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Structured timing patterns within bursts from epileptic neurons inundrugged monkey cortex

, : Structured timing patterns within bursts from epileptic neurons inundrugged monkey cortex. Exp Neurol 21(4): 535-549

While normal cortical neurons often show ill-defined, labile bursts during spontaneous firing, stereotyped high-frequency bursts every 50-200 msec are characteristic of the firing patterns of neurons near chronically alumina-induced epileptic foci in sensorimotor cortex of awake, undrugged rhesus monkeys. Computer-assisted analysis of the timing patterns within bursts revealed an unusually long interval between the first and 2nd spikes of these epileptic bursts, with the later spikes of the burst time-locked to the 2nd spike, not the first spike. In some neurons, this stereotyped "remainder" of the burst would begin at a highly variable time following the first spike. In other neurons, this first interval was bimodal, with the remainder of the burst starting either 3 or 4 msec following the first spike. In a 3rd class of epileptic neuron, the first interval was unusually long and remarkably lacking in variability (8.6 [plus or minus] 0.2 msec). Other neurons, especially those located further away from the epileptogenic focus, showed less stereotyped bursts without the long first intervals. One explanation considered for these phenomena is that the neuron is being stimulated anti-dromically (first spike) and responds repetitively (remainder of the burst).


PMID: 4971107

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