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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25858

Chapter 25858 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The Microscopic Anatomy Of The Hymen. Anatomical Record 149: 313-318

The Microscopic Anatomy Of The Integument Of Newborn Swine. American Journal of Veterinary Research 25: 165-173

The microscopic anatomy of the lion ovary. Anat Anz 116(5): 460-484

The microscopic anatomy of the skin of swine and man. Proceedings of a symposium on swine in biomedical re-search, 19-22 July, 1965, Richland, Wash 285-286

The microscopic anatomy of the spleen of the furrowed whale. Acta Anat 32(1/2): 24-39

The microscopic anatomy of tumors of the central and peripheral nervous syte. The microscopic anatomy of tumors of the central and peripheral nervous syte xov+246p Illus

The microscopic anatomy of vertebrates. The microscopic anatomy of vertebrates 306p 166 fig

The microscopic and pathogenic characters of tetanus bacilli. Compt Rend Soc Biol 99(30): 1379-1380

The microscopic and sub-microscopic organization of the skeletal muscle. Panminerva Med 1(2): 63-67

The microscopic and submicroscopic structure of the cell wall of Tolypellopsis stelligera Mig. Acta Biol Acad Sci Hungaricae 8(1): 73-80

The microscopic and submicroscopic structure of the cocoon of red ants. Biol Zentralbl 79(3): 337-342

The microscopic appearance of contractures of striated muscle. Anat Rec 75(1): 39-47

The microscopic appearance of honey imported from Jugoslavia. Zeitschr Bienenforsch 5(1): 8-22

The microscopic appearance of market milk and cream. New York State [Geneva] Agric Exp Sta Tech Bull 120: 3-7

The microscopic appearance of unpasteurized market milk and cream. New York [Geneva] Agric Exp Sta Bull 566: 1-28

The microscopic changes in the egg shell of birds during the course of incubation. Acta Anat 25(2/3/4): 141-159

The microscopic changes of heterophile skin reaction. Arch Path 6(4): 585-594

The microscopic detection of bacterial defects of milk. Vet Med 36(8): 415-419

The microscopic detection of bacterial infections in plants by means of oblique illumination. Phytopath 38(2): 154-155

The microscopic determination of age in human bone. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 23(2): 149-163

The microscopic determination of carbonates in saline soils. Tr Pochvennogo Inst Akad Nauk SSSR 75-88

The microscopic determination of peat types. Commun Inst Forest Fenniae 40(5): 1-34

The microscopic determination of yeast in mixed feeds by the modified KUPKA method?. Landw Forsch 15(2): 154-160

The microscopic diagnosis of gonorrhea which has been altered by sulfonamides. Jour Urol 49(3): 415-418

The microscopic diagnosis of the fruit and seeds of Datura innoxia. Farm Zh 20(4): 41-44

The microscopic differentiation of some common mustard seeds with polarized light. Jour Assoc Offic Agric Chem 29(2): 173-175

The microscopic differentiation of starches by staining. Helvetica Chim Acta 32(5): 1403-1406

The microscopic enzyme cytochemistry of carboxylic esterases in several species of fresh water amoebae. Dissertation Absts 20(3): 854

The microscopic examination of cattle foods A textbook for the diagnosis of cattle food materials, including a description of the plant ingredients commonly used in cattle cakes and meals, methods of preparing samples for analysis and five tables of comparison.

The microscopic examination of incubated milk samples Method and application in detecting infection of the bovine udder.

The microscopic examination of producers samples of milk for streptococci of mastitis.

The microscopic fauna of the sandy beache In problems on lake biology.

