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The microscopic structure of the nucleus in the tumor cell

, : The microscopic structure of the nucleus in the tumor cell. Tumori 24(3): 105-130

In normal human tissue, the diploid nucleus of the epithelial cell has generally not more than two heteropyknotoic autosomes, organizers of the nucleoli; each one capable of contracting into a chromocenter. The nucleus of the cell from the connective tissue is either fusiform (as the nucleus of the fibrocyte) with a small elongated mass along the main axis or spherical, (as in the plasma cell) with a coarse pyramid like aggregation of the chromatin attached to the nuclear membrane. The neoplastic cell, on the other hand, shows a nucleus rich in chromocenters or an almost achromatic nucleus with thick nucleoli. This seems to indicate that the neoplastic deviation carries with it a structural variation connected to the organizing apparatus of the nucleolus. Those from the benign tumors differ within themselves but are quite homogeneous in structure within the tumor mass.


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