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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 25890

Chapter 25890 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The possibility of carcinogenic properties of additives in food products and principles involved in their determination. Vestnik Akad Med Nauk Sssr 19(5): 57-63

The possibility of characterizing the water balance of plants by the parameter of the relative degree of saturation of the cells with water. Izvest Akad Nauk Tadzhiksk Ssr Otd Sel Skokhoz I Biol Nauk 36: 47-55

The possibility of chemical sympathectomy by selective destruction of adrenergic nerve endings with 6 hydroxy dopamine autonomic abstract rat norepinephrine autonomic cocaine autonomic normetanephrine autonomic acid metabolites. Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv fuer Pharmakologie und Experimentelle Pathologie 260(2/3): 212-213

The possibility of climatic and balneological treatment in paradentopathy. Ann Acad Med Cracoviensis : 258-259

The possibility of commercial production of butyric acid from raw sugar and waste molasses. Philippine Agric 30(5): 343-356

The possibility of contrast filling of small branches of aorta. Ann Med Exp Et Biol Fenn 41(3): 447-450

The possibility of controlling algae by chemical means.

The possibility of controlling apple mildew by applying cycloheximide in the form of a cold aerosol. Acta Prouhoniciana : 527-42

The possibility of controlling onion smut. Plant Protection [zashtita Bilja] 54: 77-86

The possibility of corticosteroid production by human and rat placental tissue under in vitro conditions. Canadian Journal of Biochemistry and Physiology 39: 203-214

The possibility of corticosteroid production in organs other than the adrenal. Comp Rend Soc Biol 156(10): 1547-1551

The possibility of creating of fish fauna in Lake Son-Kul.

The possibility of cultivation of Clostridium butyricum on synthetic media. Dokl Akad Nauk Sssr 156(3): 689-691

The possibility of cultivation of marjoram in Moldavian SSR. Izvest Moldavsk FiL Akad NaukSSSR 45-56

The possibility of cultivation of new feed crops on peat soils in the Latvian SSR. Tr Bot Inst Akad Nauk Sssr Ser 6-7: 200-203

The possibility of decreasing the guaiacol-glycerlne ester dosage Abstract only. BIOCHEM PHARMACOL 12(Suppl ): 167-168

The possibility of demonstrating a hyaluronidase action in minute quantities of fermentative material. Notiz Ist Vaccinogeno Antitiuberc 1(3): 19-24

The possibility of designing machines which learn diagnostic. The zero-systems of types and pathotypes in endocrinology. Activitas Nervosa Superior 3: 148-153

The possibility of detecting homologous climates by florlstic methods. Ann Amelior Plantes [Paris] 13(3): 277-289

The possibility of detecting nucleoids in bacterial cells as a factor of the age of their cultures. Mikrobiologiya 34(2): 305-312

The possibility of detecting the botulism bacillus toxin in water by determining the phagocytic index. Mikrobiol Zh Akad Nauk Ukr Rsr 26(4): 13-17

The possibility of detecting the hop nettlehead virus in seedlings. Ochrana Rostlin 16: 54-58

The possibility of determining body response to small doses of ionizing radiation by ascertaining the phosphine threshold of the retina. Med Radiol 8(11): 47-50

The possibility of determining cholinesterase activity in cadaveric blood.

The possibility of determining kanamycin in the presence of penicillin or streptomycin. Rend 1st Super Sanita 23(9): 744-749

The possibility of determining spring wheat varieties by laboratory methods. [bull Appl Bot Gen And Plant Breed Ser A Socialistic Plant Industry] 2: 140-148

The possibility of determining the absolute number of hemagglutinating antibody molecules in antisera. Immunochemistry 3(4): 343-345

The possibility of determining the duration and time course of dormancy in potato tubers by measurement of tissue conductivity. Fiziol Rastenii [Transl] 6(5): 591-595

The possibility of determining the positions of guanine and cytosine in DNA electron microscopically. Dokl Akad Dauk Sssr 176(2): 474-475