The microscopic fungi of Pinus sibirica forests of the western Sayan mountains Microorganisms for the control of forest pests. Nauka Moscow : 49-55

The microscopic identification of butacaine sulfate and procaine hydrochloride. Jour Assoc Offic Agric Chem 29 (3): 327-329

The microscopic identification of smooth and variant forms of Brucella. Internatl Congr Microbiol Proc Sixth 6: 144-146

The microscopic innervation of the heart and the blood vessels of vertebrates. The microscopic innervation of the heart and the blood vessels of vertebrates Die mikroscopische Innervation des Herzens und der Blutgefasse von Vertebrate 458p Illus

The microscopic innervation of the intestinal canal of the tadpole. Acta Univ Szegediensis Acta Biol 10(1/4): 93-97

The microscopic innervation of the kidney of Varanus griseus Daud. Zeitschr Mikroskr Anat Forsch 64(3): 296-320

The microscopic innervation of the reptilian heart. Acta Biol 7(3/4): 95-107

The microscopic innervatlon of the urinary bladder in lower vertebrates. Acta Univ Szegediensis Acta Biol 9(1/4): 263-272

The microscopic picture of cells and penicillin-induced spheroplasts of Escherichia coli exposed to the action of colicin. Folia Microbiologica 7: 104-108

The microscopic picture of vaginal smears. Ceskoslovenska Gynaekol 12(1/2): 1-23

The microscopic picture of wound exudate under conditions of castration and the administration of the sex hormone. Probl Endokrinol I Gormonoterapii 2(3): 81-87

The microscopic structure and behavior of spleen autografts in rabbits. American Journal of Anatomy 87(3): 459-503

The microscopic structure and mineralogical nature of the shell of the principal fossil and recent european muricidae abstract. Malacologia 5(1): 69-71

The microscopic structure of bread and dough. Cereal Chem 31(1): 43-49

The microscopic structure of glial fibrils A histochemical and quantitative polarizing optical study on glial scars and Mullers retinal fibers.

The microscopic structure of human testicle in various periods of life. Folia Morphol [Warszawa] 15(2): 103-112

The microscopic structure of lemongrass leaves. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. American Pharmaceutical Association 44(2): 89-98

The microscopic structure of osteocytes i relation to their function. Proceedings of the Second European Symposium on calcified tissues 31 March-4 April, 1964 31-37

The microscopic structure of periosteum in areas of tendinous contact. Anatomical Record 120(3): 663-677

The microscopic structure of some papilionaceous starches. Bot Tidsskr 61(1-2): 82-84

The microscopic structure of the adult raccoon and woodchuck spleens. J Morphol 121(1): 47-54

The microscopic structure of the annulus fibrosus of the heart. Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol 36(6): 77-79

The microscopic structure of the bulbo urethral gland in gliridae rodentia male glis glis eliomys quercinus dryomys nitedula muscardinus avellanarius. Zoologicke Listy 17(1): 31-40

The microscopic structure of the compact matter of the long bones of the extremities in some sciurids. Tr Zool Inst Akad Nauk Sssr 33: 256-282

The microscopic structure of the egg shell matrix as influenced by shell thickness and environmental temperature. Poultry Sci 41(3): 963-970

The microscopic structure of the head of living human spermatozoa. Tsitologiya 5(4): 449-452

The microscopic structure of the nucleus in the tumor cell. Tumori 24(3): 105-130

The microscopic structure of the pontobulbar body. Arch Ital Anat E Embriol (47): 440-450

The microscopic structure of the segments of the spinal cord of the chicken. Zentralbl Veterinarmed Reihe A 10(4): 350-364

The microscopic structure of the shell and ligament of Cardium corbis Martyn. Jour Morph 58(1): 211-220

The microscopic structure of the so-called albuminoid granules in the larval fat body of a bettle, Oryctes rhinoceros. J Anim Morphol Physiol 13(1/2): 204-205

The microscopic structure of the veins, functionally considered. Ann Acad Sci Fennicae Ser A V Med Anthropol 38 : 3-10

The microscopic structure of the wood of common ash taken from different growth conditions. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr [Bot Sci Sect] [Transl ] 126(1/6): 125-127

The microscopic techniques for cyto diagnosis in internal medicine. Aerztliche Laboratorium 14(11): 463-471

