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The functional condition of the adrenal glands in the remote periods following irradiation

, : The functional condition of the adrenal glands in the remote periods following irradiation. Radiobiologiya 4(3): 409-413

White mice were given 800r Co60 gamma-irradiation. The criteria used to indicate the functional condition of the adrenal glands were the weight of the organ and the cholesterol and ascorbic acid levels. A change in the peripheral leucocyte level blood is characteristic of the acute period of radiation sickness; the absence of changes in the leucocyte level in the remote periods after irradiation was an index of the well-being of the irradiated animals. There was no hypertrophy of the glands in the remote period. The ascorbic acid level was lower in irradiated animals, while the cholesterol level fluctuated, i.e. there was both a reduction and a restoration of the cholesterol level. Changes in the chemism of the adrenal glands which may be of a secondary nature, are caused by altered functional activity of the cortical layer, due mainly to changes in the hypophysis.


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