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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25658

Chapter 25658 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The Harveian Oration on THE BIRTH OF CHEMICAL BIOLOGY. British Medical Journal 2(3642): 671-676

The Harvey Lectures 1952-1953. Series XLVIII viii+273p Illus

The Harvey Lectures 1953-1954. The Harvey Lectures 1953-1954 viii+299p Illus

The Harvey Lectures delivered under the auspices of The Harvey Society of New York 1958-1959 Series LIV.

The Harvey Lectures delivered under the auspices of The Harvey Society of New York 1959-1960 Series 55.

The Harvey Lectures, 1954-1955 Series L. The Harvey Lectures, 1954-1955 Series L viii+421p Illus

The Harvey Lectures, 1956-1957. The Harvey Lectures, 1956-1957 xiv+312p Illus

The Harvey Lectures, delivered under the auspices of the Harvey Society of New York 1960-1961 under the patronage of the New York Academy of Medicine. The Harvey Lectures, delivered under the auspices of the Harvey Society of New York 1960- under the patronage of the New York Academy of Medicine xiv+264p

The Harvey Lectures Delivered under the auspices of the Harvey Society of New York, 1935-1936 Under the patronage of the New York Academy of Medicine Series XXXI.

The Harvey lectures. Delivered under the auspices of the Harvey Society of New York, 1961-1962 Series 57 xiv+204p Illus

The Harvey lectures. The Harvey lectures xiv+314p Illus

The Harvey lectures delivered under the auspices of the Harvey Society of New York Series 58.

The Harvey lectures, 1957-1958. The Harvey lectures, 1957-1958 xiv+254p Illus

The Harvey lectures Delivered under the auspices of The Harvey Society of New York, 1963-1964 Series 59.

The Haskeir Rocks, North Uist. Scottish Nat 67: 9-18

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The Hastings fluoridation project 1 Dental effects between 1954 and 1957.

The Hastings fluoridation project III Dental effects between 1954 arid 1961.

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The Haussa. Arch Anthropol 28(3/4): 126-133

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The Hawks of Andalusia, Spain. Ornithol Mitteil 14(3): 41-48

The Hazel-Hen. The Hazel-Hen Das Hasel-huhn 196 p

The headache of a hyperactive calcium channel. Neuron 61(5): 653-654

The Health Club as an educational method in schools. Rev Serv Especial Saude Publica 2(2): 725-738

The Health Conference of 1940 Washington Official report of the Conference K Schon.

The Health Departments role in New York harbor pollution control. Sewage And Indust Wastes: 1495-1503

The Health Insurance Plan study of incidence and prognosis of coronary heart disease Preliminary findings on incidence of myocardial infarction and angina.

The Health Insurance Plan New York City Welfare Development Project.

The Health Research Council of New York City. Public Health Reports 81(1): 17-20

The Health and Medical Committee, War Department, Official Statement. War Med 1(1): 66-68

The Health insurance plane controversy Ideology and organization of medical care.

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The Heber Trick Tank a cistern for stock water. Jour Forest 56(6): 429-430

The Heberden Oration, 1961. Ann Rheumatic Dis 21(1): 1-10

The Heberden society. Arthritis and Rheumatism 5: 270-271

The Hebrew-Aramaic element in Vesalius Tabulae Anatomicae Sex A critical analysis.

The Hedmark system for, progeny testing of dairy bulls with special reference to artificial insemination. Empire Jour Exptl Agric 27(105): 59-66

The Hedysarum of Sesse and Mocino. Contr Gray Herb 161: 19-26

The Heidelberger Capsule A tool for investigating stomach function and its use for intragastric determination of the antacid effect dihydroxy-aluminum sodium carbonate.

The Heilutu soils of the Loess province in the Hwangho River basin. Pochvovedeniie 10: 1177-1186

The Heimans nature reserve. Levende Nat 65(2): 34-35

The Heimdal field microscope as improved by Reinsch, a new instrument particularly well adapted to out-of-door use. Congres Internal X Zool [Budapest] 1927(1): 322-323

The Heinz body hemolytic anemias. Annals of Internal Medicine 58: 702-709

The Heinz handbook of nutrition. The Heinz handbook of nutrition 36

The Heisenberg group in the 1980s, a reminiscence. Journal of Neurogenetics 23(1-2): 8-10

The Helderberg Group from central Pennsylvania to southwestern Virginia. Proc Pennsylvania Acad Sci 3: 75-89

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The Heleidae of the Tennessee River Basin. Jour Tennessee Acad Sci 32(1): 18-36

The Helianthemo-Globularion, a new alliance from the Baltic steppe vegetation. Veroef Fentl Geobot Inst Ruebel Zuerich 37: 27-38

The Helianthus test. Stud Inst Divi Thomae [cincinnati] 2(2): 179-188

The Helicobacter pylori CagD HP0545, Cag24 protein is essential for CagA translocation and maximal induction of IL-8 secretion.

