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The physiology of nutrition and development of the thallome of Stigeoclonium tenue Klebsi

, : The physiology of nutrition and development of the thallome of Stigeoclonium tenue Klebsi. Microbiologiia 5(1): 1-31

A marked difference in the growth of S. tenue Klebsi was observed when N concn. of the medium was varied from 0.2 mgm. to 16.0 mgm. per liter, depending on the brightness of the lighting. The media contained 20 mgm. MgSO4, 5 mgm. KH2PO4, 1 mgm. Fe2O3 (as sulfate), and 40 mgm. CaO per liter of distilled water; pH was adjusted to 7.6, using CO2; N was added in the form of Ca(NO3)2. In natural light (Feb. and Mar.) 8-16 mgm. N per 1. brought some of the cells into a state of overfeeding and delayed or even paralyzed general growth, the branching was intensified and the cells became almost spherical, length 9u. Best growth was obtained in a medium containing 4 mgm. N per 1. With 0.8 mgm. N per 1. cells were normal and 12-14u by 6-7u. No starch granules were observed in any of the above cultures. Under artificial lighting (1000 candle-power light source 50 cm. distant) good growth was obtained in the media containing 4-16 mgm. N per 1., but the filaments were markedly shortened. With 0-4-0.8 mgm. N per 1., the growth was poor and there was accumulation of starch granules in the cells, which were 20-22u by 5u. When N content of the medium Was increased from 0.4 to 16 mgm. per 1., the N content of the thallome solids varied from 02 to 9.0%. The content of Fe and P in the thallome also increased with the increase of N content, although concn. of these elements in the media remained unchanged.


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