The possibility of developing conditional motor food reflexes following destruction of the caudate nuclei. Fiziol Zhur Akad Nauk Ukrayins K Rsr 9(6): 813-816

The possibility of development of positive and negative conditioned reflexes from symmetric areas of the skin. Biull Eksptl Biol Biol I Med [Transl] 46(11): 1294-1299

The possibility of differentiating cells of bone sarcoma metastases in plural exudates. Arkh Patol 20(4): 44-48

The possibility of differentiation of enz cathepsins on the basis of their ability to degrade various protein substrates bovine liver spleen rat pig intestine. Enzymologia 34(5/6): 344-348

The possibility of diffusion of chemical agents in the neoplastic mass Study conducted on a transplantable epithelial tumor of the rat using a colorant.

The possibility of directed development of type in intervarietal hybrids of potatoes. Agrobiologiya 1: 85-89

The possibility of discovering antibodies in cancer. Blokhin and Pogosyants, Eds Problems of Etiology and Pathogenesis of Tumors (Translated from Russian ) p 230-250

The possibility of discovering new species In the genus Oberea. Coleopt Bull 22(1): 30

The possibility of distance mutagenic action of ionizing radiation in mammals. Radiobiologiya 4(6): 847-853

The possibility of distinguishing the symptoms of injury to wheat kernels made by different heteropterous bugs. Ann Ent Fennici 22(3): 120-121

The possibility of early diagnosis in infectious hepatitis through testing serum transaminase activity. Giorn Mal Infett E Parassit 9(9): 552-556

The possibility of effective control of the root excrescence of pomaceous fruit trees. Landw Jahrb 90: 268

The possibility of eliminating anticomplementarity of human gamma-globulin. Sb Nauch Rabot Khar Kovskogo Nauch Issled Inst Vaktsin Syvorotok 27: 74-77

The possibility of eliminating the schistosome snail, Australorbis glabratus, from canals by control of water flow. JOUR PARASITOL 30(Supplement): 15

The possibility of employing an electrical stimulus to establish normal cardiac activity in auricular flutter. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr [Biol Sci Sect Transl] 116(1/6): 922-924

The possibility of endogenous synthesis of nicotinic acid in patients with total gastric resection. Vopr Pitaniya 22(6): 27-30

The possibility of enhancing resistance to malignant tumours by means of biological stimulators. Vopr Onkol [Transl] 7(3): 420-426

The possibility of entrance through water pores by Xanthomonas hyacinthi. Meded Rijksfac Landbouwwentenschappen Gent 31(3): 941-949

The possibility of estimating fertilization needs of meadow soils from the chemical composition of certain grass species. Rocz Nauk Rolnicz Ser F 71(4): 1003-1044

The possibility of experimental production of bony tissue in the eye. Arkhiv Patol 19(6): 36-42

The possibility of explaining the protective action of polyanions and cysteine during radiolysis by means of an energy transfer mechanism. Biofizika 11(5): 805-809

The possibility of exploiting genealogical lines as independent equal groups in the zoogamy of fine wool sheep. Vedecke Prace Vyskumneho Ustavu Ovciarskeho v Trencine (4): 25-34

The possibility of extension of statistics on plant protection. Nach Richtenbl Deutsch Pfianzenschutzd 6(1-2): 1-2, 12-13

The possibility of extrastomatal cuticular photosynthesis in some plants. Bot Zhur 48(6): 893-896

The possibility of extraterrestrial life ultra microchemical analysis and inst electron microscopic studies of micro structures in carbonaceous meteorites inst electron probe x ray inst uv spectra nucleic acid micro fossils. Review of Palaeobotany & Palynology 3(1-4): 237-242

The possibility of false interpretations in tests for acid production from carbohydrates due to peptone. Jour Bact: 147

The possibility of field study of cholera patients with radioactive isotopes using gamma spectroscopy. Seato Conference On Cholera: 32-36

