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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25859

Chapter 25859 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The Mixed Agglutination Test In Studies On Human Transplantation. JAMA 192: 845-848

The mixed block its therapeutic application d tubocurarine relaxant decamethonium relaxant human. Der Anaesthesist 17(9): 299-301

The mixed effects of olive oil in clinical doses on gastric function. Gastroenterol 1(12): 1127-1132

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The mixed leucocyte reaction. I. Studies using inbred strains of rats. Transplantation 6(3): 363-373

The mixed lymphocyte reaction: an in vitro test for tolerance. Journal of Experimental Medicine 127(5): 879-890

The mixed mesophytic forest community of northeastern Ohio. Ohio Jour Sci 30(5): 358-367

The mixed-blood racial strain of Carmel Ohio, and Magoffin County Kentucky.

The mixed-lineage kinase DLK undergoes Src-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation and activation in cells exposed to vanadate or platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF). Cellular Signalling 21(4): 577-587

The mixing and movement of water in the estuary of the Thames. Jour Marine Biol Assoc United Kingdom 33(3): 645-662

The mixing of Cr51-labeled red cells in patients with congestive heart failure and controls. Circulation Res 5(5): 579-581

The mixing of bread doughs A practical and theoretical discussion.

The mixing of powders flowing down an inclined plane. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 20: Suppl:185s+-Suppl:185s+

The Mixing Of Warm Water From The Uskmouth Power Stations In The Estuary Of The River Usk. Air and Water Pollution 9: 239-251

The mixing problem on measurement of femoral arterial blood flow. FED PROC 20(1 Pt 1): 99

The mixing processes in a tidal estuary. Air and Water Pollution 7: 343-356

The mixochoanitic cephalopods. Univ Iowa Stud Nat Hist 14(4): 1-67

The mixture of faunas of the Albien of Upper Savoy, France. Compt Rend Soc Phys Et Hist Nat Geneve 43(3): 155-158

The mixture of sulfite cellulose extract and lime as an ingredient for insecticidal mixtures of alkaloids. Soobshch Akad Nauk Gruzssr 17(6): 519-526

The mixture ratio of the lichen genus Thamnolia in New Zealand. Bryologist 68(3): 320-324

The mixture reaction in haemolysis by acids and bases. Indian Jour Med Res 17(2): 533-543

The mlcellar size and shape of lysoleclthin. Biochim Et Biophys Acta 84(2): 216-217

The mlcroflora of peatpodzol transitions. J Soil Sci 16(1): 44-59

The mntH gene encodes the major Mn(2+) transporter in Bradyrhizobium japonicum and is regulated by manganese via the Fur protein. Molecular Microbiology 72(2): 399-409

The moabitic sparrow Passer moabiticus Tristram, near Birecik , on the Euphrates. Alauda Rev Int Ornithol 33(4): 257-264

The mobile laboratories of the Desert Research Institute. Bioscience 18(4): 293-297

The mobile micro-architecture of dermal collagen: a bio-engineering study. British Journal of Surgery 52(10): 764-770

The Mobile Psychiatric Team: Peacetime Uses For Combat Psychiatry. American Journal of Psychiatry 121: I-Xi

The mobilisation of red cells after the intravenous injection of 30 per cent NaCl. Quart Jour Exp Physiol 28(4): 405-411

The mobility and distribution of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in Canada thistle. Dissert Absts 23(3): 1058

The mobility of 2 constant species of rodents in a focus of tick-borne encephalitis in the Salair Uplands Problems of zoological research in Siberia. The mobility of 2 constant species of rodents in a focus of tick-borne encephalitis in the Salair Uplands Problems of zoological research in Siberia O podvizhnosti dvykh fonovykh vidov gryzunov v ochage kleshchevogo entsefalita Salairskogo kryazha In: Problemy zoologicheskogo issledovniya v Sibiri Problems of zoological research in Siberia 178-179

The mobility of P2O5 superphosphate, introduced in combination with manure. Agrobiologiia 6: 936-938

The mobility of PSI and PQ molecules in Spirulina platensis cells during state transition. Photosynthesis Research 99(2): 107-113

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The mobilization of fatty acids from adipose tissue by pituitary peptides and catechol amines. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 131(1): 102-112

The mobilization of free fatty acids from rabbit adipose tissue in situ acth melanophore stimulating hormone porcine growth hormone glucagon thyrotropic hormone luteotropic hormone pitressin vasopressin oxytocin acetyl choline histamine brady kinin 5 hydroxy tryptamine arginine vasopressin lysine vasopressin angiotensin prostaglandin e 1 metab. British Journal of Pharmacology 34(3): 564-578

