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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25687

Chapter 25687 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The balsam wooly aphid in the southeast. Jour Forest 56(7): 515-516

The baltimore county usa microbiology teaching center a venture in facilitating the classroom use of microorganisms. American Biology Teacher 30(6): 543-546

The bamboo genera Nastus and Chloothamnus. Kew Bull 1955(4): 591-594

The bamboo in China. China Jour 12(5): 303-304

The bamboos of New Guinea. Kew Bull 21(2): 263-292

The bambusoid embryo a reappraisal. Amer Jour Bot 49(6)

The banana. The banana Le Bananier 346 p Soc

The banana. Queensland Agric Jour 55(6): 462-483

The banana beetle borer. Agric Gaz N S Wales 74(7): 396-399, 419

The banana borer. East African Agric Jour 13(1): 15-18

The banana borers as a problem in the formation of cacao d cultivations. Cacau Atualidades 3(6): 6-9

The banana circles the globe. Agriculture in The Americas 2(7): 123-126

The banana disease in Orotava valley. Bol Patol Veg Y Ent Agric [madrid] 6(23/26): 1-36

The banana during ripening VII The role of carbon dioxide.

The banana floatingheart. Proc Iowa Acad Sci 44: 61-64, 1937( )

The banana fruit-eating caterpillar. Queensland Dept Agric And Stock Div Ent And Plant Path Bull 5: 13-23

The banana in French Guinea. Rev Bot Appl Agric Coloniale 7(72/73): 614-617


The Banana In Early Books: Fruit Or Stem?. Science 71(1844): 461-462

The banana in the Canary Islands. Fruits [Paris] 17(3): 105-111

The banana in the Canary Islands IV Nematode parasites of the banana.

The banana in the Canary Islands PL A study of the soils.

The banana industry in the Windward islands. Trop Sci 8(3): 115-127

The banana passion fruit. Trop Agric [Ceylon] 80(4): 208

The banana stalk borer Castniomera humboldti in La Estrella Valley, Costa Rica IV Sampling method.

The banana stalk borer Castniomera humboldti in La Estrella Valley, Costa Rica V Cultural control.

The banana tree in the Canary Islands V The insect and acarid parasites.

The banana weevil borer. Queensland Agric Jour 60(2): 85-89

The banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus. AGROTECNIA 4(Sept -Dec): 83-91

The banana, its culture and utilization. Rep Spec Nov Reg Veg Beih 38: 1-16

The banana Its history, cultivation, and place among staple foods. JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association 89(26): 2216

The band structure of melanins. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 54: 384-385

The band-application of atrazine with the SPC-6 pneumatic seeder eliminates the manual hoeing from maize growing. Probl Agr 3: 38-51

The band-tailed barbthroat, Threnetes ruckeri , in Guatemala. Auk 82(2): 286

The banded bug of the cotton plant. BIOLoGICO [SAO PAULO] 13(3): 51-55

The banded stilt. Emu 45(1-2): 1-36, 110-118

The banded wrens of northern Middle America. Condor 49(6): 242-243

The banding of bats in the Bretolet pass, Valais canton, Switzerland. Arch Sci [Geneva] 14(3): 365-392

The banding of birds in finland in 1966 checklist. Memoranda Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica (44): 54-215

The banding of birds in the Mindelo Ornithological Reservation. An Fac Cienc Porto 46(2): 107-132

The banding of chimney swifts at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Bird Banding 1(3): 104-112

The banding of the forest marten. Priroda (1): 115-116

The banding operation on Allegheny front 1961.

The banding programme on Puffinus tenuirostris I First report.

The banding programme on Puffinus tenuirostris II Second report, 1956-1960.

The banding service of the Ministry of Agriculture Organization First results.

The bands of Schreger. The role of reflexion. Archives of Oral Biology 10(3): 361-378

The bangkok variant of the serum group specific component gc and the frequency of the gc alleles in thailand human inst immuno electrophoresis inst starch gel electrophoresis inst acrylamide electrophoresis. American Journal of Human Genetics 20(5): 478-485

The banished bacterium. Jour New Zealand Assoc Bacteriol 9(2): 36-37

The bank of Bodensee between the old and new mouths of the Rhine in Vorarlberg. Blatter Naturk U Natursch 28(2): 13-18

The bank swallow breeding in Humboldt County, California. Condor 49(1): 38

The banner of militant materialism. Mikrobiologiia : 303-308

The Bantu prostate: a study of prostatic disease in Central Africa. Journal of Urology 99(3): 316-320

The baobab d africas wonder tree adansonia digitata d adaptation to environment. Canadian Audubon 30(4): 117-119