The microscopic worl. The microscopic worl 245p 145 illus

The microscopic structure of normal human synovial tissue. Arthritis and Rheumatism 3: 140-151

The microscopic, three-dimensional viewing of mammalian chromosomes. Experimental Cell Research 47(3): 658-660

The microscopical anatomy and the histology of the pars anterior of the axolotl hypophysis. Arch Ist Biochim Ital 14: 291-310

The Microscopical Appearances Of Human Peripheral Arteries During Growth And Aging. Journal of Clinical Pathology 16: 499-522

The microscopical changes in the lungs of mice infected with influenza virus. Jour Path And Bact 45(1): 75-78

The microscopical changes occurring in organs after death. Indian Jour Med Res 16(3): 827-830

The microscopical characters of the obliteration of Botals duct.

The microscopical criteria of interstitial pneumonia. A.M.A. Archives of Pathology 65(3): 272-278

The microscopical diagnosis of intestinal schistosomiasis. Trans Roy Soc Trop Med And Hyg 23(5): 519-524

The microscopical examination of 29,593 human livers from central and northern Brazil, with special reference to the occurrence of malaria and schistosomiasis. Amer Jour Hyg 19(3): 567-600

The microscopical examination of cereal foods and cattle food ingredients. Milling [Liverpool] 108(14): 332-333

The microscopical examination of damaged cotton hairs by the Congo Red test and the swelling test of Fleming and Thaysen. Jour Text Inst 17(8): t 396-404

The microscopical examination of plankton collections while at sea Trans.

The microscopical identification of quinacrine. Jour Amer Pharmaceut Assoc Sci Ed 32(9): 248

The microscopical pattern of lipids in the thyroid gland of rats exposed to cold. Acta Societatis Medicorum Upsaliensis 59(3-4): 253-256

The microscopical structure of an experimentally produced phocomelias in the amphibian embryo. Acta Anatomica 1(4): 441-449

The microscopical structure of oily and edible seeds. Rev Inst Adolfo Lutz 18: 5-44

The microscopical structure of palm starches. Bot Tidsskr 59(3): 209-219

The microscopical structure of solid matter in long tubular bones in jerboas.

The microscopical structure of some papilionaceous starches II. Bot Tidsskr 62(1): 50-56

The microscopical structure of the leaves of C flexuosus Stapf.

The microscopical study of drug. The microscopical study of drug viii + 228p 47 pl , 10 fig

The microscopical study of fossil plants. Jour Quekett Micros Club 16(96): 133-136

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The microscopy of drinking water. The Microscopy Of Drinking Water: Ed. Rev. 586 P

The microscopy of mammalian hair for anthropologists. Proc Amer Phil Soc 85(3): 250-274

The microscopy of powdered desiccated endocrine glands. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 24(7): 576-576

The microscopy of the amino acids and their compounds III Copper salts. Mikrochemie 21(1): 245-249

The microsedimentation rate. Jour Lab And Clin Med 27(3): 355-364

The microsomal metabolism of biogenic amines. Diss Abstr 25(5): 3024-3025

The microsomal metabolism of propranolol inhibition by desmethylimipramine and induction by pheno barbital. Pharmacologist 10(2): 214

The microsomal oxidation of indane to indanol 1 and indanone 1. Pharmacologist 10(2): 202

The microspheric and megalospheric forms of Apterrinella grahamensis. Contr Cushman Lab Foraminiferal Res 4(3): 68-69

The microsporangia of Pilularia globulifera L. DANSK BOT ARKIV 5(6 [Paper No 24]): 1-9

The microspore assemblage from the Lungtan series of Changhsing, Chekiang. Acta Palaeontol Sinica 10(1): 76-119

The microsporldian Octosporea mus-caedomestlcae Flu, a parasite of Calypterate muscoid flies in Illinois. J Insect Pathol 6(3): 331-342

The microstructural attrition of the skeletal muscles under the pressure of mechanical factors and physical strain. Bull Internation Acad Polonaise Sci Ser B Ii 1950(4/6): 183-222

