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Structure And Properties Of Active Ribosomes Of Escherichia Coli

, : Structure And Properties Of Active Ribosomes Of Escherichia Coli. Journal of Molecular Biology 7: 350-359

After protein synthesis in extracts of Escherichia coli stops, about two-thirds of the nascent protein remains attached to the ribosomal surface on which it has been synthesized. The unreleased protein, most likely incomplete chains, stabilizes the binding of 30 s to 50 s ribosomes. Thus, when the Mg2+ concentration is lowered, those 70 s ribosomes bearing nascent protein dissociate more slowly into their 30 s and 50 s subunits. However, dialysis against very low Mg2+ (5 x 10-5 M) releases the nascent protein from the ribosomes. When the Mg2+ concentration is again raised, the nascent protein chains return to the ribosomes, probably linked to molecules of soluble ribonucleic acid (RNA). Since this treatment leaves intact the 50 s and 30 s subunits, covalent bonds are probably not involved in stabilizing the attachment of nascent protein to the ribosomes. Rather, the component messenger RNA, 30 s and 50 s ribosomes and nascent protein of a functioning ribosome appear to be held together by the combined strength of a number of weak bonds, including cationic bridges between molecules of RNA. Pulse-labeled messenger RNA is similarly released from ribosomes by dialysis against very low Mg2+; this messenger RNA is again bound when the Mg2+ concentration is raised. The functional ribosomes, thus renewed, have not been damaged: they form protein to the same extent as in control extracts kept in high Mg2+.


PMID: 14066613

DOI: 10.1016/S0022-2836(63)80029-7

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