The baobab or krematartboom. African Wild Life 11(2): 94-99

The baobob of Africa Adansonia digitata. Cactus And Succulent Jour: 67-70

The bar reaction and the impulse reflex in a group of encephalitic Parkinsonlans after electrocoagulation of the pamdum. Acta Neurol 16(3): 261-265

The bar-properties, in particular glucosylation of deoxy-ribonucleic acid, in crosses of bacteriophages T2 and T4. Genet Res 9(2): 149-158

The barbels of Morocco. Compt Rend Acad Sci [Paris] 184(25): 1585-1587

The barbets. Auk 62(4): 542-563

The barbiturates in forensic chemistry. Dissertation Absts 15(6): 984

The barbo, a harmful species in trout streams. Montes [Madrid] 4(19): 59-60

The barbosa rodrigues herbarium brazil 25 years of activity from june 22 1942 to june 22 1967. Sellowia (19): 5-24

The barbus and varicorhinus species pisces cyprinidae of transvaal varicorhinus nelspruitensis barbus species 6 new synonyms. Annals Of The Transvaal Museum: 79-97

The barents sea atlantic salmon. Anon Ryby Murmanskoi Oblasti (Fishes Of The Murmansk Region ) Murmansk, Ussr, From Ref Zh Biol No 11i 169-176

The bark and limb percent of spruce. Lesnicka Prace 19(1): 23-31

The bark beetle complex associated with lodgepole pine slash in Alberta HI- Notes on the biologies of several predators with special reference to Enoclerus sphegeus Fab and two species of mites.

The bark beetle complex associated with lodgepole pine slash in Alberta I Notes on the biologies of some scolytidae attacking lodgepole pine slash.

The bark beetle complex associated with lodgepole pine slash in Alberta II Notes on the biologies of several hymenopterous parasites.

The bark beetle complex associated with lodgepole pine slash in Alberta IV Distribution, population densities, and effects of several environmental factors.

The bark beetle, Ips typographus found beyond the northern range of the spruce. Ann Ent Fennici 21(4): 195-196

The bark beetles of Greece and Cyprus. Notulae Entomol 47(2): 65-76

The bark beetles of the coniferous forests of the Island of Sakhalin. Ent Obozrenie 35(4): 826-839

The bark of living trees as a substrate for representatives of the order Myxobacteriales. Dissertation Absts 19-(7): 1532-1533

The bark percentage of the spruce. Lesnicka Prace 25(11/12): 355-361

The bark-boring beetle, Ips typographus, in the light of the older and recent investigations about the intracellular bacterial symbionts of insects. Lesnicka Prace 25(11/12): 329-341

The bark-boring beetles in Jesemky Mountains in Czechoslovakia A list of the beetles and their hosts, with some ecological data. Ent Listy 13: 72-77

The bark-sucking cecidomyia, C oleisuga, of the olive tree. Italia Agric: 235-239

The barks of the Argentinian species of the genus Aspidosperma. Bol Soc Argent Bot 10(2/3): 129-157

The barley endosperm bioassay for gibberellins II Application of the method.

The barley grain Observations on physiology and germination. Waller Stein Lab Communic: 169-178

The barley miner on barley. Zashchita Rast Ot Vreditelei I Boleznei 12: 33

The barley mutant emr2 shows enhanced resistance against several fungal leaf pathogens. Plant Breeding 128(2): 124-129

The barley thaumatin-like protein Hv-TLP8 enhances resistance of oilseed rape plants to Plasmodiophora brassicae. Plant Breeding 128(2): 210-212

The barley yellow dwarf virus disease of small grains. Advances in Agron 13: 217-248

The barleys m of volgograd and kuibyshev oblasts ussr. Trudy Vsesoyuznogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Instituta Produktov Brozheniya (13): 62-71

The barleys of Abyssinia and Eritrea. [bull Appl Bot Genet And Plant Breed] 20: 283-345

The barleys of Czechoslovakia and their importance for the plan-breeding in the USSR.

The barleys of the German Hindukush Expedition of 1935. Kuhn Archiv 54: 295-368

The barn owl as a bat-hunter. Jour Ornithol 97(3): 335-340

The barn owl in England and Wales. The barn owl in England and Wales 14p 2 maps, 2 fig

The barn owl in Michigan. Auk 43(3): 370

The barn owls of Marthas Vineyard. Bull Massachusetts Audubon Soc 25(9): 191-196

The barn swallow and the redrumped swallow and their economic importance Information on the conference of young biologists of Kirgiziya. The barn swallow and the redrumped swallow and their economic importance Information on the conference of young biologists of Kirgiziya Derevenskaya i ryzhepoyasnichnaya lastochki i ikh khozyaistvennoe znachenie In: Materialy Konferentsii molodykh biologov Kirgizii Information on the conference of young biologists of Kirgiziya 113-114

The barn swallow in Surinam. Auk 71(3): 328

The barn swallow nesting in Columbia and Lincoln Counties, Georgia. Oriole 32(3): 32-33

