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The effects of chlorine gas on the lungs of rats without spontaneous pulmonary disease

, : The effects of chlorine gas on the lungs of rats without spontaneous pulmonary disease. J Pathol Bacteriol 89(1): 307-317

Laboratory rats kept under ordinary conditions suffer from a chronic disease of the bronchi and lungs associated with proliferation of goblet cells and peribronchial lymphocytic proliferation. Later these animals develop aspiration of mucous with acute inflammation in the alveolar part of the lung. This disease is accelerated by prolonged exposure to chlorine. Rats free of this chronic lung disease, which is probably due to a mycoplasma (PPLO) do not develop any of these lesions spontaneously. When exposed to chlorine they develop some goblet cell proliferation and aspiration of mucous, but this does not provoke an acute inflammatory reaction. Disease free rats are relatively resistant to the lethal effect of chlorine. The histological changes of human bronchitis resemble more closely those seen in diseased rats exposed to chlorine than those in the disease free rats. This raises the possibility that mycoplasma infection may be one of the causal factors of human bronchitis.


PMID: 14270269

DOI: 10.1002/path.1700890132

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