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The metabolic effects of progesterone in man

, : The metabolic effects of progesterone in man. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 15(10): 1194-1215

Approximately physiologic amounts of progesterone (50-100 mg daily) exerted a mild to moderately intense catabolic influence in men and women. The catabolic response was not mediated by the adrenal glands and there was no decisive evidence that thyroid activation resulted from progesterone administration. It was concluded that the accelerated protein catabolism was an effect of progesterone itself. The N losses were usually greater in the patients with adrenal deficiency. In these subjects the enhanced N excretion was usually accompanied by an increase in urinary inorganic P, and in 2 cases urinary K was also elevated. Excretion of these constituents was not increased in non-Addison-ians. Creatine retention accompanied progesterone treatment only in several normal subjects. Differences indicated that the catabolic effect of progesterone was opposed by adrenal secretions. The same dosages of progesterone induced sharp rises in urinary Na and Cl excretion, which were considerably greater in Addisonians treated with cortisone and desoxycorticosterone than in subjects with apparently normal adrenal function. Na losses exceeded those of chloride. Subjects with functioning adrenals retained Na and Cl in the immediate post-treatment period In a patient with Addison's disease, progesterone induced no loss in urinary Na and chloride when given prior to hormone replacement therapy, and induced the usual natriuresis and chloruresis during treatment with cortisone and desoxycorticosterone. It was accordingly suggested that progesterone induced the salt loss by virtue of a peripheral (renal) competitive inhibition of salt-retaining corticoids. Post-treatment retention of salt which developed only in normal subjects suggests an enhanced secretion of salt-retaining corticoids. Increased adrenal secretory activity could also explain the more limited salt losses in subjects without adrenal defects.


PMID: 13263410

DOI: 10.1210/jcem-15-10-1194

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