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The homology of the vesicular ovarian follicles of the mammalian ovary with the coelom

, : The homology of the vesicular ovarian follicles of the mammalian ovary with the coelom. Anat Rec 70(5): 643-652

The theory is proposed that the vesicular follicles of mammalian ovaries are really isolated portions of the coelom. Ovarian germinal epithelium is considered to be a specialized portion of the peritoneal epithelium. The egg tubes or egg cords are therefore invaginations of the coelomic lining. The liquid eventually secreted by, or filtered through, these cells to form the follicular liquor is comparable to peritoneal fluid and the follicular antrum is a coelomic space. After follicular rupture the cavity is again continuous with the peritoneal cavity. The opening is finally repaired by fibroblasts which migrate through the granulosa of the recently ruptured follicle much as they do through an injured portion of the general coelomic lining. Since lutein cells are modified follicular epithelium it follows that they too are specialized mesothelial cells. In some species, notably the pocket gopher, the corpus luteum often develops as a plaque on the surface of the ovary due to complete ever-sion of the follicle at the time of rupture. Photomicrographs are included of an everted corpus luteum, and of surface eggs, egg cords and open egg tubes in adult animals. A key bibliography and brief outline of the various theories of the phylogenetic origin of the coelom, particularly the "gonocoel" theory, are included.


DOI: 10.1002/ar.1090700510

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