The possibility of finding regions in which water ascends and descends in the central part of the Pacific Ocean by means of a microbiological method. Okeanologiya 4(1): 167-174

The possibility of forecasting oceanographic conditions in northwest European waters and their significance for fisheries. Int Comm Northwest Atlantic Fish Spec Publication 6: 903-907

The possibility of forecasting outbreaks of diphtheria. MED JOUR AUSTRALIA 2(23, Suppl 15): 455-460

The possibility of forming collateral pathways for the experimental innervation of pelvic organs. Zdravookhr Belorussii (6): 50-54

The possibility of fractionation of anti-diphtheria serum by zinc salts and phosphomolybdic acid. Biokhimiia [transl] 22(3): 425-430

The possibility of frit fly larvae, hatched from eggs deposited in the soil, invading plants Summary of results from scientific studies on plant protection in the Baltic region of the USSR. Riga 2: 39-40

The possibility of genetic transformation in fowls by heterogeneous blood transfusion. Genetika 3: 76-82

The possibility of genetic transformation in mouse ascites tumors. Proc Amer Assoc Cancer Res 3(2): 96

The possibility of ground water contamination by fallout. U S ATOMIC ENERGY COMM RES AND DEVELOP REPT TID-7632(Bk 2): 306-311

The possibility of growing exotic tree species, with especial reference to Finnish conditions. Mitteil Deutsch Dendrol Ges 37(1): 96-132

The Possibility Of Growing Viruses Outside Living Cells. Harefuah 65: 229-229

The possibility of growth of an animal organism under conditions of replacement of atmospheric nitrogen by helium. Dokl Akad Nauk Sssr Biol Sci Sect [Transl] 143(1/6): 392-395

The possibility of hazard in medical and industrial applications of inst ultrasound human. British Journal of Radiology 41(488): 561-569

The possibility of human brucellosis in Orissa. Indian Journal of Medical Sciences 14: 968-972

The possibility of human infection and intoxication by certain organisms of the Salmonella group I Rate and extent of growth and physical changes produced in foods byBacillus suipestifer, Bacillus pestis caviae, Bacillus sanguinarium, and Bacillus anatum.

The possibility of hybridization between S tuberosum and S chacoense.

The possibility of identification by electrophoresis of the alkaloid responsible for the pharmacological activity of the hybrid atropa martiana d solanaceae d. Plantes Medicinales et Phytotherapie 2(4): 293

The possibility of identifying fodder and half-sugar beets among sugar beets in early stages of growth. Compt Rend Acad Sci [paris] 185(10): 547-549

The possibility of improving deteriorated forest soils by forestry-biological measures. Lesnicka Prace 20(2/3): 94-128

The possibility of increasing fee yield of flax without reduction of quality. Pflanzenbau 20(4/6-7/9): 61-95, 109-116

The possibility of increasing fish catches in lakes of the Danube flood plain. Rybnoe Khoz 7: 20-21

The possibility of increasing the catch of Caspian mullet in the Shevchenko region. Tr Inst Ikhtiol I Rybn Khoz Akad Nauk Kazakhsk Ssr 4: 187-189

The possibility of increasing the number of fibers in skeletal muscle during work hypertrophy. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr Biol Sci Sect [Transl] 126(1/6): 527-530

The possibility of increasing the production of a mixture of grasses and perennial legumes and of subsequently cultivated wheat by the use of fertilizers. Acad Repub Populare Romine Studii Cercetari Biol Gtiinte Agric 7(1/2): 119-124

The possibility of increasing the production of oaks by means of grafts. Montes 21(123): 229-236

The possibility of inducing immunity in 3-4 months old infants by diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis adsorbed vaccine. Acta Microbiol Acad Sci Hungaricae 7(2): 203

The possibility of inducing the passage of antibodies into the cerebrospinal fluid and its therapeutic application in infantile paralysis. Pediatria Riv Mens Med E Chir Infanzia 41(6): 713-725

The possibility of induction of myeloid tissue in irradiated animals. Biull Eksptl Biol I Med [transl J 49(3): 304-305

The possibility of infecting isolated potato sprouts with wart. Zashchita Rast Ot Vreditelei Boleznei 5: 52-53

The possibility of infection with cutaneous leishmaniasis and mosquito fever in early spring Referat Zhur, Biol, 1956, No 54894.

