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Some observations on the isolation and in vitro culture of two mammalian trypanosomes, Trypanosoma theileri Laveran, 1902, and Trypanosoma melophagium Flu, 1908, with special reference to Trypanosoma theileri

, : Some observations on the isolation and in vitro culture of two mammalian trypanosomes, Trypanosoma theileri Laveran, 1902, and Trypanosoma melophagium Flu, 1908, with special reference to Trypanosoma theileri. Ann Trop Med Parasitol 59(3): 277-293

The isolation is described of Trypanosoma theileri and T. melophagium from their natural hosts on to different media at 28[degree] and 37[degree]C. The organisms failed to grow in vitro at 37[degree], but at 28[degree] they grew on 3 media., Attempts were also made to isolate the organisms from their isolation medium on to yet other blood-containing and blood-free media. The effects are described of the presence of the toxic products of culture metabolism, of pH, aerobiosis, lowered oxygen tension, anaerobiosis, and the age of the trypanosome inoculum upon the in vitro culture in a blood and nutrient agar medium, with special reference to T. theileri. Both trypanosomes grew well under conditions of aerobiosis, anaerobiosis and reduced oxygen tension. Cultures of T. theileri were depressed in vitro by the presence of toxic products of culture metabolism and of a low pH; they were also depressed when a culture was started with trypanosomes passaged from a declining culture. Numerous attempts to grow T. theileri on blood-free media were unsuccessful. Successful passage through three generations was achieved after passage from the basal medium when the organisms were separated from defibrinated blood by a semi-permeable membrane. Opinions on the particular methods used in this study are discussed and the importance is stressed of studying the feeding mechanisms of the trypanosomes as an aid to an understanding of in vitro culture studies.


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