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Stains for the primary wall of the cotton fiber

, : Stains for the primary wall of the cotton fiber. Stain Technology 28(3): 149-154

Several methods are descr. for distinguishing between the primary wall of the cotton fiber and other fiber components, such as lumen and secondary wall. The primary wall, a membrane less than 0.5 [mu] thick covering the entire fiber, was stained while still attached to the fiber as well as after it had been mechanically stripped from the fiber. The stains include aqueous or alcoholic solns. of ruthenium red, methylene blue chloride, Nile blue sulfate, oil red, Sudan black B., iodine, and Simons' stain. Various concns. of NaOH, cupri-ethylenediamine hydroxide, or SO4 H2 were used to enhance color changes and to cause cellulosic swelling. Fibers that were stained with Simons' stain and then swelled with dilute cupri-ethylenediamine hydroxide showed the greatest color differences between primary wall and lumen.


PMID: 13056821

DOI: 10.3109/10520295309105118

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