The possibility of influencing radiosensi-tivity of Walker carcinoma in rats by cytostatics associated with ionizing radiation. Int Symp Radiosensitizers Radioprotect Drugs 1: 331-334

The possibility of inhibiting coli bacteria by malachite green-phenol red plates oh storage. Tierarztl Rundschau : 188

The possibility of inter-tryptophan energy migration in protein systems. Biofizika 9(1): 124-127

The possibility of interconversion of carotenes and carotenols. Dokl Akad Nauk Sssr Biol Sci Sect [Transl] 147(1/6): 1209-1210

The possibility of intestinal myiasis in man. Jour Econ Ent 32(6): 875-876

The possibility of intra cellular regulation of secretory rhythm. Zhurnal Obshchei Biologii 28(4): 423-428

The possibility of investigating gas exchange of plants in closed systems with help of C14O2. Fiziol Rast 12(4): 746-749

The possibility of isolating the psuedotuberculosis microbe in the Central Asiatic foci of plague Information from the Fourth Science Conference on the Natural Nidality and Prophylaxis of Plague held in 1965. The possibility of isolating the psuedotuberculosis microbe in the Central Asiatic foci of plague Information from the Fourth Science Conference on the Natural Nidality and Prophylaxis of Plague held in O vozmozhnosti vydeleniya psev-dotuberkuleznogo mikroba v Sredneaziatskikh ochagakh chumy In: Materialy IV Nauchnoi kon-ferentsii po prirodnoi ochagovosti i profilaktik chumy, Information from the Fourth Science Conference on the Natural Nidality and Prophylaxis of Plague held in

The possibility of making a quantitative study of the precipltln reaction by gamma-radloactlve tracers. Proceedings of the Symposium on radloisotope sample measurement techniques in medicine and biology, Vienna, Austria, 24-28 May, 379-383

The possibility of managing vicuna for the economic and social development of the andean high plateau. International Union for Conservation of Nature & Natural Resources Annual Report (13): 161-162

The possibility of marking eels by tattooing. Bull Soc Phylomath Paris 18(1): 25-26

The possibility of measuring the factor of quality of nuclear radiations by means of ionization chambers filled with a dielectric liquid. Health Phys 11(1): 63-65

The possibility of mechanography in the identification of grape vines. Compt Rend Acad Agric France 41(6): 682-684

The possibility of medicinal prophylaxis of quartan malaria in blood transfusion by administering haloquin. Med Parazitol I Parazitar Bolezni 32(6): 696-700

The possibility of mixing light- and shade-demanding trees in forests managed under a selection system. Schwiez Zietschr Forstw 112(5/6): 363-369

The possibility of multiplication of pathogenic micro-organisms in the external environ-ment. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol E Immunobiol [Transl] 29(5): 806-810

The possibility of non-bacterial fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by combining energy-supplying reactions. Bodenk U Pflanzenernahr 23: 260-264

The possibility of nonstomatal respiration in apple. Dokl Akad Nauk Sssr 176(3): 719-721

The possibility of numerical expression of age variations in productid brachiopods. Biull Moskovsk Obshchestva Ispytatelel Prirody Otdel Geol 26(6): 38-45

The possibility of obtaining continued and safe hibernation in animals not naturally falling into this condition. Tr Kirg Gos Med Inst (8): 164-173

The possibility of obtaining cytostatic sera I General considerations.

The possibility of obtaining cytostatic sera II The protection action of anti-para-aminobenzoic acid sera in experimental pneumococcus infection of mice.

The possibility of obtaining cytostatic sera III Action of anti-para-aminobenzoic and serum in experimental S equi infections of mice.