The Heliophorus epicles complex. Entomologist 98(1222): 66-67

The Helminthocladiaceae of southern Australia. Australian J Bot 13(3): 451-487

The Helminthofauna of wild and ranch foxes in Czechoslovakia. Zool Listy 23(3): 239-244

The Helminthosporia that attack sugar cane. Phytopath 40(1): 103

The Helminthosporium blight situation in the upper Mississippi Valley region as of December 1947. Plant Pis Reporter 32(3): 94-96

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The Helopinae of the Sierra of Albarracfn, Teruel. Miscelanea Zool 1(2): 69-76

The Helotiales of India VI. Mycologia 59(3): 467-474

The Helotiales of the Mussurie Hills I. J Indian Bot Soc 40(3): 295-308

The Helvellaceae of the Ottawa District. Canadian Field Nat 67(3): 95-102

The heme oxygenase system abates hyperglycemia in Zucker diabetic fatty rats by potentiating insulin-sensitizing pathways. Endocrinology 150(5): 2098-2108

The Hemicyoninae and an American Tertiary bear. Bull Amer Mus Nat Hist 56(1): 1-119


The Hemiptera-Heteroptera fauna of the Crimea. [rev Russe D Ent] 22(1/2): 129-132

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The Hemospast A new instrument.

The Henle tubules. Amur Jour Surg 9(1): 147-148

The Henry and Henry-Wolff reactions in malaria, schistosomiasis, Chagas disease and some other clinical entities.

The Henry theory of sex. Actes Soc Linn Bordeaux 78: 102-105

The Hensen net. Cons Perm Internat Explor Mer Jour Conseil 14(2): 242-248

The Henshaw blood factor in New York City Negroes. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 14(3): 445-447

The Hepati-cae of Wisconsin. Trans Wisconsin Acad Sci Arts & Lett 24: 197-247

The hepatic circadian clock is preserved in a lipid-induced mouse model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 380(3): 684-688

The Hepatica transsilvanica group of eastern Europe and Asia. Rhodora 29(340): 53-54

The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America east of the hundredth meridian. The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America east of the hundredth meridian Vol 1 xvii+802p

The Hepaticae of Fishers Island. Torreya: 85-86

The Hepaticae of Israel List, ecological and biogeographical notes.

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The Hepaticae of the Galapagos Islands and the coast and islands of Central America and Mexico.

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The Hepialidae of Czechoslovakia. Ziva 13(1): 25-26

The Herbarium of Rainville in De Gorters flora VII Provinciarum.

The Herbert Whitley Plant Collection at Primley, Paignton. Jour Roy Hort Soc 83(6): 240-245

The herbicide linuron reduces testosterone production from the fetal rat testis during both in utero and in vitro exposures. Toxicology Letters 186(2): 73-77

The Herefords imported by the Philippine Government in 1920. Philippine Agric 21(8): 521-532

The Hering-Breuer inflation reflex in man: studies of unilateral lung inflation and vagus nerve block. Respiration Physiology 1(4): 382-389

The Hermetic comstocki group. Pan Pac Entomol 43(1): 61-64

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The Herring Gull in the North Carolina mountains. Auk 46(1): 100

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The Herxheimer reaction. Ann Dermatol Et Syphiligr 11(1): 44-60

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The Hessian fly , Contarinia tritici, and Clinidiplosis equestris in southeast Poland. Choroby Roslin 1(3/4): 72-75

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The Heterocera of Sumatra. Zool Mededel Leiden 10(2/3): 90-157

The Heteromera and some other families of Coleoptera from Polynesia collected on the St George Expedition, 1925.

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The heterotrimeric G-protein complex modulates light sensitivity in Arabidopsis thaliana seed germination. Photochemistry and Photobiology 85(4): 949-954

The Heucherellas. Gard Chron [London] 115(2996): 216

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The Hexamita problem A preliminary report.

The Hier-acium flora of Sogn, S central Norway, with an orientation of the conditions of distribution and cultivation.

The Hieracium spp of Wurttemberg, Germany.

The Hieracium-flora of Northfiord Norway.

The High Bridge foray of the American Bryological Society. Bryologist 65(1): 51-54

The High Deccan duricrusts of India and their significance for the alateritea issue.

The High-Low method of crop improvement. Crop Sci 1(5): 376-378

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The Hinton glycerol cholesterol agglutination reaction Modifications in technic.

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The His452Tyr variant of the gene encoding the 5-HT 2A receptor is specifically associated with consolidation of episodic memory in humans.

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