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The identification of some human metabolites of norgestrel, a new progestational agent

, : The identification of some human metabolites of norgestrel, a new progestational agent. Steroids 11(5): 649-666

Administration of norgestrel I (racemic 13[beta] -ethyl-17 [alpha]-ethynyl-17[beta] -hydroxygon-4-en-2-one) to humans was shown by mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques to yield a range of metabolites. The major metabolite was identified as optically pure 13[beta] -ethyl-[beta] 7[alpha]-ethynyl-5-[beta] -gonan-3[alpha],17[beta] -diol, corresponding in absolute configuration to the natural steroid hormones. Other metabolites correspond in structure to the unaltered drug, 13/[degree]-ethyl-17[alpha] -ethynyl-5[beta] -gonan-3[beta], 17[beta]-diol, and to 2 different mono-hydroxylated derivative which are probably not the 2,4,6 or 10-substituted derivatives, but no information is available as to their state of optical resolution. The 13[beta] -ethyl group labels metabolites without resort to 14c-containing compounds when mass spectrometry is used as an analytical technique.


PMID: 5650691

DOI: 10.1016/s0039-128x(68)80011-x

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