The possibility of obtaining cytostatic sera IV In vitro action of sera against p-aminobenzoic acid.

The possibility of obtaining factual electro cardiographic data and an automatic electro cardiographic analysis. Zeitschrift fuer Kreislaufforschung 57(1): 1-17

The possibility of obtaining forest stands with a predominance of Phellodendron amurense Rupr in the Amur Oblast.

The possibility of obtaining immune sera which alleviate the course of radiation sickness in experimental animals. Med Radiol 8(12): 55-59

The possibility of obtaining natural shellac. Izvest Akad Nauk Ser Biol 5: 781-786

The possibility of obtaining non-specific complement fixation tests at low titers with an antigen from Coxiella burnetii. Mikrobiol Zh 27(1): 53-59

The possibility of obtaining non-specific complement fixation tests at low titres with Bernets ricketsial antigen.

The possibility of obtaining seed-bed soil free of infection in compost heaps With Eng summ.

The possibility of paralyzing the clover dodder in grain cultivations. Bot Zhur 41(8): 1186-1187

The possibility of phyto therapy in the modern pharmacy abstract medicinal plants pharmacology human. Rivista Italiana delle Essenze e Profumi 48(8): 469-473

The possibility of precipitating the leukemic state by emotional factors. Blood 3(8): 880-884

The possibility of predicting heterosis in tobacco. Vestnik Sel Skokhoz Nauki 7(6): 140-143

The possibility of predicting the efficacy of cancer chemotherapy in the prolongation of survival. Lancet 1(7495): 878-880

The possibility of predicting the future needs in venereal disease control A study of the effects of mobilization on the case load in District of Columbia clinics.

The possibility of predicting the response of patients with early breast cancer to subsequent endocrine ablation. Cancer Research 25(7): 1135-1139

The possibility of producing antibodies by direct contact of antigen with cell. A N Gordienko, Editor Control of immunogenesis by the nervous system p 16-21

The possibility of producing chronic beri-beri symptoms by deficiency of vitamin B in the pigeon. Atti R Accad Naz Lincei Rend Cl Set Fis Mat E Nat 14(5/6): 210-214

The possibility of producing diploid radiation gynogenesis in fish of the genus Acipenser. Radiobiologiya 3(1): 104-110

The possibility of producing forcing stocks of lily-of-the-valley in New Hampshire. Proc Amer Soc Hort Sci 45: 461-466

The possibility of producing fowl tumors through the agency of mosquitoes. Gann 26(4): 315-340

The possibility of producing tuberculin sensitivity by feeding poultry litter mycobacterium tuberculosis mycobacterium bovis mycobacterium avium guinea pig. Canadian Veterinary Journal: 178-185

The possibility of progenesis in the plerocercoids of Ligula. Zool Zhur 39(10): 1467-1477

The possibility of proteolytic activation of the fibrin-stabilizing factor. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 147(3): 593-594

The possibility of proving an applied irradiation of meat. Atompraxis 12(12): 613-617

The possibility of psychosomatic involvement of the central nervous system in schizophrenia. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 123(4): 324-333

The possibility of purifying acid phosphatases from Escherichia coli by methanol or acetone precipitation. Atti Soc Peloritana 4(3/4): 299-302, 1957-

The possibility of pyrophosphate formation during calcination of plants Its effect on the determination of phosphorus.

The possibility of pyruvic acid taking part in the metabolism of the globulin fractions of the serum. Acta Pharm Jugoslavica 8(2): 87-92

The possibility of quantitative calculations of fibrinogen b. Trudy Voronezhskogo Meditsinskogo Instituta 74: 7-9

The possibility of quantitative indirect measurement of venous pressure in man. Med Klinik 46(15): 473-475

The possibility of radiation therapy in plant disease control. The possibility of radiation therapy in plant disease control, 16: 1, 104-105

The possibility of raising rainbow trout in small Karelian lakes Karelian fisheries. The possibility of raising rainbow trout in small Karelian lakes Karelian fisheries [8] O vozmozhnosti vyrashchivaniya raduzhnoi foreli v malykh ozerakh Karelii In: Rybnoe Khozyaistvo Karelii Karelian fisheries [8] 82-86

The possibility of raising the catch of cyprinid and percid species of fish in the bay of the Neva River. Nauchn Tekh Byul Gos Nauchn Issled Inst Ozernogo I Rechnogo Rybn Khoz 15: 26-30

The possibility of re-using medium No 199 for the cultivation of kidney cells.

