inst paper chromatography. Proceedings of the American Society for Horticultural Science 93: 135-140

Seasonal changes in the Islets of Langerhans in snakes. Bull Res Counc Israel 4(3): 253

Seasonal changes in the abundance and subspecies composition of Anopheles maculipennis in connection with the letting of the Kuban water in the Bolshoi Egorlyk River Problems of general zoology and medical parasitology.

Seasonal changes in the abundance of Anopheles maculipennis, the main malaria vector in the Soviet Union Problems of general zoology and medical parasitology. Seasonal changes in the abundance of Anopheles maculipennis, the main malaria vector in the Soviet Union Problems of general zoology and medical parasitology Sezonnyi khod chislennosti glavnogo perenoschika malyarii, Anopheles maculipennis v Sovetskom Soyuz In: Voprosy obshchei zoologii i meditsinskoi parazitologii Problems of general zoology and medical parasitology 562-588

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