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The incidence of organic heart disease in school children

, : The incidence of organic heart disease in school children. Amer Heart Jour 18: 705-713

A group of 85,389 children between 5 to 19 yrs. of age were examined. Of this group 1,782 were suspected of having heart lesions. Re-examination of this group of 1,782 by pediatricians indicated that 449 had organic lesions. 301 children with organic lesions had acquired heart disease. Acquired heart disease was more prevalent in the negro than in the white race. It occurred more frequently in girls than in boys, and more often in children living under poorer economic conditions than in those whose economic status was better. The incidence of congenital heart disease was independent of race or sex, and was fairly equally distributed among the different age groups studied. About 24% of the parents of the children with congenital heart disease had been totally unaware of the existence of these lesions until the school examinations were made. The statement that 80% of the acquired lesions are rheumatic in origin is true only in areas where rheumatic fever is prevalent and severe, and cannot be universally employed as a distr. figure.


DOI: 10.1016/s0002-8703(39)90850-1

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