The possibility of rearing carp to usable size in one year in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. Tr Nauchn Issled Rybokhoz Sta Gruzii 7: 3-13

The possibility of reducing caries susceptibility by oral administration of Neucesol. Deutsche Zahnsrztl Zeitschr 5(18): 1007-1010

The possibility of reducing crop hazards. Arch Fitotec Uruguay 3(1): 1-8

The possibility of reestablishing the hormonal activity of the ovary in the rat after menopause. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr 94(3): 581-584

The possibility of reflex relationships within the intra cardiac nervous system. Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta Seriya VI Biologiya Pochvovedenie 21(5): 3-10

The possibility of regulating the process of antibiotic production by Actinomyces violaceus. Doklady Akad Nauk Sssr [Biol Sci Sect Transl] 124(1/6): 89-92

The possibility of repair of primary radiation damage in yeast. Radiation Res 16(4): 610

The possibility of representing roentgenologically dust deposits in the lungs investigations of the inst alderson randon phantom. Beitraege zur Silikose-Forschung (97): 1-21

The possibility of reproducing experimental atherosclerosis in rabbits by coconut oil administration. Kardiologiya 3(3): 50-53

The possibility of reversible changes in conditioned reflex activity in rats in connection with the blocking and restoration of suflhydryl groups. Doklady Akad Nauk Armsssr 22(3): 141-144

The possibility of revival and features peculiar to the development of radiation sickness in Macacus rhesus irradiated during agony and clinical death. Patol Fiziol Eksp Terap 10(1): 22-28

The possibility of sedges as turf. Golf Course Reporter 21(5): 22-23

The possibility of selecting infectious disease agents.

The possibility of selection of pigs with the aid of inst ultrasonic measurements under practical conditions. Zeitschrift fuer Tierzuechtung und Zuechtungsbiologie 85(1): 27-35

The possibility of senility resulting from long continued vegeta-tive reproduction. Landbouwhoo Gcsch Wangeningen Laborat Tuinbouwplantenteelt 12: 1-119

The possibility of sensitization to tuberculin. Amer Rev Tuberc 37(3): 286-310

The possibility of separating some tissue components by the use of pressure. Boll Soc Ital Biol Sperim 23(3): 242-243

The possibility of separating strains resistant to smut among the common varieties of wheat. Italia Agric 70(4): 383-385

The possibility of simplifying the seedling method for determining soil fertility. Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych I Lesnych 50: 12-30

The possibility of simulating or inhibiting germination of potato tubers by a power frequency electric field. Fiziol Rast: 1086-1090

The possibility of simultaneous vaccination against the most frequent anaerobic diseases in sheep in Yugoslavia. Veterinarski Glasnik 19(6): 451-455

The possibility of skin plastics after the removal of a cancerous tumour. Vopr Onkol [Transl J 5(10): 91-96

The possibility of soil disinfection against potato wart disease, S endobioticum with preparation containing 2-4-dinitroorthocresol. Sbor Ceskoslov Akad Zem2: 132-141

The possibility of sperm mixing in the use of the pellet method according to nagase. Proceedings International Congress on Animal Reproduction & Artificial Insemination : 1081-1083

The possibility of stating the effect caused by the humus component of a humus fertilizer on the crop yiefd. Landw Forschung 1: 93-99

The possibility of stating the effect caused by the humus component of a humus fertilizer on the crop yieldI.