The barnacle Balanus amphitrite as a biomonitor for Cd: radiolabelled experiments. Marine Environmental Research 67(4-5): 177-182

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The barnacle fauna of the Northern Arctic Ocean. Tr Arkticheskogo Antarkt Nauch Issled Inst 259: 229-240

The barnacle genus Octolasmis in the Gulf of Mexico. Turtox News 39(2): 50-55

The barnacle goose in North Carolina. The Auk 43(1): 88

The baroceptor activity in the carotid sinus nerve and the distensibility of the sinus wall. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 26(1): 35-56

The barorespirator, a new apparatus for artificial respiration. Skand Arch Physiol 48(1/2): 80-94

The barospirator Abstract. Skand Arch Physiol: 4-235

The barrage phenomenon in Lenzites betulina. Genetica 18(1/2): 61-73

The barramundi Lates calcarifer in Queensland waters. Australia Commonwealth Sci And Indust Res Organ Div Fish And Oceanogr Tech Paper 5: 3-22

The barred and unbarred pair of characters. Gt Brit Min Agr Fish Food Bull 38: 5-6

The barred surfperch in southern California California.

The barrel seed scarifier. U S Dept Agric Leaflet 107: 1-5, 1934( )

The barrel-bellied tree. Nat Hist [New York] 55(5): 219

The barren ground grizzly bear in northern Canada. Arctic 15(4): 294-298

The barrenness percentage in castrated and non-castrated Taraxacum flower. Botaniske Studier 5: 383-398

The barrens of Kentucky. Trans Kentucky Acad Sci 10(1/2): 7-12

The barrier between the blood and cerebrospinal fluid; a microchemical modification of the Walter method. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 28(9): 871-872

The barrier function of the lymph nodes in infection. Biull Eksper Biol I Med [Transl] 49(1): 40-43

The barring arteries of the kidneys in man. Zeitschr Zellforsch U Mikrosk Anat 37: 101-126

The bartonellas of man. Bull Soc Pathol Exot 50(2): 182-183

The basal Coal Measures of the South Wales Coalfield from Llandybie to Brynmawr. Quart Jour Geol Soc London 113(4): 461-486

The basal and stimulated intra gastric secretion of iodine 131 in duodenal ulcers. Revue Roumaine De Medecine Interne: 395-402

The basal attachment of endothelial cells. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 15(3): 389-399

The basal cell layer of the developing oral mucosa in the human fetus. Journal of Periodontal Research 2(4): 297-316

The basal colloids of the bird egg shell. Jour Ornithol 103(1): 28-37

The basal content and the induced biosynthesis of pyridine nucleotides in the rat liver under the influence of insulin. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 57: 317-327

The basal diencephalon of the armadillo. Jour Comp Neurol 58(2): 311-375

The basal ganglia and posture. The basal ganglia and posture xiii+152p Illus

The basal gastric secretion in man and in normal and vagotomized dogs. Kasr El Aini Jour Surg 3(2): 379-386

The basal gastric secretion under pathological conditions. Kasr El Aini Jour Surg 3(3): 533-542

The basal level of the white cell count in man. Amer Jour Physiol 105(1): 217-219

The basal membrane of the follicles of the thyroid gland A contribution on the origin of the grating fibrils.

The basal membrane of the mesenteron of insects anax sp dragonfly. Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural Seccion Biologica 65(3-4): 425-434

The basal metabolic rate and sugar tolerance. Medical Annals of the District of Columbia 23(5): 261-263

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The basal secretion of the stomach II The influence of nerves and the question of secretory tone and reactivity.

The basal secretion of the stomach I The influence of residues in the small and large intestine.

The basal secretion of the stomach III The influence of feeding bone and other hard objects.

The basal secretion of the stomach IV The influence of mechanical irritation of the pyloric region.

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The bases for making censuses and planning the catch of sable on game lands of Eastern Siberia Resources of game animals in the USSR and counting them. The bases for making censuses and planning the catch of sable on game lands of Eastern Siberia Resources of game animals in the USSR and counting them Osnovy ucheta i planirovaniya dobychi sobolei v okhotnich'ikh khozyaistvakh Vostochnoi Sibir In: Resursy fauny promyslovykh zverei v SSSR i ikh ucheta Resources of game animals in the USSR and counting them 154-158

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The bases of egg shell therapy. The bases of egg shell therapy Die Grundlagen der Eierschalentherapie xi + 83p

The bases of estimating hail damage to crops. The bases of estimating hail damage to crops Die Schatzungsgrundlagen bei Hagelschaden 36p 15 pl

The bases of forest biogeocoenology. The bases of forest biogeocoenology Osnovy lesnoi biogeo-tsenologii 574p Illus

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