The mobilization of free fatty acids in response to isoprenaline in the rat. British Journal of Pharmacology and ChemoTherapy 25(2): 545-556

The mobilization of glucose and of free fatty acids in the isolated and perfused rat liver under the influence of human growth hormone. Revue Roumaine d'Endocrinologie 5(3): 223-228

The mobilization of incorporated radiostrontium in rats during lactation. Atompraxis 8(2): 59-60

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The mobilization of lipid by anterior pituitary growth hormone. Biochemical Journal 54(3): 407-413

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The mobilization of nickel and copper by sodium diethyldithiocarbamate. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol: 360

The mobilization of nitrogen in occupied fallow lands. Trans Poltava Agric Exp Sta Husband Sect 56: 12-14

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The mobilization of phosphates by certain species of microorganisms. Pedologie 7[special] : 172-180

The mobilization of reserve glycerides in the rat I Evidence for a difference in mobilization in fasting and in thermoregulation.

The mobilization of reserve glycerides in the rat II Influence of the sympathetic nervous system A procedure for measuring the intensity of the mobilization.

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The mobilization of the arch of the aorta in order to reach the bifurcation of the trachea. Journal of Thoracic Surgery 21(5): 492-494

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The mobilization of transmitter measured by inst electro physiological means abstract rat synapses. Proc Int Union Physiol Sci 7(24): 202

The mobilization of water in thermal regulation. Ciencia 1(6): 245-253

The mobilizing force of kinetin. Life Sciences 6(2): 145-149

The mockingbird at Suffern, N Y. The Auk: 553

The mockingbird in northwest Iowa. Iowa Bird Life 33(2): 33-35

The mockingbirds. An Soc Rural Argent 98(11): 40-43

The mocote History, botanical characters, classification, chemical analysis, physical and chemical prop-erties of its active principles, collection, physiological action, pharmacology and posology of the plant.

The modalities of contraction of the vesical detrusor muscle in man Contribution to physiology of smooth muscle.

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The modalities of the growth in length of pines. Mem Soc Bot Fr 1966: 3-14

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The mode of action in partial sex gland injury An experimental study of the problem of the endocrine sex function.

The mode of action of -aminoacylcholines on the neuro-mu8cular junction. Jap J Pharmacol 15(4): 429-440

The mode of action of -aminobutyric acid on the somatic reflex in the rabbit under anesthesia. Jour Physiol Soc Japan 21(3): 319-327

The mode of action of 2,6 dichloro-4-nitroaniline in Rhizopus arrhizus spores.

The mode of action of 2,6-di-chloro-4-nitroaniline in Rhizopus arrhizus. Phytopathology 55(2): 159-165

The mode of action of 24-D and 2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid.

The Mode Of Action Of 5-Fluorouracil And Its Derivatives. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 44(10): 1004-1012

The mode of action of Aspergillus niger protease on diphtheria antitoxic horse serum. Biken S Jour 1(2): 129-137

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The mode of action of L-5-carboxy-2-pyrrolidinone as a hypoglycemic agent. Fed Proc 21(2): 83

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The mode of action of actinomycins, III Binding of actinomycin C in nucleic acids and nucleotides.

The mode of action of adrenaline on unstriated muscle. Proc Indian Acad Sci Sec B 35(5): 214-224

The mode of action of alcohols and narcotics on the frogs ventricle.

The mode of action of aldrin and dieldrin in Periplaneta americana. Ann Ent Soc Amer 49(6): 588-592

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The mode of action of alkylating agents III The forma-tion of 3-hydroxytetrahydrothiophene-ll-dioxide from l4-dimethane-sulphonyloxybutane , S- -L-alanyltetrahydrothiophenium mesylate, tetrahydrothiophene and tetrahydrothiophene-11-dioxide in the rat, rabbit and mouse.

The mode of action of aluminum adsorbate vaccine. Hoppe Seyler S Zeitschr Physiol Chem 289(5/6): 233-244

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The mode of action of ascorbic acid I Isolation of an ascorbic acid dependent DPNH-oxidase from suprarenal microsomes.

The mode of action of ascorbic acid II Ascorbic acid-dependent DPNH-oxidase and hydroxylation reactions with steroids.

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The mode of action of bran II Influence of size and shape of bran particles and of crude fiber isolated from bran.

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