The possibility of statistical discrimination of equilibrium constants of the four hemo-globin oxygenation reactions. Exp Med Surg 22(4): 325-330

The possibility of statistical discrimination of the equilibrium constants of the four oxygenation reactions of hemoglobin. Biochem J 89(1): 60p-61p

The possibility of substitution with auxin for the action of pollen on the development of the ovules of the orchid?. Nuovo Giorn Bot Ital 65(3): 401-416

The possibility of surgical treatment in cases of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Acta Rheumatologica Scandinavica 13(2): 113-118

The possibility of tetanus anatoxin sorption on A1 3 in experiments in vivo. Zh Mikrobiol Epidemiol Immunobiol 41(5): 109-114

The possibility of the action of antlhistamine preparations on the conditioned reflex secretion of the gastric glands Referat Zhur, Biol, 1957, No 19780.

The possibility of the adaptability of the parasitic worm Amidostomum anseris Zeder, 1800 Railliet and Henry, 1909 to domestic birds of other orders. Folia Biol [prague] 1(5): 276-281

The possibility of the adsorption of nitrofuran drugs by the formed elements and proteins of the blood. Tr Ryazan Med Inst 26: 162-168

The possibility of the application of a new method of research in the toxicological investigations on insecticides. Boll Ist Patol Libro 21(1/2): 37-52

The possibility of the breeding of L stricticalis in the virgin steppes of the Kalmuck Autonomous SSR.

The possibility of the conversion of RNA to DNA in the multiplication of the jaundice virus of the silkworm moth7. Tsitologiya 3(3): 334-340

The possibility of the cortical neurones division. Byul Exptl Biol I Med 55(1): 93-96

The possibility of the development of chickenpox after contact with patients with zoster. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol I Immunobiol [Transl] 30(9): 173-175

The possibility of the development of wings on butterflies by transplanting their buds into the body region. Akademiya Nauk Sssr Doklady 71(6): 1159-1162

The possibility of the direct assimilation of amino acids by yeasts. Ferment Spirtovaya Prom 2: 9-15

The possibility of the electrochemical destruction of some ingredients of the waste water from industrial organic synthesis. Trudy Voronezhskogo Meditsinskogo Instituta: 100

The possibility of the existence of mimicry between two species of southern Appalachian salamanders. Dissert Absts 23(3): 1128

The possibility of the formation of a carcinogenic substance 3 4 benz pyrene carcino in fish smoked by means of an electric method. Vrachebnoe Delo : 93-95

The possibility of the formation of a compound of carcinogenic hydrocarbons with a cellular substance in the course of metabolism. Bull Assoc Franc Etude Cancer 35(3): 319

The possibility of the growth of poliomyelitis virus in simple media. Vopr Virusol [transl] 6(1): 128-132

The possibility of the infection of milkers with bovine Miyagawanella. Wiener Tierarztl Monatsschr 53(1): 23-28

The possibility of the larvae of Calandra oryzae of infesting more than one rice caryopsis. Boll Zool Agraria E Bachicolt 2: 235-236

The possibility of the phenol-dienonic rearrangement in lignin. Khim Prirodn Sodein [tashkent] 2: 144-145

The possibility of the practitioners cultivating gonococci by means of low temp A contribution to the biology of the gonococcus. Arch Derm U Syph: 46-258

The possibility of the preparation of dilute acetic acid for the coagulation of latex in the Indies. Natuurwetenschap Tijdschr Nederland Indie 101(8): 237-240

The possibility of the production of poultry in Armenia. Zhivotnovodstvo 5: 30-35

The possibility of the prolonged carriage of Rickettsia prowazeki II The effect of penetrating radiation on the isolation of Rickettsia prowazeki from animals with experimental typhus.