The microstructure and the origin of the threadlike bodies isolated from the metabolic nucleus. Chromosoma 4(3): 359-368

The microstructure of cells. The microstructure of cells vi+42p Illus

The microstructure of dermal bones in Arthrodires. Acta Zool [Stockholm] 38(2/3): 239-275

The microstructure of glacial deposits. Pochvovedenie 9: 57-65

The microstructure of skeletal elements in some Middle Carboniferous Rugosa from the Moscow environment. Paleontol Zhur 3: 113-116

The microstructure of skeletal muscles in experimental neurogenous scoliosis. Acta Biol Cracov Ser Zool 7(2): 133-139

The microstructure of skeleton elements in some vertebrates from Lower Devonian deposits of U SSR.

The microstructure of the epithelium of the rumen of the goat and ox ii functional morphology of the ante stomach of domestic ruminants. Zentralblatt fuer Veterinaermedizin Reihe A 14(9): 789-818

The microstructure of the human scotopic ERG. The clinical value of electroretinography A symposium 1-4 August, 1966 Ghent, Belg XXth International Congress of Ophthalmology 14-19 August, 1966 Munich, West Ger 198-204

The microstructure of the lutein cells during different phases of function of the corpus luteum in rats. Endokrinologie 51(1/2): 1-18

The microstructure of the proteinoplasts of Helleborus corsicus. Protoplasma 61(1/2): 157-163

The microstructure of the septal apparatus in some Silurian tetracorals. Paleontol Zhur 3: 10-17

The microstructure of wood as a basis of technological problems. Schweiz Zeitschr Forstw 107(2): 81-95

The microsynthesis of 82Br-labelled 2-brom-d-lysergic acid diethylamlde. Med Exptl [Basel] 9(1): 20-24

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The microtechnical demonstration of sites of lipase activity. Proc Soc Exp Biol And Med 58-(4): 362-364

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The microtubules and fibrils in platelet smears. Nouv Rev Franc Hematol 5(4): 657-662

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The microvascularization and interrelation of the nerve cells and capillaries of the brain of the frog and the Agama. Arkh Anat Gistol I Embriol 40(4): 99-105

The microvasculature of the cardiac ventricles. Pathologia et Microbiologia 30(5): 695-708

The microvasculature of the cortex Effects of occlusion of the middle cerebral artery and administration of hemodiluting agents.

The microvasoactive polypeptides in the physiopathology of the micro-circulation In 3 Europaeische Konferenz ueber Mikrozirkulation.

The microvegetation of habitats of B aphylla.

The microvilli of the small intestinal surface epithelium in coeliac disease and in idiopathic steatorrhoea. Gut 2: 277-284

The micturating urethrogram in female children. British Journal of Radiology 39(466): 771-776

The mid gut epithelium of insects. Mcgee-Russell, S M And K F A Ross (Edited By) Cell Structure And Its Interpretation Essays Presented to John Randal Baker F R S Xvi + 433p Illus St Martin's Press: New York N Y , U S A 321-339

The mid- to late Holocene paleoceanographic changes in the northern North Atlantic. Frontiers of Earth Science 2(4): 449-457

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The Middle Slip Or Boutonniere Deformity In Burned Hands. British Journal of Plastic Surgery 18: 117-129

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The midwest Cooperative Chemotherapy Group evaluation of thioguanine, thioguanosine and 6-mercaptopurine in adult acute leukemia. Proc Amer Assoc Cancer Res 3(3): 262

The midwife in maternity care Report of a WHO Expert Committee.

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The migraine-epilepsy syndrome a statistical study of heredity.

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The migration of North American birds Second series XL Arizona and Red-cockaded Woodpeckers XLI Texas and Nut-talls Woodpeckers.

The migration of North American birds Second series XXXIX Three-toed Woodpeckers.

The migration of North American birds Second series XXXV Redheaded and Lewiss Woodpeckers.

The migration of North American birds Second series XXXXXVI Pileated and Ant-eating Woodpeckers.

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