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The lichens of the Swedish Kamtchatka-expeditions

, : The lichens of the Swedish Kamtchatka-expeditions. ARKIV BOTANIK 22A(4, no 13): 1-25

An annotated list of 102 sp., including: Collema furfura-ceum (Synechoblastus nigrescens var. f. Arn.) (p. 3) type in Herb., Upsala; Nephroma laevigatum Ach., taxonomic and distributional notes; a key to the sp. of Nephroma in the northern hemisphere is given; Lobaria scrobiculata (Scop.) Gartn., reduced by Zahl-bruckner to synonymy with Lichen verrucosus Huds., is restored as autonomous; Bacidia fusca (Bilimbia f. Lonnr.) (p. 8); Cladonia corrallifera* var. gracilescens (Nyl.) Vain., taxonomic notes; Stereocaulon paschale (L.) Fr. f. alpinum (Laur.) Dr., taxonomic notes; S. saviczii*(p. 13), type in Herb., Upsala; Gyrophora hultenii*(p. 14), type in Herb., Upsala; Ochrolechia frigida (Sw.) Lynge, taxonomic note; Cetraria pinastri (Scop.) S. Gay, taxonomic note; Ramalina almquistii Vain., distributional and taxonomic notes; key to spp. of northern hemisphere group of Ramalinae is given; Callopisma etesiae* (Lecanora e. Nyl.) (p. 23).


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