The possibility of the prolonged deposition in the body of some nonelectrolytes Information on the 1966 scientific conference on problems of labor hygiene, industrial toxicology, and occupational pathology in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Baku 25

The possibility of the propagation of oak by its winter buds. Akademiya Nauk S S S R Doklady 71(6): 1135-1137

The possibility of the rectal administration of triftazine. Anon Nauchnye Trudy Aspirantov I Ordinatorov Pervyi Moskovskii Interns Of The First Moscow Medical Institute ) Moscow Medical Institute ) Moscow, Ussr From Ref Zh No 7 54 Ef Zh No 7 54 351-353

The possibility of the survival of leptospira in media having different degrees of acidity. Tr Tsentr Inst Usoversh Vrachei 80: 67-68

The possibility of the transfer of recurrent fever spirochetes by O lahorensis to monkey and man.

The possibility of the transmission of filariae of wuchereria bancrofti through the dipteran genus culicoides paraensis in salvador bahia brazil culex pipiens fatigans. Revista Brasileira de Malariologia e Doencas Tropicais 19(1): 53-61

The possibility of the transmission of the recurrent fever spirochete, Spirochaeta uzbekhistanica, S , by lice.

The possibility of the use of conditioned tendon and periost reflexes for the restitution of motility with spastic paralyses. ACTIVITAS NERV SUPER l(Suppl 1): 86-87

The possibility of the utilization of waste materials from power stations and heat generation plants. Vedecke Prace Vyzkumneho Ustavu Melioraci v Praze (9): 177-190

The possibility of therapeutic applications of beams of negative 7r-mesions. Nature 189(4764): 524-528

The possibility of thiamin synthesis by ciliates. Biol Bull 81(2): 285-286

The possibility of toxic effects from 2:3-dimercaptopropanol in conditions of impaired renal or hepatic function. British Journal of Pharmacology and ChemoTherapy 2(1): 59-64

The possibility of transformation of carbanilic esters in plants. Fiziol Rastenii [transl] 6(1): 63-68

The possibility of transformation of hypoplastic anaemia into leukaemia. J Terap Arkh 35(2): 86-92

The possibility of transition of para-agglutinating strains isolated from river water into typical representatives of the pathogenic intestinal microflora. Zhur Mikrobiol Epidemiol I Immunobiol [Transl J 30(7): 83-86

The possibility of transplanting flat fishes of the family Pleuronectidae from far-eastern seas to the Barents Sea. Trudy Inst Okeanol Akad Nauk Sssr 43: 346-350

The possibility of treating myocardial infarction with anticoagulants and a fibrinolysin-polarizing mixture Cardiac and coronary insufficiency. The possibility of treating myocardial infarction with anticoagulants and a fibrinolysin-polarizing mixture Cardiac and coronary insufficiency O vozmozhnosti lecheniya infarkta miokarda antikoagulyantami i fibrinolizinpolyarizuyushei smes'yu In: Serdechnaya i koronarnaya nedostatochnost Cardiac and coronary insufficiency 217-222

The possibility of tularemia in the ruffed grouse. Auk 46(1): 110-111

The possibility of tumor transformation of intralienal ovary transplant following the inhibition of the gonadotropic function of the hypophysis. Byul Eksp Biol Med 57(6): 78-81

The possibility of using C14 benzoic acid for determining the synthetic-antitoxic function of the liver in man. Med Radiol 7(1): 48-52

The possibility of using Fusarium sp in the control of Orobanche ramosa L on tobacco.

The possibility of using Kentranthus in ornamental gardening Referat Zhur, Biol, 1959, No 53467.

The possibility of using TEGO-51 in disinfection of mycoplasmosis in fowls. Veterinarski Glas 18(7): 742-744

The possibility of using Winogradskys direct method in soil analysis, in connection with the adsorption of bacteria by soil.

The possibility of using a combination of diazepam cent depress and fentanil cent depress in neurolepto analgesia human. Acta Anaesthesiologica (Padua) 18(SUPPL 2): 51-61

The possibility of using a large-surface methane flow counter for detecting contamination in human beings. ATOMPRAXIS 10(11): 469-472, 1964 (recd )

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